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"Cannabis: Herbal Refreshment -The "4-2-0" About The Happy Chemical (THC)!"

Master Entrepreneuress AKA, "The Dank Duchess," renders the "4-2-0!" during an unplugged interview on all things cannabis! Indeed FAQs VS. Fallacies evoke heightened clarity, yet again ladies and gentlemen! Tune in this episode to bear witness to debunked misconceptions (at the threshold of "420") regarding cannabis often perceived as a controversial constituent of nature. Thought provoking question: What is cannabis and what are its' advantages and shortcomings? Can you site scientific...


"Transparency: 'BEing' Seen And 'BEing' Heard As A Thought Leader!"

Vulnerability, integrity and authenticity are three chief constituents of earning, fostering and sustaining trust per Speaker, Author and Facilitator (Thought Leader for Thought Leaders) AKA the "AHA Guy," Mitchell Levy. Tune in to discover how to acquire more "visibility" by virtue of exercising the aforementioned qualities which resonate profoundly on this platform. Moreover, learn more about Michell's "AHA" ideology as a thought leader, coupled with "how to" efficiently publish your...


"Health As Currency: Tabulating Your Net Worth Amid The Wellness Expedition!"

"The foundation of success in life is good; that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well if he is sick," according to P.T. Barnum. Epiphanies, manifestations, revelations, betrayal, solitude, isolation, heartache, fear, astonishment, perseverance and success are merely a few terms to describe the dialogue embodying the anecdotes proclaimed between Normia and featured guest, Dave Hatwood this episode. The esteemed, David...


"Institutionalization: Oh Father, Where Art Thou? Absentee Dads By Default!"

"One of the greatest tragedies in life is that fathers and sons can love each other deeply without ever getting to know one another," per Michael Josephson. Needless to say, this scientific certainty is a venomous/heartwrenching reality. Author Mujahid Akil returns to profess living truth regarding the ramifications imposed upon children and domestic households corresponding to imprisoned fathers. As we GPS track and locate institutionalized dads, let's ask ourselves if absentee dads are...


"Under The Microscope: Mass Incarceration, Recidivism And Its' Detriment!"

Author Mujahid Akil exudes "living truth" by virtue of his riveting internal scope/testimony regarding mass incarceration and its' ramifications and implications. Yet, the burning question which prevails lies as follows: Is the Black/African American Community absorbing/bearing the brunt of the aftermath? More original prose poetry chiseled by Normia is interwoven and embedded within this episode for your aesthetic fancies as always. Thought provoking questions embody: How does the...


Alzheimer's Disease: The Conduit For Rites Of Passage

Please join Normia and Published Author/Poet Roselyn Kachuk for an exclusive/intimate interview pertaining to how Alzheimer's Disease functions as the vehicle for relative rites of passage. Tune in for more effervescent poetry and a profoundly visceral sneak preview of Roselyn's published literary work extracting a five -dimensional scope on the aforementioned topic. For additional information pertaining to Roselyn Kachuk's published literary work, please visit:...


Incognito Disabilities: Scratching Beneath The Surface!

Behold! Dr. Tim Miles of the NC Orange County Disability Awareness Council returns to further enlighten us of masked disabilities. Hence, this episode marks the sequel to the prior episode regarding disabilities and etiquette. Once again, a vast degree of terrain has been canvassed amid our collaborative expedition encompassing recalibration. Hence, the topics incurred have challenged cognitive dissonance pertaining to a plethora of subjects we've embarked upon. Consequently, thought...


Body Image: In The Eye Of The Beholder (Skin Deep) Part II

Beauty and cosmetic surgery have conclusively and drastically evolved over the past decade alone. Hence, (as noted during the initial episode featuring, Master Stylist/Entrepreneuress, Amber Mellon), the status quo/societal norms have reached a newfound precedent, coupled with the implementation of accelerated cosmetic and photographic advancement and mediums. Case in point, makeup and technological imaging have transcended the magical realm and ascended to higher tiers. Thus, "impeccable"...


Disabilities: Interpersonal Etiquette And Politically Correct Protocol!

"And God created mankind in His image" Genesis 1:27. Our featured guest, Dr. Tim Miles of the NC Orange County Disability Awareness Council, joins us to illustrate his scope on the aforementioned topic. As society evolves by virtue of sophisticated technological advances, the rationale for heightened "political correctness" amid interpersonal communication, becomes proportionately paramount. However, this is especially pertinent within the delicate realm encompassing disabilities. Hence,...


Drawing Lines In The Sand: Boundaries/Parameters, Backbones and Equilibriums

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." Malcolm X The evolution/advent of technological mediums and reality television "alone," has induced an uncensored era. Hence, an unplugged, literally and figuratively naked/nude society has emerged in comparison to prior decades. In lieu of modesty and discretion, "no holds barred" cultural norms have taken precedence, thereby shifting to the forefront in a plethora of regards. However, the critical need for personal...


Identity Crises Spawn By The Name Game: Ramifications Of Excess Labels-Academia

"As a man thinketh... So he shall be," according to author James Allen. Are psychological/clinical labels functioning as modern age marks of the "Beast?" Our featured guest and fellow Professional Educator, Mr. Tony Mellon will grace us with his "internal" vantage point on the ramifications of frivolous/excess labeling of minority students in 21st century academia. Thought provoking questions embody: What are some common diagnoses (labels) inflicted upon students? Please expound upon them....


The Industry: Shop Talk (Bosses, Brains, Blushing Beauty and Beyond)!

What lies beneath?Entrepreneuress and Master Stylist, Amber Mellon utters blatant truths regarding entrepreneurship, the evolution of the beauty industry and beyond! Entrepreneurism has risen/skyrocketed within the past decade alone. Moreover, body image, beauty, cosmetic surgery, and other physical enhancements have conclusively, proportionately and drastically evolved. Hence, the status quo and societal norms/ standards have reached a new precedent, coupled with the implementation of...


Women's Genital Health & Hygiene: Facts VS. Fallacies (Thy Body Is Thy Temple)

Ladies (and gentlemen), got questions? Get the resolution! Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, physician, best selling author, publisher and Adjunct Associate Professor (UNC-Chapel Hill), addresses myths and bonafide truths pertaining to women's reproductive health and hygienic practices! It's time to extinguish ambiguity and insanity regarding feminine hygiene and intimacy. Please join Normia and Dr.C. Nicole Swiner during this enlightening episode orchestrated to debunk obsolete grooming protocol...


Oops! Relationship Faux Pas: Five Detrimental Errors Made (Between Couples)!

Veteran Life Coach/Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur, Osazee Thompson returns to unshroud pertinent blunders which wreak havoc upon romantic relationships. It's the utmost opportune and pivotal time of the year to formulate viable restitutions and resolutions! Fasten your seatbelts as Osazee Thompson unearths commonly made errors made among couples which impair sound unions. Thought provoking questions embody: What role do you play in fostering a flourishing relationship? Are you an asset or...


Business 'Cents!' The Sweet Smell Of Success: Nonprofit And For-Profit Mergers

"Special Treats" proprietor, Dan Friedman will address controversy regarding for-profit businesses in partnership with charitable entities (and render the rundown on business basics)! Chocolate Spectrum Chocolatier, Valerie Herksowitz and Highland Chocolates General Manager, Amy Welch are also featured to lend their savvy/credentialed perspective on this niche endeavor. Dan Friedman, Chapel Hill, NC boutique gourmet chocolate retailer dissolves discrepancies pertaining to business...


Prophecy Fulfilled? Are You There Yet? Have You Arrived At Your Destination?

Wake up everyone! Your life is calling. Has your mission been successfully accomplished, or have you reached a stalemate/impasse? The book of life yields a myriad of options/pathways, likened to branches of a skyscraping tree. Hence, we're all bestowed with the titanium treasure of "choice," yet are we executing/exercising such appropriately to manifest greatness? Please join Normia and credentialed Minister and Certified Life Coach, Educator/Motivational Speaker, Osazee Thompson as they...


"Self-Preservation: Reclaiming Your Flame Amid The Holiday Frenzy!"

It's time to rehydrate and 'In-ner-gize' courtesy of facilitator, coach, speaker and author/expert , Michelle Porchia! The cessation of the calendar year/threshold of the encroaching New Year yields a gamut of bliss, lightheartedness and lionheartedness/generosity. Humanitarianism piques amid a gamut of charity activities; merchants burst at the seams due to heightened shopping activity; expenditures escalate; and holiday events/festivities devour fourth quarter in its' entirety to name a...


Empowered Lady-Preneurs: Competition VS. Inspiration (Catfights/Collaborations)

Friends or Foes? Allies or arch enemies? Can sisterhood and camaraderie be sustained within and beyond professional parameters? Affirmative! It's time to bury the hatchet ladies! Women individually and collectively withhold a myriad of gifts, rewards and assets. Hence, one woman's feats/talents compensates and compliments another female's shortcomings/deficiencies. Yet, rather than functioning interdependently, competition and divisiveness creates discord/tension among the feminine gender....


"The Fifth Degree: Exploring The Five Languages Of Love!"

Foster love not war this sentimental season! Intuitive Strategist/Expert Kristen Belisle and Normia torched the mic during our latter controversial episode. Marriage served as the forefront of the session. Please join the Cupid Coach (Psychic Life and Love Coach/Spirit Radio Host) Tahsha Renee and Normia for an engaging/avant garde episode encompassing the five love languages. The sentimental journey begins this effervescent session. What do they entail? How can such yield a cohesive,...


"Perspectives: Till Death Do Us Part Or Until The Demise Of The Marriage?"

To hold or fold? That is the question. Please join intuitive mindset strategist, energy healer and multidimensional channel, Kristen Belisle and Normia as they embark upon the aforementioned topic. The constitution of marriage has unquestionably evolved in a gamut of facets. Hence, coupled with diversified marital categories encompassing: civil, common law, covenant, arranged, love, polygamous, monogamous and most recently same sex to name a few, further complexities have become...