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Hello, I'm launching a podcast for 2018 called Put Yourself First: Inspiring conversations with badass women, empowering the women of my community to make time for their personal goals and put themselves first. I already blog and make videos on YouTube. Look forward to hearing back!

Hello, I'm launching a podcast for 2018 called Put Yourself First: Inspiring conversations with badass women, empowering the women of my community to make time for their personal goals and put themselves first. I already blog and make videos on YouTube. Look forward to hearing back!
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Hello, I'm launching a podcast for 2018 called Put Yourself First: Inspiring conversations with badass women, empowering the women of my community to make time for their personal goals and put themselves first. I already blog and make videos on YouTube. Look forward to hearing back!




Health, Happiness and Why You're So Much More than What You Weigh, with Tally Rye

I'm with the fantastic Tally Rye on today's podcast. Tally is a personal trainer, fitness influencer and co-founder of the Girl Gains movement. We discuss: - Tally's journey to health, happiness and balance - Learning to value health over what you see in the mirror or on the scales - How you can find a body positive, weight neutral personal trainer - Why the fitness industry needs to change Thanks so much for coming on Tally! Go support her via these links: Instagram...


Why I Started This Podcast - My Goals For Put Yourself First

Why I started Put Yourself First - and my goals for where I wanna take it in the future!


She Can. She Did: Lessons on Patience, Hard Work and Perseverance in Business

I speak to Fiona Grayson, founder of She Can. She Did, about the lessons she's learnt setting up her female-focused business community, including: ♡ Lessons from the successful businesswomen she's interviewed ♡ How she got started with her interview blog ♡ The reality of a startup: perseverance, hard work and money Check out She Can She Did https://shecanshedid.com/ For the full show notes and links mentioned, head to my website...


It's Not Your Job To Fix People - Why Energy Vampires Suck!

It's not your job to fix people. This has been on my mind a lot lately. Whether it be myself, close friends, family members or clients coming to me stressing about someone else. Someone else's life, someone else's decisions, someone else's circumstance. Empathy can be such a wonderful trait. However, as you know if you are an empath, it can be totally debilitating as well. Because we tend to attract a certain type of people. I call 'em energy vampires. They suck...literally. They suck all...


Know Yourself, Do Anything. Addiction, Recovery and Self Care with Vasavi Kumar

Know yourself - do anything. That's Vasavi Kumar's philosophy. We have an incredible discussion about identity, addiction, spirituality, mental health, self-care and why women need to be kinder to themselves! I know every woman (and man! hello to you too!) listening to this podcast will experience a light bulb moment in this conversation. GO support Vasavi and listen to her amazing new podcast, Being Human with Vasavi http://vasavikumar.com/...


Send Me Your Questions! & Podcasts I'm Loving...

Send me your questions for Friday episodes! contact@kathorrocks.com Check out the podcasts I'm loving (both searchable in your podcasts app) The Skinny Confidential http://www.theskinnyconfidential.com/podcast/ Getting Curious https://gettingcurious.libsyn.com/


Career Advice, Networking Tips and Self Employed Struggles - Claire Gamble, Unhooked Communications

A fantastic chat about careers, confidence and networking with Claire Gamble, MD of Unhooked Communications. Whatever stage of your career you're at - or if you're considering going it alone - you'll get loads of value from today's interview! https://weareunhooked.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/NCreativeCollective/


Everybody's Just Winging It!

A real-talk reminder that everybody's just winging it in life! It sounds daft but seriously...you don't get handed a handbook on life. You just have to try things out and learn as you go. :) Hope this message encourages you today. x https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/


Taking The First Step To Your Dream Life, with Holly Sutton - A Branch Of Holly

I'm so excited to share this great conversation I had with my friend Holly Sutton, who runs her business and blog on her site A Branch of Holly. We discussed leaving the 9-5 to start a business, comparison on social media, procrastination and loads more useful tips and insights, wherever you're at in your career! Check out Holly http://abranchofholly.com/ Other episodes and show notes https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/


The Importance Of Rest (Put Yourself First Out of Office!)

As Put Yourself First and everything at KatHorrocks.com is out of office this week - I wanted to discuss the importance of rest!


Do You Have a Hobby?

Do you have a hobby or something you love to do that's just for you? In today's episode, I'm exploring doing things that you love - just for the sake of having fun! We lose that sense of joy as adults, weighed down by responsibilities and the pressure to always be productive. PS - I'm shortlisted for an award!! If my content has at all been helpful, positive or encouraging for you - please vote for me in the Business Influencer category of the #BlogosphereAwards...


Female Fitness - Weight Lifting, Balance, Hormones and Health with Alice Liveing

Today I'm chatting with Personal Trainer and fitness powerhouse Alice Liveing all about female fitness. We cover: - Why women should STOP overtraining and START weight lifting - How some workout routines can do more harm than good! - Healthy hormones and adapting your gym sessions to your monthly cycle - Alice's fitness philosophy and why her app with Women's Health will change the way you train! - And of course, Alice's incredible journey into the fitness industry, and why her message is...


Is Your Life Crazy Busy? Surviving a Period of Intentional Hustle

OMG! I'm shortlisted as 'Business Influencer of the Year' in the Blogosphere Magazine 2018 Awards. It would mean the world to me if you voted here, should only take you a minute. https://www.blogospheremagazine.com/awards/ If you do - THANK YOU! Is your life crazy busy right now? Mine is too! Today I'm sharing some simple ways I'm showing myself self-care during this hectic period. As I like to phrase it - intentional hustle. I signed up for this, it's temporary, it's challenging but fun....


Being Body Confident in Summer - My Struggles and Advice!

Being body confident in Summer time can be difficult - it seems everywhere you look there's bikini body plans, weight loss shakes, pills, detox teas. Not to mention our natural instinct to compare ourselves, and therefore our bodies, to other people. Today I'm sharing some body confidence advice that really helps me. Of course it goes without saying, if your body image effects your day to day life or you are suffering with disordered eating habits, please speak to your GP, there's help...


The Reality of Being an Entrepreneur - Business Chit Chat with Georgie Glass

Today I'm back chatting with my good friend Georgie Glass about all things business! We discuss the reality of being an entrepreneur, starting and growing a business from scratch, and touch on topics we all struggle with - from learning to switch off, avoiding comparison and managing your finances. Lots of great advice, both practical and more 'woo' - as you'd expect from me and my kind. ;) Hope you like it! Show notes https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/ Georgie's website...


Build an Impactful, Fulfilling and Sustainable Creative Life and Business, with Jen Carrington

Jen Carrington is a creative coach for purpose-driven business owners - and today she is dropping some knowledge bombs on: - Defining success on your own terms - Finding a work-life balance that's right for you - Taking other people's opinions off the table and using your intuition - Not letting fear get in the way of your dreams and goals Jen has hugely shaped my business and life, and I know she's gonna inspire you guys in this interview! Show notes and other podcasts...


My Favourite Journal Prompts For Positivity, Reflection and Self Awareness!

My favourite journal prompts for positive self-reflection and self-awareness! These 3 simple questions I write down each week in my Bullet Journal. They really help me gain perspective on my previous week, whilst staying focused and intentional on making the next week the best it can be! I hope you like them if you try them out. Be sure to let me know on social media - find me @kat_horrocks Show notes and other podcast episodes https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/


Is The Wellness Industry a Scam? Clean Eating Myths with Pixie Turner, The Wellness Rebel

Nutritionist Pixie Turner, author of The Wellness Rebel, is sharing her professional advice on nutrition and the misleading info we can find online. We're digging into the wellness industry, clean eating myths and what nutrition advice we should actually be following! Clue - it's not in your Instagram feed... Show notes https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/ Order The Wellness Rebel (Amazon UK)https://amzn.to/2GVRwIv Order The Wellness Rebel (Worldwide Free Shipping)...


My Top 3 Put Yourself First Podcasts So Far! Looking back on 3 months of podcasting...

Looking back on 3 whole months of hosting Put Yourself First - today I'm sharing the top 3 episodes and interviews that have resonate with me personally! I'd love to know - what are YOUR favourite episodes from the series so far? Show notes https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/


Delicious, Healthy and Simple Home Cooking Made Easy with Gemma Wade at You Say Tomato Cooking

Delicious, healthy and simple home cooking made easy. Sounds too good to be true right? Well that's Gemma Wade's mission with her incredible cooking classes at You Say Tomato. I'm delighted to chat to Gem today, as a massive foodie myself, and pick her brains on quick, easy meals at home when you're busy and time or budget is limited. We also discuss Gemma's amazing story of setting up her own business, after moving to a new country where she knew nobody, as well as keeping the whole...