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Metamorphosis – New Year, New Beginnings: The Sequel – SPE17

Today we are talking about New Year’s resolutions and how to make this 2019 a very kick-ass one. But first. Compassion. The one thing that makes us human. The ability to show compassion for other people. The ability to treat others kindly is what defines us as people. Treat yourself and others kindly as you are making positive changes in your life. Everyone is going through some kind of battle that we might not be able to see because we are too preoccupied with our own battles. Remember....


DaVinci slept only 2 hours a day!? Can I do that too!? – Samotivation Podcast Episode 16

*YAWNS!* Merry Christmas and happy holidays wherever you are listening to this podcast from! Waddup, Samotination! How YOU doin’!? This is the Samotivation go-to-bed-better-than-you-woke-up podcast! and.. as you can tell from my sleepy energy-less start to this post, today's episode is about sleeeeeeppppp and we have a medical expert on, who will walk us through, how you can get better sleep, feel better rested and fresh in the morning (as opposed to groggy, unrested and in potato mode)....


Why Excuses are BS! (and why I should stop making this podcast!) – Samotivation Podcast Episode 15

PLEASE DON'T CRY! I'm obviously not going to stop making this podcast. Wipe away those tears :P WADDUP Samotination!? THIS is the Samotivation go-to-bed-better-than-you-woke-up podcast with your host Sami Wehbe! Today’s podcast is about excuses. Why I shouldn’t do this. Why I shouldn’t do that. And all the reasons that you will fail doing something you KNOW you should be doing. This is episode we will take a look at the many excuses that you have so you can realize just what utter BS they...


Dude Gets Scam Call and Decides to Waste His Time and the Scammer’s – Samotivation Podcast Episode 14

Waddup Samotination!? How YOU doin’!? As promised, to make up for the podcast episode that I missed the week before, here is an exclusive podcast episode for you of an Indian phone scammer trying to pull a fast one on me.. little did he know that in the end, I pulled a fast one on him. Just for context, Jack Johnson is a popular singer, actor and surfer. He has a really catchy song called “You and Your Heart”, make sure you listen to it before you listen to this podcast. BTW! If the audio is...


What 36 Hours in India Taught Me – Samotivation Podcast Episode 13

Waddup Samoti-nation!? Let’s start off with the most amazing thing ever about India? What can that be? Bollywood movies, Shahrukh Khan, dancing, girls, the Taj Mahal (that I didn’t get to see), the fact that so many of the CEO of the world’s biggest and most successful companies are Indian: Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, Harman. While all of those things are amazing, my favorite thing in India was….. THE FOOD! The butter chicken and the garlic naan, roti, chappati (and basically every...


Why Your Network Determines Your Net-worth (and your life worth!) – Samotivation Podcast Episode 12

Waddup Samotination (my own term for everyone that forms the Samotivation family, my fans and listeners!) Grant Cardone says that “Your network determines your net-worth”, which basically means that the people that you choose to surround yourself with will determine whether you are the prince or the pauper in all senses of those words. The prince and the pauper analogy goes far beyond financial capabilities and the stacks (or slacks *lack of stacks*) of cash that you have in your wallet/bank...


Bullying. LIVE Podcast Episode with Mohamed Al Balushi. Full Video on ! – Samotivation Podcast Episode 11

Bullying is a very important topic and one we believe should be addressed more. In this LIVE video podcast, we talked about our experiences with bullying in school, why bullies bully others, how to respond to a bully and mental health and wellbeing as a whole. Enjoy! You can listen to the audio podcast or see the LIVE video for yourself today. Part 1 and 2 below! Part 1: Part 2:


Why the TGIF Mentality (THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY) Keeps You Average and Gives You Diarrhea! – Samotivation Podcast Episode 10

Thank God it’s Friday! OMG weekend. FRIYAY! TGIF!! Let’s add other acronym to the above. STFU PLS. BS. WHAT BS! Allow us to take an empirical approach to breaking down the TGIF mentality. Ready for an experiment? Did you put your protective goggles and gloves on? This could be some highly explosive and flammable stuff we are dealing with right now! We might have to apply water to the burned area here. I hate 3/4 of my life! Let’s assume you work from Monday to Friday and get two days off....


What a month of Karate has taught me – Samotivation Podcast Episode 9

- “Come on, Sami! GET UP! ONE MORE!!! DON’T QUIT!” - says Sami’s Karate Sensei as Sami lies on the ground hyperventilating. - “You can’t do it. You’ll never make it. Give up already. You are not as good as the others anyway. You are just a white belt noob. Who do you think you’re kidding, man?” - uninvited, Sami’s brain replies. - “STFU! YES I CAN! WATCH ME! GET OUT OF MY WAY, BRAIN!” - Sami’s body feels like it’s going to give out soon and yet somehow manages to pull through and do the...


Hustle Like a Refugee (Inspired by Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt) – Samotivation Podcast Episode 8

Immigrants are 3 times more likely to become millionaires than Americans are. Facts. That’s just one of the things that I learned from Grant Cardone’s ‘Hustle Like an Immigrant’ episode (below). Grant says that immigrants are 3 times more likely to become millionaires than Americans are? I will go farther than that and say that: Refugees are 6 time more likely to become millionaires than the people whose countries they flee to, running from war, bloodshed, starvation, and poverty. That’s...

People’s Opinions. Zimbabwean Dollar 2.0 – Samotivation Podcast Episode 7

We all know what people’s opinions are, but what the heck is a Zimbabwean Dollar? Let me explain. The Zimbabwean Dollar is a currency used in Zimbabwe (Mind-blowing, I know!) up until 2009, when hyperinflation caused the currency to lose value so much, that it reached denominations of up to $100 trillion (that’s 100 with 12 zeros! I just learned that!) banknotes. At the time that same $100 trillion banknote was worth just USD 0.40, which made the Zimbabwean dollar one of the lowest valued...


Analysis leads to Paralysis! – Samotivation Podcast Episode 6

How many times have you come up with the perfect plan to do something and then end up doing nothing at all because you feel paralyzed? I have done this many times. *Sam Smith in the background* And I am sure that I am not the onlyyy oneeee! Okay, bad joke. Nevermind, moving on. Let’s take an example. You want to lose 5 kgs, so you decide to create a plan to follow: You hit up Uncle Google (that’s what we call Google in Bulgaria hahaha). Search: “Weight loss plans” and you get millions of...


Guess who’s back? Samotivation’s back! Tell a friend. Samotivation Podcast Episode 5.

Sami, why didn't you release any new episodes!?? Because I needed some time to rethink Samotivation and what direction I want to take it in (and also because I've been traveling all over the place and carrying a half kilo mic is not the smartest thing to do!) But now... I am back.. STRONGER and BETTER than ever! If you want to improve the quality of your life, staying committed is key. That's something that I have not been doing lately. This is why I have decided to release an unedited,...


Love, Sex and Relationships: The “Secret” behind it all! – Exclusive Interview with Dating Coach and Human Dynamics Expert Harvey Hooke – Episode 4

Friendzoned. Heartbroken. Rejected. Hurt. I lived a great part of my life like that. Stuck in a series of unfulfilling relationships, where I was not given the love and understanding that I wanted. Chasing after girls. And getting nothing out of it. Basing my fragile confidence and attractiveness based on the results of those meaningless pursuits. At the time, I did not understand the art of attracting women because I was too busy chasing them. And when I got rejected or hurt: I blamed...


How a “Liability” Became an “Asset” – Mohamed Al Balushi – SP003-Samotivation Podcast Episode 3

For the very first time, I did a LIVE Samotivation Video Podcast on Instagram with my dear friend, Mohamed Al Balushi! Mohamed was judged and mocked for being 132kg and overweight at the gym. He failed 5 courses and was told that he was a "LIABILITY to the image of the Petroleum Engineering program" at Texas A&M University at Qatar. All the odds were against him. Yet, he proved everyone wrong. He lost 56kg and is now at a healthy weight of 76kgs, fit, healthy, successful and ambitious and...


“Your comfort zone has been lying to you your entire life!” Exclusive Interview with Karate Master Iain Abernethy – Episode 2

The land of unlimited opportunity is not a country or geographical region. The land of unlimited opportunity does not require a visa. The land of unlimited opportunity does not need a plane ticket. AND. It is much closer than you think. The question is... Do YOU have what it takes to get there? Today's guest on the show, Karate Master and Author of Mental Strength: Condition Your Mind, Achieve Your Goals, Sensei Iain Abernethy (the BIG BUFF Scottish dude with the charming smile on the top...


New Year. New Beginnings. – Episode 1 – SP001

2018 has just begun! And if you are like everyone else, you are busy away making a long list of New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. But we both know that THIS YEAR (just like every other year) you will not keep the promises you made to yourself. THIS New Year’s, you will look at your list from last year and realize that the ONLY thing you actually succeeded in is making a long list of promises that you did not keep... to YOURSELF. A depressing and pessimistic picture. Isn’t it? But...