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026: Jeff Baxter —Teacher of the Year — Doing Justice, Practicing Kindness, and Walking Humbly so that Students Strive Valiantly, Write Thoughtfully, and Dare Greatly

Jeff Baxter is a graduate of the University of Kansas with Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and English and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. He also has a Juris Doctorate from Washburn University School of Law. Mr. Baxter has taught every level and grade of middle and high school students in his thirty plus years of teaching -- from non-readers to National Merit Finalists. He is passionate about teaching, but it took an epiphany when he was practicing law to realize why. He...


**Special Series -- Introduction to Why PoP Series

This week's episode is an introduction to a 5-part series I'm launching called Why PoP. This series delves into the myriad of reasons why and how I'm doubling down on my commitment to People of Purpose as I enter this year as a full-time graduate school student and middle-school teacher in San Francisco. I preview the upcoming topic areas in this five part series and go over some of the great results in my life since we've launched People of Purpose 10 months ago. These 20-30 minute...


025: Ten Teacher Residents of Purpose

This week is a one-of-a-kind episode in which I interview 10 people from my Master's of Education graduate school program. Each of us comes from different backgrounds into the same program. I thought it would be interesting to give you a glimpse of the immense sense of purpose each one is bringing into their teaching and education youth in urban, public charter schools in California. The cohort is as diverse as the students we serve and I am impressed with how passionate, caring, and...


023: Barb Stegenga & Robin Sizemore — Mindful Superhero Trainers - Where There is Ruin, There is Hope For a Treasure

Barbara Stegenga and Robin Sizemore fulfill their purposes training children into mindful superheroes. If you walked into their classroom you’d find elementary school kids leading each other in a meditation and helping each other stay calm in times of need. These are not your ordinary heroes. These are SUPERHEROES. Barb and Robin, rather Batman and Robin, have been helping kids cultivate these skills through their Superhero Training and Supply program at their elementary school in Hammond,...


022: Simone and Malcolm Collins -- Pragmatists of Purpose - Guiding Others to Create Their Own Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

Simone and Malcolm Collins are co-authors of the book The Pragmatist's Guide To Life: A Guide to Creating Your Own Answers to Life's Biggest Questions. Their book is a ruthlessly pragmatic guide to creating your own answers to life's biggest questions. Each of this book's four chapters covers one of the most important questions a person must ask themselves: Rather than give you answers to these questions, this guide provides a framework that helps you develop your own answers while...


***Special Episode -- My Seven Podcasts of Purpose ***

This week is a special episode about the seven podcasts of purpose that I listen to. I find so much purpose and inspiration from podcasts to help me make better decisions in my life, ask right”er” questions, find calm, learn resources to fuel my soul-inspired endeavors, and do something interesting, productive, and purposeful in my free time.The potential for podcasts to change your life is huge. PoP wouldn’t be in existence without these podcasts that paved the way for and inform my...


021: Darrin & Olivier Crusoe -- Returning to Nature with OrganiKH Farm

Darrin and Olivier live in rural Cambodia where they have started an organic farming project called OrganiKH in Darrin's home village of Sveychek. Darrin has a remarkable story of being driven out of her hometown due to the Khmer Rouge's repressive regime in the early 90's. Struggling to make a livelihood, her family sent her to Thailand on her own when she was 13. By the time she came back to Cambodia in her early 20's she met Olivier, a french backpacker in search of his purpose. Olivier...


020: Silvia Turonova -- Your Pain is Your Personal Power: Ditch Your Struggles and Start Living Up to Your Purpose

Silvia’s biggest passion is showing people how their emotional pain, their challenges and struggles contribute to their growth. As a young girl, she was growing up in a destructive environment which carried violence, drugs and alcohol abuse in different forms. After she completed her bachelor's degree, she knew that she needed some massive change, something crazy and life transforming. At the age of 22 she grabbed her suitcase and moved to the U.S. with $500 in her pocket and a dream in...


019: Susan Peppercorn -- Helping Other People Find Career Purpose and Satisfaction

Susan Peppercorn is an executive and career coach who has a passion for helping individuals thrive in their career. Having made four career changes herself, Susan knows what it’s like to feel stuck in a job you hate as well as the self-recrimination that goes along with it. Susan transformed her career and developed a scientifically-validated approach to help others do the same that she practices in her work and teaches in her best-selling book Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work. In the book...


018: Jivasu Pradeep Kumar -- Building Healthy Identity in a Changing World through Naturality

Jivasu’s (Pradeep Kumar) teachings are called Naturality. Naturality is to ‘to live according to our nature’ and ‘walk our own path’. The core of Jivasu’s teachings is about the fear of death (and life) and the emergence of the ego in response to that fear. The ego helps us to escape the fear of death and promises us an illusory immortality. This illusory immortality is needed during the early stages of life but we must eventually go beyond the ego in order to experience freedom from...


017: Caroline Stokes -- Moving Teams Forward By Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Caroline Stokes is an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, and certified EQ2.0 trainer for global technology and entertainment leaders. Caroline is an expert on a number of topics, including emotional intelligence for recruiters in the age of AI, talent acquisition and development, executive coaching and headhunting, and workplace culture development. She is the founder of FORWARD, the first executive search and first-quarter coaching firm to expedite the integration of all...


**Special Episode** -- Reflection on My 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Experience with the Catching Z's Podcast

Today’s podcast episode is a new kind of episode. It’s actually a podcast episode that I’m republishing from my friends' podcast - Catching Z’s: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness. The guest in this episode is me, Tanur Badgley. In my first ever guest appearance on a podcast my friend, mentor, and podcasting accountability partner Nick Zolfo and I really broke down my 10-day Vipassana meditation course the day after I completed my course in Thailand. For those of you that don’t know,...


016: Ron Carucci --To Be a Great Agent of Change and Make Other Great Agents of Change

Ron Carucci is a best-selling author of 8 books, and popular contributor at Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Ron is an expert on a number of topics, including the journey from start up to scale up of a young business, leading massive transformation in more mature organizations, advice on rising through an organization from middle management to executive leadership, and more. Ron led a ten year longitudinal study on executive transition to find out why more than 50% of leaders fail...


015: Bryan Falchuk — Broadening Happiness Amongst all People By Inspiring Others to Feel Their Own Purposeful inspiration

Bryan Falchuk overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically changed his diet and created an approach to help others live a better life, every day. That way is Do a Day. Like so many people, Bryan has faced challenges in life, like obesity, depression, work stress, the responsibilities of parenthood, the potential of losing his wife to illness, and more. And he struggled, like anyone else. Through his struggle, he learned the secret to not just overcoming any...


014: Barbara Waterman-Peters -- Being the Best Artist She can Be to Leave the World a Better Place by Teaching, Mentoring, and Communicating What She is Compelled to Live

Barbara Waterman-Peters is an artist from Topeka, Kansas whose award-winning work is in museums as well as corporate and private collections. She has shown regionally, nationally and internationally in over 275 solo, invitational and juried exhibitions. She is a founding member of the Collective Art Gallery (1987-2014) and is a charter member of Circle of 7. In 2010 she became the first Core Artist in NOTO, founding STUDIO 831. Barbara taught at Washburn and Kansas State Universities as...


013: Joe Sessel -- From Prison to Purpose - Utilizing His Natural Talents To Communicate Choices and Be a Conduit of His Learning to Give More Value Than He Takes

Joe Sessel found his purpose serving an 11 year term in Federal Prison. From age 19 to 30. In prison Joe found a love for books, sought out mentors, developed his physical fitness and refined his focus to add value to the world. For Joe prison became a limitless library and training ground to become his best self. Today he uses the skills, knowledge, and wisdom acquired from his prison days to be a serial social entrepreneur, a supply chain professional, and real estate investor in Topeka,...


012: Adam Sirvinskas & Sam Viola -- Repurposing Food and Objects Going to Waste to Mindfully Appreciate and Fight a Culture of Rampant Overconsumption

Adam and Sam are 25-year-old freegans. They eat food going to waste and buy vegan only when necessary. They haven’t bought groceries since November 5th, 2016. They describe themselves as thoughtful and mindful. They try to focus on what’s important and cut out things that don’t matter in every aspect of their lives. They accomplish their purpose by repurposing food and objects going to waste to mindfully appreciate what they have and fight a culture of rampant overconsumption. Adam and Sam...


011: Joe Hishmeh -- Making God Greater on Earth as He is in Heaven - Pastoring and Leading a Spiritual Awakening in Topeka, Kansas

Joe Hishmeh is the Lead Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas. His purpose is to make God greater on Earth as he is in Heaven. Born in Wisconsin and raised by a carpet-selling family with ancestral roots in Israel, Joe wanted to spend his early twenties truly investigating if Christianity was true. As an inquisitive learner and a natural leader Joe eventually made his way to Seminary school in Dallas, Texas where he met his wife Cheryl. After moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee...


010: Daniel Rivera -- Loving Others as Jesus Christ Has Loved Him - Sponsoring Orphans, Adding Value, and Saying Yes

Daniel Rivera's purpose is to love others like Jesus Christ has loved him. Born and raised in Arizona, Daniel lives in Wichita, Kansas today where he is the district manager for Vector Marketing. In his career with Vector since 2011 Daniel has $3.7million in career sales of Cutco cutlery - the World’s finest kitchen cutlery. Daniel’s purpose runs deeper and more expansive. Daniel loves anything competitive and athletic, he likes dancing, attending concerts, traveling, and running/working...