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41: Never Lose a Customer Again - Joey Coleman opens up

Joey Coleman is the Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony, a customer experience branding firm that specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences. Joey specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences During this episode, Joey will talk about what it really takes to deliver a world-class customer experience. He’ll discuss the pressure he’s felt to keep all clients including ways to recover from a bad customer experience. You’ll learn...


40: No Time... No Money? BullShit! a Ben Oosterveld Rant

That's it! This excuse is complete BS! It's time to step up and play to your maximum. You do have the potential to be great! You must be real to those around you and most importantly be real to yourself. Link: Want more? Visit


39: Unexpected Patterns Found in People with over $200 Million - Jay Niblick

Jay Niblick is the founder and CEO of Innermetrix Inc. an international consulting firm with offices in five countries specializing in providing full-service consulting solutions to professional business consultants and coaches. As one of the world’s leading authorities on the application of Formal Axiology in a business environment, Jay is ideally suited to help you understand your own Genius and how to maximize it. During this episode, Jay will share how to develop your self-awareness...


38: Your Best Defense in Life… Head, Hands, Feet - Dave Brett Interview

Dave Brett is the founder of Griffins Boxing and Fitness, one of the largest boxing gym in Canada. He's a marketing gorilla, passionate boxer, and the inventor of a system called box fit. During this episode, Dave will share the true root of his success and explain what it actually takes to feel the best. Expect to see a side of him that usually isn’t talked about in business. Find out the truth about overnight success stories. Listen to the end to hear Bretts biggest inspiration and...


37: How to Build a Life that Matters - Brian Scrone Interview

Brian Scrone is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who like most people, struggled to find fulfillment and figure out what was REALLY important in his life. He strives to be a simple guy who loves God, his family, friends, and surfing. During this episode, Brian will share how he has built a life that truly matters in a way that is authentic to himself. Expect to hear what motivates him to keep going and how he plans to fine-tune his investments and income for the future. Find out how...


36: Dr. Scott Jurica: Stop Sniffing the Air and Take a Breath

Dr. Scott Jurica is a Wellness Consultant, Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor, and Applied Kinesiologist. His private practice is dedicated to providing the most progressive and integrative healthcare by utilizing many innovative therapies such as advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, myofascial work, chiropractic, cold laser, emotional/stress assessment, herbal therapy, functional nutrition, and advanced laboratory analysis to personalize a health program for each...


35: Ryan Rishaug: Getting to the NHL…a Story of Powerful Focus and Humility

Ryan Rishaug is a top-level TSN sports broadcaster. He serves as an ice reporter on the NHL on TSN and covers Edmonton for SportsCentre. He appears regularly on TSN 1260 sports radio in Edmonton. In addition, Rishaug has covered numerous high-profile events for TSN including the Olympic Games, IIHF World Junior Championship, and Stanley Cup Final. Listen to this episode and find out how Ryan find value in Ben’s cold calling strategy that made him adopt the authentic approach to his own...


34: How to Find Your Brand & Build a Team Live Coaching Session with Steve Sims and Ben Oosterveld

Ben's co-host for this episode is Steve Sims, the visionary founder of Bluefish, the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalized entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest. They have their live coaching winner Chris Miller, a real estate agent and entrepreneur, who is in the process of building a new brand and having his own team. Listen to...


33: If You Died Today Would You Feel You Fully Lived...Interview with Philip Mckernan

Philip McKernan is an inspirational speaker, writer, and filmmaker. Philip works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. Philip helps people get clear on who they are and where they need to go. He helps them transition in their personal and professional lives so people feel aligned in all areas of life. Philip believes who and what we do ‘off the ice’...


32: Third Breakup ...Where is "The One"?

In this episode of the Love The Raw Truth, Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together to do a live relationship coaching with Carisa, a 28-year old who has been into 3 break-ups and is on a search on finding “The One”. They dug deep into the challenges of finding that person while she was in her personal journey of personal development and self-awareness. They also talked about the reasons why people tend to be receptive, and the relational psyche that are naturally imprinted on us from...


31: Are Unmotivated People Simply Not Aligned

How are you ever going to move forward if you do not have the energy that drives you to move forward? Do you have an idea on what it is that really makes you insanely pumped? In this episode, Ben talked about the coaching clients who always cancel their session with him. He analyzed and dig deep into what causes this to happen. He noted several issues that cause people to become unmotivated in pursuing their passion and misaligning their actions with their goals. Listen to this episode,...


30: Where Did My Money Go! - Barbara Knoblach –Master Money Coach

Barbara Knoblach is a Certified Money Coach in Edmonton specializing in time and cash flow management for career-driven professionals and real estate. Barbara is not only a money coach, she is also a research scientist who investigates a genetic disorder that afflicts young children. All of this has taught her to eliminate clutter from her life and to focus on core values, such as personal integrity and financial independence. In this episode, Ben and Barbara talk about how life is consists...


29: Wrestling Demons - Phil Randazoo Interview of American Dream U

Ben interviews Phil Randazzo founder of American Dream U, a nonprofit organization that assists the veteran entrepreneur and military veterans transitioning out of the military. The program, taught by some of the world’s best and most successful entrepreneurs, is designed to provide soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coast guard personnel with the tools to obtain their dream jobs or start their own business. Ben and Phil dig deep into topics like the importance of truth, transparency,...


28: Too Real...Ben gets Interviewed...His Truth about Real Estate Investing

Ben was interviewed by Erwin Szeto of The Truth about Real Estate Investing... for Canadians. By all definitions, Ben shared that he was killing it, but he wasn’t always successful. Ben shares his childhood story being a preacher’s son, why he ran away from home at 12, abused drugs and alcohol until the age of 20, crawled home to his parents, checked into a 12-month rehabilitation program and turned his life around. Ben talks about learning lessons on raising a challenging child such as...


27: How to Embrace the Discomfort of a Broken Relationship

Again, Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together to do a live relationship coaching. Hear this interview that feels like real friends chatting without BS with each other’s points. Kelsey and Ben dug deep into Ashley’s broken relationships and the toxic energies that it attracts while Ben intuitively interpret Ashley’s confidence, digging deep on Ashley’s pain points in terms of relationship and being a people pleaser. Enjoy and hear how open-mindedly and willingly Ashley accept the...


26: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Business that Will Change Your Inner Programming

Are you ready to step your game up with regards to scaling up your business? There are tons of marketing tactics and strategies that you can do. But the most important area to focus on is the progress within. In this episode, Ben dig deep into the fear of success and how it impacts one’s momentum of success. Ben tackles also how we are brought up not to stand-out as a child, how self-sabotaging can impact your financial picture and your mental space. Stay tuned as Ben fire away 5 important...


25: The Vaden Earl Story. My Daughter is Trapped in the Dominican Republic and I Can’t Get Her Out

In this episode, Ben got the chance to have Vaden Earl and hear his adoptive daughter named Widlene’s story, a 12-year-old Haitian girl who was left orphaned in the Dominican Republic. For close to 10 years now, her adoptive family has been attempting to bring her to Canada. With new citizenship policies in the Dominican Republic, Widlene became stateless. As a trifecta of a minority, female, black and a minor why is she not allowed to come to Canada? This clearly shows how the Canadian...


24: 5 Thoughts for Business Owners & Real Estate Agents Who Need a Friendly Punch in the Gut

In this episode, Ben shares his thoughts for business owners and realtors. Ben shares different tips and tactics so a business owner can scale up, leverage and move their lives forward. Ben tackles the importance of doing the things you love the most and also allowing yourself to take a break and enjoy the things that make you tick. So when you are back on your desk, you have renewed perspective about work, business, relationship and your well-being as a...


23: Will I Ever Find a Match - Live Relationship Coaching

Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together for a live relationship coaching. Today, Cassy come on the show and consulted them about her 18-months on the verge of breaking up relationship limbo.Ben and Kelsey listened to Cassy’s story and gave their takes about her relationship journey, both intimate and personal relationship especially with family and friends. Kelsey Grant dug deep into Cassy’ love template and the powerful forces of humanity that drive her to stay in her relationship...


22: Stealing Cigarettes to Find Value

In this episode, Ben shares how he used to steal cigarettes from his grandfather just to give it to kids who smoke at school. He did that to feel that sense of acceptance and belonging to those kids. Once in our life, are we like that little Ben who did that just for someone else to notice us? Self-acceptance needs to happen for us to grow. We must learn to embrace our inner child. Learn to love ourselves from within. A self-reset for us to be able to live our own...