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Chiara Mazzucco helps high achieving women embrace their bold self and raise the bar for their lives

Chiara Mazzucco helps high achieving women embrace their bold self and raise the bar for their lives
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Chiara Mazzucco helps high achieving women embrace their bold self and raise the bar for their lives




023 - Organic Content to Grow Your Coaching Biz

In this episode I share the 5 pillars to creating powerful content that attracts your tribe and positions you as the bomb diggity expert that you are. I also share the unexpected ways organic content has helped me build my business and tell you a bit more about an online course I co-created that is now available for sale! Confident Content Course closes 8/30!


022 - How I Reclaim My Power

Moments of chaos are inevitable - not only in our businesses, but in life, in general. In today's episode, I share with you how I manage to reclaim my power and the process I put myself through in order to make it happen. Learning to flex this muscle will help you get back on your feet a lot quicker when you fall on your ass.


021 - Doing Business Your Way

If you're anything like me, you're probably tired of all the webinars and the cheatsheets and the step-by-steps to help you build a business. They're all important, of course. But perhaps it's time to start betting on yourself and your ability to create from a place of soul; a place that is all your own. What would your business be like if you got to be creative?


020 - Selling High Ticket: 5 Reasons to Raise Your Rates

In this episode, we talk about selling high ticket offers in your service based business and the reasons to add it to your business model. Hint, it's not just to make more money. If you feel like you've needed a kick in the ass to raise your rates, this is it. If you're a coach or consultant and ready to build and sustain 5 figure months (and/or take your business seriously) Let's talk!


019 - Caty Pasternak - Courageousx10

Caty Pasternak is a Women’s Business + Leadership Coach who helps leaders embody new levels of evolution so they can create lives that turn their soul on. Through intuitive development, quantum physics, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and esoteric foundations; she offers women an integrated experience that will allow their highest selves to truly land in their bodies to manifest their visions with grace and flow, not force and rigidity. With one foot in soul and one foot in swagger, Caty...


018 - How to ACTUALLY Transform

In today's rant, I talk a bit about my experience and the secret to transformation that sticks. If you have yet to download the The Leather Jacket Method, get up on it.


017 - How to Stand Out Online

It can feel really overwhelming to be in a sea of everyone doing exactly what you're doing online. "How do I stand out online?" is probably one of the most common questions I get. In this episode, I talk about the 5 ways to help you find your unique voice so you can shine bright enough that your tribe will find its way to you.


016 - 3 Pillars of Confidence in Your Business

In today's episode, we talk about the three pillars of confidence necessary in your business. This is the fuel to your magic and the oomph to the way you show up for your clients. Mastering these 3 pillars will help accelerate your success.


015 - Building a Platform of Influence

We finally start getting some strategy stuff going on in this episode. If you’re building a business online, having a platform of influence accelerates your authority in your field, helps build your tribe, and ensures you have a hub of your expertise for potential clients to explore.


013-When They Just Don’t Get it

Ever feel like there are worlds between you, your business, and literally every other relationship in your life? Like, they just don’t get what it means to be an entrepreneur? This episode is all about how to navigate that disconnect in a way that helps keep you connected to the people you love, without feeling like you need them to understand what you’re doing in your life.


012 - Money Mindset 101

This is one of the most important episodes I’ll ever have on this show. Without the foundation to an abundant money mindset, none of the business strategies out there will work. In this episode, I share my story and the one thing that got me out of the deep rock bottom-money mindset when I was at my worst. If I can do it, so can you. Get some pen and paper ready, because this episode can change your life. I’m giving you my favorite exercises to break through your money BS.


011 - Girl, It Sounds Like You're Complaining

This episode is a loving reminder to stop complaining, to stop making excuses, and to start taking action. You chose this life, you chose to work for the freedom, and you chose to show up and impact in your gifts. You are here for the sunshine and the storms. Welcome to the pursuit of your dreams, my friends; this is how you get to build this epic new life. Listen to this episode as often as you need to so you can be reminded of your commitments to your dreams.


Imposter Syndrome

In today's episode, we dive into imposter syndrome. If you've ever felt like you are just waiting to be found out or maybe felt like you don't belong - you should know, you are not alone. Imposter syndrome is something we experience when we’re at a stage of growth, change and evolution. And we ALL feel it, to some degree. You are being called to rise, and you are here to answer to that calling. I share some key mindset perspectives and the action steps that will get you through this next...


008 - My Impact Amplifier Morning Routine

How you start your day will set the tone for how it delivers. In this episode, I walk you through what I do every morning. Consider this a buffet - take what serves you, leave what doesn't. Whatever you do, let this inspire you to carve out time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead.


007 - Be Seen - Stop Dimming Your Light

Do you struggle with allowing others to fully see you? Do you dim your light to make others brighter? In this episode, I share some of my personal fears and experiences, and we read another powerful article off of Bold Self.Be seen for who you are – your wants, your desires, your talents, your obsessions, your flaws, your quirks, your magic, your all. Stand boldly in front of this powerful mirror and let us see you in all your magnificent glory, girl. Read the post here


004 - 5 Paths to Success Through Unwavering Commitment

There’s no such thing as half assed commitment. In today’s episode, we talk about the 5 paths to success through unwavering commitment. You begin setting things in motion for the big changes in your life the moment you decide to commit to making it happen. So if you’re in need of some cold hard truth around this, this episode is the perfect reminder.


003 - The Not so Sexy Side of Leveling Up

Growth ain't always pretty. Going to the next level means getting comfortable with discomfort. In today's episodes, we cover 5 ways expansion might be showing up in your life and how to best navigate it when it doesn't look and feel the way you'd expect it to. If you listen to this episode and it really hits home, know, you're not alone.