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RC 009: Stewart Michaelson from Join the Nation Network

Stewart Michaelson is the founder of Join the Nation Network, and is a sobriety advocate, motivational speaker, and coach. Having spent the better part of a decade in public life, Stewart understands from a political perspective the issue of mental health and the illness. What started out in his youth as a simple nights of drinking with the boys on weekends, led to drinking and driving, a criminal record, abusive behaviour and a broken family. Stewart became a full on alcoholic! After a...


RC 008: Amy Dresner, Author of "My Fair Junkie"

Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic, having appeared at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv. Since 2012, she has been a contributing editor of the online addiction and recovery magazine She’s also written for several other publications including,, the Good Men Project, The Frisky, Refinery 29, among others... "MY FAIR JUNKIE: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean" is Amy’s first book, and is a darkly funny...


RC 007: Lara Ann Frazier, Writer & Recovery Advocate

Lara Frazier is well-known in the digital recovery space as a speaker and truth-teller, a sobriety warrior, an innovator, and a writer. She is a fierce believer in the power of owning our stories and is a strong advocate for addiction recovery. Lara shares a story of healing: in sobriety, through addiction, in life and love, and in all the other big, huge moments of fear and magic that we rarely talk about, but we should. Lara received her MBA in Marketing & Global Business from Pepperdine...


RC 006: Wesley Geer from Rock to Recovery

Wesley Geer has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He first found success as the founding member of Jive Records artist Hed P.E. as a guitarist, songwriter and producer. After touring the world for eight years, Wes left the band for a lifestyle change and ultimately landed in rehab. Then in 2010, at almost three years sober, he was approached to play with the legendary band Korn. He joined Korn and worked with them as their touring guitarist for the next several years, traveling...


RC 005: Kevin Polky from Shatter Our Silence

Kevin Polky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified School Social Worker, executive coach, former football and strength coach and personal trainer. Kevin has worked with individuals, families, and organizations in areas of Illinois and Wisconsin. Kevin also facilitates men’s groups, conducts workshops and seminars, and serves as a consultant to businesses, schools, and churches. In 2016, Kevin founded Shatter Our Silence a non-for-profit company...


RC 004: Tawny Lara from SobrieTEA Party

Tawny M. Lara is an entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker. She’s the founder of SobrieTea Party and Readings on Recovery, co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast, and an award-winning filmmaker of her recovery documentary, "Fixed Up." When she’s not working on all of the things, she’s doing yoga or eating tacos - sometimes simultaneously. Join Tom as he and Tawny dig into her personal recovery journey from a self-professed "party girl" to one of today's most prominent and prolific voices in the...


RC 003: Kristin Casey, Author of "Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh"

Join Tom for an in depth conversation with author, Kristin Casey. Kristin is a recovered alcoholic and addict who’s rigorously inventoried her every resentment and relinquished ninety percent of them. She’s survived clinical depression, numerous addictions, the panhandle of Texas, and seventeen years of Catholicism. Her first book, "Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh," documents a tumultuous six-year relationship with rock legend and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, their drug-fueled...


RC 002: Austin Cooper from Sober Evolution

Austin F. Cooper is the founder of the excellent Sober-Evolution recovery community. Austin is a life coach, with a great message, and passion to help others that's contagious. Connect with Austin Cooper: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: | | Official Facebook Page: Instagram:...


RC 001: Recovery Collective Introduction & Overview

The debut Recovery_Collective Radio episode 001 on the Tan Talk Radio Network airing in the Clearwater/Tampa, FL area. Host Tom Leu talks about his vision for the show and why he's doing it. Tom also shares about his background and journey through recovery from alcohol. Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: | | Official Facebook Page: Instagram: (@recovery_collective)...