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Tammy Sorrento: Disrupting the Disruptors

Don't get burned by Scammers! Guest Tammy Sorrento brings the heat to Power Your Life Radio as she shows Dr. Jo Anne White and you how to prevent scammers. Tammy Sorrento has over a decade of experience with insurance and underwriting, so when she was nearly scammed looking for a vacation home, she knew something needed to be done! Her specific skills led her to develop a unique product to help both renters and property owners across various platforms, including Craigslist, AirBnB,...


Patricia Fuqua: Finding the Right Man the Second Time Around

It seems like every girl has kissed a few frogs to find her Mr. Right. Power Your Life Radio's Guest Patricia Fuqua talks with host Dr. Jo Anne White about how to find the right guy for her. Patricia Fuqua is the founder of Dating Diamonds, a service that empowers women to meet the right man the second time around. She's also the creator of the 1st Date to Soulmate Program. Patricia mentors women to use the story of their lives to create the relationship they choose the second time around....


Yvonne Tally: Breaking Up With Busy

Are You ready to break up with being busy and start living vibrantly? Power Your Life Radio host Dr. Jo Anne White talks with Guest Yvonne Tally about how You can stop being on the run and start being in the moment. Yvonne Tally is an NLP master practitioner who leads meditation and de-stressing programs for corporations, individuals, and private groups in Silicon Valley. She's also the cofounder of Poised Inc., a Pilates and Wellness training studio and the founder of The Sisterhood of the...


Corbie Mitleid: Clean Out Your Lifecloset

Do you have a ton of self-help books, but still feel stuck? Corbie Mitleid shares surprising answers on this week’s episode of Power Your Life Radio with host Dr. Jo Anne White. Corbie Mitleid is an author and visionary who’s made her own path rather than take one cut for her by others. Leaving an Ivy League university, Corbie struck out to find where joy and purpose lived, regardless of what she was told she “ought” to do. Through divorces, a succession of jobs and spiritual paths, breast...


Nancy Smith: 7 Steps to Soul Power to Create a Life You Want and Love

It was so good, we're playing it again! If you haven't already, listen in to this exciting replay interview with Nancy Smith. If you've already heard it, listen again! Get ready to connect with Spirit to know yourself more fully and live the happiest life you can. Tune in to this special episode of Power Your Life Radio. You may receive a free on-the-spot reading! Nancy Smith is a Spiritual and Akashic Medium, and spiritual advisor, teacher and author working in her field for over 20 years....


Philip Shepherd: Radical Wholeness

Your body can talk. Are you ignoring what it has to tell you? Check out Power Your Life Radio with host Jo Anne White and guest Philip Shepherd to find out why it’s so important to tune into the intelligence of your body. Philip Shepherd travels the world teaching The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP), a unique set of practices he developed to get people reconnected with the profound intelligence of the body. He’s the author of New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first...


Cornelia Ward: I Help People Love Mondays

Imagine jumping out of bed at the start of each week excited to work! Power Your Life Radio Guest Cornelia Ward reveals to host Dr Jo Anne White how to love Mondays! Author Cornelia Ward is a Divine Career and Business Coach who helps people love Mondays. She works with lightworkers to create a transition plan to move into a business they love. Her book, Go Forward Fearlessly! supports people navigating careers and going through other major life transitions. With a background in financial...


Ria Story: Bridges Out of the Past: A Survivor’s Lessons on Resilience

We can overcome anything. Ria Story is here to prove it. Tune into the power Your Life Radio Show with Dr Jo Anne and learn how Ria turned her life of tragedy into abundance and empowerment. Find out how you can, too! Like many, Ria faced adversity in life. Ria was sexually abused by her father from age 12 -19, forced to play the role of his wife, and even shared with other men. Desperate to escape, she left home at 19 without a job, a car, or even a high school diploma. Today, Ria is a...


Melissa Clark: Women in Business

There is a SHIFT taking place globally. Are you ready to be a part of it? Meet Power Your Life Radio guest, Melissa Clark, who is empowering women to authentically Shift and build themselves and their business! Melissa Clark is an entrepreneur, published author, lyricist, wellness practitioner, marketing specialist and women’s leadership professional. With a passion to inspire and empower other women and assist them in building their authentic self and/or business, Melissa founded The She...


Mian Mohsin Zia: MISSING - Extraordinary Relation of Ordinary People

What makes relationships extraordinary? Find out when Power Your Life host, Jo Anne White interviews the talented Mian Moshin Zia. Mian Mohsin Zia is an International Award Winning Author, Speaker, Marketing & Publishing Specialist and Spokesmodel. He’s working on his 5th book, “MISSING - Extraordinary Relation of Ordinary People.” Mian encourages other writers in their self-publication efforts and supports companies in their marketing and branding endeavors. With a belief in peace, love,...


Dr. Jacob Liberman: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living

What if the key to living an extraordinary life was in the light that surrounds us? Get ready to learn how light can change our lives and how to get your inner GPS on track! Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision and consciousness. He’s authored numerous books, including Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living. Initially trained as an optometrist and vision scientist, Dr. Liberman’s life changed in 1976 after the miraculous healing of...


Steve Brown: Living ABOVE Chronic Cancer

Discover how a medical diagnosis opened doors and created opportunities for living with guest Steve Brown and host Dr. Jo Anne White. A three sport athlete, Steve Brown made his way to Cabrini University on a soccer scholarship where he earned many honors including team Captain and Most Valuable Player recognition. After several years of playing high caliber soccer post college, Steve traded in his soccer shoes and turned his passions to multisport racing and has never looked back. Since...


Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse: Achieving Impact & Success Through Your Authenticity

The road to success can be long, but you don’t have to go it alone. Learn how to step into an authentic mindset to create your personal victory. Anna Pereira, Founder of The Wellness Universe, is an inspirational leader who focusing on projects that take the collective energy and resources of World-Changers and put it into motion. Through the community of The Wellness Universe, Anna’s mission is to uplift, guide, and inspire people who serve those seeking wellness. Anna began The Wellness...


Morrighan Lynne: The Spirited Human

Are you resisting your shadow? Tune in with Host Dr. Jo Anne White and Morrighan Lynne and find out how your shadow side can lead you into the brightest life you could imagine. Morrighan Lynne is a renowned Spiritual Medium, Psychic Empath, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Coach, Ordained Minister, Paranormal Investigator, and published Author. With an eclectic approach to spirituality, she supports the ever evolving human with compassion, straight-forwardness, and loving accountability. Morrighan’s...


Lara May: Finding & Clearing Your Inner Saboteur to Maximize Your Health

How would your life change if you ended self-sabotage in your life? Today’s Power Your Life Show will empower you to take control of your health and wellness on your path to healing! Dr. Lara May, PharmD has worked as a clinical pharmacist in emergency rooms and adult acute care for almost a decade. She’s counseled nurses, doctors, patients and families about medication regiments and maximizing treatment outcomes. Her passion has grown from “band-aid medicine” to empower women to heal...


Brad & Kasey Wallis: Expand with Julius

Are you manifesting what you desire? Kasey and Brad share how to connect to your true desires and heal patterns that no longer serve your highest potential. Kasey and Brad Wallis are renowned speakers, global workshop leaders, and facilitators of consciousness and why we are here. Since Brad's near-death experience, they have been conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius, a Higher Light Teaching Group, who offers messages of empowerment and enlightenment for humanity. For over 10...


Lisa Ascolese: Inventing A to Z

Getting your ideas into the world can feel overwhelming, even impossible. Listen as guest Lisa Ascolese and Power Your Life host, Jo Anne White discuss the steps of inventing and how to make your invention goals a reality. Lisa Ascolese, AKA "The Inventress”, has spent 25+ years marketing and patenting products that sell in national retail stores and channels such as QVC and HSN. Her interest sparked as a child, and since then she’s been inventing her own successful products and launching...


Hilde Larsen: My Story from Hell to Inspired

Get ready to be inspired and turn your health and life around with host Dr. Jo Anne White and guest, Hilde Larsen. Hilde Larsen, known as the one who Inspires, is the owner and founder of Inspired by Hilde. She’s a certified Health and Mindset Coach, a raw food teacher, author, Inspirational keynote speaker, blogger, and a certified Detox Specialist. Hilde is also the author of three published books: From HELL to Inspired;Know The Truth and Get Healthy; and No More Bullshit. She creates...


Ira Israel: How to Survive Your Childhood Now that You’re an Adult

Raise your awareness about subconscious beliefs and assumptions for insight into your “way of being” in the world with Ira Israel and Dr. Jo Anne White on Power Your Life Radio. Ira Israel is the author of How to Survive Your Childhood Now that You’re an Adult which helps raise your level of awareness about subconscious beliefs or assumptions to gain insight into your “way of being” in the world. A licensed marriage and family therapist and professional clinical counselor, Ira holds advanced...


Brent Phillips: The Formula for Miracles

Listen to Power Your Life Radio and find how this former skeptic Engineer-turned-Healer offers a faster path to healing. Brent Michael Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when chronic pain landed him on permanent disability and then his arm became paralyzed after a surgery. After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments, Brent experienced a miracle when his elbow instantly healed from energy healing. Knowing his life path was...