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58: How to Deal When the #MeToo Movement Triggers Your #MeToo Memory | Dr. Zoe Shaw

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in the US, and several other places around the world, are familiar with the #MeToo movement. It’s been an incredibly powerful movement, but it’s also been a very emotionally charged movement. The purpose of this episode is to address what the #MeToo movement might be doing to you and how it may be affecting you from an emotional and psychological standpoint. In this episode, I’m providing tips to help you process the #MeToo movement and any...


57: 10 Things Strong Women Always Do | Dr. Zoe Shaw

When I think of a strong woman, she is someone who fights expectations, bounces back from adversity, is grounded in her faith, knows who she is, recognizes the strength in asking for help, and respects herself and others. When thinking about, working with, and admiring these strong women, there are 10 character traits that stand out. These traits are present in all strong women and can be a guide for those looking to gain more strength themselves. Talk a listen to this week's episode as...


56: Raising Great Girls: Perfection Not Required | Darlene Brock

This episode if for all the imperfect moms with imperfect daughters. Dr. Zoe talks to Darlene Brock, Author of Raising Great Girls. Darlene is also the President and Co-founder of the Grit and Grace Project; an online magazine for women. She is also co-host of This Grit and Grace Life Podcast. Listen in on a mother's hindsight, as she encourages and inspires moms raising great girls. To learn more, visit


55: Getting Over a Funk | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Sometimes it’s a personal funk (relationally) or maybe it’s a work funk and you just don’t feel productive. No matter what type of funk it is, none of them feel good, so listen in as Dr. Zoe Shaw, licensed psychotherapist and life coach, gives you tips to tackle getting out of your funk quickly. To learn more, visit


54: Letting Go of Superwoman Because It Really Just Means Supermartyr | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Do you feel like you have to take care of everything? Like you’re being pushed to the limit and everyone “expects” you to get everything done? Are you constantly being forced to be Superwoman? Licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach, Dr. Zoe, shares her journey of letting go of Superwoman and gives you some tips to let go yourself. Are you ready to let go of your Superwoman? To learn more, visit


53: Finding Your Purpose When You Feel Lost | Betsy Pake

If you are struggling to figure out what in the world you are here on this Earth to do, listen in as Betsy Pake and I discuss our journeys toward finding our purpose, with tips and encouragement for how you can find yours too. (Hint, it’s not actually lost.) Betsy Pake is a certified life coach, author, the Host of The Art of Living Big podcast, former CrossFit owner, and competitive weightlifter. In this episode, you'll hear about Betsy's struggles with defining her purpose, what...


052: Developing Sex Positivity in Your Child | Emily Gaudreau

Emily Gaudreau (Host of Raising a Maverick Podcast) and I tackle a difficult subject- Encouraging healthy sexual development in your child. We talk about the hard stuff- how your own sex hang-ups can get passed on to your children, porn proofing your child, talking about sex with your children- all with the ultimate goal of your child having a loving, satisfying, healthy sexual relationship in their adulthood. To learn more, visit


051: How to Confront Your Partner (In a Healthy Way) About His Unacceptable Behavior | Dr. Zoe Shaw

When you’re struggling with confronting your spouse, there is usually a lot of emotional weight attached to the subject. If you try to wing it, it probably won't go well. Listen in on some tips to use when you need to have the big conversations. Also, Dr. Zoe answers a question about how to deal with a disconnected husband. To learn more, visit


050: When Your Husband Isn’t the Father You Imagined He Would Be - Helping Your Husband Part #2 | Dr. Zoe Shaw

This episode is encouragement for women regarding how to DEAL when you are feeling let down, frustrated, exhausted and sad for yourself and your kids because your husband just isn’t the father you wish he would be. In episode 49, I spoke with Clint Edwards about this topic and I just wanted to talk about it some more. It’s a deep one that many women have struggled with, including myself. I thought it was great to hear a man’s perspective on parenting from a place of not knowing, but...


049: Helping Your Husband Be a Father When He Didn’t Have One | Clint Edwards

I had a great conversation with Clint Edwards, who has blown up as a daddy blogger and author. If you are struggling with a husband who isn’t quite the father you hoped he would be, maybe because he didn’t have a role model to begin with, this episode is for you- And newsflash- Share it with your hubby. I don’t think there are any cataclysmic answers, but hearing from the point of view of a father who is trying to be the best Dad he can be and he is succeeding at it, despite not having the...


048: I Know You’re Grown, but Are You Acting like a Grown Woman? | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Immaturity in our lives can cost us, ladies. The general way of thinking is that as we age, we mature. NOT TRUE. As we age, we age. When we work on ourselves and grow from life experiences, we mature. Not everyone does and you may be shocked to find that there are areas that you still need to grow in maturity. Some of the things I address in this podcast might make you say “ouch”. That just means that’s the area you need to work on. The reality is that you can be grown in some areas...


047: Deleting Fear Based Thinking | Mary Shores

Mary Shores is an Amazon Bestselling Author who experienced a self-described “rough childhood”, the devastating loss of her first child, highly successful business, a messy divorce, and is currently raising an autistic son. Mary's a fantastic example of how you can get past bad experiences in your life and how beautiful your life can be when you’re not living in fear and are able to get your self-talk under control. In this episode, you’ll hear Mary’s heartbreaking story of losing her...


046: The Importance of Maintaining Sibling Relationships | Yolanda and Dr. Zoe

It means so much to me to be joined in this episode by my baby sister, Yolanda, to share our journey of maintaining that bond and close relationship across distance and life circumstances. "A new friend only knows half the story..." Yolanda is a mother, wife, attorney and mediator and in this episode, she’s sharing the dirt and details on growing up with Dr. Zoe. Just eighteen months apart and sisters for our forty and something something years, we discuss the ups and downs of sharing a...


045: When Life Throws You Curveballs: Managing the Setbacks in Life | Dr. Michele Kerulis

Dr. Michele Kerulis is a professor of counseling with Counseling@Northwestern and former program director of sport and health psychology at Adler University in Chicago. A certified consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry, and a content expert in sport and exercise psychology, her years of experience as an athlete, fitness professional, and therapist have created the foundation for her belief...


044: How to Raise a Maverick: Raising Kids with Grit, Ethics and Confidence | Emily Gaudreau

Emily Gaudreau is a positive discipline coach and the Host of the How to Raise a Maverick podcast. Not only is Emily the mother to a five-year-old girl that she classifies as a “spitfire,” but, when she was in her mid-20’s, Emily was tasked with raising her two teenage god-children after their mother passed, and she is also the step-mother to three children; one of which suffered a traumatic injury that left him with permanent brain damage. So, it’s safe to say Emily has some special...


043: It’s Time to Get Over Your Fear | Dr. Zoe Shaw

We all have fears. Some fears are more common than others, but we're all impacted by our fears at various points in our lives. The real question is ... are you ruling your fears, or are your fears ruling you? In this episode, I get vulnerable and share some of my crazy, embarrassing fears, but more importantly, I give you some tools for getting over the big and the little fears that are really holding you back in your life. It's time to conquer your fears instead of letting them conquer...


042: Dating Wisdom for Women Using Biology to Choose Your Partner | Kongit Farrell

Humans are biological creatures so, wouldn't it make sense that we can use Biology to better understand our relationships? Kongit Farrell is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an EMDR Therapist, and the Founder and Director of the Inspired Journey Counseling Center in Los Angeles. In this episode, Kongit explains how seeing her mother’s relationships as a child impacted her own relationships when she began dating, the importance of letting go of people who don’t value you as much as...


041: Loving Yourself Through the Seasons of Your Life | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Do you realize that there are certain choices you should make and certain tasks you should focus on in different seasons of your life? What season are you in? Listen in to get an idea. Psychologists have theorized various stages of development and what experiences and tasks should be accomplished in each stage in order to have a healthy psychological life. Most of these theories apply to males and today I talk about the seasons of a woman’s life and how you can hyper focus on your season...


040: 8 Pillars of Balance for Busy Women | Jenny Stemmerman

Do you feel that work/life balance is not possible? Guess what? Balance IS possible and Jenny Stemmerman of helps us figure out how to reframe balance and make it work even in the midst of the beautiful chaos that is our life. Define what balance looks like to you with the 8 pillars that make up your life (faith, marriage, parenting, health, career, home, finances, fun/friends). You have to define it for yourself and not anyone else. Set goals in all areas for a 90...


039: Get a Ph.D. In You! | Julie Reisler

Julie Reisler is the author of Get a PhD in YOU. She has a master’s degree in coaching, more than twelve certifications around health and wellbeing, and has been featured in places like ABC and The New York Times. In this episode, Julie talks about how tapping into our strength and passions as a child can us better understand ourselves as an adult, why we need to reframe our perception of the word “selfish”, why you should be your own best friend, how journaling relates to discovering...