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113: Trust Signs from the Universe and Let Go of Your Attachments

Do you notice the signs from the universe? Yes, I went there. I believe in signs. I believe in things showing up to test what we’ve said and stood for. I believe in things working in divine time and place. I believe in magic. In today’s Momtra, I’m sharing some recent examples from my life that reminded me to trust the signs. I also received a lesson in attachment and the opportunity to see where I’m at with my levels of allowing and resistance. Links: My website...


112: Sex and Healing Part 3: How Abundant Love Heals the World (Rebroadcast from the Make Everyday YourDay podcast)

Can your sex heal? Today is the third and final episode of the latest series I’ve brought you: Sex and Healing. It’s a conversation originally posted on the “Make Everyday YourDay” podcast, similar to Friday’s episode. This one gets turned up to a whole new level. I sat down with Day and got into a real, raw, honest, transparent and loving conversation about Abundant Love. We go over the meaning as well as how it has evolved and played out over the years, particularly in my...


111: Sex and Healing Part 2: How Being an Abundant Lover Makes Me a Better Mother

What is abundant love? Here is the middle, the delicious creamy filling, to the Oreo cookie of episodes that I’m bringing you this weekend. This is a republish of an episode I did back in March of this year. And get this - it is the number 1 downloaded episode of the podcast if you can believe it. So if you haven’t heard it, you need to. And if you have, then it’s a great time to refresh on it so you’ll have some context for the episode that’s coming up tomorrow. Here’s the original...


110: Sex and Healing Part 1: Living A Balanced, Healing and Turned On Life (Rebroadcast from the Make Everyday YourDay podcast)

Are you turned on in your life? What would it look like if you were? I’m doing something kinda cool and different on the show. I’m bringing you a little series special. Three back-to-back episodes about some deep and vulnerable stuff around relationships, sexuality, love and life. To kick it off, I’m bringing you an interview I did earlier this year with Saint Day Adeogba on his podcast “Make Everyday YourDay.” Day is a transformation specialist, a connector and a creator. He’s honestly...


109: There's No Such Thing As Surprises

Ever get surprised by the things that show up in your life? Today’s Momtra is about flipping the script of surprises, and instead looking at circumstances and occurrences as being in direct alignment with what it is we’re putting out there - our thoughts, words and actions. I believe this perspective empowers us, encourages us to drop any blame stories that we’re running and allows us the space for gratitude and magic. Listen in!


108: I Don't Want to Be Around My Kid All The Time

How do we find balance around the time we spend with our kids and the time we need to tend to ourselves? In this week’s episode, I’m sharing a truth of mine. And I don’t expect everyone to agree with it. That’s totally fine. Because I’m not trying to tell anyone how to parent. I’m just sharing some recent realizations of mine and how they relate to my experience. And that big understanding is this: I don’t want to be around my kid all the time. I don’t want to be with her every second of...


107: You Need to Let Go Of Certain People and Things In Order to Grow

What do you do with the things (and people) that hold you back from growing and moving forward? One idea: let them go. Today's Monday Momtra episode is about what happens when you start to level up. Things get confronted and what has worked in the past may not work the same anymore. Relationships will change, environments will move. This should be fun!


106: Ways to Feel Sexy and Juicy as a Mom

What does it mean for you to feel sexy? In today’s episode I share a quote around sensuality that really inspired me and sparked the conversation for what it is to feel in touch with your sexiness, how to cultivate it and how to be bold in expressing it. I encourage you and every mom to be juicy. Listen in to find out more! Links: My website - Lust -


105: When You Need Permission to Be Yourself

What does it look like to give yourself permission? This is a question that a client asked me not too long ago. And it opened up the door to some great conversation and realizations around how we honor and value ourselves. I did an episode not too long ago about giving yourself permission to fall apart, as in breakdown and unravel if that’s what you needed. Well in today’s Momtra, I’m expanding the permission scope and giving you some tips and takeaways on giving yourself what you need in...


104: Nothing Matters Without Gratitude

What are you grateful for? I know, I know. Obligatory episode for the week of Thanksgiving. But I promise you, this isn’t your cookie-cutter conversation about gratitude. Because in this week’s Momtra, I’m heavily emphasizing cultivating gratitude within the challenging situations - the ones where it’s easy to forget about gratitude and fixate on the sh**. So I’m giving you my take on the importance of gratitude, some ideas for habits to build gratitude as well as examples from my life...


103: When Other People Try to Parent Your Kids

How do you deal with other people’s words, actions and energy around your kids? I don’t normally like talking about parenting itself, because that’s not the focus of the show. But I thought there was some cool crossover here with what it means to use your own voice and truth in challenging situations, regardless of who’s involved. One area to practice is in how we advocate for our children when people might be misaligned with our values, practices, goals, etc for our family and parenting...


102: Take the Rocks Out of Your Shoes

Why do we choose suffering? Seriously, I think it’s happening in our lives way more than we realize. We let things stick around and bring a certain level of pain and frustration, and we’ll let it hang out there. We come to tolerate them and go about our days. But what if we stopped and take a moment to identify the group of little things that when compiled together, are actually preventing us from experiencing our lives and ourselves at full volume? Today’s Momtra was is a brilliant...


101: How I Deal With Hot Boiling Mom Rage

Have you experienced postpartum anger? I think it’s important that we’re bringing more awareness to the cocktail of emotions that mothers can experience at any particular stage of the journey. Today, I want to talk about anger, or what I am classifying as “hot boiling mom rage.” Yep, that’s my scientific term for what I’ve realized I’ve experienced off and on for about a year now. It took loving and supportive friends around me to dissect it and get to the root of where it was coming from....


100: 3 Ways to Celebrate You: 100th Episode Special

Are you taking time to celebrate yourself this week? Well, I encourage you to do so because it’s a celebration over here on the Balance and Motherhood podcast. It’s episode 100! Woooo! So I have 3 ways to celebrate yourself - from how to talk about yourself to the fears you’re holding onto to keeping an abundance of love and energy that you use for yourself and share with others. Listen, you’re awesome. Grade-A badass. So celebrate that! Join me in to 100-episode celebration and love on...


099: A Conversation with My Husband About Sexual Healing, Goddess Position and Ejaculation

How are your experiences in the bedroom mirroring the rest of your life? Chances are that a lot of our beliefs around sex overlap into other areas of our lives. So how can you use the space of sexual intimacy to cultivate healing and tap into your power? In today’s episode, I’m sharing a conversation that I had with my husband Matthew on his podcast, “Having It ALL.” We planned on talking about other things, but what do you know - we ended up on the topic of sex and it totally shifted the...


098: Don't Wait on External Things to Validate You (Rebroadcast)

How many of us rely on things outside of ourselves to validate our worth and legitimize our abilities? In today's Monday Momtra I'm sharing a list of things that I refuse to allow to give me approval and sense of satisfaction. The time to affirm, inspire and motivate yourself is now! You don't need the titles, the people, the experiences to be true to who you are.


097: Stop Blaming Your Parents for Your Problems

Why is it so easy to blame our parents for all of our problems? The thing is, most of us will be faced with exploring and dealing with how we feel about our parents at one point or another. Regardless of the depth of our relationships, there’s a connection and an influence that those bonds have on us. In today’s episode I’m walking through why and how we blame our parents for our “stuff.” Then I offer a few perspectives to try out for yourself when it comes to releasing that blame and...


096: Give Yourself Permission to Fall Apart

Ever feel like losing your sh**? In today’s Monday Momtra, I’m giving all of us permission to fall apart when we need to. Sometimes we hold onto this superhuman status that means we’re not allowed to let our emotions out, cleanse and detox the stuff that’s not serving us when it’s tucked away. I’m sharing some personal experience of stressful and emotional times for our family and how I took on extra responsibility, emotional stress and energy. The awareness that I had of my choice to let...


095: Why ASMR For Moms Needs To Be A Thing

Have you heard of ASMR? ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, according to Wikipedia is “is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.” I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of weeks ago and when I first explored it I thought it was a little strange. But then I revisited with an open mind and realized that I’ve absolutely experienced this multiple times...


094: Find Out What Fuels You and Take Radical Action

What happens when you don’t put fuel in your tank? Whether it’s your car, your cell phone or your self - stuff doesn’t work when you don’t power it up properly. In today’s Monday Momtra, I’m going rogue from my usual note taking and outline and just spitting what comes to my mind in the moment around the topic of getting angry when things don’t work (when we didn’t take the time to care for them). So my advice this week is to figure out what you can plug into, what you can use as fuel to...