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Underage Parties

Growing up we were smoking, drinking, cussing like sailors, having parties, and anything else we wanted to do. Only our parents were the ones buying everything and hosting the parties for us. Our parents thought it was great that we tried to behave like adults and they enjoyed partying with underage kids. In this episode … Continue reading Underage Parties


Growing Up Poor

Episode 9 is all about the crazy shit we had to do to help pay bills and put food on the table when we were kids. We always had food in our bellies and clothes on our backs, but where it came from and how we obtained it was not the most traditional way to … Continue reading Growing Up Poor


The Last Two Months

It might seem a little early for an update on our lives, since we only launched our podcast two months ago, but we just had to share. After doing our Ancestry DNA test, that we talked about in episode one, we learned that we have different biological fathers. After our first episode aired, we found … Continue reading The Last Two Months


The Letter

In episode 7, Desiree reads a letter she wrote to our mother 10 years ago. This episode is very graphic, and was a very hard episode for us to get through. Desiree wrote this letter while she was in basic training for the Air Force, and she was at a place in her life … Continue reading The Letter


Accusations and Fostercare

In episode 6 we share how the accusations came out about our step dad and how the days and weeks after impacted everyone in the family. The way these days played out told us just where we stood with our mom and she proved that she would truly stand by him no matter what. It … Continue reading Accusations and Foster Care


Arizona With Uncle Joey

In this weeks very special episode we had the opportunity to have our Uncle Joey sit down and talk with us. We went to Phoenix Arizona to watch him graduate and we could not be more proud of him! Uncle Joey is our mothers baby brother and has been there for us our whole lives. … Continue reading Arizona With Our Uncle Joey


The End of Life As We Knew it

In episode 4, The End of Life As We Knew it, we discuss one of the most pivotal moments in our childhood. In 1992 we moved to Utah to live near our grandpa. We were 10 and 8 years old. Our step-father was just dishonorably discharged from the Navy and unable to get a job. … Continue reading The End of Life As We Knew it


Childhood Heroes

In this weeks episode we introduce you all to some of our childhood heroes. We have had many people touch our lives in so many ways and we could never mention them all in one episode. Throughout our lives we have recognized that there have been so many people that have shown us what love, … Continue reading Childhood Heroes


Abuse, Abandonment, Depression, and Family

In this weeks episode we start to scrape the surface of the forms of abuse we experienced throughout our lives. This was a difficult episode to record knowing that these awful truths about us would be out in the universe for everyone to hear. However, we feel it is so important for people to start … Continue reading Abuse, Abandonment, Depression, and Family


Welcome to Nobodys Daughters

This is the first official episode of our podcast Nobodys Daughters! We live in different states, but for this episode we met in Chicago to record our introduction, as well as enjoyed some much-needed sister time. This episode is an introduction to who we are, why we are doing this, and what we hope to … Continue reading Welcome to Nobodys Daughters