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People’s Opinions. Zimbabwean Dollar 2.0 – Samotivation Podcast Episode 7

We all know what people’s opinions are, but what the heck is a Zimbabwean Dollar? Let me explain. The Zimbabwean Dollar is a currency used in Zimbabwe (Mind-blowing, I know!) up until 2009, when hyperinflation caused the currency to lose value so much, that it reached denominations of up to $100 trillion (that’s 100 with 12 zeros! I just learned that!) banknotes. At the time that same $100 trillion banknote was worth just USD 0.40, which made the Zimbabwean dollar one of the lowest valued...


Analysis leads to Paralysis! – Samotivation Podcast Episode 6

How many times have you come up with the perfect plan to do something and then end up doing nothing at all because you feel paralyzed? I have done this many times. *Sam Smith in the background* And I am sure that I am not the onlyyy oneeee! Okay, bad joke. Nevermind, moving on. Let’s take an example. You want to lose 5 kgs, so you decide to create a plan to follow: You hit up Uncle Google (that’s what we call Google in Bulgaria hahaha). Search: “Weight loss plans” and you get millions of...


Guess who’s back? Samotivation’s back! Tell a friend. Samotivation Podcast Episode 5.

Sami, why didn't you release any new episodes!?? Because I needed some time to rethink Samotivation and what direction I want to take it in (and also because I've been traveling all over the place and carrying a half kilo mic is not the smartest thing to do!) But now... I am back.. STRONGER and BETTER than ever! If you want to improve the quality of your life, staying committed is key. That's something that I have not been doing lately. This is why I have decided to release an unedited,...


Love, Sex and Relationships: The “Secret” behind it all! – Exclusive Interview with Dating Coach and Human Dynamics Expert Harvey Hooke – Episode 4

Friendzoned. Heartbroken. Rejected. Hurt. I lived a great part of my life like that. Stuck in a series of unfulfilling relationships, where I was not given the love and understanding that I wanted. Chasing after girls. And getting nothing out of it. Basing my fragile confidence and attractiveness based on the results of those meaningless pursuits. At the time, I did not understand the art of attracting women because I was too busy chasing them. And when I got rejected or hurt: I blamed...


How a “Liability” Became an “Asset” – Mohamed Al Balushi – SP003-Samotivation Podcast Episode 3

For the very first time, I did a LIVE Samotivation Video Podcast on Instagram with my dear friend, Mohamed Al Balushi! Mohamed was judged and mocked for being 132kg and overweight at the gym. He failed 5 courses and was told that he was a "LIABILITY to the image of the Petroleum Engineering program" at Texas A&M University at Qatar. All the odds were against him. Yet, he proved everyone wrong. He lost 56kg and is now at a healthy weight of 76kgs, fit, healthy, successful and ambitious and...


“Your comfort zone has been lying to you your entire life!” Exclusive Interview with Karate Master Iain Abernethy – Episode 2

The land of unlimited opportunity is not a country or geographical region. The land of unlimited opportunity does not require a visa. The land of unlimited opportunity does not need a plane ticket. AND. It is much closer than you think. The question is... Do YOU have what it takes to get there? Today's guest on the show, Karate Master and Author of Mental Strength: Condition Your Mind, Achieve Your Goals, Sensei Iain Abernethy (the BIG BUFF Scottish dude with the charming smile on the top...


New Year. New Beginnings. – Episode 1 – SP001

2018 has just begun! And if you are like everyone else, you are busy away making a long list of New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. But we both know that THIS YEAR (just like every other year) you will not keep the promises you made to yourself. THIS New Year’s, you will look at your list from last year and realize that the ONLY thing you actually succeeded in is making a long list of promises that you did not keep... to YOURSELF. A depressing and pessimistic picture. Isn’t it? But...