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LYRL 20: Three Ways to End the Year on a Positive Note

You may not like me saying this, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when people throw away the year we are in for the year that is coming (I’ve already seen a thousand “Middle Finger to 2018” posts on social media). Beautiful things did happen this year, you accomplished something this year and if send 2018 out on a negative note, those vibes are going to follow you right into the New Year. This episode includes the three ways I make sure to end the year on a positive note and bring all...


LYRL 19: Goals and Intentions

It’s that time of year - everyone is setting goals and resolutions. On this episode, I share with you how (and why) I set intentions and goals for a New Year - to actually see results and success. We talk about why certain people hit their goals and others don’t, how to change your mindset for the better and why I really believe that this way works. WEBSITE: Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much...


LYRL 18: 3 Tips to Help Find Your Voice

Finding your voice can be a serious game changer in getting the life you want. Whether it is speaking up with friends to see the movie you want, telling your spouse you’re going to pick the restaurant for date night or speaking up in the boardroom at work and asking the tough questions to get the answers you need. Finding Your Voice means stepping into your own power and that is magical. On this episode, I share 3 tips on how to start doing just that! WEBSITE:...


LYRL 17: Second Trimester Update

Episode 17 is all about the Second Trimester of Pregnancy with Baby Davis. We talk about how my experience has been so far and how it has changed from the first trimester. I share some of my favorite things with you - things that have made my pregnancy easier and better. Plus, the one thing I wish I would have known before I got pregnant. WEBSITE: Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for...


LYRL 16: 5 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

There are so many reasons we fall into funks these days, but here are my 5 favorite ways to shake the funk off and have a great day! WEBSITE: Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others will LOVE it too, please share it using the social media buttons on this page. You can get a dose of Giana straight to your phone every...


LYRL15: Creating Your Community

I’ve never been shy to talk about how I used to “hate” girls. For a long time, I really believed that doing life alone, protect yourself - was the way to go. It took being completely isolated for over a year for me to realize that you aren’t living life if you are doing it alone. You’re the CEO of your own life and it is so important to find the right Vice President’s to do life with you. Building your tribe allows you to be more successful and have more fun in your life and this episode we...


LYRL14: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Leads to the Good Stuff

How many of us have a quote saved on our phone that says “Success is Just Outside of Your Comfort Zone”. I know I do! It’s a popular quote because there is so much truth to it. Getting outside of your comfort zone is so important to your growth and to keep your life exciting. Sometimes that can be something huge - like moving across the country. Other times, it just means wearing a red shirt for the first time in years. Today, we look at what can come from going outside of your comfort zone...


LYRL13: Community, Motherhood and Being the Best Version of Yourself with Danielle Atkisson

This episode is with one of my absolute favorite people, my friend and my #momgoals idol - Danielle Atkisson. Danielle is the founder of The Silver Lining Design and seems to have it all. She shares with us her journey from overwhelm to conquering the world. Why she chooses her business and her kids over clean dishes and gives you tips on how to live your best life - mom or mom at heart. What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to set priorities and feel good about your choicesThe...


LYRL12: We’re Pregnant! And holy moly, it’s hard!

On this episode, I share all about the First Trimester of our pregnancy. The excitement and the struggle. I’m excited that you’ll get to hear how I told Jeff, all about my cravings and more. WEBSITE Facebook Community Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others will LOVE it too, please share it using the social media buttons on this page. You can get a dose of Giana straight to your phone every Thursday! If you would...


LYRL11: Trading Fast Food for Whole 30 Won’t Solve Your Problems

In this episode we talk about how so many people go from unhealthy habits (drinking soda, eating fast food) to some type of 30 Day food cleanse or change. I touch on while this may be a quick fix and you’ll probably drop a few pounds - this isn’t a long term solution and those pounds will try to jump back on. What You Will Learn On This Episode: Why cleanses aren’t sustainable.3 tips you can try this week to start some new, healthy habits. WEBSITE Facebook Community Thanks for...


LYRL10: 3 Ways to Create More Time

Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day as Oprah does. We’ve all heard this before - but sometimes it just feels like we could use an extra hour (or two...or three) in our day. On this episode, I share my secrets on creating more time for yourself. What You Will Learn On This Episode: My 3 tips on creating more time in your day! WEBSITE Facebook Community Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others will...


LYRL09: Buzzword - Body Love

This week’s episode is all about Body Love - what it means and how to get it. It’s so much more than posting videos in your underwear to social media! What You Will Learn On This Episode: The 2 things that I believe are just as important as Body Love: Body Positivity and a Healthy Lifestyle.How to get all 3 of these things! WEBSITE Facebook Community Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to my podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others will LOVE it too,...


LYRL08: Finding Your Authentic Self with Robin Peacock

Robin Peacock joins me this week on the podcast. We hear the story about how she went from the shell of a person to embracing her true, authentic self and all the beautiful that comes along with that. She tells you how she figured out who she is and how she became unstoppable because of it. Robin is a Healer who works with Reiki energy and intuitive coaching to help women uncover the energetic blocks that are holding them back from living their fully aligned life. Robin uses the universal...


LYRL07: 4 Ways to Fill Your Cup and Bring Yourself Joy

This week, I share with you my 4 favorite ways to fill my cup. Things that I do on a daily and weekly basis that bring me joy. They don’t cost a lot of money and they don’t take up a ton of time - but by doing them, I feel so full and so happy and that always allows me to serve others and be the best version of me. What You Will Learn On This Episode: Why it is so important to make time for yourself and fill your cupThe 4 things I do on a regular basis that bring me joyHow to incorporate...


LYRL06: Confidence, Cooking and Accountability with Tatum Jelinek

In this week’s episode, you’ll join me and my best friend Tatum at her house in Virginia as we chat about how we learned to use confidence in a positive way. We also chat about how she literally didn’t know how to turn on her stove and now cooks dinner every single night. You’ll hear some secrets about me and tons of laughs. What You Will Learn On This Episode: That your weight loss journey is just that, a journey. Nothing happens immediately. If Tatum can become a good cook, so can...


LYRL05: You Are Worthy with Kris Britton

Kris Britton is a Life and Success Coach to women who want to learn to love themselves, find their worth and live free. Kris is one of the most beautiful (inside and out!), calming and passionate women I know and is such an important leader when it comes to empowering other women. More information about Kris: What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to Step into Your Power.That you are WORTHY of anything you want (even if it is a pair of nice pj’s!)What Goddess...


LYRL04: The Diet Cycle - Stop Punishing Yourself

Are you a weekend day warrior? Do you spend the week working out, eating clean and staying focused on your fitness THEN the weekend comes and the workouts stop and the wine flows the pizza flies in? I’ve been there and on this episode, we talk about why The Diet Cycle of Punishment and Reward isn’t healthy, we talk about why we do it and how you can find a different mindset on this. What You Will Learn On This Episode: Why we fall in to the cycle of Punishment and Reward when it comes to...


LYRL03: Body Love Mindset with Emilie Clark

Emilie Clarke is a Spiritual Guide and Anxiety Coach. She helps women and men free themselves from anxiety. She herself used to suffer from anxiety and has studied the tools and practices to free herself from it. Now she shows others how to transition into a freedom-based lifestyle by understanding the root cause of their anxiety and learning to love their anxiety. Find Emilie on Social Media: Instagram - @empowered_af Facebook - What You Will...


LYRL02: Finding Your Why

Just having goals isn’t enough - yup, I said it. Setting goals is great but they won’t get you to the finish line. That is why having a reason WHY you are making a change is so freaking important! Your WHY will get you up an extra 30 minutes to get your workout in, your WHY will whisper in your ear to drop your pizza and your WHY will keep you moving forward, even on your worst day. Grab your journal and get ready to write down the reason WHY you have to make a change. Don’t forget to post...


LYRL01: Giana's Story

Giana shares her story - how she went from a confident kid, to gaining over 30 pounds and losing her way as an adult. You’ll find out when she hit rock bottom and how she crawled out of it. This is the reason why this podcast was created and why her whole heart is about helping women feeling beautiful, empowered and reach whatever goals they want! Website: Facebook Community: Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for...