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How a 12 Year old actor became a movie producer, Like Father like son

Reading Time: 1 minute On this Core Confidence interview, we have a Father and son team. The son, 12 year old Austin Foxx just produced his first movie. We will hear all about that independent movie, and even hear from one of the stars in it. We hear about how Austin and his Father got their start, the lessons […]


How men can balance family and entrepreneurship, and the 7 C’s of confidence

Reading Time: 1 minute On this episode, we have a great conversation with a men’s confidence coach and entrepreneur. He can help you strike that balance between work and life that can have you spending more quality time with your kids and more connection time with your partner. On top of that, we talk about….wait for it….you guessed it…confidence. […]


A young basketball star follows his passion, breaks old stigma and becomes an actor

Reading Time: 1 minute On this episode of Core Confidence, we talk to a young actor from Michigan. After playing basketball for years, he moved into acting and entertainment. At first he was hesitant to expand into performing arts due to what he thought would be a strike to his image of manhood, but once on stage, he loved […]


Raised with lack of confidence: A man’s story of street life, abuse, then finding God

Reading Time: 1 minute On this podcast we are in for a story of a man that made it through a very dificult background. Being adopted, having an abusive Father, street trouble and low self-esteem were just some of the challenges in his life. Through all that, he was able to find his way out by connecting to the […]


Breaking the silence: A surviver of human trafficking shares her story, her insight, and her mission

Reading Time: 1 minute Every now and then on this show we highlight an importent issue in the culture and in the world. This show is one of those times. We turn our atention to the dark world of human trafficking. We talk to a surviver of this world who wants to tell her story. In 2013, the movie […]


Understanding Anger: How to gain control of it, and use it constructively

Reading Time: 1 minute When we talk about men and personal development, a topic that will come up as some point is anger. Anger can be a big issue for some men. On this show I interview a man who knows just how much trouble an anger problem can be. He shares with us his battle with anger, the […]


Braveheart, An Iraq war vet’s story of faith, service, manhood, and leadership

Reading Time: 1 minute On this show, we look at manhood from an army man’s prospective. After 3 tours in Iraq, our guest shares the lessons he learned, how he transitioned back into the civilian population, how he is helping other vets, and his 4 principles of strong manhood. Serve a cause larger than yourself Guest: Entrepreneur, Speaker, and […]


The 3 Pillars of Personal Transformation, Deepening Self-Awareness

Reading Time: 1 minute The only thing better than being ourselves is being our best selves. Here at Core Confidence Life, we talk about achieving goals, relationships, sex and all that. In order to get the best out of life in those areas and more, you must first understand who you are. On this show We interview an author […]


Decoding success, What is it, How do you get it, How do you maintain it

Reading Time: 1 minute We all want to be successful, but how do we do it. First we have to understand what success means. On today’s show, we talk about just that. What is success, who can be successful, and some tips by our guest on the things that add to your success. Our guest is an Entrepreneur, Speaker […]


The forging of a man and The Pressure of Success, Excalibur

Reading Time: 2 minutes On today’s show we go deep. I talk to Michael Lauria, a men’s coach and mentor who really understands the development and chalenges of men. We touch on all aspects of men’s development. From the pressures of success, to masculine energy, to shadow work and more. We get deep into his book and talk about […]


How to attract the right person for you, having healthy boundaries, Explore Poly Relationships

Reading Time: 1 minute Many of us would love to have a good healthy relationship. Often times, it could seam tough to grope through dating ads, only to be disappointed. How do you make sure you can attract the vary person that would be right for you, or at least increase your odds? On this show, I talk about […]


Platonic male friendships, sex positivity, A man’s journey to be comfortable with self.

Reading Time: 2 minutes As humans, we are social beings. One of the most importent relationships we can build are friendships. Due to stigma, many men have a hard time being close to other men, especially when you talk about being affectionate with a male friend. This stigma harms us as men and stunts a part of our growth. […]


How to spice up Sex and romance in your marriage, Keeping it hot and steemy

Reading Time: 1 minute We talk about healthy sexuality often on this show. Today is no different. On this show, a marriage and sex coach talks to us about keeping our sex life fulfilling, after those vows are done. You do not have to be married to get value from this show. Whether married, dating, or single, every man […]


Sex, Money, Communication, The 3 biggest obstacles in a relationship and how to solve them

Reading Time: 1 minute When we first enter a relationship, we are excited, and things tend to go well. After the newness of the relationship cools down, then the work begins. As a Core Confident man you want to be able to work through the chalenges, ups and downs of your relationship. On today’s show I talk to a […]


How a man Overcame fear of failure, sexual shame, and lack of confidence to become his full self

Reading Time: 1 minute Here at Core Confidence Life, we help you step into and own who you are as a man. Many men grew up being taught guilt and shame around sex and sexual expression. This guilt causes us to disconnect from an importent part of our identity. On today’s show, we talk to a man that took […]


How to not care what people think of you, handeling rejection like a man

Reading Time: 3 minutes At one time or another, we have cared more than we should about what others think of us. While its good to listen to others and take feedback, caring too much about the views of others takes away our manly confidence. The same can be said for rejection. Rejection is a fact of life, and […]


What teen boys need to know to become strong, confident, respectable men

Reading Time: 2 minutes According to multiple statistics, 1 out of 4 boys grow up without a Father. Often, many of these boys do not have any other healthy male role model to look up to. Divorce, bouncing around in the foster care system and other circumstances leave teen boys untaught and unstructured. With my background as a mentor […]


When the dust settled, How a man survived child abuse and rebuilt his confidence

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we have been talking about on the podcast lately, owning yourself is the key to core confident manhood. Owning your choices, and owning your feelings. Today, we talk about navigating past trama, and how to rebuild your sense of self. Our guest has survived long term child abuse, and he is here to talk […]


How to man up to yourself, Owning your choices, choosing how to feel

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have all heard the term “man up”. Even though that phrase can been often used to put somebody down, it can also be used to call you to action, Today, the call to action is to “man up” to yourself. The power is in your hands, but how do you step into it? Today, […]


Masculinity, Manhood, Culture, and how to balance your divine power

Reading Time: 2 minutes Being a man in today’s world can seam challenging. The rapid changes in culture could leave you asking the meaning of manliness and manhood today? All the talk about toxic masculinity can leave some men feeling attacked. There is a way to aproach all this. Its by understanding how to let go of stigma and […]