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Reduce Your Stress, with Anna Seewald

We all know what stress feels like - the tight jaw, the racing heartbeat, the spinning thoughts. We’ve all probably experienced the side effects - insomnia, headaches, or fatigue, just to mention a few. But out stress doesn’t just effect us. It impacts the time we spend with our children and it also impacts our children. In this episode: How to recognize the signs of stress in both you and your kids. A simple tip to help calm your kids, especially at the witching hour Why you...


Self-Care for Introvert Moms

Stay-at-home moms who are also introverts face a particular challenge - it can be extremely hard to find any quiet when you live with young kids - and we need quiet. If you find yourself often thinking “I wish my kids would just be quiet, stop talking to me, and stop touching me,” you may be struggling with a need for extra introvert-specific self-care. In this episode, I share a bit of my own story, finding my way as an introvert and a stay-at-home mother. I also offer a few...


Simplify your social media life, with Mary Baird-Wilcock

My guest this week, Mary Baird-Wilcock of the Simplifiers Podcast, did an experiment with her social media business channels in July. She stopped using them, all but Instagram. What she discovered from this experiment, was that in being really intentional with how and where she spent her time on social media, she had deeper, more personal connections, both on and off-line (and spoiler: her business did not tank). What you’ll hear in this show: Tips for simplifying every social media...


Start Your Day Strong With A Morning Routine (Customized For This Season Of Your Life)

As we settle into back-to-school season, I’m struggling in the morning. I’m struggling to get up on time, to get us both fed, to not yell in frustration, and to get us to school on time (I’ll admit here that I’m flat out failing on that one). Are you struggling, too? This episode will help. This week I dive into morning routines - why you need one and how to go about creating one. What you’ll get from this episode why you might want a morning routine and why having routine is...


Growing through community, with Brodie Welch (part 2)

This week I continue the conversation with Brodie Welch about why self-care is not selfish. If you haven't listened to Episode 22, jump back and listen to that before you start this one! In this conversation, you'll hear: The deep value of learning in community, and also recognizing that you are a unique individual. How being honest about your struggles gives other permission to get real, too. Why self-care is a feminist issue. What Qi Gong is, and why you need to check it...


Why self-care is not selfish, with Brodie Welch (part 1)

In over 13 years of clinical practice, Brodie Welch has seen that the people who are willing to move differently, breathe differently, eat differently, interpret life differently, and make time for self-care are the people who really end up feeling dramatically different: healthy, confident, joyful, and free. This week, Brodie speaks to me about why we need to prioritize our own self care, and how putting our own selves on our to-do lists can lead to vibrant, joyful and healthy lives. In...


Self-care for hard times

In this episode I get personal about how I’ve been tending to myself in my recent hard season; what’s working for me, where I’ve set boundaries, what I do to nourish myself. I hope you will hear some ideas here that you can implement in your own life. Ideas that make you think, "Huh, I hadn’t thought of that as self-care!” But it is. It totally is. And the effects will last a lot longer than a smoothie, too. What you’ll find in this episode: the secret to how I menu-plan how I’m...


Telling your story is a feminist act, with Kristin Tweedale

This is the power of telling our true stories, and this is much of what I talk to my guest Kristin Tweedale about this week. Kristin is better known as rukristin on the web, where she is known as a feminist scrapbooker, author of 100 Days Of All About Me, and founder of the Awesome Ladies Project and the Crafty Ass Female podcast. Kristin knows that the authenticity that comes from telling our real, everyday stories is a kind of self-care, and that it can build connections and...


When self-care feels bad, with Christy Tending

My guest on the show this week is Christy Tending. Christy is a self-care mentor, activist, writer, and mama who helps rebellious humans become fierce self-advocates and cultivate spirited (and spiritual) lives. She's been a social justice activist for nearly 20 years, and continues to engage with climate justice and Indigenous rights activism. She's also a mom of a one-year-old. In this episode, you'll hear: Christy’s story of reaching complete flame-out as an activist, and how she...


Becoming the person you want to be, with Caryn Gillen

In this week’s episode of Nurturing Habit, I talked with Caryn Gillen. Caryn is a weight loss coach for powerhouse women who are ready to end the struggle with food and their weight. But why I really invited her to talk with me for this series on self care is because what she teaches about so much MORE than food and weight. It is about how you can transform yourself into the person you want to be, and let the changes that feel so hard just happen naturally. In this episode, you’ll...


How To See Yourself As You Really Are, With Tara Whitney

In this episode, I got to talk with Tara Whitney, who is an accomplished family photographer. What’s magical about her style of photography is that she deeply sees her clients. You can see that in the photos, and you can hear it in how her clients talk about the experience of being photographed by her. She sees their inherent beauty and individuality. And by her seeing it, she allows them to see it. How does that change people? Tara and I talk about how photographs can be a powerful...


Befriending Your Body, with Valerie Tookes

Do you consider your body your friend? An ally? Or do you, as so many women do, interact with it more as an adversary? As if your body is troublesome, needs too much, is too much, or looks or feels the wrong way? In this conversation with Valerie Tookes, we explore how befriending our body, treating it as we would a good and wise friend, could change everything. As Valerie says, "Our body is always speaking to us." What might we learn, if we slow down enough to listen and to really learn...


Building Your Self-Care Toolbox, a conversation with Jen Vertanen

In this conversation with Jen Vertanen, podcaster and emotional sidekick, we talk about building a highly personal self-care tool box. One that is designed to support you, with whatever collection of hurts and traumas and likes and dislikes you come wired with. Jen's work focuses around encouraging people to share the hard to tell stories and start to heal the places that hurt and Jen and I begin the conversation talking about self-mothering, a very specific form of self-care that you may...


Journaling For Your Life, with Grace Howes

Journaling has many benefits, including increasing mindfulness, helping you achieve goals, and increasing your self awareness, confidence and creativity. And art journaling - that is, starting the written journaling process with a visual component - is thought to deepen all of those benefits. And besides, it's fun! In this episode with coach, bookbinder and avid art journaler Grace Howes, you'll learn: The difference between a journal and a diary How to use a journal to manifest a...


Tell Your Life's Story and Take Your Life Back, with Stacy Brookman

Our own lives are also a narrative, but we are often so busy recovering from the trial, or preparing for the next one, that we don't take stock of what we have learned about ourselves, and then we can't take that knowledge and appy it to being wiser, braver or stronger. But we could. And we should. Because otherwise we just go around being the weaker, more scared, and not so smart versions of ourselves. And wouldn't you rather feel like the heroine of your story instead? In this episode,...


Tending Deeply To Yourself, with Mara Glatzel

When we are in transition - after a baby, during or after a move - it can feel impossible to find your balance, let alone find space to make good decisions around self care. Eat well? Sleep enough? Even get a shower? Crazy! But also necessary. This week on Nurturing Habit, I talk with Mara Glatzel, an intuitive coach and mama, about how we tend to ourselves through big transitions. We talked about the transition to motherhood, moving, and the difficult but necessary practice of being...


Making Peace With Your Body, with Meredith Noble

Living peacefully with your body - that is the one you actually have, not the aspirational one you strive and work toward, but never quite achieve - is a foundational piece of self care. But it is also a piece of self care that few of us are good at. Meredith Noble is a coach who helps plus-size people make peace with food and their bodies, so that they can live full, engaged lives without the weight of shame and self-hate that may have plagued them their whole lives. In this episode, we...


Your Body Knows, with Sarah Silvas

To kick off Season 2 of the Nurturing Habit podcast, I'm talking with Sarah Silvas, a life coach, yoga and Qoya teacher. In this episode, we talk about what self care is (and is not), how being deeply connected to our bodies is a root of wisdom, and we talk about our shared story of loving dance as children, quitting it, and then finding it again as adults. To find complete show notes, visit


A Path Through Grief with Doña Bumgarner

In this short episode, I talk about the healing path through grief that I learned about from guests in this season of the podcast, and through the season of grief I have been living in in my own life. If you, too, are grieving, I hope that this series of conversations, and this episode, are of support to you. Find show notes and links to all the Season 1 episodes at Nurturing


The Journey Through Grief With Joy With Paula Jenkins

Paula Jenkins has built her coaching and podcasting career around joy. This is no naive image of constant lightness and happiness, but instead a study of how people grow through and out of challenging or traumatic life experiences by committing themselves to finding joy - and the transformation that process can bring. I asked Paula to join us as we near the end of this series about nurturing ourselves through grief exactly because of that idea of transformation. How do we return to the...