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Pond Between Friends is a lifestyle podcast hosted by two lifelong friends living across the pond from each other. Weekly episodes will feature candid conversations about anything and everything.

Pond Between Friends is a lifestyle podcast hosted by two lifelong friends living across the pond from each other. Weekly episodes will feature candid conversations about anything and everything.


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Pond Between Friends is a lifestyle podcast hosted by two lifelong friends living across the pond from each other. Weekly episodes will feature candid conversations about anything and everything.






E20: Exercising Your Right to Vote in the 2018 US Election, Spice Girls Reunion Tour, The Haunting of Hill House & It's Officially Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 was a monumental day in the US with the 2018 General Election, and Nicole breaks it all down for Laura on how the electoral system works, what is seen on the ballot, and learn why Nicole is particularly passionate about exercising her right to vote. The conversation swiftly turns from politics to pop music as we chat about the Spice Girls reunion tour, but then things get dark, fast, with a chat about the new Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House. Nicole...


E19: BOO...It's Halloween and We're Revealing Our Biggest Fears

Happy Halloween, listeners! In this special Halloween edition of Pond Between Friends, we're sticking with the theme and diving into our biggest fears. We're not talking about snakes or spiders, but real life fears about the future, letting people down, and not living up to expectations. In this episode you'll also hear who ruined Nicole's pumpkin carving masterpiece, and, as with most episodes, we let you know what we're watching now! Grab your cup of tea, some Halloween candy, and enjoy!


E18: Making a Murderer Returns, the $1.6 BILLION US Lottery Jackpot, and How We Book Travel

Nicole couldn't resist jumping right into new episodes of the Netflix series "Making a Murderer" (but don't worry, we're not giving anything anyway!) and Laura shares her opinion on what she thought of the Melania Trump interview. We're also sharing our frustration upon hearing the latest complaints about Meghan Markle and then start daydreaming about Nicole winning the $1.6 BILLION MegaMillions lottery jackpot in the US...gals can dream! Before wrapping up episode 18, we're chatting about...


E17: Catching You All Up on the Royal Wedding, Royal Baby, NFL in London, President Trump, Melania Trump and Kanye West

This week we're covering all your must-know pop culture news from both sides of the pond, so sit back, relax and get caught up on the must-know details about all the happenings over the last week. Hear what we thought of Eugenie and Jack's Royal Wedding and of course, the much talked about celebrity guest list. We're of course chatting about the exciting Royal Baby news for Harry and Meghan and discuss the NFL game in London. We then move across the pond and can't help but spill our thoughts...


E16: How Much is Too Much Screen Time & Doing Random Acts of Kindness

On this weeks episode, Nicole is spilling the beans on what it's like to travel with an NFL team and she is sharing her disappointment at finding out she was once again denied entry into the London Marathon for 2019. We discuss our continued obsession with Mrs. Hinch and how the cleaning products in the US are so different to those in the UK. Have you downloaded the latest iPhone update? The new feature, "Screen Time," is giving us a huge shock, breaking down just how much time we use our...


E15: Falling for October, Saying 'No Thank You' to the Winter Blues, and Two Special Guests Pop In to Say "Hello"

Fall is officially in the air and it brought something unusual with it that woke Nicole up at 2:30 AM that Laura is all too familiar with. There's a new TV series crossing the Atlantic that is a must watch according to Laura and if you can believe it, we still have more TV show recommendations for you all. In this episode we're chatting all about ways to ensure the winter blues never have a chance to join the party and tips on making it to spring with a smile on your face and a full...


E14: Christmas in...September? & Home Renovation Realness

Have you gone into a store recently and had to double-check the date to make sure you haven't suddenly skipped October and November and woken up in December? The Christmas decorations are all over stores in England already, meanwhile in the US, it's all about Halloween and Fright Night, but do stores jump the gun a bit on putting out holiday decor? Nicole and Laura discuss this, as well as what their plans are for Christmas, though it does seem a bit early to be having this...


E13: Getting Out of a Rut, Benefits of a Weekend Getaway, and the Phenomenon that is Mrs. Hinch

We've reached *lucky* number 13! Why aren't Americans more superstitious like the Brits? We're chatting all about the benefits of a quick weekend getaway to feel more refreshed, and tackling ways to get yourself out of a rut, be it in your career or just life in general. Laura and Nicole share their personal experiences with falling into a rut and how they get out of them. Nicole has also started a new book, Girl, Wash Your Face, which everyone seems to be talking about. This may be the...


E12: Stay in Your Lane & Stop the Comparison Game

In this episode, Nicole and Laura dive deeper into why we all need to stop comparing our lives to those around us, those people we see on TV and on social media because it's a downward spiral that will ultimately leave you feeling unhappy. We discuss why it is so important (this episode's hot button word!) to focus on what is going on in your life now and what makes you happy now, instead of wishing you were in a different phase, wishing you were married, wishing you had children...life is...


E11: We're Back & Chatting Netflix Binges, Must-Read Books, and All About Splitting Up the Household Chores

Ohhhh yeah, we're back and it feels so good! After a month without an episode, we've got lots to catch up on. Find out what Nicole's big news is, and has Laura moved into the new house yet? We've spent much of our summer watching Netflix series and reading good books and we're sharing our must-watch and must-read picks. We're also chatting all about household chores and how we split them up, and of course we go on random tangents about food (and profess our love for Olive Garden), how homes...


E10: THIS IS 30: Expectations, Reality, and Everything in Between

Nicole and Laura dive into what life at 30 is all about and hold nothing back. What did we imagine our lives at 30 would be when we were younger, and are our lives as we thought? Spoiler: NOPE. That is life, it rarely goes to plan, and that's what makes it so exciting. We get into why societal timelines and expectations need to be blocked out, and instead, we all need to focus on the here and now, and embrace every stage in life we are at, because, surprise, life moves fast. Not in a...


E09: We Need to Make Afternoon Tea a Thing in the US (Clotted Cream and all), and How Do You Make Friends at 30?

Nicole and Laura are on a mission to make Afternoon Tea a thing in the US, because who doesn't love an excuse to drink tea (and champagne) out of beautiful china, eat finger sandwiches and mini cakes with girlfriends? Laura breaks down exactly what happens at Afternoon Tea and how perfectly British the tradition is. Nicole also gets the scoop from Laura on what the Rugby World Cup Series Sevens is all about after seeing lots of Brits and Europeans dressed up in outlandish costumes in support...


E08: Football did not come home and our Summer Essentials: Summer Reads and Summer Skincare

Unfortunately, football did not come home and England did not make it to the final of the World Cup, so life must move on! Not only has the World Cup ended, but Wimbledon has also finished, so England's 'best month ever' may finally be coming to an end, though the weather is still lovely. Find out what woke Nicole up at 3am on Saturday morning, and why Laura is questioning her hoovering/vacuuming method. Nicole and Laura discuss what is on their current summer reading lists and also chat...


E07: England is Having its Best Month Ever: World Cup, Weather, and Wimbledon!

It is all about England right now and things are really heating up with the weather, the World Cup and Wimbledon. Nicole gets the low-down on the English flag vs. the Union Jack (this is a no judgement zone!) and we're talking all things summer fashion and how to survive in the heat while commuting. We're also chatting Wimbledon and our thoughts on Serena Williams now that she's a working mother, and don't hold back giving our opinions on how we thought the media handled her playing and...


E06: Fourth of July Celebrations, Fireworks, What is Guy Fawkes Anyways, and Daily Routines

Laura and Nicole discuss the World Cup, Love Island, and did Meghan Markle make another Royal faux-pas? Being the Fourth of July, Nicole breaks down how the USA celebrates its Independence and Laura tests her history knowledge describing what Guy Fawkes is all about in England. With summer in full swing, routines can easily get thrown off and Nicole and Laura chat about how they try to maintain a consistent daily routine and fight the urge to sleep in on the weekend and spend a lazy day...


E05: What Motivates You?

Laura and Nicole could not start this episode without discussing the World Cup and how well England is doing (and the hot summer weather England is experiencing right now as well!) One could say this is England's best week ever. Episode five dives into the topic of motivation and we share the areas in our lives we are exceptionally motivated in and why, and also divulge where we wish we could be more motivated. We discuss motivation to do with careers, fitness, and life in general, and does...


E04: Wait, We Have to "Adult" Now? Real Talk About Life Expectations

Laura and Nicole dive into the complex world of expectations. Specifically, expectations about post-grad life and having to navigate life after college/university. We talk about the differences between expectations in the US versus UK for continuing your education past high school/senior school, and how prepared for the 'real world' we felt coming out of school. The topic of expectations is one we will continuously revisit in episodes to come and we hope you'll join us for the conversation....


E03: Self-Care, Dealing with Anxiety, and Staying Positive

In this episode, Nicole and Laura discuss the importance of self-care, ways of dealing with anxiety and staying positive. We are sharing how we reduce stress and anxiety and give some top tips in working through negative feelings. We begin this somewhat heavy episode talking about lighter things such as Nicole's new obsession with the TV show Riverdale, Laura's addiction to the new season of Love Island and share some funny travel stories. Mentioned in this episode: Riverdale on Netflix...


E02: We're Talking Weddings: Ours, Others, and Everything in Between

Nicole and Laura are talking weddings and not holding anything back! You'll hear all about our weddings, what didn't go as planned, if we would change anything and why the dates we chose have special meaning. We're also discussing the way weddings differ from the US to UK and how to be the perfect wedding guest. Happy listening! Want to see even more of our days? We are sharing some pictures of our weddings, additional details and top tips on our BLOG, make sure to check it out! Pond...


E01: Meet Nicole and Laura, Why a Podcast, and Long-Distance Friendship

Here it is, episode one of Pond Between Friends! We are so excited to officially kick-off this journey and in this episode you'll get to know us, your hosts, Nicole and Laura, and we explain why we decided to start this podcast. You'll also get to hear the story of how we met and how we've managed to keep our strong friendship going for over 22 years across countries and time zones. Mixed in we discuss our top goal for year one of the podcast (spoiler: it involves a beach in the Maldives)...