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EP148: How To Not Get Triggered This Holiday Season

This time of year is hard for a lot of people (despite what the Christmas movies and commercials convey), but I know how hard and triggering it can be. In this episode, you’ll learn what to do when you get triggered, how to deal with jealousy, and what to do instead of texting your ex.


EP147: What to Do When You’re Doing The Work But Still Attracting The Wrong People with Nicole

If you feel like you’re doing all “the work,” but nothing’s changing, I want you to know you’re not alone. You’re not a loser, you’re not broken, and you’re not destined to end up with duds. I can’t say exactly why things aren’t going the way you want them to without talking to you personally, but my guess is you’ll get some good ideas after listening to my episode with Nicole. Like you, she feels like she’s doing all the work, but is frustrated because she’s still attracting...


EP146: Female Friendship, Storytelling, and Creativity with Gemma Brady

As single women, it’s so easy to consciously or unconsciously to believe your life is about finding The One. So you spend your time, energy, and money doing just that. The problem with that is, it’s not who you are, and if you put all your resources towards it, you’ll probably begin to identify with it. But you’re not a woman who lives to date! My guest today in her work helps women to connect with each other, share their stories, and birth creative projects into the world. This turns 2-D...


EP145: How To Trust Yourself with Juliette

My caller today is struggling with a situation in her relationship where her partner still has contact with an ex. This brings up all kinds of old fear in her, and is leaving her waiting for the other shoe to drop. Of course, this question isn’t really about what to do in this situation, rather it’s about trusting yourself. So in our call, I help Juliette flex her self-trust muscle; and you’ll learn some good self-trust tools along the way too.


EP144: How To Get Started With Inner Child Work (And Why You Must Do This To Find Love)

This week’s episode is just me, and the core of the work I do with clients. It’s called inner child work, and if you want to find love, doing this work is non-negotiable. In fact, I’m very clear with all my potential clients that they need to be on board with doing this. Because talking about profiles, texting, what you’re wearing or how you’re meeting people isn’t going to help you find love. Find a date? Sure. But if you have patterns and blocks that are holding you back emotionally, I...


EP143: How To Get Over the Fear of Being Vulnerable with Bailey

Vulnerability is required when it comes to creating the relationship you want. I rarely say you *have* to do anything because I want you to create your life and relationship on your own terms. But if you want the kind of love and relationships I talk about here, you must be vulnerable. My caller today is terrified of being vulnerable, and ultimately of being seen. It creates fear and anxiety that’s even affecting her health.


EP142: The Life Changing Power of a Target Parking Lot, Breakups and Meditation with Norma Rubio

In this episode, I interview my dear friend Norma on how she went from crazy stressed out TV producer to meditation teacher. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’m a huge believer in meditation. Meditation can literally transform how you react in relationships and dating, and in turn who you attract. Even if you feel like you’ve tried meditation or that it’s not for you, Normal will walk you through meditation A to Z, and what you can do instead of meditation...


EP141: Karma and How To Let Yourself Off The Hook For Things You Regret with Raquel

I’m so glad my caller today brought this question to the podcast: Am I experiencing karma? If so, how do I get out of it? The most common definition of karma is “what comes around is what goes around.” But that’s not what karma is, at all. Karma is actually the thing you’re soul is born with that it needs to learn or overcome in order to reach your soul’s dharma, ie, destiny. My caller today is convinced that because she cheated in her last relationship, and he was nothing but...


EP140: An Easy, Yet Profound Shift To Instantly Attract More Emotionally Available Men

This week’s episode is just me, and I’m sharing a BIG lesson I learned in Bali. I won’t give it away here, but I’ll just say: learning this thing about myself in Bali was really hard for me, and quite frankly, I was embarrassed this was still a “thing” for me. Aren’t I more evolved or conscious? I guess that’s what this work is all about. I’m sharing this profound lesson with you because I think it’s also going to help you find love. If you feel like you’re doing all the things you’re...


EP139: How To Know What A Healthy Relationship Looks Like with Joanne

If you’ve never been in a healthy relationship, it can be really easy to buy into the story that you don’t know how to have a healthy relationship. You don’t know what to do, how to be, or what to say. For my caller, this created so much fear that a part of her just wanted to stay single so she didn’t have to deal with the constant fear and self doubt that she’s screw everything up. As I coach Joanne, you’ll see that her question isn’t just about how to be in a healthy relationship, the...


EP138: Dating, Political Activism, and Using Your Voice with Belinda Woolfson

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know how disturbed I am by Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, and the aftermath of multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him. Look, I’ll be honest, I was never going to like him because we fundamentally do not agree on a woman’s right to choose. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, so I can’t be *too* upset about that. Yes, I don’t agree, and if even if he doesn’t support choice, why does he feel like he can dictate what I can or can’t...


EP137: Getting Out of the On Again Off Again Relationship with Nadia

My caller Nadia is calling in because she’s been in an on again off again relationship for the past 7 years that she wants to get out of for good. If you’ve been in a relationship like that before, I’m sure you can relate. You think you’re done for good, you know he’s not right for you… But then... loneliness hits, something happens at work, and you need some good old fashion comfort and something that feels familiar. Your head is saying “no no no,” but your heart is saying, “Ohhh but I...


EP136: Four Ways To Meet More Men

This is one of the most common questions I get, and I have to say, I have a love/hate relationship with the question. Love because when someone asks me this, love because it gives me an excellent view as to where they are emotionally and mentally. And hate (but not really hate) because it’s a question that has the askers playing small. So since it’s the #1 question I get, I thought I’d finally create a podcast I could direct everyone who has this question too. This probably won’t surprise...


EP135: How To Know What Real Love and A Healthy Relationship Feel Like with Stephanie

Do you find yourself only attracting the bad guy? And maybe not even that interested in the good guy? If yes, then you’re not alone. The good news, is that there’s good reason for that! And no, it doesn’t make you broken or crazy. But a bit of inner work can make a huge a difference. As I coach my caller today on the show, here’s what you’ll learn:


A Short Message from Veronica

In lieu of a new episode this week, this week I’ve got a quick message to share: My heartfelt gratitude to the women in the Date Yourself ChallengeWhat to expect from this show moving forwardThe Love Incubator is open! The Love Incubator is 4-month journey with a small group of women who are ready to use the power of community to discover the art of finding love and a lasting, equal partnership in their life. Learn more about the Love Incubator here. Schedule your Incubator Exploratory...


How to Heal Loneliness and Find Connection Through Ancestral Healing and Sisterhood with Becca Piastrelli

I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend and former coach, Becca Piastrelli. What I love about Becca’s work is how she helps connect connect with themselves and others in a time of what’s known as the Age of Loneliness. We’re all so hyper connected through technology, yet we connect with humans on a daily basis less and less. We can order coffee and groceries without ever talking to a human, and passively following a friend on instagram is considered “keeping” in touch. This creates a...


EP133: How to Start A Life Coaching Business with Claudia

Claudia is a dear client in my last round of the Love Incubator, which is my small group coaching program. (Another round is starting soon! Keep your eyes and ears out.) She’s gone through a massive transformation, and now that she can begin to see the light at the other end of the tunnel, she wants to help other women get unstuck and living life on their own terms. But, like most new entrepreneurs, she’s not sure where to start. Should she file for an LLC? Get a business bank account?...


Three Questions To Ask Yourself to Find Love

As my email list, Instagram, and Facebook has grown, I get tons more questions from the community. Some questions, like, “How do I attract emotionally available men?” feel hard to answer in an email or FB live, or even a podcast episode because I spend months breaking down this question with clients. Other questions I get come from a place of playing small and thinking small. And when you’re looking for love, I don’t want “small” to be any part of your experience. No one deserves to...


EP131: Crushing too fast and letting in physical affection with Emanuele

Have you met someone that you really like, but you don’t want to let yourself fall too fast? Maybe you’ve gotten burned in the past, emotions are hard for you, or you intellectualize the chances of “success” in your relationship. Whatever it is, you certainly don’t want to be weak and feel out of control. Truth is, to let love in, you have to soften, open up, and potentially be hurt. But that doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds.


EP130: Your Love Astrological Forecast for the Rest of 2018 with Veronica Perretti

You’ll learn: