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Phenomenal Woman Ep:033 - Brenda Lee Browne - Rewriting Your Destiny

Great conversation with Brenda Lee Browne touching on the Black British and the British Antiguan experience as well as not conforming to societal expectations. Born in London to Antiguan parents. She studied journalism and started her career in the Black media before moving to Antigua in the mid-1980s where she began writing and publishing short stories and poetry. In the mid-1990s, she returned to the UK and gained an MA in writing from Sheffield Hallam University. She returned to Antigua...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:032 - Sara Voyard - Finding Your Own Truth

This week I’m in conversation with Sara Voyard. Sara is an authentic, energetic, passionate, and driven visionary that has empowered men and women to let their true selves shine and take real control of their lives via her role as a certified life coach and master NLP practitioner. For over a decade she has helped people transform their thoughts, enjoy fulfilling relationships, deepen their spirituality, and find true purpose in life. Founder & CEO of SV Elite Coaching, Sara creates an...


Real Talk……..Beauty Doesn’t Equate To Confidence!

We live in a culture where beauty is prized. Media screams at us from every angle, beauty products line the shelves, and we envy those who embody the beauty we desire. We’re told if we’re beautiful we’ll automatically feel confident. We can’t deny the power of external beauty interventions and how it can make us feel good, but lets spare some time to consider how powerful the impact is on us when we feel we are beautiful inside as well? This is incredibly more powerful than you realize! I...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:031 - Kareen Griffiths - If You Are Going To Do It, Do It For You

This week I’m in conversation with Kareen Griffiths, an experienced change and communications consultant who classes herself as an ‘Everyday Woman’ who likes to connect with ‘Everyday People’. After experiencing hair loss, Kareen underwent a procedure that drastically changed her outward appearance and also challenged societal norms as to how women should look. We talk about her experience and the impact on her confidence. An accomplished individual, her passion is people and Kareen...


Real Talk……..I Don’t Deserve!

How often do you feel undeserving or punish yourself because you don’t feel worthy? Stop it! You are valued and you are deserving, you just need to believe. This week we focus on a couple of ways to make you see that you are worthy. I hope you enjoyed the show and I would love to hear your feedback! I know you enjoy what I share in this episode, so if you could please subscribe, rate, review or comment on iTunes or your chosen listening platform, I would really appreciate it. To connect...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:030 - Dr. Rosina Wiltshire - Focus On Your Goal, Not The Detractors

The drive for gender equality is well documented and publicised in Euope and the US but we hear very little about the battle for gender equality in the Caribbean. Today I’m delighted to pay my respects and interview gender equality pioneer Dr. Rosina Wiltshire, the first CARICOM Advocate for Gender Justice with an extensive career in International Development and Gender Equality. She supported the South African Transition Team led by Nelson Mandela in mainstreaming gender across the policy...


Real Talk……..What’s Your USP - Unique SELF Proposition?!

Do you know your USP? What makes you unique, understand your self-worth, your self-value, what you bring to the table? Not something we often recognize or acknowledge how special we are and the value that we bring to relationships, jobs or our community. Valuing or understanding your USP is what protects us in bad relationships, guides good decision making, so its pretty useful to know. Most of what makes you unique is right here, right now. You just have to take time to appreciate and...


Phenomenal Woman Ep 029 - Ugo Arinzeh - Know Your USP

Ugo Arinzeh is Managing Director at Onyx Property Consultants. With a Bachelors of Science in Finance from Rutgers University, School of Business and an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business, Ugo Arinzeh has a solid foundation in finance. She spent over 10 years with at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as Senior Vice President in the investment bank, structuring real estate transactions on behalf of large corporate owners of real estate and advising on commercial property...


Real Talk……..Lose Your Cape, You Don’t Always Have To Be Superwoman!

If you continously wear the “S” on your chest, then this is for you. It’s ok to live life to its fullest, want to be the best and face challenges head on. However, it’s a huge balancing act holding down multiple fronts and sometimes you need to tell yourself that it’s ok to “de-cape” yourself! You totally have the potential and ability to become a woman with less stress and openness and still achieve your best without the compulsive need to be perfect, you just need to know how! COURAGEOUS...


Phenomenal Woman Ep 028 - Tonni - Ann Brodber - Each Of Us Has Greatness Within Us

Illuminating conversation with Tonni Brodber. Tonni is the Deputy Representative with the UN Women Multi-Country Office Caribbean. Previously Ms. Brodber is the acting Head of Office a. . Before this assignment, Ms. Brodber worked with UN Women Fiji Multi-Country Office as leader of the Advancing Gender Justice in the Pacific programme. Ms Brodber also served as the Gender Specialist for the United Nations Development Programme in South Africa and established - what is now the UN Women...


Real Talk……..Stop Waiting To Be Rescued

Are you waiting for your symbolic liberator/rescuer/a sign to say its ok, to make you happy? It’s a sign that you may be prepared to hand over your personal power and responsibility and let someone else take control, tell you what to do (and probably do it for you!) Do you feel like someone is always standing in the way of your best future, someone we expected something from who didn’t come through. And you spend all our time waiting for someone or something to make it happen. You might be...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:027 - Dr. Jacqueline P James-Lyttle - Don’t Wait For Someone To Validate You

Highly accomplished and relatable conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Patricia James-Lyttle, who graduated as the first black female engineering graduate from the United States Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering in 2000 She also made her mark as a scholar athlete and currently holds four school records in track and field. She received the Master’s of Science in Architectural Engineering and the Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Architectural Engineering from...


Real Talk……..You Have The Confidence To Say No

There may have been times you’ve been asked to work over or change your day off, been given last minute requests to make changes to a piece of work or you just generally don’t want to do what’s been asked of you. As women we have many demands/situations where our time and attention is demanded, often leaving very little time for own sanity and precious me time. As I’m writing this I’m realizing that there are numerous areas where you may want to say no but just haven’t felt confident to do...


Phenomenal Woman Ep 026 - MaryMartha Ford-Dieng - No Is A Complete Sentence

Truly engaging and inspiring conversation with MaryMartha Ford-Dieng, award winning creator of the Ultimate Clapback game. Losing her father at an early age and shouldered with the responsibility of caring for a disabled parent, MaryMartha Ford-Dieng is no stranger to difficult times. She turned her pain into play by developing a card game, The Ultimate Clap Back. She is a supporter of mental health awareness, and speaks candidly about her diagnosis of depression and anxiety, and the steps...


Real Talk……..Overconfidence

Recently a friend sent me a BBC headline Alexandra Burke: ”UK has ‘massive problem’ with confident women” with the question posed - Do you think female stars are forced to play down their own success to seem “likeable”? This week I discuss the concept of what I believe to be the myth of overconfidence - I see it more of a double bind scenario where we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. We should be able to own our acheivements and not play small to make others feel comfortable...


Phenomenal Woman Ep:025 - Danielle George John - When You Reach Another Level, You Still Have More Levels To Reach

Danielle George-John is the owner of Sweet Dreams, based in Antigua and Barbuda. Since establishing her business in 2010, she has quickly established herself as the premier designer cake resource in Antigua. Taking her design cues from her clients, she personally designs and bakes one of a kind masterpieces that truly are works of art. She has designed cakes for the rich and famous including a replica of the recently renovated Clarence House – the historical home of King William IV that...


Real Talk……..You Still Have Time To Make A Difference

So we’re rapidly approaching the end of the first quarter of the year - already and in some parts of the world, people are looking forward to Spring and the demise of Winter. It’s a time for us to reflect on the achievement of goals promised or to come - what did you promise yourself,what have you acheived? Is it time to press YOUR reset button to make sure you acheive your goals? I hope you enjoyed the show and I would love to hear your feedback! If you enjoy what I share in this...


Phenomenal Woman Ep 024 - Amaya Athill - There’s Strength In Acknowledging Your Vulnerability

Shining a light on the upcoming younger but no less impressive, powerful Phenomenal Women, my interviewee this week is Amaya Athill. Amaya is a Public Leadership Fellow and Visiting Graduate Researcher at the Jeanne Sauve Foundation and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Her work currently includes research on and explorations of concepts of leadership in culturally diverse societies. Prior to this, Amaya spent 5 years practicing as an Attorney-at-Law specializing in...


Real Talk……..Getting Unstuck!

At some point in our lives we’ll feel stuck, that uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs, the dull persistent sensation of the unknown running through our heads and the inner dialogue of “What is my purpose?”, “What am I doing with my life?”, “Where am I going”, “When is this going to change? This often happens when we stop listening to our authentic selves and get sidetracked by life. So this week we’ll look at some quick tips we can adopt when we feel a little stuckness coming on! I...


Phenomenal Woman Ep 023 - Holly-Ann Martin - Back Yourself & Know Your Purpose

This week I swing across continents down under to Australia to Holly-Ann Martin. Holly-ann is the founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids. Her experience spans twenty-five years with the Western Australian Department of Education and Training (DET), in a variety of school settings. Holly-ann’s unique approach to child protection education is underpinned by a whole community focus. This focus is centred around providing safer communities for children through engaging all stake holders....


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