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Practical advice and personal development tips for living a grand and fulfilled life

Practical advice and personal development tips for living a grand and fulfilled life




Practical advice and personal development tips for living a grand and fulfilled life




SMB 26:Dealing with Difficult people

This episode is all about how to deal with "kich-kich"people, how to deal with criticism and with very negative people! In our daily life we all come in contact with the people who have negativity and jealous in their mind and they try hard to attract us towards them. So in this episode I am going to talk about how to overcome from this negativity and rise yourself above.


SMB 25: Rejection

In this episode, I am discussing a very special and important topic, that's Rejection. What is Rejection? How to deal with it, and understand the various aspects of Rejection. Today, in this episode, I am exploring all the true facts about Rejection. I hope you find this episode useful.


SMB 24: Being Limitless

In this episode, I am discussing a very interesting topic. It's about being limitless. Isn't it true that we decide that we are limited to a certain type of work of areas in life and we might not be good at other areas? This results in limiting our growth in life. Today, in this episode, I am exploring the self-limitations at depth. I hope you find this episode useful.


SMB 23: Control

Today's episode focusses on the topic of control. How your obsession to control everything can be counter-intuitive. Please listen.


SMB 22: Criticism

How to deal with stereotyping and criticism? We all face criticism, be it in our personal lives, work, business and literally everywhere and at some point in time. Dealing with criticism needs a different angle of attack, else it can bring down your confidence and affect your ability to achieve great things or the journey you are already embarked upon. In this special episode, I am discussing strategies or tactics to handle criticism. Being yourselves is one of those strategies.


SMB 21: Self Abuse

Hello beautiful people, with this episode I start creating shorter audios so that they are bite-sized and easy to consume and relate. Hope you will like the new change. In this episode, I am discussing 'Judging Ourselves' or 'Self-Abuse'. Hope you will relate to this episode with what you are doing to yourselves.


SMB 20: Being You

Hello wonderful people, this is an episode I am recording after a long gap. And this is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Being yourself. Though this topic seems to be simple on the surface, it impacts us on a larger scale including our relationship, career, and success. I talk about the importance of being yourselves and I hope you enjoy this episode.


SMB 19: Compromise

Compromise is such an under-discussed topic yet so much important. It is so much prime emotion or gesture that discussed when it comes to relationships. Well, is a compromise is a good thing or bad thing? I am discussing and dabbling into the topic of compromise in this podcast episode.


SMB 18: Relationships

In this episode, I am going to explore a topic that is so much importance in our lives. Understanding relationships and dwelling deeper into them. Specifically, love, being central to any relationship and I am dabbling into this topic in this podcast.


SMB 17: Being Judgemental

Being judgemental? In this episode, I am discussing how judging others instantly closes the door for you to see the other side of the person. Why stereotyping someone or something affects your ability to receive. Also, I am sharing a shocking truth of how what's not working for someone else might just work for you and what it means is? Find out answers for all these questions in my latest episode about judgement. I hope this episode adds a new dimension to your thinking and how 'judging' can...


SMB 16: Negative Emotions

Like positive emotions, negative emotions are powerful too. We all deal with them. However, things start getting messed up when negative emotions start running our lives.


SMB 15: Jealousy – Exploring This Emotion

I would be lying to you if I say I never felt jealous ever. There have been many moments in my life when I felt jealous. However, you might want to learn and understand what this energy did to me? Did it make me more effective or it hindered my focus on creating? Is it really a toxic energy? We are going to dive deep into this emotion called 'jealousy' in this podcast episode.


SMB 14: Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding your life's purpose would sound an easy thing, but it's not. Because, if you think the right definition of success of having loads and loads of money, then I wouldn't have met and counseled people who are making loads of money and empty inside. If you are constantly unhappy about what you are doing regardless of the money you are making, then you need to pause and be mindful of your situation. Are you doing something you really enjoy and that resonates with your true personality? In...


SMB 13: Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a complex metric to measure and assess. Is sacrifice really necessary or even worth? In this episode, I am talking about the connection between sacrifice and expectation and the long-term consequences and outcomes of sacrifice.


SMB 12: Failing and Giving Up

Trying up everything and still hitting rock bottom? Thinking of giving up? Exhausted and feeling miserable? I am discussing the topic of 'failing and giving up'. Please listen and do let me know if this episode helped you and made a difference to your situation.


SMB 11: Root Cause of Anger and Dealing with It

How to deal with anger? How to use this energy in a productive manner? Is it right to suppress the anger? We had an introduction to anger in episode 9. In today's episode of my podcast, I am dealing with this one of the prime emotions we all humans deal with.


SMB 10: Dealing with Guilt

What is guilt and how guilt affects us? What is the real source of guilt and how to handle it? If you ask me, there are two types of guilt. Implanted guilt and self-guilt. I am exploring the topic of guilt and sharing my insights into it.


SMB 9: Anger – A Deep dive

One of the most pivotal emotions that all of us experience and deal with is 'anger'. It's got so much importance that it can either make or break a situation, a marriage, a business deal or your own confidence. So, what actually anger is and how to deal with it? In this episode, I am talking about anger and its management.


SMB 8: Expectation – The Silent Killer

Listen to this episode where I share in-depth information about what expectation can do to your life and how significant it is with your happiness or disappointment.


SMB 7: Dealing with Failures and Setbacks

Setbacks and failures are two common obstacles that can either paralyze you or make you stronger. Is it really the setback that is setting you back or the way you deal with it? In this episode, I talk about how to deal with failures, setbacks and how you can bounce back with more energy, clarity, and purpose.