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089 / Dedicated to Momentum Education - Robinson Lynn

Momentum Education was founded in 2003 by Robin Diane Lynn (Jun 28, 1951 - January 15, 2010), an internationally recognized inspirational trainer and life coach, who spent her career facilitating personal empowerment workshops all over the world, including the former Soviet Union, North America, Europe, and post-apartheid South Africa. Robin's work in South Africa with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission garnered her recognition and acknowledgment from the Clinton Administration for...


088 | How Are You Giving Back?

Life Is Now Podcast 088 | How Are You Giving Back? How are YOU giving back? Dedicated to Pooja Thaker, Joy Prescription When you give you receive, but we give because we can, is a lesson Mike and I were taught by a mentor/coach we love. Giving is a great way to self reflect and hello give back to others, so that makes it a win-win for all! Due to hurricane Florence or last year hurricane Maria, it seems that more and more people seem to lose so much every year. We believe in a UNITED states...


087 | What's The Anchor In Your Life

Life Is Now Podcast 087 | What's The Anchor In Your Life Dedicated to Devonnie White - Travel Now Podcast. Who is or what is The Anchor in your Life? No matter if you have sea legs or not, you can appreciate the deeper meaning of the anchor symbol - security, stability, and being grounded. It is a symbol demonstrating that a person is in tune with themselves and hold on to the values they believe in. In Faith the anchor was a popular symbol because it was not only part of the ship, but...


086 | Peeling Your Past Away !

Life Is Now Podcast 086 | Peeling Your Past Away ! Peeling Your Past Away Dedicated to Craig and Jenny Dumnich The Ultimate Vitality Wealth and Freedom Experience In Philly November 30th to December 1st It’s like taking a bandaid off or getting a facial right, that’s how we get over terrible, traumatic and crappy situations in life? Totally not painful at all!!! Not in this life time! Life doesn’t owe you a thing! When you are a believer like Mike and I, your power lies in overcoming the...



Life Is Now Podcast 085 | I AM WOMEN CONFERENCE 2018 " SYLVIA HIGH " Life Is Now Special Edition Sylvia High is I Am Woman Dedicated to I Am Woman Conference The 4th Annual I Am Woman Conference is in full effect this September 29th through the 30th with your very own, Sylvia High. The conference being hosted in Atlanta, Georgia’s Marriot Marquis will be an unforgettable blend as Sylvia calls it. A blend of powerful women with a vision and living their Life Like It’s Golden, which is the...



Life Is Now Podcast 084 | ALIGNMENT Alignment Is Calling You, Can You Hear It? We believe that you can run, but you can’t hide from your purpose and mission in life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been saying you don’t know what you want, whether you aren’t ready to face your truths or simply want to check out in life. The universe is going to find a way to align you to where and what greatness you were destined to live, no matter what. So it’s time to stop playing small and align with...



Life Is Now Podcast 083 | HAPPY PLACE Welcome to your Happy Place Dedicated to Timelessly Merna, Natural beauty Ever had a daydream and you disappear to clearly somewhere way more appealing than your current state? Usually this place feels like a fantasy and for just a minute you’re away in la la land....WAKE UP! Snap back to reality, life kicks you in face again. Nothing like visiting your happy place, but why not learn to make it last a little longer like Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. Everyone...


082 | Surrendering

Life Is Now Podcast 082 | Surrendering Surrendering Dedicated to Paparrazi, Rebekah and Brenda Collazo What are you willing to let go of to have what you don’t have? Mike and I have been through some interesting challenges lately and what has served us is simply throwing up our hands in the air and giving our problems to God. There are times when you have done your absolute best and you simply know that something’s got to give. Surrendering is powerful and it’s not quitting, but knowing that...


081 | Jacqueline Pirtle - 365 Days Of Happiness

Life Is Now Podcast 081 | Jacqueline Pirtle Life Is Now Interviews Jacqueline Pirtle Dedicated to the groundbreaking book 365 Days of Happiness: Because Life Is A Piece of Cake Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?!!! Jacqueline Pirtle has dedicated her life to teaching people all around the world, to do just that. She is highly experienced internationally with holistic and western medicine, energy medicine, is a certified Reiki Master, just to name a few of her expertise....


Podcast 081 | Gary John Bishop - UN Fu*ck YOURSELF

Life Is Now Podcast 081 | Gary John Bishop Life Is Now Interviews Gary John Bishop Dedicated to the powerful book Unfuck Yourself Gary John Bishop’s values are not simply that everyone is an asshole, although we know we all can be! Things like family, fútbol and of course shifting and transforming BS habits that don’t serve you and keep you inauthentic are his beliefs and what he teaches his huge following. This interview will bring you to shame...but in a good way. Now don’t be an asshole...


080 | What Are You Pretending?

Life Is Now Podcast 080 | What Are You Pretending? What are you Pretending? Dedicated to Andrea Mancuso Sponsored by TMobile Man up we always say and save the excuses for your momma! When you lie, you're only lying to yourself, so take the mask off and be you. You can run and hide all you want, but that very thing that you run from is the very thing that will set you free. We all wear masks to survive, but humor, sarcasm, egos and now a days filters only keep us further away from who we...


Podcast 079 | What's Your Vibration?

Life Is Now Podcast 079 | What's Your Vibration? What’s Your Vibration? Dedicated to Rob Rise On Belief Sponsored by T-Mobile The last time the Hawaii Kilaeua volcano erupted was 35 years ago, call us skeptics, but no surprise that the world is looking the way it is and mother nature is out of whack. It's time to take responsibility for our vibration. Please don’t kill our vibe, we have all felt this way in regards to people, circumstances and Mondays....Well we believe you are way more...


078 | FACE 2 FACE

Life Is Now Podcast 078 | Face 2 Face Dedicated to Self Love and Body Positivity Workshop by Christine Osoria Keeping it real yo! That’s what people say when they show face or in layman’s terms be authentic, be, be authentic! This podcast is all about being you unapologetically because there is nothing better than saying it like it is. We dare you to take the mask off and show the world who you truly are. Sure sounds like America got the memo! Tune in and listen to what Mike & Kristina share...


077 | Sarah Sandford - Ceo / Founder of Bella Lifestyle

Life Is Now Podcast 077 | Sarah Sandford Sponsored by Activate Your Life Retreat Sarah Sandford is Bella Lifestyle Sarah Sandford, coach, author speaker, artist and growing her empire! Sarah does it all and her energy is contagious, but mainly empowering to women of all creeds. This Bold Bella takes feeding the soul to another level and her appetite for embracing your flaws is beautiful. Beauty is power and the very essence of love of self, Sarah’s expertise! Tune in and listen to what Mike...


076 | Power of Declarations (D.O.H)

Life Is Now Podcast 076 | Power of Declarations (D.O.H) Dedicated to Jamie Hendrick - Raw & Real We all can dream big and always should, but the truth is it’s not just putting your money where your mouth is. The power of declaration is real. When you declare for what you want in your life, you get to be clear with what you want in your life or you might end up settling. Your declarations and goals are in your heart for a reason, God planted it there, so let’s us empower you to Declare it Own...


075 | Oprah and Cardi B, one and the same?

Life Is Now Podcast 075 | Oprah and Cardi B, one and the same? Cardi B explains why she always looks so " Shomoney ". Oprah jams to Cardi B’s new album...what the f@#k!!! Anyone that makes it on Oprah’s radar instantly becomes a sensation, but how did Cardi B, beautiful and powerful raptress from the BX get the great and powerful Oprah to show her some respect. Listen to this episode and see how it doesn’t matter what your story is, but staying true to yourself gets you to where you wanna go...


073 | Letting Go Of The CONTROL

Life Is Now Podcast 074 | Let Go Of The Control Dedicated to The Grateful Heart & Co What really gets you going that you simply have to be right about? Is it about a conversation that you had with your spouse and you wish you had them recorded them saying the very thing they deny saying? Maybe it’s fighting over the remote control to see that Netflix show your companion doesn’t like? Whichever it is, does it have you in control to the point that if you don’t get things your way, you’re gonna...


Life Is Now Podcast 073 | Mindset - Get Your Mind Right !

Life Is Now Podcast 073 | Mindset - Get Your Mind Right ! Dedicated to the Hungry Lioness by Lindsay Adamson Check yo self fool! That’s what it means to get your mind right. When you’ve got your mind right you are clear and grounded, you know that your mindset is everything, afterall the mind is a beautiful thing. If you ever were right about something so wrong, did you know you have the power to flip it. You are the author of your own journey, so why not make the best of it while young. We...


072 | Steven Kuhn - Budapest, Hungary

Life Is Now Podcast 071 | Steven Kuhn Life Is Now Interviews Steven Kuhn Dedicated to H.I.T. Training Steven Kuhn stands for many things, such as honesty, integrity and transparency, which is also the meaning of his amazing H.I.T. Training. As an American veteran, Steven has created an essential program for every leader and really human being with a goal. Learn how he is America’s 2nd most influential consultant in the military industry. This podcast will teach you how to take life by the...


071 | Bryan Falchuk - "Best Selling Author" TEDx Speaker

Life Is Now Podcast 071 | Bryan Falchuk Life Is Now Interviews Bryan Falchuk Dedicated to Do A Day: How To Live A Better Life Everyday Bryan Falchuk is a 1# Best Selling Amazon author, his writing has been featured in LA Times, INC Magazine, interviewed by countless radio shows and podcasts and connected with so many more brilliant minds. Bryan teaches his followers how to unlock your true motivation to overcome your challenges in life, but Bryan isn't your average coach. His success wasn't...