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016: My Personal Journey With Epstein-Barr Virus And Why I Mend Myself Well Daily

I had a wake up call from the Universe! Since contracting Epstein- Barr Virus as a child, I’ve had to deal with a weakened immune system. I was always sick until I found chiropractic care at age 17 and started learning about wellness. Recently I’ve been taking on a lot of projects at home, at work and in life! I’ve been demanding a lot from my body, my mind and my well-being. Since Mend Yourself Well is no longer just a passion project, I’ve decided to bring the movement into my...


015: Overcoming Life’s Challenges After Looking Death In the Face | Interview with Holly Mutlu | Life Coach and Emotional Wellness Expert

For today’s episode, I invited my friend Holly Mutlu to give us some insight on finding hope and healing in the midst of anxiety and depression. Holly is a Life Coach and an Emotional Wellness expert. She also is a mom to 4 boys and has recently gained a daughter-in-law! Whilst working for over 25 years in varying areas of ministry, Holly found her calling to help other women overcome their challenges and learn how to live life to the fullest. With amazing courage, Holly shares 2...


014: The Most Important Quest

I've been M.I.A. Sorry.... but not sorry! I've felt like I was lacking the ability to share anything worthy over the last few weeks as I've bee stretched thin with a big speech, launching a group coaching program, and of course, finding time to work on me because remember.... I am mending myself whole and well each and every single day!!! I had an epiphany and am so excited to be back sharing with you!!! The Most Important Quest is YOU!!! Searching for yourself! This episode is all...


013: Happy Accident: Reminder To Question Everything

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment that ended up teaching you a valuable lesson? Well, I just did! A couple of weeks ago, I bought a ticket to a networking event in Dallas! I was so excited to share my newly printed Podcast business cards and tell a room full of 100 strangers outside of Rockwall county about how they can jump on the journey to mending themselves well! The day of the event had arrived and I had planned my entire day around it. I did my hair, bought a new outfit and...


011: Health, Hope and Happiness

I GET FIRED UP IN THIS EPISODE!! I share only a portion of ALL that I could share on THIS topic… I could talk for DAYS on THIS topic. On how amazing the human body is, and the amazing healing potential each and every one of us holds within. The goal of this podcast is to inspire and encourage you, wherever you are in your health journey, that your body wants to heal. But if it’s not healing, it’s because your body is not in the right environment to heal. Maybe its stress. Or toxins. Or...


010: 3 Tips to Attracting YOUR Dreams

One of the reasons I love hosting a podcast is that with the help of technology, I could literally record an episode at any moment. My favorite moments to record these episodes are when I get a dose of inspiration. Well let me tell you, I’ve been having an inspiring month! And I share all the juicy details with you as I record this episode from the showroom floor of my local Infiniti dealership as I sit in the brand new model of my dream car, which I actually purchased an older model...


009: Meditation 101 | My Personal Experience

Meditation never came easy for me. I’ve heard for decades that meditation can be life changing. I had tried several times to actually sit and meditate. But I didn’t know exactly how to dive into this discipline. NOw, after one month of committing to this practice, I find this practice calling for me. It all started about a month ago in December of 2017 when I interviewed one of my first guests for the show, Dr. Vic Manzo. I asked him what was one thing his wellness regimen couldn’t live...


008: Guest: Dr. Vic Manzo | A fellow chiropractor’s perspective of what it looks like to Mend Yourself Well

In this episode, Dr. Jenna catches up with her old friend from chiropractic college, Dr. Vic Manzo. Both myself and Dr. Vic are on a mission to help humanity. Vic Manzo is a family wellness Chiropractor, Neuroscience/Mindful Trainer, Influential Writer and Inspirational Speaker. He is the co-owner of The Wellness Path with his wife, Veronica Manzo in downtown La Grange, IL. Vic is also the owner of Empower Your Reality which is a online business that centrally focuses on helping...


007: What Really Serves You? | Taking a “Life’s Inventory”

When I decided to graduate from my depressive days and step into and create a life I love, I knew I had to reinvent myself. WHOA! This was one of the best things I could have ever of done! As you might expect, I am a new person because of it. And as my journey of mending myself well continues, I am still refining this process! So here in this episode, I teach you how to reinvent YOURSELF! You don’t have to do it all at once, but the first step is really taking a “life’s inventory.” What...


006: What I Thought I Never Had Was There the WHOLE time: A Love Story

I’ve been excited (and totally nervous) about telling this story since before I even conceived the idea of hosting this podcast. An idea I had in my head, a story I made up and believed my entire life, was proved wrong in an instant. An area of my life that brought me so much pain, frustration, hurt, loss, feelings of incompleteness, sadness, emptiness, fleeting moments of what I thought was what I was looking for, came over me out of nowhere. We are talking DECADES of suffering...


005: A Story of a Recovering People Pleaser: More on Expectations | Codependency | and Accepting an Imperfect Life

In this episode I dive in deeper on the conversation I had with Heather in episode 4. I share my own personal struggles as a recovering People Pleaser, the expectations I’ve put on myself, which lead to a downward spiraling case of depression, and living with this idea that I had to be perfect in every moment. As you could imagine, living like this for a lifetime would lead one to crash and burn, and that is what I did in 2015 at the age of 31. And at weakest point in this journey,...


004: Guest: Heather Nichols | Having a Conversation About Expectations

Recording this episode was fun for many reasons. We got to know each other a little deeper over tea in my office. This was also the first “interview” I’ve ever done, besides interviewing prospective employees. I’m always up for the challenge of learning a new technique and with this sweet soul, there was definitely no feelings of pressure or intimidation. Heather and I got to hangout and have a real deep conversation about our lives and how expectations of ourselves and others can...


003: Practicing Self-Care: Being in the Moment Every Moment

In today’s episode I am literally practicing self-care as I record this episode. I find some quiet time where I can just sit by the lake and soak up nature, and watch the ducks! In this moment I realize how grateful I am that I can have this time, to just be in the moment. I don’t have to be anywhere else. I don’t have to do anything. I am not rushing. I can just be. I’ve waited years to JUST BE. Just be present. Just be relaxed. To just be with myself. I share what my journey of the...


000: Welcome to the Movement of Self-Care: An introduction to the goals of the show!

Hello, and welcome to the show! My name is Dr. Jenna Zellars and I’m so honored and excited to introduce “The Mend Yourself Well Podcast.” The goal of the show is to help you on your journey, in this game called life! This podcast is meant to embody all areas of life as they each contribute to our overall WHOLENESS and WELLNESS. Congratulations for seeking answers, solutions, tips, advice to help you on your journey of mending yourself well! There is always room for improvement and...


001: Mending Yourself Well: What does this look like in YOUR life?

As the first official episode, I waste no time into diving deep into the foundational thoughts behind what it means to mend yourself well. When you think of being well, I encourage you to look at your WHOLE life, each area of your life is contributing to your overwall wholeness, your overall wellness, and how you show up in the world! Two years ago, I was at a crossroad in my life. I was in a deep dark depression for almost an entire year. I had a choice. I could have continued down the...


002: The 3 Simple Steps to Begin Your Path | Visualize | Prepare | and Commit

The day my journey of mending myself well really began when I made the decision to pick myself up. When I decided enough was enough. When I woke up to the idea that a better life was waiting for me, I just had to do the work to earn it. I had been playing small and living a life less than I was destined for. My first step in all my transformational moments have always been to picture what exactly it is that I want. When you visiualize the outcome or the path that you want more of,...