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#36. Layla Hassanali: The Halal Foodie

Layla Hassanali is the founder and the person behind the popular food blog, Halal Girl About Town. In 2012, Layla started ‘Halal Girl About Town’ in her quest to explore the variety of options in halal dining around London and internationally. She soon established herself as a Halal Foodie, well known for her reviews and finding very unique Halal serving restaurants across many cities. Today she is recognised internationally as a trusted food critic within the Halal space. She also advises...


#35. Gemma Elizabeth: The Home School

Gemma Elizabeth is a home schooling expert. In 2014, she began to home educate her child after he developed separation anxiety when he first went to pre-school. Gemma began to blog about her experiences on home education and soon became an inspirational figure for other parents looking to home educate their children. Today, she home educates her 3 children and has created an environment in which they are thriving compared to their peers. Through her blogs and videos, she regularly tackles...


#34. Huda Fahmy: “Yes, I’m hot in this!”

Huda Fahmy is a cartoonist and creator of the hilarious web-comic series ‘Yes, I’m hot in this’. The comic humorously portrays the life of an American Muslim woman wearing the hijab and is used as a platform to address misconception people have about women who wear the hijab. Huda started the web-comics in March 2017, in reference to a common question she would get asked. Today, via her popular Instagram page, ‘Yes I’m hot in this’ has become a platform to share stories about Muslim life...


#33. Shahed Amanullah: The Silicon Valley Veteran

Shahed Amanullah is a serial entrepreneur and a Silicon Valley veteran. In 1998, he founded, the world’s first Halal restaurant guide. He is the co-founder of Zakatify, a social initiative in partnership with PayPal which turns your annual Zakat giving into social experience for Muslim communities and beyond. Shahed has also co-founded Affinis Labs, an award-winning social innovation firm that helps clients tackle global challenges through entrepreneurship. Shahed served as a...


#32. Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad: Artificial Intelligence and Islam

Muhammad Aurangzeb is a Data Scientist, an associate professor at University of Washington and the founder of ‘Islam & Science Fiction’, a website dedicated to sci-fi stories, novels, movies with Islamic themes Aurangzeb is a Data Scientist at KenSci, a US based, artificial intelligence healthcare start-up dedicated to predict your future health. Aurangzeb is one of the few Muslims in tech that is committed to determine the impact of artificial intelligence on Islamic principles and how...


#31. Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Bold, Confident and The Unconscious Bias

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is an engineer, award winning social advocate, author and broadcaster. Yassmin advocates for the empowerment of youth, women and those from culturally diverse backgrounds. Yassmin started her working career as an engineer on oil rigs in Australia where she was a rare sight on the rigs – a hijab-wearing Muslim woman! At age 16, she founded the non-for-profit Youth Without Borders and by 24, she had released her memoir, Yassmin’s Story. She also appeared as a presenter...


#30. Mohamed Faris: How Productivity Is Linked to Islam

Mohammed Faris is an international coach, author, speaker and the founder of Productive Muslim. Productive Muslim is a popular lifestyle blog which Mohammed started in 2007 to explore the question, “Can Islam teach us productivity?” Today, Mohammed dedicates himself to deliver productivity resources and training aligned with Islamic ethics. He has also published a book, ‘The ProductiveMuslim Book: Where Faith Meets Productivity’ which is a culmination of things he has learnt along the...


#29. Mohammed Ali: Making A Change Through Graffiti Art

Mohammed Ali is an award winning artist, curator and creative producer. He is regarded as a pioneer in the Islamic street-art movement, fusing street art with Islamic script and patterns. He has been awarded an MBE for services to Art. Mohammed began as a graffiti artist, painting Islamic inspired street art. He has since evolved his work towards combining street art with live performances, installations, digital projections and moving soundscapes. He has created truly immersive experiences...


#28. Shahzad Younas: Finding a Muslim Partner

Shazad Younas is the founder and CEO of Muzmatch. In 2014, Shahzad quit his job in banking to pursue Muzmatch full time after seeing friends struggling to find a partner. Today, Muzmatch helps Muslims around the world find their perfect marriage partner. The Muzmatch app operates in 190 countries, has over 500,000 members and has had 15,000 successful matches. They have disrupted the Muslim matchmaking market place with their playful approach, high quality offering and engaging...


#27. Tez Ilyas: Funny, Thought Provoking and Muslim

Tez Ilyas is an award winning British comedian and actor who started comedy in 2010 as a hobby. He is regarded as one of most celebrated rising stars in British comedy. After studying biochemistry at university, Tez went on to work as a civil servant for a decade. He was told by his friends that he was quite funny, so he started to speak at open mic events in London and soon discovered that he was quite good at stand-up comedy! In 2015, Tez left his job to pursue show business full time...


#26. Mikhail Melvin Goh - Travel As Ambassadors For Peace

Mikhail Melvin Goh is the founder of Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT), a media & technology company offering resources and tools to help Muslim travellers plan their perfect trip. In 2016, Mikhail discovered Islam and in turn, experienced the extra precautions required and lack of services a Muslim traveller faces when travelling the world. The Singaporean native was motivated to provide a solution for the struggle, so he teamed up with his wife and friend and founded HHWT. Today, HHWT...


#25. Amal Kassir: A Spoken Word Poet

Amal Kassir is a Syrian-American, international spoken word poet. If you asked Amal to describe herself in 3 words, she would say ‘Story-Telling Activist’ Amal has spoken in 10 countries and over 70 cities in venues ranging from youth prisons to orphanages, universities to refugee camps. She is widely known for her famous Ted Talk, ‘The Muslim on the airplane’, which has over 3 million views on Youtube alone! The Denver-born poet has lost countless members of her family to the violence in...


#24. Peter Gould - Part 2: Hajj Reflections

Peter Gould returns to share his reflections from his recent journey to Hajj in 2018 (1439). Peter provides a powerful reflection based on his experiences , encounters with diverse pilgrims, looking at Hajj from a designer’s perspective and talking about some of the gadgets he came across. He also shares his views on the importance of creating a community, how he created a community of global creative Muslims, and the power of creativity within the youth and what we can do to empower...


#23. Peter Gould - Part 1: Islam, Design and Creativity

Peter Gould is a celebrated designer, creative entrepreneur and artist. His innovative, award-winning work is highly sought after globally and it has touched millions with positive, inspirational creative projects. He has won several awards, launched his own apps & games, created popular online platforms, teaches workshops internationally, and has work published in several books. In 2002, while studying graphic design, Peter embraced Islam. He began travelling abroad to the Middle East and...


#22. Zahra Shah: A Woman In Tech With A Purpose

Zahra Shah is from the UK, she is on a mission to grow Iraq’s tech ecosystem and build talent among youth, so that they can solve local issues using technology. Zahra is a Program Manager for Re:Coded, whose purpose is to provide opportunities for young people affected by conflict to enter the tech industry and become entrepreneurs. Zahra is a ‘tech humanitarian’. She has previously worked at Gaza Sky Geeks, Gaza’s first accelerator and coding school, the UN, and various startups based in...


#21. Remona Aly: Journalist, Commentator & Broadcaster

Remona Aly is a journalist, broadcaster and commentator with a focus on faith, lifestyle and identity. She writes for The Guardian and other media outlets, often promoting positive stories about Muslims in the West. Her articles range from The Great British Bake Off to burkinis, Ramadan to interfaith football, fashion and rock music! As a commentator, she has appeared on TV and radio such a BBC, ITV and Sky News. In this episode, we had fun talking with Remona about journalism, how she...


#20. Mohammed Faris: Becoming a Productive Muslim

Mohammed Faris is an international coach, author, speaker and the founder of Productive Muslim. Productive Muslim is a popular lifestyle blog which Mohammed started in 2007 to explore the question, “Can Islam teach us productivity?” Today, Mohammed dedicates himself to deliver productivity resources and training aligned with Islamic ethics. He has also published a book, ‘The ProductiveMuslim Book: Where Faith Meets Productivity’ which is a culmination of things he has learnt along the...


#19. Sayfullah Nasir: Hajj Ride, Cycling to Hajj

As Hajj is around the corner, we decided to rebroadcast our previous episode with Sayfullah Nasir to inspire you on your own Hajj journey. In July 2017, a group of 8 British Muslims embarked on a journey of a lifetime by cycling from London to Madinah to perform the Hajj. Cycling over 3,500 kilometers, across 8 countries and 3 continents, they reached Madinah after 6 weeks and raised over £250,000 to buy medical aid for Syria with the Human Aid charity. Sayfullah Nasir is one of the ‘Hajj...


#18. Haroon Mota: The Marathon Man

Haroon Mota is a fundraising manager for PennyAppeal, a charity which raises money for noteworthy causes. He is also the head of Challenges at PennyAppeal which means he cooks up some amazing ideas for charitable causes. Haroon is known as the Marathon Man after he completed running a ‘4 marathons in 4 weeks’ challenge, dedicated to his father who died tragically in a car accident. The aim was to raise money for a solar water power centre in Africa which has since been successfully...


#17. Rimla Akhtar MBE: Muslim Women In Sport

Rimla Akhtar MBE is the chair of the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation and the first Muslim woman to sit on the English Football Association council. She is also on the Forbes list of ‘the most powerful women in international sports in 2018’. In 2005 she captained the British Muslim Women’s football team. Since an early age, she has been a sports fanatic and today she champions inclusivity in sports, particularly for women from ethnic minorities to participate in sports that take in to...