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Answering the Call - Sharing Our Stories - Sarah's special guest Jim Bay

They say that there is a book in all of us. No truer words have ever been spoken Most of us have stories to share that go untold. Jim Bay is one of those people with a story to share. Like many he put off the book that was inside of him, until he had a life changing experience that had to be told. Through his words we realize that there is a miracle waiting to be discovered in everything our lives reveal - including our traumas. Join Jim, Sarah and Dr. Pat as we share our stories and bring...


The Choice to Love

It's February and love is in the air... but what kind of love is it that we truly need Join us as we discuss how to choose love in this crazy world when so many others are choosing the opposite. Love is at the base of who we are. When we look at ourselves and we see love, we have that to offer all the people we come in contact with and the situations that arise in our lives. Living a life full of love is the most empowered way to live.Call-in to the show at 800-930-2819 during the second...


Living a Happy New Year

Go beyond a new years resolution and set forth on an entirely new year. Set yourself up for success by embracing spontaneity this year, look forward to the unknown and know that you can create excitement as soon as you decide to. Join us as we talk about how to live a year you've never lived before


Learning to Let Go

Most of society believes that if we don't try to control each other and the situations around us that the world would fall apart. Over the past few weeks, the idea of letting go of control in my life has surfaced profoundly. It has proven that letting go of resistance, control, problems and pain is the path to more ease and flow, the path to happiness and clarity, and to our Natural Peace.


The Importance of Following Your Passion

So many of us are running on auto-pilot with fleeting moments dedicated to doing what we love... but what we forget, is that doing the things we love to do is what gives our life meaning. Whenever we are spending time perfecting our passion we are flowing the powerful energy of the Universe. The more you do what you love, the more the Universe will back you up and provide opportunities for you to do it.


Welcome to Natural Peace Living!

Learn about Sarah van Rijsewijk and her life coaching practice, Natural Peace Living - where you begin creating your life on an emotional level and watch as it magically transforms into reality. Learn how to change your thoughts to match the life you want to live. Sarah has been using these practices in her own empowering life and she takes her experiences, sharing them with you in a real way so you can do the same in your life.