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Real Talk.......9 ways to cope when you dislike your job.

In an ideal world, everyone would love the job they're in. Everyone would rise with a pep in their step and a song in their heart at the thought of going to work, but everyone's not that lucky. If you've not yet found the role you want to be, how do you make the best of the situation until you find your ideal role? If you would value some support taking the next step in your leadership career, need to chat to someone who understands the challenge of being a leader or just need someone in...


Phenomenal Woman Ep044: Karel Mc Intosh - Embrace The Things You Think You're Afraid Of

How do you successfully create a new career and one that you love? This week I'm in conversation with Karel Mc Intosh - Director of Training & Marketing at Livewired Group, a communication training consultancy based in Trinidad Leveraging 16 years of experience in marketing, corporate communication, and social media, Karel Mc Intosh nurtures effective communicators. She has delivered training for top-tier organisations like First Citizens, ANSA McAL, Massy Group, and the Central Bank of...


Real Talk......How to return to work after a career break

The four most common reasons for women pausing their careers are marriage, relocation, childbirth and caring for the elderly, and the breaks can range from 6 months to 15 years. An unplanned career break can spell disaster for most professionals and unfortunately, many women who interrupt their careers for personal reasons, do so without a plan in mind. Whatever the motives you had for taking a career break, finding a job can be daunting enough, but it can be even more unnerving once you’ve...


Phenomenal Woman Ep043: Heneka Watkis Porter - Stay In Your Lane and Focus On Your Goal

Heneka Watkis-Porter is the Host Site Leader for Leadercast Kingston. Broadcast live from Atlanta, Leadercast Live is the largest, one-day leadership event on the planet, with more than 100,000 current visionaries and future world-changers gathered at more than 700 locations in at least 20 countries around the world. Leadercast brings together some of the most recognized and respected global leaders to create a leadership experience unlike any other. The Entrepreneurial You, a podcast...


Real Talk - How you're unconsciously sabotaging your career.

I’m really proud to have launched my new E-book 13 Strategies To Elevate Your Career, that offers practical actionable tips women ( or for that matter men) can utilize to increase their visibility in the career space. But whilst doing so I discovered another set of not so positive actions, let’s call these my Bakers Dozen of Self Sabotage Strategies aka how we get in our own way. I’ve talked to a lot of women about challenges they face and the strategies employed to overcome and succeed in...


Phenomenal Woman Ep042: Camilita Nuttall - It's Not Going To Happen Until You Take Action

My guest this week is Camilita Nuttall Known as the World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, and is the Founder, President and CEO of Event of Championsâ, she is a 7-Time Award Winning Corporate Sales & Business Growth Expert, Executive Business Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author & Property Investor. Camilita has been mentioned in FORBES, Quoted in Think & Grow Rich for Women, she has appeared on SKY TV, BBC Business News, and numerous other business publications. Amongst other accolades,...


Real Talk......Embrace the messy

We all know the "in control and got it all together woman", but what you didn’t see was the choas behind her seemingly perfect life. So I want to share that the “Got it all together” woman persona does come undone at times and as I was told recently as I had a little crisis of confidence “Wow you are human!”. Yes I am and I want us to recognize that everyone is a mess at some time or another, including me. Are you a fan of the Phenomenal Woman or Real Talk podcasts? If the interviews,...


Phenomenal Woman Ep 41: Laura Interval Gaines - Make Choices For Yourself

Whenever I sense a woman has an interesting story I'm intrigued and my guest this week has successfully pivoted multple careers. Laura Interval Gaines is a former international fashion model/actress turned toy inventor/women’s wellness advocate. She runs a successful toy invention business with her partner and created SOL Dance Experience, a holistic women’s fitness group that currently runs in several cities and growing. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she describes herself as a citizen...


Real Talk......Are you Holding Out Waiting?

You don’t need to know HOW! It’s no secret that I took a huge pivot in my life by leaving a major role as a corporate CEO to establish my coaching practice, what wasn’t general knowledge was that I really hadn’t fully decided what my new business would look like and what my area of expertise would be. I just knew that my future didn’t include my corporate role and that it also wasn’t conducive to my health. During this transition, one of the most important learnings that has revealed...


Phenomenal Woman Ep: 040 - Tanya Smith - Being Yourself Is Enough

My guest this week is Tanya Smith. Tanya has an eternal entrepreneurial spirit for educating and empowering others to build lifestyles and businesses they love. As a leadership consultant and change catalyst, she enables people to be successful leaders of their own lives. She is a Board Certified NLP Master Coach and Trainer; and the CEO of Tanya Smith International, a personal and professional development company that provides business, leadership training, mastermind programs, workshops...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:039 - Lisa Abraham - Be More Than A Pretty Face

My conversation this week is with Lisa Abraham aka The Racing Beautician. The title itself is a contradiction - a trained beautcian in the very male world of drag racing. Our discussion is illunuminating as we get behind what makes Lisa so very driven to be the best in both of her worlds! To connect with Lisa Facebook: Instagram: Are YOU struggling to move forward to your next level of success and but struggling to get...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:038 - Dr. Tilean Gordon - Turning Your Vision Into Reality

This week I'm in a very lively conversation with Dr. Tilean Gordon, a Chartered Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and other high-achieving professional and empowering them to thrive in ALL areas of their life. A women with umpteen degrees (yup she's got multiple degrees up to doctorate level in Psychology), she use's her expertise in psychology, mindset and behaviour change, to show driven, ambitious, soul-inspired people how to reach an even...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:037 - Mako Williams - Let Your Passions Be Your Guide

My conversation this week is with Ms. Mako Williams, a thought leader and author in the field of technology integration, empowering people to transform their lives. With a background spanning over 20 years of experience in graphic design, visual arts, and technology education, for clients ranging from K-12, educators and corporate professionals, she is the Founder and CEO of iLabGlobal Inc. Founded in 2014, iLabGlobal is a technology integration training company that publishes a series of...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:036 - Nerissa Street - Your Joy Is Useful

My coversation this week is with multiple award-winning storyteller and filmmaker Nerissa Street is founder of Be Your Own Answer: Self Care for Leaders movement, and Girls Call The Shots, a teen girls film and media camp. She has quietly coached thousands of professionals by flipping the script on generally accepted facts. She's known as the Possibility Guru, and has traveled globally bringing compelling and unexpected tools for growth and transcendence. Her book, 31 Days of Yes, gives you...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:035 - Sarah Cordiner - Embracing change in order to grow

This week I'm in conversation with Sarah Cordiner in Australia! From humble gypsy-heritage beginnings and the first female in her family to get an education, Sarah is now the youngest University Director in Australia’s history. Sarah has been a CEO in the education industry for over a decade, and grew her business internationally with over 12,000 aspiring educators from 146 countries studying her programs at the time that she switched paths in 2017. Sarah has published 8 books and is a 5...


Real Talk........Don't take it personal!

To get along in life, careers, relationships we have to learn not to take things personally, take things in our stride let things roll off our backs rather than letting them pierce our heart. Listen for how you can acheive this for a happier and more resilient life. I hope you enjoyed the show and I would love to hear your feedback! I know you enjoy what I share in this episode, so if you could please subscribe, rate, review or comment on iTunes or your chosen listening platform, I would...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:034 - Karen Thorpe-Reid - Define Your Own Success

This week I'm in conversation with Karen Thorpe –Reid. Karen is a Serial Entrepreneur, Master Change Practitioner, Mentor, Business Leader, Speaker, Visionary Consultant, Mother, and Wife . Through her work Karen embodies the motto of keeping people at the heart of change. As the Managing Director of Premier Change Consulting, she possesses over sixteen years of experience in business strategy and corporate leadership. She brings expertise in leadership development, culture and behavioural...


Real Talk........Time To De-Limit Yourself!

Why do we have limiting beliefs? The self-imposed mental confinement we construct in our own head, which more often than not, is based on what others think you’re possible of delivering, derived from their version of achievable & realistic? Time to change your focus and remove them by de-limiting yourself, enabling you to take back control of who you are. I hope you enjoyed the show and I would love to hear your feedback! I know you enjoy what I share in this episode, so if you could please...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:033 - Brenda Lee Browne - Rewriting Your Destiny

Great conversation with Brenda Lee Browne touching on the Black British and the British Antiguan experience as well as not conforming to societal expectations. Born in London to Antiguan parents. She studied journalism and started her career in the Black media before moving to Antigua in the mid-1980s where she began writing and publishing short stories and poetry. In the mid-1990s, she returned to the UK and gained an MA in writing from Sheffield Hallam University. She returned to Antigua...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:032 - Sara Voyard - Finding Your Own Truth

This week I'm in conversation with Sara Voyard. Sara is an authentic, energetic, passionate, and driven visionary that has empowered men and women to let their true selves shine and take real control of their lives via her role as a certified life coach and master NLP practitioner. For over a decade she has helped people transform their thoughts, enjoy fulfilling relationships, deepen their spirituality, and find true purpose in life. Founder & CEO of SV Elite Coaching, Sara creates an...