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Leah Itsines - Healthy does not have to be hard.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Leah Itsines and in an instant it was clear that this power woman does not hide in the shadows of her sister Kayla. Leah, a self taught creative cook and author is on a serious mission in the kitchen to show people that being healthy is not hard! We chat to Leah about her about her journey, her food philosophy and why restricting yourself will not help you in any way, how self belief is crucial and the importance of a balanced lifestyle.


Olivia Rogers - Breaking the stigma around mental health.

Olivia Rogers was crowned Miss Universe Australia last year which has given her a platform to spread a message that she is so deeply passionate about, raising awareness about breaking the stigma around mental health issues in our country. Olivia has achieved so much already, not only does she hold the Miss Universe Australia title but she is also a speech pathologist, artist and all round great human. Olivia is on a serious mission and we think she's definitely one to keep your eye on....


Kayla Itsines - Forming positive habits and sticking to them.

Today’s guest is a global sensation and one of the most influential people on the planet! At just 26, Kayla Itsines was been named by Forbes as the number 1 fitness influencer in the world. Born and raised in Adelaide, Kayla started her career as a PT training women in her hometown and she says this is still one of the favourite parts of her job. Extremely humble and incredibly down to earth, Kayla openly shared her amazing journey, her top health tips and she gave us an insight into...


Elyse Knowles - Be yourself and don't change for anyone.

Today’s guest is Australia’s Golden Girl and the face of some of the biggest brands in our country. She is such a rockstar! Becoming a household name after winning The Block in 2017, Elyse Knowles’ career skyrocketed and she rightly became a role model to women all across the country. Giving 110% to everything she does, it’s easy to see how she has secured so many incredible opportunities. We loved getting to know Elyse and are still pitching ourselves that we got to chat to her about...


Luke Hines - What ever it is can wait.

We are so excited to be back for Season 2 that we decided to release this episode a day early AND we are kicking things off with a great one! We have had the pleasure of getting to know Luke Hines this year, and we honestly couldn’t speak more highly of an individual. Luke was first noticed by the Australian public when he appeared on My Kitchen Rules and from there his career has boomed! This man radiates positivity and is a true reflection of what we believe the health and well-being...


Ange Simson - The Gratitude Project

Ange Simson - Female health & happiness coach, love filled writer and speaker, mum of two girls and cheerleader for wellbeing. This woman is beyond inspiring and we know that you are going to take so much away from this episode. Growing up in Sunny Townsville in QLD, you could say that Ange had a very blessed childhood with a wonderful family, relatively unaffected by tragedy but as a young teen she suffered from debilitating migraines which would often cause her to lose her vision and...


Lisa Messenger

Today's Guest is the definition of a fierce female. Lisa Messenger is Australia's ultimate success story when she captivated her audience and quickly became a global sensation when launching her print magazine The Collective Hub in 2013. Lisa quickly gained a loyal community of aspiring entrepreneurs who were ready to say goodbye to the 9 to 5. Working alongside the likes Richard Branson, Anna Wintour and the world's biggest leaders, Lisa and her dedicated team provided their readers...


Healthy Hustler - Amy Bett

We have now released over 15 episodes and so often we receive beautiful messages from our listeners letting us know how much they love the podcast and they people that we interview, but that they really want to know our story and who are the ladies behind The Healthy Hustlers podcast. So today we are really excited to share with you Amy's story. We recorded this interview at Amy's home in Geelong whilst sitting on the floor in her daughter Lily's bedroom where the afternoon sun shines...


Healthy Hustler - Madelyn Bartholomew

We have now released over 15 episodes and so often we receive beautiful messages from our listeners letting us know how much they love the podcast and they people that we interview, but that they really want to know our story and who are the ladies behind The Healthy Hustlers podcast. So today we are really excited to share with you Madelyn's story. We recorded this interview at Amy's home in Geelong whilst sitting on the floor in her daughter Lily's bedroom where the afternoon sun shines...


Charlie De Haas

If you look up the definition of hustler in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure today’s guest would be listed. Charlie De Haas is the unstoppable wellness goddess behind the insta famous Clean Treats Factory in Sydney. Best known for her #CharliesBalls this powerhouse entrepreneur has made ‘having your chocolate and eating too’ acceptable and most importantly healthy. From rolling bliss balls in her kitchen to a multi-million dollar empire Charlie’s drive is seriously inspiring (and pretty...


Jess Sepel

Graceful, warm and incredibly inspiring are just a few ways to describe today’s guest. At just 29 years of age Jess Sepel has well and truly made her mark on the health and well-being industry. An avid foodie, Jess’ passion lies in giving her global community recipes, advice and knowledge that help them flourish. A Clinical Nutritionist, Best selling author, and founder of JS Health, she created a global online community after hitting rock bottom then overcoming a negative and toxic...


Tully Lou

You know those people who walk into a room and you’re instantly drawn to them, their smile, their energy and their charisma, well today’s guest is one of those people. Tully Humphery, is the creative brain behind global sportelux activewear label Tully Lou, which she launched 2013 after seeing a gap in the market for seriously epic activewear that helps to make you feel fabulous. Today this stylist health and wellness advocate is a force to be rekoned with, spreading her positive message...


DJ Tigerlily

More commonly known as DJ Tigerlily, Dara Hayes is the queen of the disco decks. Raised in Maroubra, Sydney there is so much more than meets the eye with this gentle, warm and bubbly soul. As an avid supporter of health and fitness, the international renowned DJ travels around the globe to perform at some of the biggest nightclubs and music festivals in the world. Understanding the importance of a healthy mind and body, Dara hasn’t let her hectic lifestyle be a compromise for her health...


Ariel Kaplan

Most children don’t have a clue what they want to do when they grow up but today’s incredibly inspiring guest had a vision and started her working career as an actress at just six years of age. Ariel appeared in several Australian theatre productions, including The Lion King, The Sound of Music, Oedipus, Annie and she played the role of Florence in IMG's production of Oliver. Ariel’s first major television role came in 2007, when she starred on hit TV series The Saddle Club and then later...


Fiona Falkiner

Fiona Falkiner is living proof that with a positive mindset you can achieve your wildest dreams. A true country girl at heart, Fiona became a household name in 2005 after appearing on Australia’s first series of The Biggest Loser. After losing an incredible 30kgs Fiona quickly realised that the number on the scales didn’t bring with it the happiness she once expected. Embarking on an epic journey of self discovery, Fiona’s message about truly loving the skin you’re in is so incredibly...


BUF Girls

Looking for some fitness inspiration during these winter months? Well you’re about to get it by the truck load. Today we’re chatting to the energetic and super bubbly Libby and Cass, also known as BUF Girls. Founded by Libby, BUF Girls is a positive community that encompasses beautiful connections, unstoppable bodies and fearless mindsets. Libby and Cass are an absolute breath of fresh air, and this fitness duo are the definition of Fitspo. Both fun, driven and ridiculously fit, their...


Self-Confidence with Abby Gilmore

You asked, we listened. Every Tuesday we’re excited to be able to bring you minisodes, which will hear us delve deeper into specific health and wellbeing topics suggested by you, our beautiful listeners. We invite industry experts or advocates into the conversation where we will share our experiences, knowledge, learnings and tools to help you wholeheartedly conquer your health and wellbeing goals. This episode is all about Self Confidence and we’re thrilled to be joined by gorgeous the...


Liv Phyland

Ever wondered what it was like to have a dream career in high school and then be living it a few years later? Well you’re about to find out as we chat to the incredibly beautiful and absolutely hilarious Liv Phyland. Raised in country NSW and currently residing in beachside Bondi, this happy, energetic babe is someone that you instantly want to make your best friend forever. Wise beyond her years, Liv is best known for her role as kids Television Presenter on ABC 3 and in more recent...


Lola Berry

Born and bred in Melbourne, it doesn’t seem overly necessary to give the uber successful Lola Berry a formal introduction. The nutritionist, regular TV guest, author and owner of Happy Place Smoothie Bar here in Melbourne, Lola quickly gained the attention of Australians when she lost 20 kilograms in just 20 weeks by adopting a paleo inspired diet. Lola’s transformation sparked the release of her first two books The 20/20 Diet and The 20/20 Cook Book and today the energetic, happy go...


Tegan Martin

From a regional city hairdresser to internationally renowned model Tegan Martin’s advice and wisdom seems well beyond her years. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful blonde hair, infectious smile and stunning body, because behind it all lies a super savvy business woman who’s on a serious mission to make her mark. Proving her smarts in reality TV series Celebrity Apprentice and her down-to-earth, bright and bubbly personality during I’m Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Tegan quickly won the...