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A Walk Down memory Lane

In this episode I walk down memory lane about how far we have come, our change from a non profit to for profit and now our phase of scaling as a startup company!


Join the Torch Holder Tribe: Mentorship

The Mentorch team and I are incredibly excited to bring Mentorch a social network for connecting mentors and mentees and reaching your goals to life. We cant wait to bring you the best platform that will have you connected to people that will help you reach your goals and more. It all starts with signing up on the email lists for updates and joining us as we prepare to launch! Theres only one more thing to ask do. Join the Torchholder tribe today! Seek Knowledge, Pass the Torch!!


043 Maribel Lara: Be Kind to Yourself

Maribel Lara is currently a Senior Vice President at The Sasha Group a VaynerX company, leading the company's consulting offering which includes a growth share program called VaynerMentors. She has been within the Vayner world since 2014 and over that time her role included reporting to and partnering with CEO Gary Vaynerchuk to execute initiatives tied to the strategic growth of the agency. Maribel is also committed to mentorship in her personal life. It's a practice she has held onto...


042: We are Power Plants

On today's episode I sit down with Marcelo Medrano an aspiring motivational speaker with an amazing story to tell and the passion to leave a legacy for his family. Sit back and enjoy today's show as Marcelo passes the torch!


Pass the Torch Podcast Update May 2019 : Founder & CEO Lavontay Santos

Hey Torch holder family, I wanted to make an update. let the torch holder family know about some changes we are making to the podcast line up super excited about that. Not only will we be keeping the interview format but we are adding some monolouges and conversations about everything Mentorch and the journey along the way! Until next time, Seek Knowledge, Pass the Torch...Leave a Legacy! Music by Free Music Archive: Young Kartz (Loyalty)


Pass the Torch Podcast: Get up and Run

Check out this awesome clip Get out and Run that talks about never giving up. -Tay Santos Host Pass the Torch Podcast


041 Pass the Torch Podcast: Raphael Wong

On todays episode we had the pleasure of sitting done Raphael is an adventurer at heart, loves discussing new business ideas, and is on a mission to help people live a life they are proud of through data, process and technology. By day, he works as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at ThoughtWire, a high-growth technology company that is helping hospitals, buildings and cities operate in a smarter, healthier and safer way. By night, he is building myTechne - a personal development...


040 Pass the Torch Podcast: Mr. Carl L. Route Jr.

On today’s episode of Pass the Torch Podcast we sit down with the talented and dedicated Mr. Carl Route Jr. How does a man who has faced what many would consider insurmountable odds after getting caught up in the criminal justice system's maze, adapt and overcome? Listen to his story to hear a family man's continuous journey from the bottom to the top. Carl is a recognized expert in the field of Responsible Fatherhood and offers RITES OF PASSAGE, mentoring workshops and seminars to teach...


039 Pass the Torch Podcast: Mr. Roosevelt Muhammad

On today's podcast I sit down with Roosevelt Muhammad, Founder, President/CEO of TIME-ER Human Relations Consultant Firm Leadership and Educational Center which is a 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit Inc. Roosevelt Muhammad, Founder/President of his consultant company TIME-ER.COM NFP Inc. showcases him as a leader, educator, author, businessman, experiential-based expert consultant, fatherhood trainer, life skills coach and speaker who delivers challenging, motivational and inspirational...


038 Pass the Torch Podcast: Vera and Apollonia Ward

On Today's episode we talk with Vera and Apollonia Ward who are sisters and were born and raised in King George, VA and attended King George County Public Schools. Apollonia studied Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech and Vera studied Biology and Economics and VCU. Naturally Vera, LLC is a company that was created by Vera Ward and Apollonia Ward to educate consumers with scientifically proven hair care knowledge and provide a product line that would in turn, yield realistic and...


037 Pass the Torch Podcast: Tatiana Pushman

On todays episode I sit down with my good Friend Tatiana Pushman. Tatiana currently resides in Brighton, Michigan with her husband Alex. Tatiana's passion in life is leading people to health and wellness on a deeper level. Tatiana has worked as a holistic health coach for the past year where she works with clients on a one-on-one basis putting them on a path to success and full ownership and empowerment of their lives. Tatiana currently runs a non-profit her husband Alex called WITS,...


036 Pass the Torch Podcast: Stephanie Olson

Stephanie Olson is the owner of Draco Visuals and a student at GA Tech. Stephanie passes the torch on todays torch as she tells us about working with clients and balancing the life as a hardworking student. I hope you brought your torches because things are about to heat up! Join us on todays episode as Stephanie passes the torch!


035 Pass the Torch Podcast: Kellie Rene Hall

Kellie Hall is a 2014 graduate of the Naval Academy and currently serves on Active Duty as a Navy LT. Kellie has served on Navy ships taking her on deployments throughout Western Pacific and now Kellie takes her talent abroad as a Human Resources Officer. Kellie is currently stationed in Columbus Ohio which ultimately led Kellie on her journey to competing in MISS Ohio USA. Kellie first competed in 2016 and is again going to take on the challenge and opportunity of MISS Ohio USA. Kellie...


034 Pass the Torch Podcast : Mari Stracke Part 2

On today's podcast I sit down with Mari as she talks about the adventures that took her far away from London to LA, Las Vegas Canada, New York and more. Mari is making moves and working on her goals that includes a television show that we cant wait to hear more about. Mari thank you so much for being on the show and sharing your journey. Join Mari as she seeks knowledge and passes the torch!


033 Pass the Torch Podcast De'Angelo McCoy

De’Angelo McCoy is an author, bacon-lover, business owner, coach, and all-around know-it-all. Having had his fair share of failures and missteps, he is no stranger to the necessity of a good action plan and strategy. De’Angelo, the author and creator of Failure Rehab, has learned how much a defined strategy will guide any vision into success with maximum impact. With that passion, he partners with leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries to help them craft and define strategic plans that sky...


032 Pass the Torch Podcast: Brittney Castro

Brittney Castro, CFP®, AAMS®, CRPC® is the founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, a Los Angeles-based financial planning firm whose mission is to teach women and couples the art of managing their money the fun and simple way. As a Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, entrepreneur and speaker, Brittney works with busy professional women and couples who are ready to make their finances work for them and use their...


031 Pass the Torch Podcast: Sukhi Wahiwala

Sukhi Wahiwala is a successful British born Sikh, who as a Serial Entrepreneur built a “Small Business Empire” by harnessing 7 generations of business success, becoming an established multi-millionaire. Sukhi's own unique methodology called "The SynaGus Method" creates clear, simple step by step strategies, to grow businesses and emotional intelligence, to reshape the bottom line profit & stability of thousands of Companies and Individual lives around the world. As an International...


030 Pass the Torch Podcast: Annie Flamsteed

Annie is 22 years old, and an inspiration to many. As the founder and CEO of 'iNSPIRE By Annie' she spends every minute of every day, developing new programs and content to improve the mental, emotional and physical well-being of children and adolescents. Her highly innovative, online platform and mobile app (powered by My Springday), engages young people globally in health education and teaches them how to live healthier, happier lives. After struggling herself with anxiety as a teenager,...


029 Pass the Torch Podcast: Niamh Yvonne Cronin

On today's show I talk with Niamh Yvonne Cronin, Founder of ATTUNEME about being a truth seeker, understanding your core and mission in life and what is happening around you. Stay tuned as Niamh passes the torch of knowledge!


028 Pass the Torch Podcast: Melody Beuzlin

I had a blast sitting down and talking with Melody about Yoga Lifestyles, Culture and travel. Melody is a writer and producer who has a world of knowledge to share and does it in a contagious way. Check out todays podcast as Melody passes the torch of knowledge!!