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085: Releasing Doubt and Building Your Trust and Self-Worth

How do you increase your worthiness and trust within yourself? In today’s Monday Momtra, I’m exploring why so many of us are riddled with self-doubt and deny our worthiness and our ability to receive what others and the world want to give us. I believe a lot of this comes from a lack of trust within ourselves. I share a few thoughts on how to build this trust, increase our worthiness and own your life experience. Links: Free 30-Day Trust Challenge - BAM Tribe...


084: I Want to Be Pregnant, But I Don't Want Another Baby Yet

What do you do when you want to be pregnant again, but you don’t necessarily want another actual child just yet? In today’s episode, I’m sharing some of my very raw and unfiltered feelings around my daughter turning 2 and how I’ve processed the experience. It’s been a mix of thoughts and emotions. And then of course, it makes sense that we get questions and have conversations about growing our family. So I’m walking through how we address this and check in with our plans and desires and...


083: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child

What’s the greatest gift you can give your child? I’m reflecting on that this week in our Monday Momtra. For one thing, my daughter turns 2 this week. Plus, this conversation came up in my life accountability group this week. It inspired me to dig a little deeper and share this topic with you. My answer right now is taking care of myself. To show the example to Maya and reduce any worry and anxiety on her part for the future. Because I want her to know that I’m healthy and thriving.


082: What I Learned From Vacation with a Toddler and a Weekend Away By Myself

How does traveling change when you become a parent? Some would argue that a few things change...slightly (ha!). In this episode I’m sharing 2 experiences of recent travel: a family vacation with Matthew and Maya - full of road trip shenanigans and a trip to urgent care and then my second solo trip as a mama. There’s a few lessons I’ve learned in each experience and I’m sharing those takeaways. From trust and your intuition to your relationship with your partner and letting go of mom guilt.


081: If You Want Change, It's Up To You

What happens if someone doesn’t want to move beyond their bull**** and create something different? Simple answer: nothing. They’ll stay in their bull****. Because the impetus for change in our lives has to come from an internal source. You could have coaches, friends, loved ones give you all the advice and tell you how awesome and capable you are until they’re blue in the face, but if you don’t want it for yourself - real shift won’t happen. In this Momtra (a day late, I know!), I’m...


080: What Does Sex Mean for You?

What does sex mean for you? Have you even thought about that and broken that question down for yourself? I’ve been inspired recently by a few things I’ve watched and listened to around female sexuality and it’s brought me to a very clear conclusion: WOMEN ARE SO MORE POWERFUL. So I go through some of my wow moments around the female’s incredible capacity for sexual energy from multiple orgasms to the magic of the clitoris. And yet, there are billions of women walking around with...


079 - Generally, I Have My S*** Together

Why does it seem like the “harried mother” is the most popular type of mother? I know noone is perfect, and I’m certainly no exception. However I do grow tired of the idea that if life isn’t constantly a hot mess and I’m not within an inch of losing all of my hair and sanity, that it’s not the real authentic experience of motherhood. I’m not talking about the moments where it is tough. Those happen. I like to believe though, that in general, I’m doing my best and the universe is working in...


078: A List of Things That Your Kids Don’t Care About

Why do we beat ourselves up over things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme? Today’s Momtra is a reminder for you of just some of the things that your child(ren) doesn’t care about. These are things that when you let them go and release unhealthy fixation on, you’ll find you have more time and energy to be present with your kiddos. Because it’s natural to get caught up in the things that we think make us more important and valuable and better moms. That’s why we check in every so...


077: Running Away From Your Fears Vs. Facing Them

What are the fears that are holding you back in your life right now? In today’s bonus Momtra, we’re talking about fears: facing them vs. not facing them. And spoiler alert: those scenarios don’t create the same result. I’m also sharing some exciting news in the Balance and Motherhood community and what I’ve learned from dedicating myself to a specific habit for 30 days straight. Links: BAM Tribe Group Coaching -


076: Don't Apologize for Your Emotions

Ever apologize to someone for how you’re feeling? I know I have. I used to say sorry all the time for having certain emotions. And I absolutely hated being called an “emotional” person. Like it meant that I didn’t think rationally or apply logic to situations. I judged myself for it and internalized people’s responses and labeled myself a “basket case.” Fast forward and I see the incredible power of our emotions. For one thing, we have them - there’s no getting around that. And the other...


075: Trust Your Internal GPS

How do you trust your intuition? Enter: your internal GPS. And I’m not talking about the app that you use on your phone to navigate traffic. I’m talking about the Goddess Positioning System: your internal guidance mechanism. You have an innate sense within you of what aligns and what serves. Lots of times things get in the way and block our connection and we lose our trust in ourselves. In today’s Momtra I invite you to practice tuning into your GPS. And guess what - there will be a...


074: I’m On Vacation

Have you taken time to unplug recently? This is a short, sweet announcement for ya that I will be out of town this upcoming week. So no new episodes until Monday, August 27, 2018. I’m practicing what I preach and I’m taking time to reset, recenter and practice my own sense of balance. So Matthew, Maya and I will be in Florida - enjoying quality time together. I encourage you over this next week to unplug in your own ways. Say no to things that push your bandwidth. Take a min-mental...


073: 5 Tips for Releasing Body Insecurities

How do you let go of insecurities and hangups around your physical body? Today’s Monday Momtra is a listener-requested topic around this question. I searched into some of my own healing and rescripting as it relates to loving my body as well as things I’ve observed in others, and I’m bringing you a list of 5 things you can do right now to start creating a new story and conversation - one that acknowledges how beautiful and magnificent your body is!


072: My Relationship with "God"

How do you feel about God? In today’s episode, I’m getting real about my relationship with the man/woman/energy/source upstairs. Preface and disclaimer here that these are my own thoughts, beliefs and opinions and I am in no way making any assumptions or judgements on your own spiritual journey. I’m simply sharing a piece of my story, without any intention of offending or negating anyone else’s. For me, connection with “God” and spiritual awareness impacts every area of my life - my...


071: Be About the Endless Possibility

Ever have those moments where certain signs from the Universe sync up and you’re left kinda dumbstruck? Well that happened to me recently. A conversation catching up with a friend lead to a sequence of magical occurrences and all sorts of light bulbs going off for me. So I’m sharing that experience along with the big lesson that I drew from it and I’m inviting you to explore for yourself this week in the Monday Momtra. And that is: be about the endless possibility. Want to know more?...


070 - 10 Ways to Deal with Stress and Love On Yourself Right Now

What are some of your top choices for coping with and managing stress? In today’s episode I’m sharing a simple and to the point list of 10 things you can do for yourself right now to help cope with a stressful situation. They don’t require much extra stuff, money or even much more time really. They’re things that can be incorporated into your life to support you in minimizing unneeded stress and maximizing your joy. Let’s face it, the phrase “mommin’ ain’t easy” is so popular because it’s...


069: 4 Things To Journal Each Day

Do you have a practice around journaling? I’ve been journaling in some form since I was 9 years old. I even have my first journal - it’s purple and has Winnie the Pooh on it! Over the years my style and intention has shifted up, as you might expect. In today’s Monday Momtra episode, I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve found to be the biggest value adds to my journaling habit. They help put me in a space of peace, love and joy while practicing my artform of expressing myself and...


068 - If I Could Punch Mom Guilt in the Face I Would

Have you experience mom guilt? I guess a better question might be - when have you experienced mom guilt? It’s such a pervasive, insidious thing. We wear on this shame and judgement for the things we feel like we’ve done or haven’t done that deprive our kids of something. In this episode I’m sharing some of my own instances of guilt, the stuff around them and how I’m choosing to release them.


067 - Don't Wait on External Things to Validate You

How many of us rely on things outside of ourselves to validate our worth and legitimize our abilities? In today's Monday Momtra I'm sharing a list of things that I refuse to allow to give me approval and sense of satisfaction. The time to affirm, inspire and motivate yourself is now! You don't need the titles, the people, the experiences to be true to who you are.


066: I Release My Attachment to Ex-Lovers

Do you feel any sort of residual frustration around exes? I don’t know about you, but I’ve sometimes felt the emotional aftershocks of relationships past. Whether it’s been baggage that has shown up in my current relationship or disappointment around the type of communication we’ve had since our breakups, it hasn’t served me. So I’m here now to release the rest of my attachment, expectation and any lingering victim stuff I have around my former lovers.