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The Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is your weekly dose of wellness encouragement. It’s the small changes that stick and ultimately compound to create big shifts in our holistic well-being. Dr. Michelle Robin and her renowned guests will share wisdom, knowledge, real life stories and practical tips to inspire and inform you as you move forward on your journey to a life of wellness.

The Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is your weekly dose of wellness encouragement. It’s the small changes that stick and ultimately compound to create big shifts in our holistic well-being. Dr. Michelle Robin and her renowned guests will share wisdom, knowledge, real life stories and practical tips to inspire and inform you as you move forward on your journey to a life of wellness.
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The Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is your weekly dose of wellness encouragement. It’s the small changes that stick and ultimately compound to create big shifts in our holistic well-being. Dr. Michelle Robin and her renowned guests will share wisdom, knowledge, real life stories and practical tips to inspire and inform you as you move forward on your journey to a life of wellness.




Ep. 150 - Mandy Shoemaker

Did you just send your kids off to school? Or maybe you are getting ready to send them off? Mandy Shoemaker has a unique perspective into children and schools coming from a past as a school principal and being a mother. We are constantly hearing about troubles and tragedies happening at schools all across the country and it can leave us feeling hopeless and defeated. Mandy knows the importance of finding balance, giving validation, and building relationships when it comes to teaching and...


Ep. 149 - Heidi Hanna

Is there such a thing as good stress? Absolutely. Heidi Hanna says that stress is non-emotional and is just the stimulus that happens when demand is greater than capacity. And depending on how we react and process stress determines if it is a positive or negative experience. Sounds simple when you put it like that. Heidi understands that it may sound simple but as human beings we tend to make it more complicated so she is here to help people understand, digest and process their...


Ep. 148 - Dr. Michelle Robin

Your vibe attracts your tribe. I have said it before on this show and it is often my number one piece of advice I share with clients; find your tribe. We are all trying to go at this thing called life alone when in reality, we were meant to go at it together. We are going through high’s and low’s as a community and it seems all we hear and see is bad news. Our future generations are being bombarded with information at the speed of light and we can see the impact it is having on them. If we...


Ep. 147 - Lane Kennedy

We are all given the same 24 hours in a day but it seems some people are able to do so much more with those hours than others. Lane Kennedy says it all comes down to presence, clarity and choice. Lane started on her health journey after getting very sick over 20 years ago and struggled to find answers or anything that helped. She decided one day that she was going to find the answers herself and “hacked” her own internal system. She started using bio-identical hormones, balanced her...


Ep. 146 - Alex Salazar

The first thing we must do to move forward in life is learn to love ourselves. No matter who we are, what we look like or what we do. Alex Salazar understands this more than most as he has been on a journey his entire life of self love and discovery. Alex is a transgender male who knew at a young age that he didn’t identify with the gender he was born into. He has gone through life hearing people tell him who and what he should be but has continued to trust and stay true to himself. Now he...


Ep. 145 - Dr. Steve Arkin

Have you ever realized that we often focus on what is “wrong” in the world instead of what is “right” with it? Whenever tragedy hits, we always jump to conclusions or talk about how everything is bad, instead of looking at all the good in the world. Dr. Steve Arkin has his own personal story of losing a loved one to suicide and has turned that experience into an opportunity to help others in even more ways than he thought possible. He is constantly sharing that no matter what a person looks...


Ep. 144 - Kris Wittenberg

Why can’t people just be good to people? I’m sure we all have asked this numerous times while running errands or out at social gatherings. It’s a simple question and concept but so often people are not kind to one another. Kris Wittenberg of Be Good to People, asked herself this question one day after a run in with a rude person and an hour later was already working on securing a URL and was running with the idea of Be Good to People. It is amazing what a little reminder like a water...


Ep. 143 - Ali Zeck

“You are not crazy, these drugs are making you ill.” is what Dr. Kelly Brogan told Ali Zeck after decades of being prescribed prescription medications for her mental and physical health. Ali’s story is one that is becoming all too common in our day and age as she was handed medication after medication for everything from bulimia to anxiety and bipolarity. Through her journey, she attempted suicide multiple times and was in and out of hospitals and doctors offices for years before meeting on...


Ep. 142 - Dr. Deb Kern

What would happen if you reimagined yourself? What would look different or better yet, what would look the same? Dr. Deb Kern had her so-called perfect life and then was thrown a curve ball and was given the chance to reimagine herself. Dr. Deb comes from a background as a nurse, health educator, physical trainer and Ph. D scientist. She is now helping women improve their lives through intuitive coaching, body movement, dance courses and workshops. By learning to trust her gut and embrace...


Ep. 141 - Bill Bennett

What really is that gut feeling we call intuition? And where does that inner voice come from? Bill Bennett had a life changing experience eighteen years ago when his intuition saved his life. Now he is sharing his own journey of being a skeptic when it came to intuition and guidance, to living his life fear free due to his own trust in his intuition. How can we use our intuition to make better decisions? By trusting ourselves. We are all born with intuition and there are three different...


Ep. 140 - Dr. Richard Prather

Being healthy or well isn’t just exercising or eating right but is taking care of your whole body, mind and spirit. Dr. Richard Prather is helping people care for their health in a new way by looking at the whole person. Much like the Quadrants of Wellbeing approach, Dr. Richard takes every person he sees through the same kind of tests and protocols in order to get a look at the whole person. From there, he then takes the results and works through a plan with you but does not neglect or...


Ep. 139 - Derek Rydall

Are you looking to find yourself? Your true self, the self that ignites your soul and really gets you excited about your life and what you are doing? Derek Rydall is a spiritual visionary, who is helping people all over find and tune into their own potential. Derek is a firm believer in being the change you wish to see in the world and that it all starts with a clear vision. At the end of the day, it is about thinking, feeling, being and doing and Derek practices what he preaches every...


Ep. 138 - Dr. Deb Butler

We have all tried different diets and weight loss programs and more often than not no weight is lost, or in some cases weight is gained. What went wrong? Normally is it because we aren’t treating ourselves from an inside out approach. Dr. Deb Butler is here to help people lose weight through brain science, nutrition, physiology and life coaching and lessons. She uses her own personal journey of weight loss and weight gain and created a program to help you think correctly for losing weight...


Ep. 137 - Brett Blair

We all experience career shifts but Brett Blair has had the unique opportunity to go through three completely different careers so far and is sharing his insights and advice with people all over the world. After experiencing a moment of clarity early one morning, he know something had to change and change quickly. He left his corporate job and opened his own recruiting firm and is now a performance and life coach helping people live their best lives. Brett not only understands that we...


Ep. 136 - Hilary Illick

In honor of Mother’s Day, Hilary Illick is sharing her stories, advice and insights on self compassion and self love, especially; when it comes to motherhood. Hilary is not only a mother of four but is a writer, speaker, executive and life coach and teacher at the Hoffman Institute. Through her journey of becoming a mother, she realized that her own behaviors whether healthy or not were trickling down and becoming her children’s behaviors as well. In hopes of stopping these behaviors...


Ep. 135 - Dr. Travis Zigler

Over 703 million people in the world are blind due to lack of glasses. Dr. Travis Zigler is on a mission to bring access to eye care and glasses to those in Jamaica, Ecuador, Peru and more. Dr. Travis and his wife, Jenna started Eye Love in 2010 after meeting a gentleman in Educador who was blind and suffering from extreme pressure pain in his eye. After treating this quiet man for several hours, he finally exclaimed that he was pain free. It was this incident that sparked the mission for...


Ep. 134 - Dr. Michael Breus

Did you know that roughly 30% of the population is currently suffering from insomnia? That is nearly 90 million people! Dr. Michael Breus aka The Sleep Doctor is helping people all over the country take a hard look at their nightly routines and develop plans to get their best nights sleep. Dr. Breus’s passion for sleep came out of nowhere when one day there was an opening in the sleep lab during his residency and he decided to see what it was all about. Three days later and he was hooked...


Ep. 133 - Dr. Mark Hyman

With so many different diets, regimens, fads and trends out there in the world of health and wellness, how do we know what works for us? Dr. Mark Hyman is helping people take a step backwards to look at themselves from a whole person perspective in order to move forward with their health. The connection between how you feel and how you eat is so telling to the human body but so often overlooked. Instead of focusing on restrictive diets and what your body can’t break down, Dr. Mark focuses...


Ep. 132 - In the Name of GRACE

Over a hundred people a day are dying from opioid overdoses.That is a startling statistic that is growing each and every day due to the drug addiction problem we have in our country. Rob and Anissa Elsey are fighting back and leading the charge when it comes to sober living, providing resources and giving hope to recovering addicts. They are the Co - Founders of In the Name of Grace, a not-for-profit organization that raises fund and advocates for Oxford House in Missouri. In the Name of...


Ep. 131 - Betsy Pake

Betsy went from the corporate world to the unknown territory of being an entrepreneur. What made her make this big life change? She saw her young daughter struggling with anxiety and knew she had to do more to help her and now she is not only helping her daughter but others live big by starting small. She helps others talk through their goals and realize that it is not always about enjoying the future but living and finding joy in the present. Instead of getting caught up in where you...