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Linda Kuepper & Debra Wallace Forman: Autism Cares Foundation

Celebrating 10 years: One foundation’s focus to improve the life experiences of children and young adults with autism, and their families. Find out how. Linda Kuepper As co-founder and CEO of the Board of Directors of Autism Cares Foundation, Linda Kuepper strives to improve the lives of individuals with autism. Their needs help her determine the future of the Foundation and how it can best benefit these individuals and their families. As a mother of a child with autism, Linda knows...


Tracey Maxfield: Escaping the Rabbit Hole; My Life with Depression

You can heal from depression and thrive! Tune into this episode of Power Your Life Radio to hear Tracey’s store on how she escaped the Rabbit Hole Tracey Maxfield is a nurse with 35+ years of experience in healthcare. She’s certified in gerontology and dementia care and is a passionate dementia advocate and educator. Tracey has written articles about dementia in the column Dementia Aware: What You Need to Know and the TheScrutinizer.org. She’s also a regular guest on the radio show...


Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly: Animal Teachings

Discover how to give your pet the best and longest life with Veterinarian and author Joanne Lefebvre Connolly on the Power Your Life Show! Veterinarian, author, and lover of art, Dr. Joanne promotes intuitive medicine for living the best pet life. She guides families in tuning in with their pets, themselves, nature, and the Universe to make better medical decisions. Dr. Joanne is vegan and inspires all animals & humans to live in balance as One, with the web of life. She believes in treating...


Athena Demetrio: Walking Between Worlds; A Spiritual Odyssey

On Power Your Life, one woman’s journey from darkness to light is revealed along with her powerful spiritual experiences. Through the spiritual guidance received, traumatic childhood wounds that impacted much of her life were healed. Athena Demetrios is a spiritual intuitive, a medium and a channel. She maintained a successful career in the film industry as a makeup artist while exploring the world of the unseen. Her sensitivity as a psychic began to accelerate when a powerful spiritual...


Amy Fiedler-Dluhy & Lori Felt: Designing 4 Hope

Designing 4 Hope Gives Sick children and their siblings a distraction and escape from hospitals, treatments and their disease. Designing 4 Hope interviews children and with room makekovers, takes their rooms from Dreams to Reality, creating peace, ease and healing. Amy Fiedler-Dluhy has taken Designing 4 Hope to the next level in room design, fundraising and networking, building deeper relationships with the families and volunteers. Her extensive background in fundraising and event planning...


Ieva Kambarovaite: Why am I Still Single

Find out how to find true fulfillment in dating and love on Power Your Life as Ieva shares her secrets to live your best love life! Ieva Kambarovaite is an award-winning author, speaker, relationship and dating coach who helps men, women, professionals and business owners globally find love in all areas of their lives. Ieva shows women how to get out of their dating rut in her book “Why Am I Still Single, For Women.” . Her book guides driven and ambitious people to stop attracting the wrong...


Sherry Genga: The Shattered Oak

Sherry Genga shares how to overcome dark times to help others find their hope and strength through and after trauma. Author and entrepreneur, Sherry Genga believes everything happens for a reason. Her book, “The Shattered Oak, offers reassurance to others that they’re not alone in their situation and that there are resources available. Like “Barbara”, Sherry finds peace and serenity in nature and an understanding of how to respect herself by discovering her clever spirit along the way and...


Sherry Anshara: Unlocking Your Internal Healing Code: Your Cellular Memory

Get ready to take back your power and be the Unlimited You! Listen to what Sherry Anshara says about the Power Within You! Sherry Anshara has utilized her Medical Intuitive skills for 28 years. First to heal her own broken back, broken neck, and smashed head, and then to assist thousands of people worldwide to heal their bodies and lives of ailments and traumas. Her clients discover that healing does not take a long time when Sherry Anshara gets to core of why the issue started. She calls...


Dr. Laurie Nadel: The Five Gifts for Hope, Healing and Strength When Disaster St

Learn how the 5 gifts can help you through turbulent times. Dr. Laurie Nadel spent the first twenty years of her career working in TV newsrooms and as a field reporter. She recognized that people whose lives were shattered by sudden, violent events would need long-term support. After nearly a decade at CBS News as a writer-producer, Dr. Nadel wrote her four-time best-seller “Dr. Laurie Nadel’s Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power” which led to her earning two doctorates: in...


Dr. Bob Choat & Sofie Nubani: The Laughter Mindset

Can laughter change your life? Tune in to learn the importance of laughter and a growth mindset for the spiritual being! Sofie Nubani, is a Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, Certified NLP Coach and Master Practitioner, Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Motivational Coach, Certified Reiki III Teacher and Certified EFT/TFT Practitioner. Her unique coaching style helps people release emotional pain and reach a higher mental state. Dr. Bob Choat, is the host of The...


Michael Priv: Tap into Your Own Psychic Healing

Born in the Soviet Ukraine, Michael Priv is an avid student of Eastern religions and a psychic healer. His first novel, Friends of Fred, was followed by his first Sci-Fi novel, The Fifth Battalion and his autobiography, The Golden Fleece, as well as several short stories, marked by a lighthearted view of life and a spark of spirituality. Recently, Michael has released a psychic healing guidebook, You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook: A guide to teach anyone how to tap into their own...


Devina Kaur: Sexy Brilliant

Can you find deep, meaningful relationships if you don’t love yourself first? Tune into Power Your Life and learn what Devina did to live her best life! Devina Kaur is an author, entrepreneur, filmmaker and inspirational speaker who’s living life to the fullest. She’s eager to share her relentless optimism with the world and empower herself and others in loving themselves. After a lifetime of being told she was too fat, too loud and too ambitious, her world fell apart in her 30s when her...


Nichole Chobin: Adversity to Empowerment – Reinventing Yourself

Tune to Power Your Life and learn how to overcome life tragedies and emerge stronger and healthier. Be inspired by Nichole Chobin’s powerful story! In 2006, Nichole Chobin found herself on a life-altering journey on the day she learned she had a debilitating disease. It wasn’t her first—or last—heartbreak, but the unique challenges proved to be the catalyst for finding her true self. After years of success as an entrepreneur, business owner, operations director, and professional speaker, her...


RJ Hodges: The Art of Mastering You

Get ready to live life to the fullest. Tune to Power Your Life Radio when RJ Hodges shares what it takes to get there. RJ Hodges is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, business development coach, certified personal development life coach, and certified practitioner in the healing art of Reiki. He’s created a coaching system known as L.I.F.E (Living in Full Existence) Education and is a bestselling co-author of Mission Unstoppable, partnering with world-renowned leaders George Fraser and...


Edie Raether: Creating a Mindshift

Get ready for a mindshift! Tune to Power Your Life and find out how! As a Change Strategist and Brain Trainer, Edie Raether is an international authority on human potential, motivation and behavioral psychology. She’s also been a psychotherapist, family counselor, occupational therapist, college professor and talk show host with affiliates of ABC. From children to CEOs, Edie’s keynotes and seminars create a “mindshift” that optimizes performance both personally and in the workplace....


Stephen Croce: Making a Living in the Arts

How to make a living doing what you love in the Arts! Stephen Croce is an actor and writer, known for Transporter 3, Au Revoir My Paris Heart, and Platoon. He has been making a living in the arts since graduating from Stockton St. University in 1981. Stephen’s latest film “Highlighters”, in which he stars as Detective Hal Graves, is now viewing on Amazon Prime.


Lisa Lieberman-Wang: FINE to FAB

Through challenges and adversity comes your purpose. Learn how Lisa’s “best worst years” have given her the most incredible gift of all! Lisa Lieberman-Wang’s life mission is to help others conquer their deepest, innermost struggles and has transformed thousands through her work. She has written a number one bestseller F.I.N.E. (F’d Up, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional) to FAB (Fabulous, Awesome, Beautiful) on how she transformed her life from living with the pain of emotional abuse, date...


J-Adam Smith: Living in the Light within the Darkness of the World

Get ready to release the past and to live in light. Don’t miss this episode of Power Your Life TV with J-Adam Smith and Host, Dr. Jo Anne White J-Adam Smith is a nationally renowned Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, Healer, and Shaman. His mission is to encourage others to heal, rediscover their wings, and once again find their Light. Through the trials and tribulations of his own life, he was divinely inspired to create a unique method of healing called “Angel Rehab”. The method...


Dylan Volk: Bad Choices Make Good Stories: My Life with Autism

Navigating a life with Autism can feel easier when someone offers humor and a new perspective. Dylan Volk is an inspiring beacon to help you find your way. Dylan Volk is the author of “Bad Choices Make Good Stories: My Life with Autism”, a sequel to the book he co-authored with his father, “Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad’s Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum”. After years of what his parents called “the diagnosis of the month club,” Dylan was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of eight....


Kathryn Samuelson: Opening the Heart

Begin a journey into your heart and find out what it takes to build a new relationship with yourself. Learn how on Power Your Life with Kathryn Samuelson and Host Dr. Jo Anne White! Kathryn Samuelson is a certified Life Coach, Author, and Intuitive. After over 26 years as a lawyer, Kathryn gave up her law career after being called to her path of spiritual growth and metaphysical understanding. Her work led her to become an intuitive and Certified Coach, using her close connection to Angels...