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Back to the Future

Dr Zey returns with hot job prospects for 2019, the impact of smartphones and how our privacy is threatened. A fascinating look at social trends. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Guns Drugs or Wealth?

One of the books that gripped me the most over the years I've been interviewing authors has to be JT McCormick's book, "I Got There." (Episode 43.) His story is gritty and raw; his rise to prosperity - noteworthy. JT is the CEO of Scribe Media (formerly Book in a Box,) and when I reached out to see if they had authors that would fit our "Mind-Changing Radio" format, I was introduced to Jerry Ford. Like JT's, Jerry's story is a series of twists and turns, serendipitous moments and offers...


Radiant Relief

Suffer from chronic pain? Author Brendon Lundberg reveals the surprising scientific discoveries behind pain relief involving simple brain hacks and rewiring the way the nervous system processes pain in the brain. Learn: - Brain hacks to overcoming pain - The first steps a pain sufferer can take right now to alleviate suffering - How chronic pain is like credit card debt with a cause-and-effect correlation - Why conventional medical care and alternative medicine are failing when it comes...


Millionaire Business Mindset

When's the right time to sell a successful business? How do you capture the right mindset? Business Millionaire Mitch Durfee talks about how sometimes letting go of success can make way for greater opportunities to find you.This is the follow-up to his first book, Serve2Win, (Episode 34.) Dr. Wayne Dyer "I Am That, I Am" Meditation here: You can learn more about Mitch, his coaching...


Business Millionaire Mindset

When's the right time to sell a successful business? How do you capture the right mindset? Business Millionaire Mitch Durfee talks about how sometimes letting go of success can bring greater gains to your life.


Mind to Matter

Can we REALLY turn thoughts into things? Dr. Dawson Church talks about the astonishing science of how your brain creates reality. Learn 30 practices you can start today to transform your life forever. We've had Dr. Dawson on (Episode 30) talking about Tapping for Peace of Mind with EFT, but his latest book, "Mind to Matter" blows the lid off on fascinating scientific studies backing up the centuries-old wisdom of the Mystics. In this episode, we explore: - Can healing be learned? - Can an...



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The Plant Paradox

Could eating fruit actually be killing you? Best-selling author, Dr. Steven Gundry shares how certain fruits and vegetables should be avoided and why in this fascinating episode on smart foods and what to put on the table Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Playgrounds for All

Ever felt left out at the playground? For children in a wheelchair, playgrounds can leave even the most resilient child feeling left out. Julia Wayne is a special educator and Founder of Oakledge for All - a playground focused on playground equipment that's inclusive to all. Hear how she worked with Nina Safavi of Burlington Parks, Rec & Waterfront to create Oakledge for All - a unique playground for all children. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Play & Prosper

Does making money mean misery? Rebecca Brown is a Certified Professional Coach, Money Coach & Laughter Yoga Teacher on a mission to bridge the worlds of play, purpose and prosperity. Facing 40 gave Rebecca the push into her coaching part of her life. She breaks out the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy and how they come together to teach people how to play and prosper. Based in Reno, NV, Rebecca talks about different tools to help you tap into your inner vision and mission...


Live Trader Mindset

How do you play the market without losing your shirt? Anmol Singh launched LiveTraders in 2015 which is now voted the #1 Trading Education firm for 3 consecutive years. Anmol's a leading expert in the Trading Psychology space and has trained over 1,000 traders and investors, some of whom have gone on to manage their own Hedge funds. Anmol has a very down-to-earth, practical nature that comes through in this episode. He candidly shares trading $10k he borrowed from his father and promptly...


The Discipline of NOW

Overcoming procrastination is in Eric Twiggs' wheelhouse. As an NLP practitioner, Eric has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions with executives and entrepreneurs. Learn the REAL cost of procrastination and steps to help you move past your own roadblocks toward success. Learn practical principles to maxiumize your time, minimize your stress and break the procrastination habit. Eric has excellent resources on his blog, You can also purchase his book, "The Discipline...


Boss Talk

What Great Bosses NEVER Say - Founder and Podcaster of TalentGrow, Halelly Azulay, shares the 10 conversations every great leader should have and how to hold onto rockstar employees on a shoestring budget. Halelly also shares how great leaders handle frustrations like loss of motivation, loss of integrity and how to deal with changes at the top. If you're a Myers-Briggs fan and don't possess the sacred Thinking/Judging acronyms? Take heart. Halelly assures that "every kind of person can be...


Ease from Dis-Ease

Are vaccines necessary? My next guest, Dr. Heather Rice, talks about her part in the documentary, "The Truth About Vaccines," along with her quest for health and wellbeing. Dr. Rice made me look at everything from the way I traditionally look at illness as something to destroy or conquer to instead, ADDING health - that is a very new concept for me. You can hear me playing with it part-way through this interview. She also talk about healthy eating - the statistic of 1 in 2 kids facing...


Written in the Stars

Is there more to right time, right place? Master NLP Hypnotherapist and respected Astrologer, Gretchen Hidell, discusses the taboo of astrology in the workplace, obsession vs passion and the surprising places astrology has been utilized. If you're having one of those "Murphy Law" moments, take comfort in knowing what to do during a "Mercury Retrograde" stretch. We also talk about multi-passionate people and when a passion changes to obsession and how to see the warning signs. Gretchen's...


Rich State of Mind

Is financial instability a symptom of something far deeper? Barbara Huson, the daughter of the R in H&R Block, is a best-selling author and a beacon for financial savvy for women. We talk about what inspired her to change her name from Barbara Stanny to Huson, and some of her "aha" moments in interviewing 6-7 and 8-figure women. I've known Barbara for a few years and her story's incredible - she came back from a $1 MILLION tax bill and teaches other women how to calm their own financial...


The Balanced Millionaire

Eileen Mendel, founder of Inner Edge International, has nearly 3 decades of experience making millionaires. Eileen's shared her experience of making millionaires with NPR, The San Francisco Business Journal among others. Listen in as Eileen shares: - What are the Invisible Laws of Success? - What defines the "Balanced Millionaire?" - Favorite success story - Who is her dream client (maybe it's YOU??) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Deep Dive: Overcoming Fear of the Water

Afraid of the water? Navy SEAL & Founder of Elemental Edge Training,Bill Atkinson, shares how to train your mind to overcome the crippling fear of the water. I was surprised to learn that not everybody floats (!). Bill talks about the different body types that are floaters, neutrals and sinkers. Good news? Even if you're a "sinker," you might still make it as a Navy SEAL with the power of your mindset. Learn what to do if your boat capsizes and the best way to stay afloat and avoid...


58 Acts of Kindness

Beverly King survived the Las Vegas shooting which left 58 fellow concert goers dead and 851 injured. She's doing 58 acts of kindness each day in remembrance of those lost, to help her reconnect & heal. She reached out to me through the WOKO Facebook page, explaining what had happened and how she felt isolated being in upstate New York while so many who had support were out west. The east coast survivors were scattered from Pennsylvania up to New York, but she felt very alone. She...


Speak for Profit

Want to get paid what you’re worth as a speaker or consultant, but you’re not sure how to start? David Newman has been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, on NBC, and is the Amazon best-selling author of “Do it Marketing.” Please welcome, David Newman to the Self Talk Radio Show.David started in theatre, doing some teaching on the side, and soon learned he could make A LOT more as a corporate trainer. He went out on his own as an entrepreneurial speaker, trainer and...