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LYRL 40: What a New Mom Needs from Her Friends

After having Baby D, I realized how much of a crap friend I had been to all my friends as they become moms - but that is because I didn’t know what to do! This episode is full of ideas and suggestions to help you be the very best friend to a new mom. From when to visit, to what to bring, to how we really DO want to talk about The Bachelor, this episode will point you in the right direction. Our top 5 tips are included and you will love each one of them! Don’t forget to share this episode...


LYRL 39: Real Mamas Series - Kara Bligh

Our Real Mamas Series this week features Kara Bligh. Kara is a work-from-home mama to 2 little boys. She shares with us the difference between her 2 pregnancies and how working on herself in-between gave her the strength and understanding to have a much calmer experience. This episode touches on: Anxiety during and after pregnancy Finding your self-worth post-pregnancy Accepting help. Follow Kara here: Instagram: @karabligh Facebook: Pretty HOL Life For more with Giana...


LYRL 38: My REAL Post Baby Body Plan

If you’ve been listening for a while, you know that I had the *perfect* plan to begin working out after I gave birth. It involved running a half marathon (cue eye roll). Well, I could not have been more wrong about what my postpartum body journey would look like. In this episode, I share the truth on my path so far. Including what fitness really looks like for me now, attending my first Mom and Me workout class and how the most important thing that I’ve learned is that you need to remember...


LYRL 37: Real Mamas Series - Luna: Doulas of Orlando

Our Real Mamas Series this week features mama and owner of Doulas of Orlando, Luna. She answers the question: What exactly is a Doula? We talk about my pregnancy and how having a Doula made a huge difference. This episode touches on: What a Doula is and how they support parents How to find a Doula in your area and what questions to ask when hiring her How to advocate for yourself and your family Follow Luna and Doulas of Orlando here: Instagram: @doulasofOrlando Facebook: Doulas of...


LYRL 36: Real Mamas Series - Rachel Borgie

Our Real Mamas Series this week features new mama Rachel Borgie. She shares some interesting experiences she had during her pregnancy and how she worked through them. This episode touches on: Vertigo during pregnancy Dealing with Lyme Disease and pregnancy Choosing to use a midwife Follow Rachel here: Instagram: @honeyssweettreat For more with Giana Tralongo: WEBSITE: Real Mamas Facebook Community: Thanks for...


LYRL 35: Real Mamas Series -Newborn Care Specialist: Alexandra Latten Argosino

Our Real Mamas Series this week features an expert in the baby field: Alexandra Latten Argosino. Alexandra is a licensed vocational nurse, postpartum doula and newborn care specialist. You can tell that her professional is her passion and her care for over 250 newborns and their families make her a true expert as a new parent coach. From setting routines, to sleep training, ways to feed and everything in between, Alexandra is a true wealth of knowledge. This episode touches on: Bonding...


LYRL 34: Real Mamas Series - Megan Reidel

Our Real Mamas Series this week features Megan Reidel, newly stay at home mom to 2 little ones under 2 years old. In this episode we talk about: Megan’s pregnancy journey and how she pushed herself into labor! Dealing with postpartum anxiety. What it looked like for Megan and how she overcame it. The importance of knowing you are not alone! Follow Megan here: Instagram: @lildippy01 Don’t forget to share this episode with another mom that would love it! For more with Giana...


LYRL 33: Real Mamas Series - Chantal Watts

Our Real Mamas Series this week features Chantall Watts, a mom of 18-month-old boy - Edison. In this episode we talk about: Chantal’s breastfeeding journey which included LOTS of pain, a bout of mastitis and the decision to exclusively pumpHow she bonded with her baby during the first 3 months, which included her having the flu and foot surgery!Her 3 tips for new moms on how to bond with your baby Follow Chantal here: Instagram: @chantal_jenee @aquabellyorlando Facebook: aquaBelly...


LYRL 32: Real Mamas Series - Brittany Jackson

Our Real Mamas Series this week features Brittany Jackson, a new mom of a 3-month-old baby girl. In this episode we talk about: Accepting that your plan didn’t happen how you wanted it toMom failuresPostpartum depression, anxiety and if it is possible to cope with these thingsOur biggest advice for new moms and what we wish we would have known Don’t forget to share this episode with another mom that would love it! For more with Giana Tralongo: WEBSITE: Real Mamas...


LYRL 31: First Months of Motherhood

We are officially 3 months into this motherhood thing and wow, I have learned a lot! On this episode, I share with you the struggles, all the tears and how I came out of my fog. Motherhood is not easy but it is so important to know that you are not alone. Don’t forget to join our Real Mamas Group on Facebook! For more with Giana Tralongo: WEBSITE: Real Mamas Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much...


LYRL 30: Interview with Joiya Poole - Choosing to Live a Positive Life

Joiya Poole has an amazing story to share and you will fall in love with her the moment she starts speaking. A Southern, Christian woman who got pregnant at 19 (it wasn’t planned) and went through more by the time she was 25 than most people do their entire lives; talks to us about choosing to do what is best for you, even when it is hard. She shares her journey from motherhood, to divorce, from “burning down her life” so she could start over, to how she makes the choice every day to be...


LYRL 29: I’ve Got a Case of Comparisonitis

Comparisonitis. We’ve all had it, I get this disease regularly. Do you feel me? Social Media can be such a blessing and allows us to connect to people I would never have met otherwise. But, the negative side is being constantly bombarded with other people’s highlight reel. On this episode, I confess my regular outbreaks of Comparisonitis and how I fight it off. Listen in to this quickie episode and be ready to unfollow the hell out of people after you hear what I have to say! For more...


LYRL 28: Interview with Chelsea Renay

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend, Chelsea Renay. She is a wedding photographer and all around lover of love. She shares with us how she went from charging $300 for her very first wedding to more than doubling her business goals in 2018. She shares some of the hardest parts of being a business owner and her journey to success. Chelsea tells how why she never gave up and gives you some amazing tips to keep pushing through and actually make your passion...


LYRL 27: Bonus Episode - Our Birth Story

My mom Rena and hubby Jeff join me in this episode to share the real, unfiltered story on how we brought our little love Dominic into the world. For more with Giana Tralongo: Website: Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others will LOVE it too, please share it using the social media buttons on this page. You can get a dose...


LYRL 26: Working Well with Other Women

On this episode, I am chatting with you about Working Well with Other Women. I truly believe that by standing together, we can make ourselves better! I share about my past experience working in a male-dominated industry and how that affected how women work. I share what I look for in the women that I hire and then give my tips on how you can change your work environment (even if you aren’t in charge!). Remember, this isn’t a competition and if we appreciate what we all bring to the table as...


LYRL 25: Interview with Rebekkah Rosado - Relentlessly Following Your Dreams

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO of Runway Events, Rebekkah Rosado. This fiery Italian grew up in Michigan and has been an entrepreneur for as long as she can remember (think real-life version of the Baby-Sitters Club). She shares how she found her love for wedding planning and how she created an empire from that passion. We talk about how she overcomes FEAR and how she has learned to trust her gut. We laugh, we get serious and you will learn so much from this inspiring...


LYRL 24: Post Baby Body Plan

I may still be pregnant, but yes, I am already coming up with my Post Baby Body Plan! Now listen, this plan may completely change, but having a plan to help you stay focused, even if it changes, is the first step to any type of success. Society tells us to lose weight right away and to focus on “getting that body back” - well, I say screw that. On this episode, I share my big SCARY goal for post-labor, why I will still weigh myself and how you can join me if you want to! Highlights...


LYRL 23: Interview with Mary Kelly - Your Relationship with Yourself

Mary Kelly is a comedian, writer, and producer living in Chicago. On this episode, we chat about what self-care REALLY means (and how to do it for free), the identity crises you have after you get married and how to prioritize your goals. We also touch on feminism and what it means to Mary. This episode will have you rethinking your self-care routine (or starting one today) plus - you’ll laugh, you’ll think and you will fall in love with Mary! Follow Mary Kelly on Instagram: @maaaarykelly...


LYRL 22: Giana’s Tips to Organizing Your Life

Sticking with our theme for the month - ORGANIZING. Giana confesses to avoiding organizing, purging and resetting in December and saving it all for January. She shares her best tips and her to do list to organizing your life this month. Highlights include: For more with Giana Tralongo: Website: Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and...


LYRL 21: Real Tips to Organize Your Home with Bianca Reed

Get your notebook and pen ready for this episode because Bianca Reed - Professional Organizer gives TONS of tricks and hacks to organize your home, in 30 minutes a day! The best thing about Bianca is that she gives you realistic tips that you can use right away and you don’t have to spend your whole weekend cleaning out your closet to see results. Biana is “helping you get your s*!t together or at least tidy it up a bit” and I can’t wait to implement all the things she teaches! Bianca’s...