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RetireeRebels is a weekly podcast that inspires and supports retirees to move beyond the limitations of past ageist stereotypes, to aspire and achieve new goals by reinvention.

RetireeRebels is a weekly podcast that inspires and supports retirees to move beyond the limitations of past ageist stereotypes, to aspire and achieve new goals by reinvention.
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RetireeRebels is a weekly podcast that inspires and supports retirees to move beyond the limitations of past ageist stereotypes, to aspire and achieve new goals by reinvention.






The Call to Elderhood



Ageism: Its Effect on Older Adults’ Health and What We Can All Do About It

Then take a deeper dive into the corrosive effects of ageism with Betsy Abramson, Executive director of the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. Betsy sees ageism as a full-fledged health crisis, and has the research to back that claim. And she has solutions, ways you can fight back against stereotypical comments and behaviors.


The Role of Intimacy for Healthy Aging

Talk by Michael Lee Smith, a featured speaker at the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit presented by the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. Michael holds the view that sexually active “olders” are healthier and happier. But adds, that doesn’t necessarily mean sex, that intimacy is the real key. Lee Smith shares stories of his early research days at the Kinsey Institute, his grandmother's “new man,” and ways to reframe and redefine a healthy sexuality as we age.


2018 Healthy Aging Summit: Emerging Interventions in Healthy Aging.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the programs Carol talked about, listen to this panel discussion from the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit: Emerging Interventions in Healthy Aging.


What the Scary Statistics Don't Tell You

Lions and Tigers and Bears! The statistics on seniors’ health issues are frightening! In the US, it’s estimated that every second of every day an older adult falls, leading to disability and even death. BUT the numbers aren’t the whole story. In fact, there’s good news to share, new strategies that will help us stay upright and healthier as we age.


Chronic Pain

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Life is a Daring Adventure and I'm Not Done Yet!

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” These words from Winnie the Pooh came to me as I considered how I should say goodbye to you. I will be leaving Retiree Rebels and concentrating on my life as a coach and speaker and workshop presenter. My passions of being a life coach, a midwife for midlife and beyond, or speaking on living life as daring adventure and setting up my dream camp retreats will fill my future days. Would love to hear from you at...


Practicing What We Preach

Practicing What We Preach Over the last 2 years, Mary Helen and Carol have talked a lot about following your dreams, your curiosity and your ambitions. Time for us to follow our own advice. So, for the next 6 months will be on hiatus, while Carol collects suggestions and ideas from you for the next reincarnation of the website.


Military Memories: Veterans & Retirement

Retirement can be an especially difficult life change for those who have served in the military. Of the 22 veterans per day who commit suicide, most are over age 55. After retiring, “the lid can come off” a veteran's memories, according to Navy Master Chief Dennis Behr (Ret.). Denny sat down with Mary Helen and Carol to talk about issues specific to retiring veterans, and what vets and their families can do to help ease the transition.


A Future Without Senior Centers

That’s the dream of one senior center director. Paula Schutt envisions a day when today’s senior centers are transformed into intergenerational community centers, attractive to everyone who wants to learn and exercise and make new friends. Paula Schutt of Beloit, WI sat down at the Kitchen Table with Mary Helen and Carol to talk about how many senior centers are already making that transition, and looking to new retirees to change the stereotype and status quo of centers everywhere.


Look what can happen when you say 'yes'!

Look What Can Happen! We may think we know what retirement is like, but the strangest things can happen! Like when two women sit down for coffee and a new idea starts to percolate. Two years ago --after that cup of coffee-- Mary Helen and Carol started the Retiree Rebels podcast, and offer their own story as an example of the wonderful things that can happen when you let the magic in.


How did I get here? And I'm not done yet!

How did I get here? Mary Helen answers that question as the Retiree Rebels celebrate their second anniversary. Looking back she reviews how she ended up being a podcaster. She offers tips on how you too can review your past to discover what your future may hold in your retirement days.You just might discover that you're not done yet either.


How in the World Did I End Up Here?

The milestones in our lives —such as anniversaries-- are great times to reflect on "How In The World Did I End Up Here?” After marking 2 years of producing podcasts, Carol Larson looks back at the revelations in her life and retirement that helped bring about the birth of


Advice for the Newly Retired: 10 Things 'Thank Goodness somebody told me!"'

On her last day at work, and the last show of her career as Wisconsin Public Radio's morning show host, Joy Cardin asked the Retiree Rebels to share advice for her new life as a retiree. On this podcast, Mary Helen and Carol talk Joy through the top ten things all new retirees should know when entering this new and unscripted phase of life. A thank you to Wisconsin Public Radio, © Copyright 2017, Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin Educational...


Happy Retirement

The tables were turned and Mary Helen was interviewed on the Insights with Dick Goldberg podcast. Having enough money and good health is not a guarantee for a happy retirement. A life of meaning, fulfillment and connection must also be achieved. Mary Helen shares her 15 tips from "No More Alarm Clocks" to "Leaving a Legacy". She shares tips beyond health and money to live a wonderful, meaningful and happy retirement to become a true Retiree Rebel.


The Courage We Need - Step by Step

THE COURAGE WE NEED - Step by Step Life can throw us some real curveballs, and that doesn’t change with retirement. In fact, growing older often throws us tough situations that require a lot of courage. In this week’s podcast, Mary Helen and Carol discuss how age and retirement require courage to move forward, adapting to change, loss and rebellious aims.


The Big Leap: That First Year of Retirement

The Big Leap New retirees have high expectations. Free from work and the daily grind, many believe life will immediately be wonderful! But often, it’s not. In today’s podcast, Carol talks about how those high expectations can sometimes clash with the reality of this huge life transition.


Ageism and Health: What do you believe?

What Do You Believe? Scientists love to measure things, and lately they’ve been researching how much ageist stereotypes affect our health. The answer is “a lot.” In this podcast, Carol Larson reflects on a few of the latest studies about how our attitudes toward age can determine the length and quality of our lives.