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BONUS - Hiba Masood: Making Ramadan Fun for Kids

In the final episode of our ‘Ramadan prep’ series, we speak to Hiba Masood from Drama Mama about making Ramadan fun for kids! We talk to Hiba about teaching children about Ramadan in a fun way, instilling the spirit of Ramadan into children, craft activities, creating traditions, tips on getting children involved in charity, how can adults who don’t have children make Ramadan special for kids and lots more! Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss out on future...


BONUS - Nazima Qureshi: Nutrition During Ramadan

In our third episode of the ‘Ramadan prep’ series, we speak to nutritionist Nazima Qureshi about eating healthy during Ramadan. We talk about what we should be eating, foods to avoid, sunnah foods, tips on getting through the long summer days, some great recipes to make sure we have a healthy Ramadan and much more! Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss out on future episodes! If you liked this episode, please give us a 5 star review on Apple Podcast Find us on...


BONUS - Sayfullah Nasir: Getting Into a Spiritual Mindset for Ramadan

In the second episode of our ‘Ramadan prep’ series, we speak to Imam Sayfullah Nasir about getting in to the spiritual mindset and how to make the most of the blessed month. We talk about the benefits of Ramadan, times when Dua's are more likely to be accepted, Dua's to make, the last 10 days of Ramadan, tips on connecting with the Quran and much more! Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss out on future episodes! If you liked this episode, please give us a 5 star...


BONUS - Anees & Foz: Prepare Your Ramadan Goals

This is the first of our bitesize ‘Ramadan prep’ bonus episodes. In order to get in to the Ramadan spirit, we are releasing an episode a day for the next 4 days to get you primed and ready for the month of success. In this episode, we speak to past and future guests about how they prepare for Ramadan and what are their goals for the Holy Month. We hope that these conversations will inspire you to plan your goals for Ramadan and we hope you achieve all of them. We’d love to hear your...


#14. Chris AR Blauvelt: Finding Islam and Launching Good

Chris Abdur Rahman Blauvelt is the founder and CEO of Launchgood, the world's largest faith-inspired crowdfunding platform. They have helped raise more than $37 million across 104 countries for inspiring people doing great work in Muslim communities. At the age of 16, Chris accepted Islam after becoming inspired in part through the autobiography of Malcolm X. He has had a varied background from working for Intel, teaching at a boarding school, producing an award-winning Sundance film and...


#13. Melanie Elturk: Detroit, Chicago, Dubai to NYC- Hear The Haute Hijab Story

Melanie Elturk is the founder of Haute Hijab, one of the leading US modest fashion brands. In 2010, she set out with the vision to bring hijabs into the mainstream and to empower hijab wearing women worldwide. She is a regular contributor to Elle.com and has appeared on many mainstream media outlets in the US. Melanie shares how at a young age, her close friends had a big influence in her becoming close to Islam. She describes her early experiences at school whilst wearing the hijab and...


#12. Sukaina Dada: Removing Barriers & Creating Inclusion - Founder of SMILE

Sukaina Dada is the founder of SMILE Canada, an organization dedicated to supporting children and families in the Muslim community living with disabilities. A mother of two, Sukaina is passionate about helping Muslim communities become physically, socially accessible and inclusive. She is also the author the book, “A Bedtime Prayer for Peace”, an award-winning children's book inspired by a personal experience. In 2009, Sukaina conducted an academic study that examined the lived...


#11. Teakster: An Artist Inspired by Islamic Heritage

Teakster is one of the leading Muslim digital artists in the world, who offers a refreshing new take on Islamic art in the 21st century. He has exhibited his work to a diverse range of audiences, including various world leaders and Middle Eastern royalty. His artistic style is a fusion of Islamic artistic traditions and modern techniques inspired by his British upbringing. Teakster shares how he secretly pursued his passion in an environment where creativity was not encouraged and...


#10. Fazal Bahardeen: The Entrepreneur Inspiring Muslims to Travel

Fazal Bahardeen is the founder of HalalTrip, the TripAdvisor for Muslims, and Crescent Rating, the world’s leading authority on scoring hotels, airports restaurants and lots more as being halal-friendly. Fazal is an expert on the Muslim Travel Industry, he even advises hotels and countries on the Muslim travel industry. He went from a highly successful executive career in the corporate world to become a successful entrepreneur. Fazal shares his story of how he left a well established and...


#9. Heraa Hashmi: The Confident Muslim

Heraa Hashmi is the creator of the Muslims Condemn list, a list of Muslims who condemn negative things such as terrorism, climate change, discrimination against women, and more. She started the list after she engaged in discussions with a classmate who said that Muslims did not do enough to "condemn violence when perpetrators committed such acts in the name of Islam”. After many hours of ‘googling’, the list grew to over 700 pages of evidences where Muslims have condemned. She tweeted...


#8. Ayaz Bhuta: Wheelchair Rugby Paralympian

Ayaz Bhuta is a Wheelchair Rugby Paralympian for Great Britain. Born with Robert’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder which impairs growth. Ayaz has gone on to becoming a professional athlete, competing in the Rio 2016 Paralympics, winning two European championships, a Bronze medalist and a fans’ MVP. Born in Bolton (UK), Ayaz shares his story about being born with disabilities, how he has adapted to a world designed for ‘able-bodied’ people, disability in the Muslim community, experiences as a...


#7. Amanda Saab: Masterchef and Your Muslim Neighbour

In 2015, Amanda Saab appeared on season 6 of MasterChef (U.S), becoming the first Hijab wearing Muslim on a reality TV show. We dig into the different aspects of being on Masterchef, how she was perceived by the American public and how she used her fame to launch a new amazing initiative called “Dinner with your Muslim Neighbour”. Amanda shares some of the stories and experiences of these dinners and then gives some useful cooking tips along with some great resources If you liked this...


#6. Zaheer Khatri: Learning Roots

Learning Roots is a company founded by Zaheer Khatri. He was born in London and gave up teaching to start Learning Roots to spread the beautiful religion of Islam to young children. Zaheer started the business after handing in his resignation while his wife was pregnant with their first child. We hear the challenges faced and the determination of Zaheer to fulfil his vision of being able to apply modern teaching techniques to how Islam is taught to children today. If you liked this...


#5. Sherry Qureshy: Halal Socks

In April 2017, two Canadian Muslims, Sherry Qureshy and his wife Sara, founded Halal Socks. The idea behind the Muslim-inspired festive socks began when Sara struggled to find a suitable Eid gift for her husband. The husband and wife team started Halal Socks to proudly celebrate Muslim identities in a fun, light hearted way and have engaging conversations with their non-Muslims friends and colleagues about Islam with the backdrop of rising Islamophobia in the west. Today, Halal Socks is...


#4. Saifullah Nasser: Hajj Ride, Cycling to Hajj

In July 2017, a group of 8 British Muslims embarked on a journey of a lifetime by cycling from London to Madinah to perform the Hajj. Cycling over 3,500 kilometers, across eight countries and three continents, they reached Madinah after six weeks and raised over £250,000 to buy medical aid for Syria with the Human Aid charity. Saifullah Nasser is one of the ‘Hajj Riders’ and on behalf of the other riders, he shares the story of their epic journey. Hear how the idea began, planning the...


#3. Jeri Villarreal: Hijab Wearing Triathlete & Urban Farmer

Jeri Villarreal is from St. Louis, USA. She is a mother, a triathlete, an urban farmer and she works full time. Jeri shares her #SuperPoweredMuslim story. Why she lets Islam lead her life, how her children’s severe food allergies made her rethink how they get their food and what motivated her to compete in triathlons whilst dressed modestly in a hijab. Join the guys and find out what urban farming is, how it plays a role in Jeri’s Muslim lifestyle, and her tips for starting a Kickstarter...


#2. Walli Datoo: Halalnivore, Online Gourmet Halal Meat

In 2016, Walli Datoo along with 2 friends, co-founded Halalnivore, an online Halal gourmet meat delivery business. Frustrated with the lack of quality Halal meat available at their local butcher’s, the self proclaimed foodies believed it should be easier to buy gourmet halal meat and they were convinced that there was a generation of Muslims that shared their views. Today, Halalnivore is disrupting the Halal meat market. Customers can order their prime cuts of meat online and have it...


#1. Moe Khankhara: Halal Paleo, Burpee Man

We are so excited to finally release this episode with the amazing Mohammed (Moe) Khankhara from Halal Paleo. Growing up, Moe was the skinny kid who got overlooked for his school sports teams. In his 20’s he discovered how fitness was beginning to have a positive impact on his mindset and enabled him to push himself to his limits. His #SuperPoweredMuslim story is transforming his lifestyle to becoming a super fit burpee king! We are excited to have Moe on as our first guest as he has been...


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