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Building the Relationship of your Dreams w/ Yosef Lynn #64

In today's episode, we speak with Yosef Lynn about one of the most important topics in life ... marriage / relationships. Yosef, along with his co-author, Tod Jacobs, just released the book, Not a Partnership. It’s all about marriage. In the book, Yosef and Tod discuss what we keep getting wrong about marriage and how to get it right. If you’ve ever struggled with your marriage, or maybe you just want to make it stronger, then you DON’T want to miss today’s episode. I promise it will be the...


Market Yourself Like an Expert Online w/ Jay Ludgrove - #63

Do you create and post content online? Do you do any kind of online business? Then you know that one of the MOST important things you can do is to learn how to advertise and market to your customers online. It’s not the easiest and it’s not always intuitive. That’s why I’m excited to speak with Jay Ludgrove in this week's episode. Listen at


Innovative & High Performance Teaming with Amy Edmondson - #62

There’s a big myth I want to dispel right now. It’s the idea of the lone genius. The person that creates and develops amazing ideas and brings them to life alone, as the hero in the story. It’s simply not true. The big successes in organizations, in communities, in life ... they are almost always in the presence and with the help of other people. It’s called teaming. Today’s episode won’t discuss the myth, but I will talk all about teaming with the world’s best expert on teaming … and that...


Creating a Contagious Culture with Anese Cavanaugh - #61

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast," is a phrase made famous by management guru Peter Drucker. But cultivating that culture is easier said than done. That's where my guest this week - Anese Cavanaugh - can help you and your organization. She helps create a contagious culture for organizations that sets them on the path to success. She does this by influencing leadership, performance and interpersonal interactions through a model she developed, The IEP model. If you nerd out on all things...


Baking Challah Bread to create a mindful life full of happiness, with Beth Ricanati - #60

For all the foodies out there, this week's episode is for you. I speak with Beth Ricanati, an MD and author focusing on women's health and wellness. She recently released her first book, Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs. It's a fascinating book that talks about her story of learning to bake Challah bread and how it helped her cultivate happiness and even wellness in her life. We cover a lot of ground, including topics like mindfulness, relationships, and how you can make this a...


The Coddling of the American Mind w/ Jonathan Haidt #59

After a brief hiatus for the holiday break, we are back with another fantastic episode to help you thrive in life. This week we speak with Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist who studies morality (among other things) and who is the co-author of what might be the most important book you read in 2019, The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure. Here is a sobering stat from our discussion ... the number of girls from the ages...


The Most Important Thing You Can Learn This Year w/ Andrew Wittman - #58

If you listen to only one podcast episode this year, I want you to make it this week's episode with Next Year Now guest Andrew Wittman, Ph.D., former special agent for the Capitol Police, police officer, and US Marine Corps infantry officer. He's here to talk to us about the 7 Secrets of Resilience for Parents. It doesn't matter if you have kids or not. We can all benefit by becoming more resilience in our lives ... because if we want to help the people we love - our children, our friends,...


Living a Life That Truly Matters from Photo-blogger, Adrien Finkel - #57

It's Thanksgiving Holiday week and I'm thankful for for this week's guest - Adrien Finkel. She is a photographer, writer, and producer based in LA. Her just-released book, My Naked Truth, is a photo essay that explores triumphs, tragedies, and personal beliefs. Adrien interviewed over 200 people for this project and has a lot of really great insights to share about living a life that truly matters. Don't miss out on this Thanksgiving goodness and listen to it now! Listen at...


Train Your Brain w/ Dana Wilde - #56

Today’s guest, Dana Wilde is a brain trainer for entrepreneurs. She helps entrepreneurs and others to think better so that they can live better. She has a really unique background and approach to training the brain that I think will resonate with everyone. If you've been struggling to launch or grow your business, or you just want to learn to harness your brain better, then you don't want to miss this episode. Plus she has an awesome freebie to give you! Listen at...


Special Episode: Tom talks getting fit & healthy for good AND big changes to the show! #55

Today is a special episode. It marks one year since I started this podcast to help you to thrive at work and in life. To mark this occasion I wanted to do something different. I'm celebrating by sharing my own experience of improving my health & well-being AND by announcing some big changes to the podcast! In today's episode, I dive into how a recent visit to the doctor for my annual physical motivated me to take BIG action in my life. I hired Ted Ryce, a celebrity fitness and nutrition...


Get ahead financially with Wallet Hacks Founder Jim Wang #54

Today’s guest, Jim Wang, is a personal finance blogger and founder of Wallet Hacks. Jim reads what all of the experts are saying we should do and does something unique ... he tests them out to see which approaches work and which do not. He reminds me of Tim Ferris ... only he's running these experiments so that he can help us how to get ahead financially. If you ever thought money management or personal finance was difficult, then don't miss this conversation where Jim breaks it down to the...


Take the entrepreneurial leap with Christine McAlister #53

Today's guest, Christine McAlister, is the founder of Life With Passion. She specializes in helping high-achieving and motivated entrepreneurs break free from the 9 to 5 and reach their dreams! She is a rockstar business coach and an even better person. If you've been toying with the idea of launching your own business but haven't taken the leap, then don't miss this episode. Christine shares the most important lessons, insights, and tips for helping us to succeed. Listen at...


Erica Keswin Shows You How To Bring Your Human To work - #52

Chris Peterson, a legend in the Positive Psychology world, once said, "other people matter." Chris was highlighting that the best of the world is because of and in service of the people around us - our family, our friends, our classmates, and even our colleagues. If we want to truly enjoy life. If we want to thrive at work, then we better take the time to cultivate a workplace full of rich relationships and deep connections. This week's guest - Erica Keswin - is all about creating...


Using Behavior Analysis to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing w/ Gianna Biscontini - #51

There are a lot of ways to improve your health and well-being ... and pretty much anything you want to change. And one of the best ways to do that is through behavior analysis and coaching. This week's guest, Gianna Biscontini, is an expert in behavior analysis and is using this approach in her company, W3RKWELL, to help organizations improve employee health and well-being. If you've never heard of behavior analysis before, don't worry. I didn't either until my son was diagnosed with ADHD....


Becoming unstoppable in business & life w/ Kelly Roach - #50

One of the best things you can do to improve in life is to find yourself a kick-ass coach. That's why I was so excited to speak with Kelly Roach this week. She's a business coach and best-selling author who helps entrepreneurs go from zero to hero. And the best part? She's someone who's done it. She's built her business into a million dollar operation and she's learned what works and what doesn't so you can accelerate your growth. If you've been thinking about starting a business, or maybe...


Free yourself from financial bondage w/ Damion Lupo - #49

I’ve been thinking a lot about financial freedom lately. And that’s because, like a lot of people, I made the mistake of buying too much house. Don’t get me wrong, I love our house and our neighborhood community, but it’s come at a cost. My wife and I feel the financial burden of that mortgage and the cost of ownership that comes with it. We have both been been working our butts off the last few years to attain financial freedom. And that’s why I am so excited to chat with today’s guest –...


Learn how grit helps you build passion & perseverance w/ Angela Duckworth - #48

We’re so fortunate to have yet another New York Times best-seller on the show. This week Angela Duckworth will join us. She is the author of Grit, the CEO of the Character Lab, and without a doubt, the best professor I had while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Who else could make me fall in love with inferential statistics!!! Seriously though, if you have kids, lead a team, or just want to improve, then you don't want to miss this interview. Angela is THE go-to expert on...


How You Can Use Wisdom To Become A Modern Elder w/ Chip Conley - #47

This week's guest - Chip Conley - takes me back full circle to my time at the University of Pennsylvania where I studied applied psychology in graduate school. I remember reading Chip's book, Emotional Equations, and thinking that everything I thought I knew about well-being and happiness needed to be re-calibrated. What I really love about Chip is that his books are not academic tombs with no relevance. They are grounded in his experience as a hotelier entrepreneur for 26 years and more...


Level Up Your Leadership & Life w/ Elise Auxier - #46

This week's guest is Elise Auxier – a professional executive and life coach. She specializes in a type of coaching called the Energy Leadership Index. Unlike personality assessments, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a behavioral assessment which illuminates how current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors either enhance our ability to lead or detract from it. It measures how people really “show up” in life on a day when things are going pretty good and when they are under...


How to Succeed in College & Life w/ Dan Lerner - #45

I can't tell you how excited I was to speak with this week's guest - Dan Lerner. He's the author of U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life) and also teaches the largest and most popular class at NYU (on happiness). As a parent, I want my kids to go to college, I want them to have fun, I want them to be successful. But more than that, I want them to be happy. His book is a great blueprint for how we can help prepare them to thrive when they go off to college. If you have kids, want to...