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Ep. 64 How to sail around the world and live life without limiting beliefs with Kach Howe

This week I speak with Kach Howe who is an entrepreneur, traveler and sailor! Kach and her husband Jonathan met while backpacking through Asia and soon became inseparable. From backpackers, to travel bloggers and now sailors they have gone on a journey to over 100 countries and seven continents together. Kach aims to be one of the first Asian woman to travel all the countries in the world with her Philippine Passport, a feat that is not easy to conquer! Although Kach and Jonathan loved...


Extended: How to find your brand and voice as a blogger with Elena Ollick

In this episode: How to find your voice as a blogger as a beginner. How to find your expertise, in order to provide valuable tips.The importance of being natural instead of being forced.How to become a better photographer.Why you should spend the time refining your skills. How to deal with financials when you are an entrepreneur.Dealing with taxes as an entrepreneur and the beauty of deductions. Check out the full interview with Elena Ollick on How to zero in on your goals as a...


Ep. 63 How to become a freelance travel journalist with Gabi Logan

This week I speak with Gabi Logan who is an entrepreneur, travel journalist and writer. Having travel as her passion, Gabi spends six to eight months out of the year on the road. Gabi is able to stay on the road by writing for a variety of magazines and coaching others to create a lucrative writing career. Today Gabi is based in New York City and continues to travel the world while implementing her incredible management skills that helps others live a life they truly want to live. On...


Extended: How to travel and enjoy life without breaking the bank with Erin Lowry

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Erin on how to g0 from flat broke to financial badass. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.


Ep. 62 How to become a location independent content strategist with Sandra Muller

This week I speak with Sandra Muller who is a professional writer by day and a burgeoning novelist by night. Sandra is a content strategist who left a safe and secure career to travel the world! Little did she know it would lead to the most amazing journey that not only gave her fulfillment but a beautiful family. Today, Sandra is a freelancer with a home base in Korea and continues to be a content strategist and SEO copywriter. Listen on to find out how Sandra has been able to become a...


Ep. 61 My Offbeat Journey: Working less and living more.

On this episode: - How loosing an important relationship and experiencing a traumatic event has given me a new perspective on life. -Deciding to work less and spend more time with the people and activities I love. -The next few months I'll be working on creating a system that will take a way a lot of the tasks that do not need my time an energy. -Finding new hobbies and making new friends. -Learning to become a stronger and better person and learning from the obstacles I have been...


Extended: How to use your humor and personality to build a dedicated following with Lia Garcia

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Lia Garcia on How to appreciate the imperfect moments of travel. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.


Ep. 60 How to be a family travel blogger with Ricky Shetty

This week I speak with Ricky Shetty who is a family travel blogger and the founder of Daddy blogger where he writes about parenting from a fathers perspective. Ricky left his stable job when he and his wife realized they wanted to spend more time as a family and to allow their children to be world educated. This decision has led Ricky and his family to over 81 countries in 6 continents and has become closer as a family. Today, Ricky and his family continue to travel the world - aiming to...


Extended: How to boost your self confidence with Sheena Yap Chan

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Sheena on How to realize your worth as a woman. Subscribe, rate and review on itunes.


Ep.59 Offbeat Mentor: How to be a paid travel writer

On this episode of the Offbeat Mentor, I invite back Joni Sweet who is a freelance writer and editor driven by adventure. Her journalistic pursuits has taken her around the globe and has been published in National Geographic, Forbes, Thrillist, Huffington Post and so much more. Get inspired and listen to Joni's episode on How to become a full-time freelance location independent writer. Joni has successfully created a thriving career as paid travel writer and has inspired our listener...


Ep. 58 My Offbeat Journey: How letting go of fear will give you more abundance.

Do you ever notice that the more you fear something, the worse it becomes and often times can lead to the thing that you didn’t want to happen the most? This year has been one of the best and worst times in my life. The best because I am actually creating income from my podcast. A dream that I never thought would ever happen. The worst because one of the most important relationships in my life has ended. The feeling is still raw, so I won’t get into this right now- maybe later when the...


Extended: How to keep your relationship strong while you are on the road with Anna Rova.

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Anna Rova - How to embrace your wild and feminine nature. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.


Ep. 58 How to find a supportive community as a digital nomad with Jennifer Lachs

This week I speak with Jenny Lachs who is the founder of Digital Nomad Girls - a platform that inspires and connects location independent women around the world. Before creating Digital Nomad Girls, Jenny was studying to become a scientist. Mid way through her schooling she realized that what she thought she had to do, was not really want she wanted. So, Jenny and her boyfriend packed their bags and traveled the world. Little did she know it would lead to the most nerve wracking and...


Extended Interview: How to become body positive at any size with Jessica Torres

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Jessica Torres - How to turn your greatest insecurities into inspiration. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.


Ep. 56 The Offbeat Life One Year Anniversary Party Interview and Q&A with Jennifer O'Brien and Jacob Fu

This is our podcast anniversary month and we are celebrating with a party and an incredible interview from our past guests Jennifer O'Brien and Jacob Fu as well as a live Q&A from our amazing listeners. This year has been a roller coster of wins and heartaches for me but I would not have traded it for anything in the world because of all of the lessons I have learned about myself and this industry. Thank you all for the support and feed back you have given me and I can not wait to see...


Ep. 55 My Offbeat Journey: The road to becoming a location independent Podcaster

Welcome to My Offbeat Journey, where I share how I am preparing to become a location independent podcaster! In this episode: Sharing my journey into becoming a location independent podcaster.Learning from my past mistakes has helped me become more prepared to become a full-time freelancerHow to prepare before becoming a fulltime freelancer.Why you should create income from your passion project before leaving your 9-5The importance of nurturing your personal relationships throughout your...


Extended: How to follow your intuition with Marsha Sharpe

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Marsha Sharpe on How to say no to opportunities that do not serve your core values. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.


Ep. 54 How to align your passions with your talents to find your purpose with Danny Kimm

This week I speak with Danny Kimm who is a keynote speaker, consultant and a cyborg psychologist. What's a cyborg psychologist you ask? It's... well let's let Danny explain that in a bit. Before becoming a consultant, Danny was set to become a doctor, but after several years in school and failing he realized that he needed to make a transition. So he changed course. This decision led to a lot of pain and shame. But it also led him to his life purpose. Today, Danny helps other individuals...


Extended: How to get published in Magazines and big publications with Venus Wong

In this episode: Check out the full interview with Venus on how to survive and thrive in high stress and expensive settings. Subscribe, rate and review on itunes.


Ep. 53 Offbeat Mentor: How to to achieve financial freedom as a millennial

Have you ever wondered how to create financial freedom as a millennial? I am so excited to share this month's mentorship segment on The Offbeat Life podcast. Where we go beyond telling you inspiring stories to helping a listener get to the next step to a life they truly want to live. On this episode of the Offbeat Mentor, I invite back Erin Lowry who is the author of “Broke Millennial” and a finance personal expert. Get inspired and listen to Erin's episode on How to go from flat broke...