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Can You Change An Unhealthy Relationship To A Healthy One?

Can you change an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one? That is the question of the century. We all know you can’t change anyone ever, but there are some very real changes that you can make to transform your relationship. Listen in as Dr. Zoe, licensed psychotherapist, life and relationship coach discusses ways you can up level your life in order to improve your relationship.


To The Woman In A Difficult Relationship

No one consciously chooses a difficult relationship. You find yourself in one. And when you are there in the midst of the pain, what’s a woman to do? Leaving is not always a feasible or wanted option. In this episode, Dr. Zoe, licensed psychotherapist, gives five tips to the woman in a difficult relationship.


Setting An Intention For Your Relationship This Year

Most people set goals or resolutions every year, some people don’t. Those goals or resolutions are usually personal. Not as many people set an intention or goal specifically about their relationship. Whether you’re in a difficult relationship, or you’re in a great relationship in a difficult spot, every relationship can benefit from some intention. In this episode, I talk about how you can set intentions for your relationship for this new year. Link Saint-Rossy: ...


How To Forgive Yourself For The Dumb Things You Did This Past Decade

As we close this decade, I reflect on cherished memories of all the wonderful decisions, opportunities and experiences this decade held for me. I encourage you to do the same. But I can’t help but remember some of the really dumb things I have done. In this episode, I discuss ways to forgive yourself for your dumb mistakes, while honouring all your wins this past decade. Also, click on the link to purchase my self talk course. Get started in January! Link to my self talk program


How To Not Feel Bitter | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Bitterness is a big topic for women. We can develop bitterness because we choose to hold things in and we don’t express ourselves. And you can choose different. So I’m challenging you today; choose different and let go of the bitterness. In this episode, I will tell you how to get over your bitterness and live in the future.


106: Healing from Trauma and How EMDR Might Help | Wynn Helms

**Warning** Sensitive, triggering subjects such as sexual abuse are discussed in this episode. Wynn Helms is a Certified EMDR Psychotherapist and today we’re diving into all things trauma. In this episode, we’re talking about what trauma is and what it isn’t, the most common symptoms of trauma, how to know when it’s time to seek professional help, and how EMDR therapy can help you treat your trauma. To learn more, visit


105: Remember Who You Are | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Have you ever had an instant realization that you have allowed life to turn you into someone you don't want to be? Sometimes you can have a fleeting moment that hits you hard, but then you rationalize it - or you're too busy to pay attention to it, but there's this gnawing knowledge that you don't know who you are anymore. In this episode, I talk about how we can get lost sometimes and the path back to remembering who you are. To learn more, visit


104: Why You Feel Lonely in Your Relationship | Dr. Zoe Shaw

All of us have probably felt lonely in a relationship at some point in our lives. But, if it’s habitual, it’s time to take a deeper look. In this episode, I discuss what creates loneliness in relationships, how to determine if you're lonely because of an issue in the relationship or if it’s because of you, how to overcome the loneliness, and more. To learn more, visit


103: Accepting Your Dark Side | Dr. Zoe Shaw

A strong woman must be willing to examine all sides of herself. That’s why we’re talking about the topic of getting to know your shadow self. In this episode, I explain what your shadow self is, how your shadow self is created, how to recognize your shadow self, the importance of acknowledging your shadow self, how to accept your shadow self, and more. To learn more, visit


102: One Woman’s Journey of Strength Through Loss | Julie Graham

I wanted to bring this guest on as a snapshot of a woman of strength while also highlighting that we don’t always recognize the qualities in us that create strength. Julie Graham is the co-host of the This Grit & Grace Life Podcast and she’s the social media maven for the The Grit and Project® online women’s magazine. She is also a mama of one and a young widow who recently competed in a fitness competition; which I find incredibly inspiring. In this episode, Julie discusses her unstable...


101: Quit Trying to Save Everyone | Dr. Zoe Shaw

This is for the woman who feels responsible for everyone else. Or maybe it’s just a certain person or just your family that you feel responsible for. How far is too far when it comes to caring? At what point does caring become enabling? How does it impact the people you are rescuing? Listen in because it's time to quit. To learn more, visit


100: The Freedom of Opting Out | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Do you ever want to kick yourself as soon as you say yes? Maybe you want to kick yourself 3 weeks later when it’s time to do the thing you committed to because you lied to yourself 3 weeks ago, thinking that somehow you were going to miraculously be more on top of things by then. Sometimes we get caught up in seeing what someone else is doing and we think we should do that too. Well no, actually you shouldn’t. Or at the very least you need to ask yourself a bunch of questions first. We’re...


99: When God Won’t Fix It | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Sometimes you have something so big and so difficult in your life that only God can fix. But sometimes, God just doesn’t fix it and that can mess us up psychologically. We create negative self-talk around it that is so damaging to our mind and our soul. We've got to stop that. I don’t normally talk about God here but I felt compelled to speak about this and I’ve learned to follow that instinct when it appears. It’s easy to separate my work and my faith when it comes to my clients since the...


98: When Life Changes | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Life changes can resemble the slow rise of an ocean wave, but sometimes they feel more like hitting a brick wall. Sometimes we embrace it. Often, we don’t. Either way, it’s inevitable. For me, right now is a season of change with my son off to college and not living at home anymore. This might be a season of change for you too. Remember, even good changes like getting married, having a baby or graduating can cause stress and upend things for a while. Familiar feels comfortable and...


97: The Line Between Selfish and Selfless | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Do you ever struggle with feeling like your self-care is really an excuse to be selfish? Do you have mom, wife or friend guilt when you aren’t being completely selfless? Women agonize so much over how their decisions are affecting other people in their lives in a way that men generally do not. Part of it comes from the fact that part of our feminine being is to be nurturers but the reality is that not caring enough about ourselves is unhealthy. No-one wants to identify themselves as selfish...


96: How A Strong Woman Deals With Past Hurt | Dr. Zoe Shaw

This episode was fueled by two questions I received recently from podcast listeners that were very similar. I realized that if two different women were reaching out to me about the same topic, other people likely have similar questions. Sometimes we truly choose to hold on to past hurts, but more often than not, we never properly dealt with them in the first place. In this episode, I discuss how to determine if a past hurt is truly in the past and what steps you need to take to move forward...


95: Strong Women and Co-Dependency | Dr. Zoe Shaw

Did you know that "taking-care-of-it-all-ism" is a sign of co-dependence? You're probably telling yourself you do it all because you do it best, but it really may be more about the need to feel needed. Today I'm holding up a mirror for all the women who assume that you can't be strong and be co-dependent. Even though most people view co-dependence as a sign of weakness, the truth is that you can be otherwise strong and independent and completely co-dependent in your relationship. If you...


94: The Courage to Try | Dr. Zoe Shaw

This episode is dedicated to Bethany Rutledge. Bethany connected with me months ago and I was originally going to have her on the show to discuss today’s topic. Bethany was the author of Courage to Try, a USAT-certified coach, a mama of twin boys, and a triathlete. I recently finished reading her book and both it and her story so encouraging. Bethany dedicated her life to helping women develop courage and, even though I’m a bit melancholy in this episode, I felt I owed it to her to carry...


93: Are You Acting like the Leader That You Are? | Dr. Zoe Shaw

I recently realized I think of myself as a boss, an entrepreneur, and a mom, but I never think of myself as a leader and I’m guessing you don’t either. But you are! It’s important for every woman to see herself as a leader because everyone leads at something. No matter who you are, someone is watching you and you’re a leader whether you’re influencing one person or one-hundred thousand people. In this episode, I discuss what leaders do; including the importance of establishing trust with...


92: Write to Influence | Carla D. Bass

Did you know that you every bit of writing you do- email, text, twitter, etc., is a reflection of you? Carla D. Bass, author of Write to Influence, gives us some tips and quick techniques that can improve our writing and improve our influence in all aspects of our lives. Carla D. Bass is a retired Air Force colonel. For 30 years, she wrote for executives, composing hundreds of personnel reviews; nominations for awards, fellowships, and other competitive packages; and more. She taught her...