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Being the Source of Reality

Who or what is the source of your choices and your life? Is it money and time? Is it your Significant other? Is it you? When you make choices do you look at what you don't have and base what you choose on that? That's making what you lack the source of your future. It's what most of us do. But there is another choice... Today we skim the surface of this topic and invite you to come along for the journey.


All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease And Joy And Glory

Join in this weeks conversation about a simple way to invite more ease with whatever shows up in your life. A simple way to invite more joy into everyday living. A simple way to elicit exuberant expression no matter who you are around or what is going on. Yep, we are doing it again. Bringing you one more tool of awaress for creating the live you truly love living! Invite a friend and listen in with Stephanie and Heather!


Do Something. This Is Beyond Spiritual.

Join in the conversation on today's episode of the Good Girl's Guide To Being Wrong and Happy where we talk about taking action to create the life you desire.....and it might be more simple than you think, and you don't have to know HOW - say what? Yep. You read the correctly. You don't have to know how to change to create amazing change with ease.


The Power Of You

Join the good girls Stephanie and Heather as they talk about the everyday super powers you have - it is not what you ever imagined and far easier thank you think!


Get What you Desire

Joakim Valdevi and the Good Girls explore how to get what you desire in a way that makes everyone in relationship happier. Using the tools of Access Consciousness and a few simple tricks everyone in relationship can have more ease... starting right now.


How to Please a Woman

Is today the one day of the year you know for sure you are definitely wrong? Today the good girl's are going to celebrate men! We know we are impossible to please - we have interviewed 6 men with happy relationships on how they create more pleasure, please their women while not divorcing themselves and diffuse arguments. Today's segment we will be hearing the speak about creating sexual pleasure and not losing themslevs in the relationships they are in.


How Not To Forget Your Car Keys

You knew you were going to forget your keys, but did you act on it? Or, did you just tell yourself to not forget your keys; then procede to forget your keys! Are you willing to use your awareness to your advantage, or are you only willing to know you were right in hinde sight? Today's conversation will talk about the surprisingly practical application of awareness in your everyday life with The Good Girl's Guide To Being Wrong and Happy with Heather Smith and Stephanie Richardson.


What Is The Superhero Out Fit Under Your Clothing?

Quit pretending those are your undies, we see your superhero outfit that you are really wearing! Is now the time to choose, ask for and create as though you truly have no limits?


No Longer Out Of Reach

You may think that choosing to eat healthier is just about your weight. What if it actually opens a door to a totally new reality? The power of new choices can go far beyond what we decided will get created by that new choice and open up infinite possibilities...


Butterfly Maneuvers

We've been talking a lot on the show lately about asking questions and allowing the universe to go into motion to deliver what you are asking for. Did you know that the universe is very unlikely to deliver it in an obvious, linear way that makes sense to you? Today's topic "Butterfly Maneuvers" is about those erratic, unpredictable movements that are contributing to what you are asking for showing up. Join in the conversation with Stephanie and Heather at noon pacific, 3pm eastern.


Conversations with Heather and Stepanie

Join in the coversation with the Good Girl's Guide To Being Wrong and Happy.


Out of Mary Poppins Bag

Mary Poppins was able to pull an entire room of objects out of her magic bag…. could it be that our lives are a lot like Mary Poppins Bag? What if nothing is as it seems, and we have a lot more available than our current resources seem to indicate? Would you allow that unpredictability to be a gift?


Reality Detox

We like to think that other people are like us or at least that the reality that they are living in is similar… but have you noticed that some people see almost everything entirely different than you and to them it’s logical… what if we really do live in different realities? But if we live in different realities... who's realities are we using when we choose our lives? How many things do we choose because they are valuable to us? How many things do we choose because they are valuable to...


Reaching for what you want

People try to create by focusing on what they don’t want and overcoming it instead of reaching for what they actuallu want. What if creating has nothing to do with the past? If creating your future wasn't a reaction to the past, would you create anything different?


A Glitch in Science

Science does not deal with anything it cannot measure... but what about what we've yet to discover? In an ever expanding universe do we really understand it well enough to think our current tools and ideas capture the nature of what is? Listen to the Good Girl's get it all wrong as they talk about science and maybe even some things science has yet to describe...


The Very Next Step

When you trust yourself you can begin even when the next step is unclear. But if you are judging your choices there is no trust. Join the Good Girl's in this exploration of trust and uncertainty. What does it mean to trust yourself?


What The!....If It Is Not About Being Wrong, What Is Going On?

Getting real, as the Goog Girl's Guide To Being Wrong and Happy wonder what is going on? Today's show: What The!....If It Is Not About Being Wrong, What Is Going On? We will explore the question "What have you been asking for?"...and the unexpected, the unknown and previously uncharted territories of living...How do you navigate an invisible map? You can call in to the live show today at noon pacific, 3pm eastern:


The Biker Gang Guide To Being Powerful - Thanksgiving Inspiration REPLAY

Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving. What do you do when you feel powerless? Join Heather Smith and Stephanie Richardson in another irreverent, humorous and practical conversation for changing the stuff most people do not wish to talk about! Today's show we talk abuot the difference between trying to prove you are powerful and actually being powerful...along with a few tricks for how to get there!


The Gift of Spaciousness

In today's show we will be myth-busting the accusations that being spaced is a problem...what if there are tremendous gifts in the ability and choice to be "spaced out"? - it's not what you think! Join in the conversation with Heather and Stephanie today at noon Pacific and 3pm eastern.


What Is Going On????

Hello folks! WOW there is a lot of change going on in the world. How are you doing with all of it? A lot of trauma. A lot of Drama. A lot of beauty and wonder...and everything in between! If you have you, you have all you require to get through anything! Yay YOU! that too soon? Not quite there in celebrating you, the choices you have and the possibilities open to you? Welcome to the good girl's guide to being wrong and HAPPY.