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Six Vulnerable Conversations between two Women

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126: Six Conversations – Embodiment, Transmission & Mastering Your Reality with Arielle Brown and Jamie Thompson

Women body shaming themselves because society is telling them that they don’t fit it in with their size and shape has become a norm rather than the exception. But part of that society is telling that your reality is what and how you make it if you work around how you relate your body, this […]


124: Six Conversations – Competition, Comparison & Scarcity Mindset with Arielle Brown And Jamie Thompson

Women become empowered and inspired when they tap into things they normally would just hide from other women, like negative emotions of physical imperfections. This idea of competition between women starts early when little girls start to swim in a pool of jealousy and comparison. But as grown women, we can choose to reframe this […]


122: Six Conversations – Cultural Taboos: Sex, Older Men And Exploring with Women with Arielle Brown And Jamie Thompson

What is a taboo and what taboos specifically exist for women? Arielle Brown and Jamie Thompson answer this question as they talk about cultural taboos for women’s sexuality. They explore the concept of sexual relationships with older men, sexuality and attraction with other women, and why it is so important to dismantle taboos. The places […]


120: Six Conversations – Power, Surrender and Releasing Control with Arielle Brown and Jamie Thompson

Present-day women are faced with the challenge of balancing between their feminine and masculine side. While they lean towards their stronger and independent side in the workplace and social circles, they still want to stay connected with their soft and finer side. A lot of women actually like letting down their hair sometimes, taking the […]


118: Six Conversations – The Dark Side of the Goddess Movement with Arielle Brown and Jamie Thompson

In the modern day spirituality movement for women, it’s natural to tap into the light side because it’s easy and comfortable and there is now double standard that comes along with it. The dark side of the Goddess movement touches on this edgy aspect of searching for your sensuality and humanity. While it has the […]


116: Six Conversations: The Victim Archetype in Romance & Relationship with Arielle Brown and Jamie Thompson

There are many cultures across the world where the image of women is projected as the victim archetype. For them to find true love, they must wait for their prince charming riding out into the sunset. While this fantasy works for some, women of today still need to realize that they can come from a […]