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Bring Out Your Best






How to Observe and Control Your Thoughts

Robert and Devon discuss the need to observe and control their thinking as the primary way to live a better life. Better thinking results in better decisions and better decisions turn into a better life. When you're able to witness and catch negative thinking, you're able to change the direction of your thoughts and your life.


How to Make Today Your Best Day

Make a decision today is the best day of your life. Decide that no matter what, you refuse to let anything get in the way of your happiness. This is a decision to lift your self-worth, to bring a higher joy to your life. In this podcast, Devon and Robert discuss the steps you can take to make today your best day.


How to Make Today Your Best Day

Do you know what your best day is? What would happen, who would you meet, and how would it unfold? IN this podcast, Devon interview's Robert about a breathing meditation practice that focuses on having 'your best day.' One thing is clear, without knowing what you want, you're unable to visualize the day. And without imagining the day, you are leaving the fulfillment of your best day in the hands of chance. Learn how Robert focused his mind through breathing exercises and manifested his best...


How To Reprogram Your Mind

We enter the world pre-programmed for survival. Along the journey of life, we receive new programs and training from multiple sources that enable us to grow and succeed. Sometimes, the programming we receive gets in the way of our success and we must take action to remove the old programs and adopt new ones. In this great podcast, Devon and Robert break down the types of old programs we want to delete and discuss how to reprogram our minds to get what we want. Meditation, mantras, and...


Why People Destroy Their Lives

In this great discussion, Robert and Devon pull apart the strange behaviors of self-destruction. At work and in our personal lives, we see people do stupid things and wonder how they cannot see that their actions are holding them back. Robert and Devon offer some simple but effective ideas to help catch ourselves before we do something stupid.


The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. I can form things in my thought, and by impressing my thought upon formless substance can cause the thing I think about to be created. In order to do this, I must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; otherwise, I...


How to Set and Hold Boundaries at Work

Your boundaries at work are continually moving, shaped by the people, environment, and your career. Your self-worth comes through when you establish boundaries. They are the indicator of your worthiness because they signal to others what behaviors you're willing to tolerate. Robert and Devon discuss how to navigate this difficult topic in the engaging podcast.


What Do You Want

Robert and Devon discuss the power of self-worth and how it controls every aspect of what you want and whether or not you keep what you attain. Worthiness is the driver of success. If you don't feel worthy of the results of success, you will never get there, and even worse, you will destroy the success you gain.


Redefine Your Mind

Devon and Robert riff on our need to redefine our minds. Self-worth is at the center of attainment, and unless you are actively redefining the language, images, and emotions in our brains, we struggle to get what we want. Redefinition, or reframing our thinking, is the key to raising our worthiness.


Why Are You Here?

Letting go of what others think is hard. In this episode, Robert and Devon press into the uncomfortable and try to break free of the internal dialog of criticism and regret. When we let go of "what others think" we are free to fully express our true self and live in our true gifts.


The Gift of the Obstacle - Interview with Dylan Hoffman

Dylan Hoffman, Adjunct Faculty of Jung Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA joins Robert Christiansen and Devon Wayt in a great interview about Jungian theories and how they give us guidance in our lives. "Nothing is random or meaningless in Jung's world." - Dylan Hoffman. Dylan is adjunct faculty in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies (DJA) specialization of the Depth Psychology M.A./ Ph.D. program. He studied philosophy as an undergraduate, furthering his liberal...


How To Do More With Less

In this episode of the Motive For Life radio show, Robert Christiansen and Devon Wayt dive deep into the power of focus and eliminating the distractions that block us from our success. Part One Part Two Part Three


How Are You Limiting Your Success?

In this special "inspired" episode, Robert turns over the rocks of our most profound, most challenging obstacles to find the hidden treasure of personal growth. We limit our success, and it is up to us to see these blocks and remove them. Join Robert as he unfolds his life experiences and asks tough questions about success and life purpose.


How One Conversation Can Change Everything

In this episode, Devon Wayt and Robert Christiansen turn over the rocks of self-worth and how deep, meaningful conversations with colleagues, friends, and family can change your life.


How Whiteboarding Clears the Way to Deeper and More Meaningful Human Connection

In this episode, Devon and I discuss how whiteboarding removes the formality of presentations and Powerpoints and opens the door to deeper human connections. During our latest Motive For Life course, we dug deep into the root drivers of personal attainment and satisfaction, and have concluded that human contact is what we want. We also cover: And a lot of random conversation.


How We Are Building a Whiteboarding Community

This week on the Motive For Life podcast, we host Lance Daniel Smith as he unveils his journey to quit smoking through non-movement yoga and deep breath work. We also learn how to use cold showers to calm our nervous system and center our emotions throughout the day. And, of course, we are on week 4 of Building Whiteboard Skills and the development of our May 1st mantra.


Building Whiteboard Skills - Week 3: Nurses, Nuclear, and Lance

We are building the Whiteboard Skills company - part-time and from our own money! We've invested our own money and are trying to get to revenue as fast as we can. It is week 3, and we focus on the buyer avatar, the persona and how they think. The only way to truly understand how someone feels is to spend time with them and learn. So, Devon and I are accelerating our engagements through Meetups and our reach via social media. Also, we discuss the use cases and how critical whiteboards are in...


Building Whiteboard Skills - Week 2: Social Media, Web Site, and Free Gift

In Week 2 of building the Whiteboard Skills business, Devon Wayt and I dig into the challenges we faced while balancing the inner conflict, external commitments, and the difficulty of building a side business.


Why We Started a Company Teaching Whiteboard Skills

In this episode, we breakdown the importance of learning whiteboard skills and how the whiteboard plays a critical role in almost every profession. Also, we expose the process of starting the Common Understanding business and our brand, WhiteBoard Skills. Please join us as we discuss each step and the problems we encounter along the way. In this episode we discuss:


How To Improve Your Life

In this podcast, we discuss how lifting your self-worth changes eight major areas of your life, for the better! By creating higher levels of self-worth, you set a new upper and lower limit of the quality of your life.