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Secret to My Success is a short interview-style podcast that asks our guests what trait, skill or characteristic they possess that has made them a success, hosted by journalist Shelby Skrhak.

Secret to My Success is a short interview-style podcast that asks our guests what trait, skill or characteristic they possess that has made them a success, hosted by journalist Shelby Skrhak.
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Secret to My Success is a short interview-style podcast that asks our guests what trait, skill or characteristic they possess that has made them a success, hosted by journalist Shelby Skrhak.






Ep. 15 The Power of Neutral Thinking

You've probably heard of the 1950's classic self-help book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, but Dr. Lindsey Mitchell, founder of Houston-based The Pave Group says a different take on the classic is a better fit for today’s top athletes and performers. In this episode, we discuss the concept of neutral thinking or fact-based thinking to frame both high-stress and everyday situations.


Ep. 14 How to Get 1% Better Every Day with 'Atomic Habits'

Want to change your behavior? Change your habits. Sure, that's good advice, but how do you change your habits? One percent at a time. On this episode of the Secret to My Success, I talk to best-selling author James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. He'll share the four elements of habits, the four steps of behavior change, and why peer pressure can be good—it just depends on your peers.


How to Deal with a Toxic Workplace

If you suffer from the Sunday Scaries, psychology Karlyn Borysenko has some strategies to help you cope. In this episode, we discuss her new book Zen Your Work: Create Your Ideal Work Experience Through Mindful Self-Mastery, which explores solutions for dealing with difficult workplaces, be it a bad boss or difficult co-worker. But here’s the catch— to zen your workplace, you have to be able to admit your role in all of this. Borysenko calls this mindful self-mastery, and it's essential to...


Ep. 12 Tell Your Story to Sell Your Story with the Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly

On this week's episode we sit down with Donald Kelly, "The Sales Evangelist," but there's no preaching here. Kelly gives practical advice for anyone who doesn't consider themselves a salesperson and shares the techniques that the experts use.


Ep. 11 Make People Feel First Class with Southwest's VP of Culture

When you think of Southwest Airlines, you think about the wacky antics of its flight attendants or the fun they exude as a culture. On the show today, we’re talking to one of the women largely responsible for that world-class culture at Southwest, Ginger Hardage former Southwest Airlines SVP of Culture and Communications. Ginger’s secret to success— the ability to build up people, recognize their strengths and build a culture from it.


Ep. 10 The 7 Warning Signs You've Become Irrelevant

It's not just brands that have to stay relevant. We do, too. Allen Adamson, author of Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast Changing World, has studied both the successful shifts that companies make to stay relevant and the severe inertia that infects companies who don’t. In his extensive research and numerous interviews with company executives, he’s found that the Secret to Success for staying not only afloat, but staying relevant, is shifting ahead of these seven red...


Ep. 9 How to Harness Hidden Power in Your Language

What fascinates me about consultants is their ability to assess a situation quickly, think critically about solutions and communicate that back to the ones that hired him or her. They're masters of communication, so on today's episode, we take a crash course in linguistics with UTD adjunct professor and author Jeff Kavanaugh. He shares how to garner a crowd's attention and speak with authority with the use of these specific communication techniques.


Ep. 8 What the Most Successful People Do Off the Clock

Laura Vanderkam can tell you what she was doing at 10 a.m. April 8th, 2016, June 13, or any other exact date in the past few years. She doesn’t have a Rain Man memory or anything, she simply tracks her time every day. Diligently tracking her time, she learned how much time there really is in the 168 hours of a week. In this episode, we talk about Laura’s secret to success, which is understanding where her time goes and being diligently mindful about making the best use of her time--and that...


Ep. 7 How to Feel Your Feelings

If you are willing to feel everything, you can do anything. Think about that sentence for a minute because most of us are guilty of not feeling. Not even most of us, I’ll say it: I am guilty of not wanting to feel sometimes because feeling everything is uncomfortable. But bestselling author Peter Bregman says discomfort is exactly what keeps us from acting powerfully in our lives. In this episode, Bregman will share how to speak up when others remain silent, how to deal with others’ anger or...


Ep. 6 How Hollis Carter Vets Partners on Their 'Give a Sh*t Factor'

When hiring new employees, I'd always look for an undefinable quality in people that demonstrated their willingness to learn and their comprehension to take things to the next level. I'd call it "someone who just gets it," but serial entrepreneur Hollis Carter has a better name for it. It's the "give a shit factor." He's the founder of an underground social club, of sorts. Members are strictly vetted, must pass an interview and once you’re a member, there’s a firm rule: No pitching. The...


Ep. 5 How Amy Morin's Viral Blog Post Borne of Tragedy Became a Full-Time Income

Amy Morin is the best-selling author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, but 13 things isn’t just a clever headline for Amy. It was a mental mantra when she was grieving for the third time in her life before she was 30. We talk about her secret to success, which is resilience after tragedy and how she took a series of life-changing events and not only survived but thrived afterward.


Ep. 4 Lingerie Mogul Rhonda Shear's Tips for Confidence

Lingerie-clad comedian and bra entrepreneur Rhonda Shear shares her most colorful stories and her surprising tips for confidence from her new book, Up All Night: From Hollywood Bombshell to Lingerie Mogul.


Ep. 3 Why Type R People Are More Successful Than Type A

Type A personalities are unyielding, impatient and highly competitive. Type B personalities are flexible, patient and laid-back. Author Stephanie Marston says there’s another type of personality—Type R. Host Shelby Skrhak explores this resilient personality type and why they're suited for success. Shownotes at


Ep. 2 How This App Can Boost Your Creativity

The next time you find yourself stuck, stressed or straining for creativity, try this creative visualization app once used for the blind to help de-stress and jump-start your imagination. In this episode, Shelby Skrhak interviews David Tobin, creator of Audiojack, a fascinating audio-based experience with no words, no music and no video. Tobin discusses the role of sound design, which is helping people manage their stress and spur their creativity.


Ep. 1 Superconnector Scott Gerber on Making Great Connections

What's the difference between a networker and a connector? Entrepreneur and author Scott Gerber shares the secret to connecting well with people and learning to hone that skill on this premiere episode of the Secret to My Success with host Shelby Skrhak.


Ep. 0 Welcome to My Brave New World

In this introduction to host Shelby Skrhak and producer Mariana Lenox, the pair discuss what life-changing event brought them to launching this podcast. Shelby shares what you can expect from this biweekly show and how to get involved.