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EP129: How To Resist Dropping Everything For A New Relationship with Nilsa

You’re in a good spot with your career, your health, and your daily routine. You’re feeling good. Maybe even on top of the world. You’re feeling like yourself, healthy, and confident. And then you meet someone. And despite the incredible spot you’re in now, you still can’t help but feel the urge to want to throw it all out the window. You want this relationship to work and you want him to like you. And it’s taking everything inside of you to not throw your life out the window for your new...


EP128: The Three D’s of Strong Boundaries in Relationships

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? If you have boundaries, but don’t ask for them to be upheld, do they really exist? Okay, I ask this question in jest, but seriously! There are three parts to every boundary you have, and without these three parts, your boundaries don’t really exist. You can have all the boundaries you want, but if you aren’t actually following through with them, then they mine as well not exist. I know that sounds harsh, but I can’t tell you how many...


Why do we like the bad guy? And then the nice guy comes around, and we’re like BORING. If you can relate, you’re definitely not alone.

Why do we like the bad guy? And then the nice guy comes around, and we’re like BORING. If you can relate, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, this is how I was for years. I needed that chase and those high highs. I thought those high highs were love, but they’re not. My caller today is wondering why she keeps chasing guys that are definitely not interested in her. There are infinite reasons as to why you might find yourself in a particular pattern, but essentially, the big thing for...


EP126: Get Yourself Out of a Funk/Meltdown

Most of the time, what we want isn’t as far out of reach as we think it. The trouble is, we think it’s out of reach, then we create stories about it, and spiral from there. That’s when the funk, jadedness, bitterness, and even meltdown can happen. And look, we’ve ALL been there. So please don’t beat yourself up about it. At the same time, you don’t have to stay in your funk or meltdown. So channel your inner coach and coach yourself through anything with the three tips I share in this...


EP125: When You’re Not Physically Attracted to Someone (But Want To Be) with Erin

I hope you’re loving the 2-part series on all things sex. It seems like sex is either a taboo topic in our society, or the butt of every joke. It’s hard to remember sometimes that sex is supposed to be amazing, pleasure, and in some faiths, a holy act. But the way we’re taught about sex, no wonder so many of us have complicated feelings about it. Like my friend Kit says, if we were taught soccer the same way we’re taught sex, no one would be playing...


EP124: How to Own Your Pleasure and Get What You Need in Sex with Kit Maloney

Kit is a new friend that I’ve met through my friend and old coach, Becca Piastrelli. I really admire Kit’s energy and her relentless dedication to celebrating women’s pleasure. Owning your pleasure, specifically your sexual pleasure, may seem trivial, but I believe that owning your sexual power is a beautiful way to own your power in other parts of your life, especially relationships. Who are you outsourcing your power, your confidence, or your worthiness to? In our conversation, we...


EP123: Three Things To Let Go Of To Find Love

Through working with the dozens of women in the Love Action Tribe and my countless private clients and clients in the Love Incubator, I’ve found three big beliefs to let go. If you do, you’ll get just about the closest thing to instant gratification there is. Now, personal growth is a life long journey, but there are a few things you can do to immediately feel more free and less stuck. In this episode you’ll learn: The life-changing reframe of “I’m too much.”What a yogurt can teach you...


EP122: Dealing with Rejection, the “Pullback” and Texting with Hillary

Ugh… rejection. Nobody wants to deal with it, but unfortunately, if you want to find real love, then it’s something we all have to come to terms with. It’s 100% impossible to rejection proof yourself AND want to find real love. Living in the fantasy that the “right person” will break down your walls will leave you single, or worse, in an unhealthy, toxic relationship. As I coach Hillary through dealing with rejection, here’s what you’ll...


EP121: 5 Parallels Between Dating and Running a Business

I’ve been getting tons of questions recently about how I started my business and how I continue to grow it to the success that it is today. I’ve also been increasingly working with clients on their businesses, and in that process, and in reflecting on what’s made me “successful” (what is success anyways?!), I saw that there were actually lots of parallels between finding soulful love and running a soulful experience. I often say what got you success in your career isn’t going to get you...


EP120: Trusting Your Intuition with Aimee Eoff

I often hear from women in this community that they know what their intuition is saying; they just don’t listen to it. Or they don’t trust it. Or worse, someone has told them that going with their gut is “bad.” The truth is, primarily as women, our power lies in our intuition is our greatest asset. It gives us an immense power that may make others feel uncomfortable. So they try to take your power away to keep the power balance. I believe that if we ALL listen to our intuitions more than...


EP119: The Different Ways Your Parents Affect Dating As An Adult with Carrie

In today’s episode, I coach Carrie through her frustration of getting sooooo attached to the men she dates, then not just being disappointed when a relationship doesn’t work out, but devastated. I find that as adults, we play out unresolved issues from childhood in all areas of our life, but it especially shows up in love. Carrie is playing out a couple unresolved issues from her mom and dad, but she’s playing them out in very different ways. Each way requires a specific line of healing...


EP118: How To Let Go of Fear That the Pickings Are Slim and A New Look At The “Numbers’ Game” with Stacey

Today is another live coaching session. We'll talk with Stacy about letting go of the fear that the pickings are slim and a new look at the numbers game! Listen in as I coach Stacey through the fear of being “pistachio.” She’s scared that if she’s herself and expresses her interests or preferences, that the guy she’s dating will be turned off and no longer interested in her. I think as a society this is largely the way women are conditioned. Generally, girls, who grow up to be women, are...


EP117: How to Ask For What You Want with Marti

In today’s show, my caller is unsure of how to ask for what she wants and needs in her relationship without being bitchy or naggy. She’s also got these other questions swirling through her head: All of these questions can feel overwhelming and cloud the issue at hand which, getting what she needs.


EP116: What I’m Reading, Listening to, Watching, Eating, and Using on my Phone

It’s been a while since I took you behind the curtains of my life to see what I’m loving. In this episode, I’m talking you through what I’m reading and listening to (hardly any self-help!), what I’m watching (I need your opinions, please!), what I’m eating, and my favorite apps. I hope these recommendations provide some inspiration and fun, and I think many of them will also help with your growth! I’m introducing a new segment onto the podcast!


EP115: How to know to stay or leave in a relationship with Lee

I’ve been running the Love Incubator and Love Action Tribe for a couple months now, and from my own experience, I know that listening to other people being coached can be just as powerful as being coached yourself. So, a couple of times a month, I’m inviting a woman from the Love Action Tribe onto the show to be coached by me. I officially have my own call in show! Woot woot. Anyways, our first caller asks a question I know many of you have: how do I know if I should stay or leave? We go...


EP114: Manifest Love With The Moon

We often hear the only constant is change. There’s definitely truth to that, but the detrimental part of that is when we go looking for that stability solely in relationships. Sure enough, you’re likely to find yourself in codependent, toxic relationships. The good news is, you can find that stability within yourself with the moon. You see, we live in a 24-hour cycle world, but as women, we aren’t wired like that. The 24 hour cycle can feel exhausting and overwhelming. Unfortunately, we...


EP113: Finally getting over an ex, fixing toxic relationships, and dating as a feminist

In today’s episode, I answer three listener questions. I periodically will make a call for listener questions, usually on my Instagram page, so if you’re not following me, make sure you do that so you can submit your question next time. You can follow me at @veronicaegrant. I LOVE the questions that you all submitted to me, and I’m super excited that one of the questions came from a man! The questions are on getting over an ex (even when you know it would’ve never worked out), how to fix...


EP112: Three Ways You’re Giving Your Power Away + Embracing the Sacred Masculine

​I hear from friends and clients all.the.time. about how to be more feminine. It’s a good question, an important one, and I know that my body of work has certainly been a part of this wider conversation. I was at an incredible retreat last week with my coach and mastermind in Santa Fe, and I had a huge, massive, a-ha about our power and masculine energy. When I tell you, it might seem so “duh,” but I’m gonna bet you’ve been missing this. I know I've been.​ Just for the moment, I...


EP111: Three Kinds of Relationships You’re Confusing with Love

I’ve worked with enough women to know that sometimes when someone is describing a current or past relationship, I know when they are describing it through rose colored glasses. I want to be clear that I don’t want to invalidate how you felt or are feeling in a relationship. It’s a cornerstone of my coaching and how I teach my clients to treat themselves. Look, obviously things happen, but I’m very skeptical when I hear stories around being blindsided. Yes, that might have been your...


EP110: The 5 Phases of Personal Growth (And Why You Get Stuck Even When You’re Doing The Work)

think it’s common if you’re struggling in love to get sent into the world of personal development pretty quickly. I love personal development, but it’s really important to understand the nuances of it and how human growth works. Otherwise, it’s easy to get stuck or feel like you’re doing the work but nothing is changing. Perhaps you’ve built some awareness as to how your childhood is having a direct effect on who you’re attracting. But you’re still attracting narcissists! That’s because...