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We Are Doing Polyamory Our Way

We Are Doing Polyamory Our Way
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We Are Doing Polyamory Our Way




Episode 52: The Places You Will Go

Jennifer and Angela are joined by Carise Rotach-Beard (you may remember her from Episode 38) to discuss the concept of evolving relationships and the future of Poly In The Cities. You can direct any questions or comments by leaving a voicemail or text message at (507) 556-7659 or by going to our Contact Us […]


From The Archives: Buddhism and Polyamory

For this episode, we are joined by scottie hall, creator and facilitator of Dharma Core, a Minneapolis based Queer Meditation Community group that is a part of the Common Ground Meditation Center. They came to the Poly In The Cities lab to share how the philosophies of Buddhism can compliment polyamory. It was a very […]


From The Archives: Fidelity

In this episode, we are joined by local performer and Dominatrix Sweet Lilly Bee to talk about the concept of fidelity, self care, and how it can apply to ethical non-monogamy. She came armed with a massive dictionary, folks — no lie! See for yourself: You can post comments about this episode or others by […]


From The Archives: Abuse In Kink

** CONTENT WARNING TO OUR LISTENERS: This topic may create strong emotional reactions and we want to strongly encourage everyone to listen (or not listen) to your own comfort levels. Please exercise self care when listening to this episode.*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO POLY IN THE CITIES!!!! We’ve made to our first year! Hooray! Today, we […]


Episode 51: Male Bisexuality with Cooper Beckett

For this episode, we are joined by Cooper Beckett, podcaster of the Life on the Swingset Podcast and author of My Life on the Swingset as well as A Life Less Monogamous. Cooper joins us via Skype to discuss the topic of male bisexuality as well as his thoughts about human sexuality, polyamory, and the […]


Episode 50: #ItTakesASexyVillage

WE MADE IT!! This is Episode 50!! To join us for the close of “Sextember” is Mistress Mara, a local Dominatrix, who you may remember from Episode 24 (Kink and Non-Monogamy). She has graciously come back to the Poly In The Cities studio to share with us the latest happenings regarding her work with the […]


Episode 49: Intersection of Race and Polyamory with Kevin Patterson

For this episode, we are joined by Kevin Patterson, the founder of Poly Role Models Tumblr page. He joins us in the Poly in the Cities studio to share with us and our listeners his workshop about the Intersections of Race and Polyamory and offers insight to how poly organizations can work to become more […]


Episode 48: Compersion with Jillian Deri

For this episode, we are joined by Jillian Deri, a professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of British Columbia and the author of Love’s Refraction: Jealousy and Compersion in Queer Women’s Polyamorous Relationships. Jillian joined us via Skype to talk about the concept and practice of compersion, what does it look like in […]


Episode 47: Polyamory Podcasting with Cunning Minx

In this episode, we are joined by Cunning Minx, the host of the Polyamory Weekly, the longest polyamory podcast on the internet. She joined us via Skype to share with us her experiences of what it is like to run such a successful podcast, some of her favorite guests, and her thoughts about the landscape […]


Episode 46: Living In A Triad with Jeff Leavell

For this episode, we are joined by author Jeff Leavell who you may recall we discussed in Episode 23 last season with his article in Vice Magazine about the challenges of living in a triad relationship. He has graciously agreed to join us via Skype to share with our listeners his perspectives on what it […]


Episode 45: Poly Breakups with Kathy Labriola

Jennifer and Angela start the episode by discussing the tragedy of the shooting of Philando Castile and the importance to standing up against racial injustice for the non white members of the non-monogamy community. In this episode, we are joined by Kathy Labriola, poly counselor and author of the Jealousy Workbook and Love in Abundance. […]


Episode 43: Mono/Poly Relationships with Franklin Veaux

To kick off Season 3, we are joined by Franklin Veaux, author of More Than Two and The Game Changer who joined us here on Poly In The Cities to help us unpack the complexities of the Mono/Poly relationship dynamic. We also discussed the Relationship Bill of Rights as well as other very important details of […]


Episode 42: A Look Back on Season 2

As Season 2 of Poly In The Cities comes to a close, Jennifer and Angela discuss what it’s been like to work together, their favorite moments, memorable episodes, and their hopes for Season 3. Jennifer talks about the upcoming #smellslikesoup story collection campaign for a future episode. The details for our celebration party for Season […]


Episode 41: Desire Mapping with Dr. Jaime Grant

In this episode, we were able to have a conversation with Dr. Jaime Grant about her new book and the practice of Desire Mapping. A very captivating topic with information and Jaime shares information towards the end of the conversation on how you can order your own copy of the book. Angela expresses her gratitude […]


Episode 40: Angela Talks About Her Divorce

Angela talks about her divorce from Jesse. You can post comments by sending us a voicemail to (507) 556-7659 or by sending us a message by going to our Contact Us link. Resources mentioned in this episode: Death, Sex, and Money Podcast: “When I Almost Died” episode Astrobarry Horoscope Women Who Run With The Wolves […]


Episode 39: “We Need To Talk…”

For this episode, we are joined again by Shawny, a local sex educator and friend of Poly in the Cities (who you remember from our episode on abuse in kink) who has returned to our studio to join Angela in sharing their workshop on disclosure. This discussion is really helpful for everyone who is facing […]


Episode 38: Un-Learning Jealousy

We are joined by local sex and relationship therapist, Carise Rotach-Beard, who came to the Poly In The Cities lab to share with our listeners her recent workshop on jealousy. She brought her amazing blend of intelligence and f-bombs to schools us all on the topic and how to navigate this very complex emotion. It’s […]


Episode 37: Real Talk About STI’s

In this episode, we are joined by our two friends — Lindsey, a sex educator from the Family Tree Clinic and Laura Rademacher of Sky Hill Therapy (you folks remember her from Episode 29, right?). Our two awesome friends came onto the show to talk about STI’s, what really happens when you ask to get tested, what […]


Episode 36: Billy Procida & The Manwhore Podcast

For this episode, we are joined by comedian Billy Procida who hosts his own podcast called “The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex Positive Quest for Love”. He joins us via Skype from his home in New York to talk about his show, his take on polyamory, pussy eating, and sex with strangers. It’s a great conversation […]


Episode 35: Making The Choice To Be Monogamous

Angela and Jennifer start the episode with an update to Angela’s trip to California for her first presentation on disclosure. Jennifer starts a listener challenge (our listeners are now called “City-ites”, by the way!) called #smellslikesoup for our social media pages. Did you know that we have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? For […]