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Breaking the Self-Sabotage Pattern

This week I'm chatting with women's empowerment coach, certified personal trainer specializing in behavioral change, and best selling author Christa Pepper. We're diving into the topic of self-sabotage, touching upon the why behind why we do this, what self-sabotage can look like in your life, and actionable steps for breaking free from this type of behavior pattern. You can connect with Christa at


Why Personal Development Might Not Feel So Good

Today I'm talking about the dark side of personal development that tends to get overlooked. We tend to see the highlight reel of everyone's personal development journey or the end result, but nobody talks about the real work, the deep work, the uncomfortable side of personal development. Join me as I talk about why personal development might not feel so good, why that's perfectly normal, and how to work through it.


The Feng Shui-Confidence Connection

On today's episode, I'm chatting with Feng Shui expert Krystal Holm from A Designed Life. Krystal has studied both interior design and the art of Feng Shui and has successfully married the two to create powerful shifts in the life of her clients. We're diving into an overview of Feng Shui and how it connects directly to our mindset, energy levels, and even our confidence. You can find and connect with Krystal at: Facebook: Instagram:...


Reprogramming Your Inner Dialogue

Your brain is like a hard drive, and negative thoughts and self-talk are like a virus. If we fill our minds with constant words of negativity and doubt, just like a virus, we’re going to corrupt our brains and not function adequately. In this episode, I'm giving you five strategies you can put in place immediately to help you start reprogramming your inner dialogue; replacing negative thoughts with words of love and gratitude.


Who's in Charge? You or Outside Expectations

In this quick Friday five episode, I'm giving you five questions to ask yourself that will help you identify whether or not you're living true to yourself or by the expectation of others. Living in alignment means living true to our core values, core desired feelings and being able to set boundaries and say no without guilt. When we live by the expectation of others, we start to move out of alignment. Listen in and ask yourself these five questions!


Letting Go of Your Alpha Female Persona

As strong women, we tend to lose ourselves in our alpha female persona. Unfortunately, what happens when we only feed our masculine energy and neglect our feminine energy we end up feeling out of alignment and succumb to exhaustion and overwhelm. In today's episode, I'll break down six strategies for releasing your alpha female persona and create a more balanced lifestyle. As a bonus with this episode, you can download my Affirmations for Strong Women.


Take Off the Masks and Step Into Your True Self

After years of wearing all the different name badges: mom, wife, mother, friend, we tend to lose ourselves. We push our needs to the back burner and before you know it, we've completely lost touch with who we are. On top of that, it's easy to fall into the trap of living for outside expectations, rather than what we truly want. Today's conversations will dive into how we can begin to take off the masks and start rediscovering ourselves once again and begin to live more authentically.


Make Friends with your Fear

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Tough words to swallow, right? Join me as I dive into why you need to link arms and make friends with your fear to fully live the life you want.


Rock Your Happy - Sneak Peek Into What's Coming

In this sneak peek, pre-launch episode I'm sharing with you a little back story about the podcast and what you can expect!