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The Liminal One Project is a weekly podcast that provides applicable knowledge and skills for leading and managing change. It explores the ways in which people and organization can improve to meet maximum efficiency and happiness. New episodes released every Wednesday.

The Liminal One Project is a weekly podcast that provides applicable knowledge and skills for leading and managing change. It explores the ways in which people and organization can improve to meet maximum efficiency and happiness. New episodes released every Wednesday.


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The Liminal One Project is a weekly podcast that provides applicable knowledge and skills for leading and managing change. It explores the ways in which people and organization can improve to meet maximum efficiency and happiness. New episodes released every Wednesday.






Final Words, Thank You, and Live Your Best Life

This final episode on The Liminal One Project, I spend time, providing some final words on leading and managing change. Special thanks to my wife and kids. Nick Dewar for the intro and exit music. Interview thanks to Mike Podesto, Paul Fisher, Sara Loe, Carmen Miller, Ryan Lynch, and Erika Jones. And finally, my listeners, including J. Cales. Thank to all of you. Lead the change you want to see in your life.


Change is Delicious; An Interview with Erika Jones

In Episode 116, we spend some time with Erika Jones, Designing Your Life coach. Our topics include how to manage change, leading in times of uncertainty, being uncomfortable, being okay, and understanding the need for support. Erika spends time on her most recent change, one which first had to be managed and now is being lead into a new career. Finally, she uplifts our spirits and talks about how true change is delicious. For more information on Erika Jones, visit


Why The Liminal One Project

In one of the final episodes of The Liminal One Project, we revisit why I started this podcast. I discuss how I got to the starting point, why I wanted to help other individuals, and where this work is headed in the future. I continue talking about the great reach, the breadth of what may be accomplished by focusing on a larger number, those who are part of communities.


Interview with Listener, Ryan Lynch

In one of our final episodes of The Liminal One Project, we talk with one of our long time listeners, and whom is also part of my core, Ryan Lynch. I have known Ryan for some time, and he has always been a leader of change, as well as personal development. We let Ryan weigh-in on the last two years of leading and managing change, as well as change in the now and his current entrepreneur, family and extra-curricular life. Personal (leading) change, as he put it, can be started today.


Final Lesson on Change - Personal Risk Level

In the final lesson of The Liminal One Project, with 3 remaining sessions, we discuss the benefits to evaluating your risk. At different points in life the same activity can hold different risk levels and the impacts of outcomes can have different lasting effects on your life. You also need to consider who is impacted by those outcomes, which will contribute to your personal risk level and should assist your decision. We provide options, scenarios and some additional things to consider....


Until Then...Why it matters...Proof it Works

In Episode 112, I start the sun-setting process of a over 2-year stint on creating this podcast. I talk about the value of the next phase of life, Until Then, and what I hope you take away from all of it. Remembering that it's a journey with no real end game, but better, the journey itself. Only you, normal as you are, just like I, can create the change you want in your life. Remember to pivot, don't overthink, visit the change curve, create your core, and revisit any past episode. Until...


Down the Rabbit Hole of Self Discovery

In episode 110, I talk about how self awareness starts with self discovery and how it's exactly life change. To truly discovery who you are, you have to open your mind, and follow the path. Be open to new experience, opportunities. We will discuss the easy ways to figure this out, as I share some insight into figuring out my next phase of life through self discovery.


When You Don't Need to Change

Change is good, but you don't have to change all of you. This week, in Ep 108, we discuss when it good not to change yourself. The past two years, we have promoted why change is good, the positive impact it has on your life, how to create change and tools to assist; this week we talk about not changing. We discuss the value of keeping some things as is, when you are happy and the value outweighs the change itself.


Systemic Racism...We Need to Change

Part of the problem is admitting there is no problem. Instead, we (all people) need to own it. This week, I spend some time talking about how systemic racism and how we can start to bring awareness to the changes we need to see by changing our thinking. We are all part of the same community, it's our responsibility to make the change.


Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Planning - Part 2

Tune-in this week to a continuum of last week’s session on procrastination. This week we tackle, perfectionism, closure and how advanced planning can set you mind at ease.


Change Your Procrastination - Part 1

In episode 105, we discuss changing procrastination. We start off the conversation around moving from this podcast to conclusion and moving on to my next phase of my will take some planning. This change cannot be procrastinated; it needed to be planned, far enough out so that I could follow the path to the end result, my future legacy. We close with how I procrastinated for a long period and paid the price living that phase week and and week out.


Two Successful Years and My Biggest Change in that Time

This week, in Ep. 104, of the Liminal One Project, we celebrate 2 years of this show. We talk through and look back over the last two years and discuss the biggest change over that time. Those micro steps, reflection, sharing the good, sharing what works, focusing on Optimism, changing our thinking is what has truly closed my liminal space and moved me to point "B," from point "A." Tune in to hear more about the greatest change of positive thinking and optimism.


Looking Back and a Thank You to the Listeners

In episode 103, we spend some time talking about the last two years. All of the information and insight that we have covered. We also pay tribute to the 7 and know that they are many more people to thank. It's started as concept and people have weaved in and out of the conversation, but all along, we continue to talk change. Thank you to everyone, as we continue to move forward for a few more weeks.


When to End and Humility

In this unedited episode 102 of The Liminal One Project, we discuss when it's time to call it quits, understanding that sometime ending something is necessary. And the humility to take this step. The end does not always have to be negative, but better, like in my case, it's the start of a new beginning. A beginning with new insight, farther reach, higher impact, and overall a positive conclusion and powerful introduction. Tune-in this week for more on necessary endings.


Life Has Changed, The Future is now the Normal

In Ep. 101, we discuss how we constantly hear, I can't wait until we go back to normal, and how we are not "going back." What is here today, is here to stay for the moment, and the future will be different. We discuss how, overall, the most important thing we can do, is accept where we are and how things will be in the future.


Episode 100 and Post-It Notes

In Episode 100 of The Liminal One Project we pay tribute to a good friend, talk about the last 99 episode and touch base on a quick an easy method to changing habits. There has been much personal gain over the last 1.5 years, and hopefully much has also been given. We talk about the wins, the lessons learned and time shared with all the listeners. We discuss the future of this podcast and then we round out with the usual, simple methods on creating change. Here is to episode 100.


When the Change Keeps Changing: the Impact

When you feel like the managed change is complete, and it's still changing. Keep in mind, that you can continue to be resilient and focus on what's most important. This week in Ep. 99, I talk about the impact of a loosing child care and managing 2-parent working schedules and kids under the age of 3. Life throws us many curve balls. Get ready to swing, keep the gratitude, plan for whats forthcoming, and know that you can lead this change.


Patience, and How We Will Come Out on Top

In Ep. 98, we discuss the benefit of Patience and How We Will Come Out on Top during this massive change in our world. We will talk about the highs, lows, things that will disappear and things that will be built. And, how, if we just wait, everything will likely be fine.


Managing Change in a Hectic World

In episode 97, we discuss the change the world is seeing with the Covid-19 virus. This virus that is impacting everyone; did you see it coming? How did you plan, or didn't you plan? Are you reacting positively to it or ignoring it? Taking positive measures or being ignorant? All of these decision will have an impact on how the change is managed by you. Or are you taking this change and leading it to the best of your ability? This week we speak to all of these questions, and overall, staying...