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058: Building Intimacy In Your Relationship with Yourself

What does it mean to cultivate intimacy within yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you like yourself? Today I’m sharing some thoughts on what it looks like to invest in the most important relationship you have in your life - the one you have with yourself. Think of it this way: intimacy - IN TO ME I SEE.


057: What Breastfeeding for 21 Months Has Taught Me About Life

What can something like breastfeeding teach you about life? Well, that’s what I’m talking about in today’s episode. I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter Maya for 21 months now. And I’ve certainly gained some life lessons in the process. So even if you haven’t breastfed or don’t plan to, these are things you can appreciate outside of an act like nursing. So I share the main takeaways for me, as well as some of the real, raw no-filter kinda stuff. And it’s a really fitting time to talk...


056: Stop Putting Unhealthy Expectations on Your Relationships and Enjoy People Where They're At

Do you have any relationships in your life that you wish were different? Do you have people that you wish you could change? Today’s Monday Momtra throws out an idea for dealing with some of this - enjoy people where they’re at. Stop trying to put expectations and things on a relationship that aren’t necessarily in alignment with the type of energy and frequency you’re seeking. It’s natural to want things for people - to see their potential and hold space for that. But what if we could...


055: Grand Opening of the Newest Spot in Town: The Back Door

How many honest and mature conversations have you heard about anal sex? “Woah, wait...what? Anal sex? Is that really what I just read - on a show called Balance and Motherhood??” Yes indeed! If you’ve listened to the show before, you’ve probably gathered that I’m not afraid to be transparent and vulnerable. Welp - here we go! A continuation from a brief discussion in one of the previous sex series episodes. If you’re like me, no one talked to you in real way about anal sex, other than...


054: When You Make a Decision, Own It

Ever have to make a compromise in your life? Of course you have, you’re human! It’s basically part of the experience, so long as you’re choosing to interact with any other humans. It’d be impossible to count the number of decisions we make in a day. From the big to the small. Some of them are bound to be more towards the bottom of our list of preference. So how do you deal with those choices. Do you accept them and move on, or tend to linger a bit longer in the resistance and frustration...


053: A Moment When I Thought About Giving Up

Ever have a pivotal moment in your life that you feel like it could go either way? Meaning it could lead to total breakdown or total breakthrough. I’m opening up today and getting real, raw, vulnerable and transparent with you about some events that built upon each other and brought me to a space of feeling cracked, or better yet - shattered completely into a million pieces. I went into the doldrums of the mind and spirit and basically questioned everything about my existence. I walk...


052: What Does It Look Like to Be in Your Power

What does it look like to be in your power? I can’t answer that question for you. It’s up to you. The thing is that we’re not always encouraged to believe that it is actually up to us. We get to determine and proclaim how we want to feel and who we want to be. We don’t have to buy the ideas or the orders of what others want to pass on to us - whether it’s parents, spouses, friends or culture. This Momtra is about putting yourself in that space of full tilt. Uncensored. Pure. What do you...


051: A Mission Statement Will Change Your Life

Ever ask yourself these questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my greater purpose? Chances are that we all do, multiple times and at all different stages of our lives. If not to find the answers, to check in on those answers and affirm them and explore how they evolve. Today’s episode is going to help with that process. First off, I read my personal mission statement to you - something that I’ve received a lot of feedback and questions on in my life. Then I give you my secret sauce....


050 - Take Responsibility for Your Bull****

Where are you holding onto bull**** in your life that you need to let go of? Today’s episode is a bit of mini-coaching session. A Monday Momtra with some punch. Tough love. Bold compassion. A gentle kick in the ass if you will. Because that’s what I’m here for and I got you, boo. I don’t know exactly where you’re bull****ting yourself in your life or what it looks like but I can guarantee that we’re all working with some level of denial around something. And it helps to have others...


049: Find Excitement and Possibility in the Breakdown

When you think about the emotions that come up in a challenging or painful situation, is excitement one of them? Usually not, right? But what if it was? What if it could be? I say we open ourselves up to the possibility that something can be rebuilt from the ashes of our breakdown. I didn’t always use to think this way though. Today I’m sharing a situation that inspired me to explore the process of moving beyond the grief, frustration or anger that pops up in life circumstances. And it...


048: You Need to Think Outside the Box to Make Shift Happen in Your Life

How do we solve those problems that pop up in our lives that just seem so unconquerable? They either seem so big that we can barely wrap our minds around them or they repeat and recycle so often that the pattern seems unbreakable. I’m pulling some wisdom from the great Albert Einstein for this one. A powerful quote to jumpstart some possibilities for moving forward. To create something different. To connect with ourselves, others and life. To put ourselves outside the box, change the...


047: BONUS Mother’s Day Episode: The Story of the Day I Became a Mama

What was it like when you became a mama? I love the journey of motherhood because we all have different beginnings and awareness around when and how the experience begins. For some just thinking about becoming a mom is the beginning - no matter how old you were. Putting yourself in the space and visualization of being someone’s mama. For others it might be the moment they discovered they were pregnant. And then there’s birth day, or adoption day for many mamas. In today’s episode, I’m...


046: Things You Should Be Doing Naked

Do you feel comfortable being naked? In today’s episode I’m diving into some of the programming around the shame we acquire towards our naked bodies. Because clearly issues around our nakedness are not inherent. We learn to cover up and hide and pervert our natural state. Where and how do we come up with those disempowering thoughts and beliefs?! (I have a few ideas on that…) I’m also sharing some of the ways I’ve overcome my fear, anxiety and judgement around rocking my birthday suit....


045: You're Not Responsible For Anyone Else's Feelings

Ever feel like it is your job to make someone feel a certain way? Like you are responsible for their well being? Whether it is parents, spouses or children, we sometimes rope ourselves into the impossible task of taking on the emotional responsibility of another person's emotions. I am here to tell you that this is not your charge. Be responsible for what you can influence. YOUR thoughts, words and habits. Today's Mamtra is a reminder to release the extra baggage that is not yours to...


044: What I’ve Learned About Friendship in Motherhood

How do you make friends when you become a mom? This is one of the many questions I know I asked myself when I entered into this new phase of life, and I’m sure others do as well. There’s so much other stuff that swirls around the topic of friendship: how do they evolve, what happens when people grow apart, what about my friends that don’t have kids, and how do I make time for these relationships? I’m sharing some of the things I’ve learned about forging, keeping and releasing...


043: You Don’t Need to Hide in Someone Else’s Shadow

Ever feel like you’re stuck in the expectation or vision that someone else has of you? Today’s Momtra is about staying away from the shadows of others - the dark places we can sometimes find ourselves when we want to hide from our own thoughts and desires. Because it’s our purpose to shine, not duck way and play small. The world needs you to be authentic and leave mediocrity behind. So listen in for your dose of weekly AIM - affirmation, inspiration and motivation!


042: How to Tell What Advice to Take and How to Take It

Today's episode is all about how to listen to advice, how to receive feedback, and when to ignore advice.


041: Let Go of the Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like you have no idea what you’re doing and that people will find out and expose you for the fraudulent hot mess that you are? This Monday Momtra is about releasing the imposter syndrome, a debilitating condition that is affecting mothers everywhere. It renders sufferers unable to acknowledge their awesomeness and as a result are paralyzed with fear in moving forward into furthering their awesomeness. Commonly paired with paranoia that others will discover inadequacies and...


040: Reconciling Past White Guilt with Raising a Mixed-Race Daughter

How do you heal, reconcile and accept parts of you that you hold guilt and resentment towards? One of these lessons that I’ve gotten the opportunity to face in this experience of motherhood has been releasing past feelings of guilt, judgement and disconnectedness with the color of my skin. This episode was inspired by my amazing husband, who recently did his own episode on his podcast “Having It ALL,” about growing up biracial and his challenges and breakthroughs around his identity. As...


039: Everyone Has Their Thing

Ever feel like you’re not doing enough, like you’re not quite measuring up to all the amazing things everyone else is up to? Today’s Momtra is about releasing the comparison compulsion. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I watch, read or listen to something about someone rocking it in their specific field or interest, I feel like I need to be doing that thing too. I have to be eating all organic, crafting Pinterest board worthy items, mastering yoga and meditation and be the...