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Hello, I'm launching a podcast for 2018 called Put Yourself First: Inspiring conversations with badass women, empowering the women of my community to make time for their personal goals and put themselves first. I already blog and make videos on YouTube. Look forward to hearing back!

Hello, I'm launching a podcast for 2018 called Put Yourself First: Inspiring conversations with badass women, empowering the women of my community to make time for their personal goals and put themselves first. I already blog and make videos on YouTube. Look forward to hearing back!
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Hello, I'm launching a podcast for 2018 called Put Yourself First: Inspiring conversations with badass women, empowering the women of my community to make time for their personal goals and put themselves first. I already blog and make videos on YouTube. Look forward to hearing back!




Fertility Awareness vs. Hormonal Contraception - What's right for you? with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

This week I'm sitting down to meet Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. Lisa is a Fertility Awareness Educator and Author of The Fifth Vital Sign. Girls, are you ready to go back to school? 'Cause you're gonna learn a lot in this episode! We cover: - How hormonal birth control actually works - What the Fertility Awareness Method is and how it can be used to plan for and prevent pregnancy - The power and importance of a healthy menstrual cycle - how ovulation is an indicator of overall health and our...


Create Your Limitless Life with Catri Barrett The Curiosity Coach

Catri Barrett, AKA The Curiosity Coach, is passionate about removing the limitations we put on ourselves, in order to live our best life! She has an incredible, inspiring story of overcoming severe mental and physical trauma after a near-death experience, re-building her life and re-connecting to her curiosity. In this podcast you'll learn: - Catri's 3 pillars for living a limitless life - Why curiosity is such an important and natural way of living - Practical tips you can apply TODAY to...


Naked Beach, Body Love and the #FreeFromDiets Campaign with Molly Forbes

Should kids be put on a diet? How is negative body image really impacting young people and their mental health? If dieting is on the rise, why is obesity on the rise as well? And can we ever encourage people to live a healthy life if we're constantly shaming their body? Molly Forbes is a body love campaigner, activist, blogger and Mum, passionate about making people see their self worth beyond the size or shape of their body. From Channel 4's Naked Beach to founding the #FreeFromDiets...


Learn to say no, set boundaries and be assertive! Violet Salt Assertiveness Coach

Are you confident enough to ask for what you want? Or are you a classic people pleaser? Maybe you struggle to say no? If you've ever wished you could be more assertive and confident, this podcast interview is for you!! Jodie Salt (AKA Violet Salt) is an Assertiveness Coach for women. In today's chat, she's sharing her expert advice on: - Getting what you want! - Having difficult conversations - Setting boundaries - Saying no - Assertive communication: sharing your opinion or point of view in...


The Transformative Power of Coaching - Support, Accountability and Success

Are you stuck in a rut? Not sure what your next steps are? Maybe you have a huge goal and vision for your life, but fear and doubt is holding you back? Life coaching can be a transformative process for you. But what is it? In today's chat, I'm sharing more about the powerful coaching I share with my 1:1 clients and how it could support you in living your best life! Want more info? You can apply to work 1:1 with me and get all the answers you need here https://kathorrocks.com/life-coaching...


Mindset Shifts, Personal Growth and Life-Changing Productivity Hacks with Holly Bray

Holly Bray is the founder of A Branch of Holly - business coaching and resources making digital marketing simple. She's also a productivity and time management ninja. Holly has seriously up-levelled her business and life in the past 18 months, and as her friend (online and IRL) it's been so inspiring to watch her grow. I took this opportunity to ask her what it really takes to take your business and life to the next level. We chat mindset shifts, morning routines and personal growth...


Setting and Achieving Goals as a Couple

We always talk about personal goals, but what about goals that we're working on as a family, with our partner? Whether you're building a home together, starting a family, starting a business or working on a project together, the same rules apply. Today, I'm sharing some tips on setting and achieving goals as a couple. This was a request from a coaching client! As we've bought our first home this year, she wanted some tips on working on a goal as a couple. In today's chat, I'm sharing 3 key...


Life As A Middle Eastern Woman: Identity, Feminism and Breaking Down Stereotypes with Alya Mooro

How do you find yourself when you're stuck between two cultures? Alya Mooro was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in London, UK. Growing up with multi-cultural heritage, Alya began questioning the pressure she felt in the face of opposing stereotypes and attitudes. Today we have a really great chat about feminism, identity and breaking down taboos in both Western and Eastern cultures. I was really keen to discuss difficult conversations with Alya too. In today's political climate, these...


The Mindset You Need to Have to Achieve Your Goals

In this week's solo episode, I'm sharing the mindset shift you need to create to achieve your goals. The choice you have to make if you're serious about moving forward. This came off the back of a serious pep talk I had from a good friend recently. I just had to share it on for anyone else who needs to hear it. Get your blinkers on baby! Overcome fear and get out of your own way! FREE coaching download here https://mailchi.mp/b9090a4ad33b/putyourselffirst It's time to put yourself first....


This Lesson Has Changed My Life! How to Keep Calm in ANY Situation

Sharing an experience I had recently and a huge lesson I learnt at a breathwork workshop at Soul Circus Festival. The guy hosting the workshop is Dan Peppiatt, his site is Yoga Like Water https://www.yogalikewater.com/ Soul Circus https://www.soulcircus.yoga/ Enjoying Put Yourself First? Please make sure you've subscribed so your app downloads each new episode every week! :) You can also leave a review on Apple Podcasts, it really helps the podcast reach more listeners.


Showing up for your goals with no results? You need to hear this!

Have you sat on your couch and asked yourself that question? “Why is it SO hard to achieve my goals?” I’ve thought about this a lot in recent months. Both in my work with clients and my personal life, I’m constantly setting and working towards goals. It’s part of my language and everyday life. I’ve got the tool belt fully stocked: time management, planning, productivity, prioritising, stationery hacks, the best apps. You name it, I’ve got a growth hack to help you get there. So why did I...


The REAL reason you procrastinate...it might shock you!

Today is the 3rd solo chat for the August series, and I'm sharing the REAL reason you procrastinate. Procrastination is misunderstood and often misused to beat ourselves up when we're not being productive. But there's a root cause of procrastination that no amount of productivity tips, apps and tricks can help. So today I invite you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself a hard question - how do you REALLY feel about doing that task? If you have any a-ha moments from listening to this,...


Why Health Care is the Ultimate Self Care (and how to prioritise it!)

In this week's solo chat, I'm sharing some practical ways you can prioritise your health and make more time in a busy week to look after your self. Whether it be physical, mental or emotional health, these are sustainable ways you can carve out me-time and make important decisions about your health. Because if nobody's told you lately...you're worth it!! Hope it inspires you to book that appointment or make that change. :) If you wanna chat more, head to Instagram, where the conversation...


How to set healthy boundaries in work and life (and why you need to!)

For the month of August, instead of taking a full break from the podcast, I'm gonna be throwing up quick and snappy solo chats like this one! Every Monday, tune in to hear tangible tips and advice on a topic that us ladies struggle with. This week, it's all about setting healthy boundaries in our work and lives. Whether you're a people pleaser, work-a-holic or just struggle to put yourself first, these tips will help you set healthy boundaries in place that will free up your valuable time....


Let's talk about sex (and condoms!) with HANX co-founder Dr. Sarah Welsh

Today I'm chatting with HANX co-founder (and gynaecologist) Dr Sarah Welsh. HANX are condoms made by women, for women. Forget what you thought about condoms before. HANX are super thin, comfortable and a pleasure to use (in more ways than one!) In today's chat Sarah and I talk about: - Why women aren't using condoms and how it's impacting our health - The taboo and stigma around women buying and carrying condoms - How HANX was created by women, for women, in every way - And of course,...


Coping with Grief and Trauma: Sound Therapy and Spiritual Healing with Ashleigh Guthrie

Death and loss is such a taboo, despite the fact that we will all deal with it. Ashleigh Guthrie shares her incredible journey with grief and healing today. From never picking up a self-help book in her life, to hosting group meditation and sound-healing ceremonies. Ashleigh using her grief journey, the loss of her Mother, to help others is so inspiring. If you've been touched by grief or trauma, I hope today's conversation encourages you to connect with yourself, take time to reflect and...


What It's Really Like To Be A Blogger! Behind The Scenes of The Blogging Industry

BONUS episode today - A peek behind the scenes of the blogging industry. An honest and frank chat with my friend Samio about our personal journeys with blogging, earning money online and the Instagram influencer industry. Subscribe to Samio on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe5mzleXyv0-YCqaSuvnq3Q/ Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/samiorenelda/ Read her blog https://www.samio.co.uk/ Keep in touch with me https://www.instagram.com/kat_horrocks/


Can we trust the wellness industry? Credibility and evidence with The WellSpoken Mark

Can we really trust the wellness industry and the products and advice that is sold to us for profit on social media? Sarah Greenidge is the founder of The WellSpoken Mark. They work with wellness brands to ensure they provide consumers credible, evidence-based info on fitness, nutrition & wellbeing. This is such an interesting discussion on the origin of the wellness industry, how we can spot fact from fiction and the responsibility that brands and influencers have to provide credible...


Self Love, Positivity & Hustle with Keep It Bright founder Zara Khalique

Zara Khalique is the founder of Keep It Bright, a positivity and lifestyle brand spreading good vibes globally! Keep It Bright is all about powerful messages, positive vibes & helping you to live a brighter, better life every day, through positive reminders online, and an accompanying range of books, clothing & uplifting products. Zara shares her story of personal growth, self-love and building her dream life from the ground up. She's a huge inspiration and testament to believing in your...


How to be more confident! Listener Q&A

Today I answer a DM I received on Instagram from a woman struggling with confidence, feeling intimidated by the stereotype of the strong, independent woman that we all feel we 'should' be 24/7! I have some thoughts on this, along with some tips and exercises you can try to increase your confidence and self-esteem. Carry on the conversation! https://www.instagram.com/kat_horrocks/ Join our community and download your FREE personal growth goodies...