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Episode 32 | Leadership Lessons from Undercover Boss

Another one of the shows that we tend to watch is "Undercover Boss." This podcast episode examines a few leadership lessons that we noted from some of the episodes of "Undercover Boss." Also visit for a funny SNL version of "Undercover Boss" featuring Kylo Ren - THE FORCE AWAKENS! LOLOL!

Episode 26 | Win Before You Begin

You have the power to WIN BEFORE YOU BEGIN! In episode 26 we give you five keys to winning before you even set forth. Listen to this podcast episode to learn these five keys: 1. Mindset over everything. 2. Know your value 3. Set your goals 4. Remember to learn 5. Adapt to the “storms” Intro clip from VYBO - find them on YouTube: Visit us: Please help us out by Reviewing and Rating on iTunes. We appreciate you listening!