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Chiara Mazzucco helps high achieving women embrace their bold self and raise the bar for their lives

Chiara Mazzucco helps high achieving women embrace their bold self and raise the bar for their lives
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Chiara Mazzucco helps high achieving women embrace their bold self and raise the bar for their lives




041 - How to Fall Back in Love with Money

Today we talk about money! It's time to fall back in love with it. I'm so looking forward to today's episode because we get to talk about money and I think that the last episode that we did on money was Money Mindset 101 - Episode 012. You should go back and listen to it again after you give this one a listen. Now if money is your jam, here's the pillars to fall in love with money again!


040 - How to Deal with Haters, Trolls, and Drama

You got drama, trolls, and haters? There's nothing to fear. You can't let those things keep you small when you are trying to build something big. ignore the haters girl!


039 - Interview with my coach, Alex Moscow

From a boy with a stutter to popular fraternity brother and top drug dealer in the city - Alex’s first “entrepreneurial gig” came to an abrupt halt the morning the DEA shattered his bedroom window and arrested him. But for Alex, even that “business” was never for the money. It was to fulfill something much deeper. Plagued with such heavy self-doubt from a stutter that made him the laughing target of his kindergarten class, Alex grew up doing everything he could to get people to like him -...


038 - Learn to Run with Your Monsters

In this episode I read you something that I wrote close to two years ago. It's about looking at each monster for the lesson you learned along the way. Reframe them with purpose. You reframe them with the understanding that nothing is permanent, change is possible, and everything CAN improve. But run - run free girl - run with your monsters!


037 - Emily Utter - Courageousx10

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous entrepreneurs -- meaning coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their "location independent" businesses and work from anywhere in the world! Emily works with coaches, healers, and consultants to get out of the hustle, stop over giving, and start growing sustainable income that supports a healthy and happy freedom-filled lifestyle. Her expertise is supporting coaches to scale their businesses to multiple six figures...


036 - Call in More Fun and Watch Your Life Transform

It's time to call in more fun. Now, this isn't a permission slip to put down the grind or anything - cause we all know we need that - but imagine what your business could be like if you ACTUALLY decided to call in more fun? What if you enjoyed it? And you got to play, and laugh, and.... (exactly). Do that.


035 - Christie Bailey - Courageousx10

Welcome to another Courageousx10 interview. I'm so excited to introduce you to my girl Christie. If you don't already know her, you will be obsessed with her - because I am! In this episode we talk about success and how she navigates that with her clients. Christie Bailey is an online business mentor who helps driven, high-achieving men and women scale their coaching businesses to 6-figures and beyond with authenticity, flow, and a healthy dose of fun. As a former fitness influencer and...


034 - [Activate] Stepping into your Leadership

Welcome to the 3rd and final installment of the [Activate] series! In this episode Caty Pasternak and I get down on standing in your power and becoming a leader. This training is what will take you to that next level! Let's Do This!


033 - [Activate] Wealth and Abundance

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the [Activate] series! In this episode Caty Pasternak and I get down on talking about business, wealth & abundance mindset, and leadership. This one is my favorite episode out of the 3! Let's Go!


032 - [Activate] Your Business Big Picture

In this episode I jam with Caty Pasternak about the mastermind we have collaborated on called [Activate]. This mastermind will kick off in San Diego with an in-person retreat in October. So if you are ready to be 'activated' into your leadership and next level of your business - then this is for you! Are you ready?!


031 - You Don't Need Accountability, Step the Fuck Up

In this episode, I talk about dreaming big and holding yourself accountable. On your quest for happiness, love, or wealth - your success starts with following your dream and believing in yourself.


030 - Stacey Rae - Courageousx10

In this Courageousx10 episode, I interview Stacey Rae, one of the most powerful woman I've ever connected with. Her story will inspire you to show up for yourself and see your power and strength. Driven by devotion to support women in seeing whats possible for them, Stacey brings a dynamic and holistic approach to living and leading our most fiercely fulfilling life. Her own story speckled with moments of strength, sorrow, survival, and starting over, she’s dedicated her life to fanning the...


029 - All the Info on Bold Leap Academy

In this episode, I talk about what makes Bold Leap Academy unique and how the program can truly activate you as a leader. Those ten, fifteen, and even twenty thousand dollars months are possible. Let's do this girl!


028 - Put your Action Where Your Mouth Is

If you don't invest in your life, IT WILL NOT INVEST BACK IN YOU. In this episode, we talk about how you have to be willing do the work for the future you want. That work may be investing time & energy, and even sometimes money but somebody that invests in their personal growth will ALWAYS accelerate quicker.


027 - You Can't Break From Building

In this episode, we talk about how you are way too willing to take a break when you are building something massive. So when you are building something - your breaks need to be a little bit different. You need show up but you are supported!


026 - Ruby Fremon - Courageousx10

In this Courageousx10 episode, I interview Ruby Fremon, one of my favorite soul sisters. Her story will inspire you to ignite your flame and help you to find the courage to build the business that feels right to you. Ruby is the coach for the new generation of thought leaders. As a Top Breakthrough Coach for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition,...


025 - Waves of Change: Evolving in Your Life and Business

In this episode, we jam out on evolution and the waves of change - not only in your business, but in your life too. I'm so proud of the way I've allowed my business to evolve with me and reflect my growth as a woman and as a leader. It's helped keep me in alignment with everything I've created, and I hope it does the same for you.


024 - Morgan Field - Courageousx10

In this Courageousx10 episode, I interview Morgan Field, one of the most magnetic activating forces out there. Her story will inspire you and ignite you to unlearn who you’ve been and get to know who you truly are. Morgan Field is the author of the 6-time award winning, Amazon Best Selling book, - Epic Sexy You. She is an award winning and Internationally recognized Intuitive Life Coach that channels spirit and plays in the artistry of alchemy turning subconscious blocks into catalysts of...


023 - Organic Content to Grow Your Coaching Biz

In this episode I share the 5 pillars to creating powerful content that attracts your tribe and positions you as the bomb diggity expert that you are. I also share the unexpected ways organic content has helped me build my business and tell you a bit more about an online course I co-created that is now available for sale! Confident Content Course closes 8/30!


022 - How I Reclaim My Power

Moments of chaos are inevitable - not only in our businesses, but in life, in general. In today's episode, I share with you how I manage to reclaim my power and the process I put myself through in order to make it happen. Learning to flex this muscle will help you get back on your feet a lot quicker when you fall on your ass.