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Extended: How to live abroad for less with Tim Leffel

In this episode: How to find the right location to live abroad for less. Tim wrote a book called “ A better life for half the price”, that gives tips on moving abroad and lowering your expenses.You make the decision based on your heart, head and wallet. But to really know where to live, you have to visit the place in person. Where do you find apartments to stay at when you want to explore a location for a longer term? A lot of apartments in smaller towns and areas are not usually on the...


#93 How this adventure travel blogger turned a hobby into a 6-figure business

This week I am so excited to speak with one of the most incredible woman I know. Someone, who I only met a little over a year ago, but has made such a huge impact in my life. I am speaking with Esther who is the co-founder of Local Adventurer. A travel blog that she runs with her husband Jacob Fu. Esther was born in Korea and immigrated in the United States when she was only two years old. She got a degree in Chemistry but ended up turning her side hustle of photography into a full-time...


Extended: How to date as a disabled person with Molly Burke

What is it like dating as a disabled person and as a personality in the public eye? Dating can be challenging not just because of my disability but they also have to deal with my public image.Never see your disability as a flaw. How do you date when you constantly travel? Meeting amazing people can be easy during social events and working on the road.People in your industry will understand your lifestyle more and can be easier to connect.Online dating is not really an option because of her...


92: How to travel the world as a full time vanlifer with David and Nadia

This week I am so excited to speak with David and Nadia who are remote vanlifers and also run a blog called where they show how easy it is to say yes to a life full of adventure. David and Nadia decided to work remotely when they realized that they can take their work as designers and writers on the road. They took the leap to create a home in a vintage VW bus and have been able to work anywhere in the world. Listen on to find out how to travel the world as a full time...


Extended: How to travel full time with your pets with Kach Howe

In this episode: How do you prepare to travel with your pets? Depending on where you are going, you would need passports and veterinary documents that states they are allowed to travel. It is also different if you are traveling via plane, by car or by boat. How do you encourage your pets to get used to new environments? Animals usually adapt to their surroundings very easily. Allow them to explore their surroundings. How do you find a sitter for your pets if you have to travel without...


91: How to fill your life with experiences not things with Marilen Rose

This week I speak with Marilen Rose who is the founder of My World Registry, a unique online registry that is bringing local experimental gifts to the world. Growing up in Chile, Marilen was exposed to incredible landscapes that inspired her to someday help others enhance their experiences through travel. However, Marilyn put her dreams aside to pursue a different career path and it wasn’t until she became burnt out in the corporate world that she finally got the courage to pursue her...


Extended: How to use live events as a growth tool for your business with Gabi Logan.

In this episode: How do you start doing live events as a newbie and how to avoid stage fright? Think about who you are serving and what they are going to get out of it.Focus on what you can give people and how it will help them. How do you choose a topic that will be engaging to your audience? Choose a topic that is specific and something that can be understandable.Simplify and allow your audience to be fired up and excited. How do you find clients that will attend your live...


Ep. 90 How to succeed as a remote relationship coach with Scot McKay

This week I speak with Scot McKay who along with his wife Emily are professional dating and relationship coach, adventure travelers, conference speakers, media personalities and podcast hosts. Scott and Emily are able to travel the world without selling everything to become nomadic. Instead, they started several businesses and create income while enjoying a life of adventure, discarding the myth that you can no longer have adventures when you have a family. Listen on to find out how to...


Ep. 89 My Offbeat Journey: Embracing the lazy entrepreneur mindset

Today we are talking about becoming a lazy entrepreneur and what it takes to be able to embrace the mindset. After failing several businesses, I have learned that working harder does not always mean earning more money. It took a lot of tries before I was able to figure out where to put my efforts in that can give me the most results. Listen on to find out how to embrace the lazy entrepreneur mindset. -------- Hey Offbeat Family, I really your listening to this episode. I would love to...


Extended: How to get sponsors from your blog with Ricky Shetty

In this episode: What is the first thing to do if you want to get a sponsor. Before you can find a sponsor - create a successful blog by - Making, Marketing then Monetizing.Making- you need to create your blog and brand well by creating your mission and values that your audience will believe in.Grow your audience by marketing through email marketing, building your social media (focusing on 3 social media so you do not get overwhelmed). Monetize by creating and selling your own products,...


Ep. 88 How to create business boundaries while making more profit with Louiza Megan

This week I speak with Louiza Megan who is a coach for entrepreneurs and business owners who want both a thriving business and a fulfilling personal life. Louiza started her business at 22 and by the time she was 25 she was making a six-figure salary. She was working extremely hard and measured her success through her earnings. Louiza finally had to slow down when she had a health scare and realized that the physical pain was not worth making the money. From this experience, Louiza...


Extended: How to write well for online content with Sandra Muller.

In this episode: How do you build confidence as a writer? Do not be too hard on yourself and your work.Write like no one is reading and it will give you more confidence in the long run. How to get clarity with your content or audience. Know who you are writing for by narrowing your focus. How to get your audience to look at your content. Cross posting can be helpful to get an audience from different platforms.Posting your content in platforms that have ready made audience (tumblr,...


Ep. 87 How to celebrate an unconventional family with Devon and Rob

Have you ever wondered how to celebrate an unconventional family? To celebrate the week of love, I am highlighting Devon and Rob who are the men behind Dad's not Daddies. Everyone's love story is unique but what makes Devon and Rob's story a standout is their unconventional family. Before finding one another, Devon was married with two children and heavily involved in the Mormon community. Devon realized his true sexuality during his marriage but saw his attraction to men as a temptation...


Extended: How to create an effective virtual coworking space with Jenny Lachs

In this episode: What is virtual coworking?The digital nomad inner circle helps digital nomads be accountable and have a community that will support them.Loneliness can be one of the biggest obstacle as a freelancer and digital nomad.How virtual co-working can help you stay on track.How to use the Pomodoro method to be productive.How to find the right people to do the virtual co-working with.Structure, routine and discipline is crucial to productivity. ------- Hey Offbeat Family, I really...


Ep. 86 How to do full time minimalist travel with a family with Jacqui New

Have you ever wondered how to do full-time minimalist travel? This week I speak with Jacqui New who is a nomadic traveler along with her husband and two children. Jacqui and her husband decided to sell almost all of their belongings and travel the world after leaving their 9-5. They were able to be full-time travelers by planning for financial independence and living minimally. Listen on to find out how to do full-time minimalist travel with a family. ------- Hey Offbeat Family, I...


Extended Interview: How to find your purpose in transition with Danny Kimm

In this episode: -How can we create more space in our lives.-Making space in order to become more intentional and to figure out what the real challenge for you.-We are our greatest products, when we are unhealthy, our product is unhealthy.-The importance of having a community when you are in transition.-Why you should not be alone when you are in a transition and the benefits of having the support of others.-How to be OK with silence.-Taking the moment to pause, be silent and to reflect....


Ep. 85 How to be a travelling storyteller with Jerrod Sumner

Have you ever wondered how to be a travelling storyteller? This week I speak with Jerrod Sumner who is a travelling storyteller and the owner of I was fortunate enough to meet Jerrod during my time in Roseville Minnesota, with the tourism board and was impressed by his storytelling skills and personality. Jerrod is a proud resident of Minnesota and the creative director of Rose and Loon, a makers collective that provide space for creatives to showcase their work. Jerrod...


Ep. 84: My Offbeat Journey: Do you use travel to escape life?

For a long time, I had panic attacks every four months and every January. I thought that it was because I wanted to travel, but have come to realize it was an excuse for me to escape I life I did not want to live. Realizing that I was using travel as an escape from issues that I did not know how to deal with.When I started to work on my goals, my panic attacks started to lessen because I was finally able to work on my goals.Once I realized what I needed to do with my life, traveling was no...


Extended: How to maintain a productive schedule as a creative freelancer

In this episode: How to stay focused and dedicated as creatives when you are traveling. 7 minute workout appSetting boundaries on what you should be doing everything to accomplish your goals are crucial.Limiting the amount of time you use technology can help you become more productive.Why exercise is crucial to becoming more productive.Making time to prioritize relationships outside of work.How to create an easy way to see friends when you are always on the road. Check out the full...


Ep. 83 How to live a freedom lifestyle as a remote writer with Christine Rogador

This week I speak with Christine Rogador who is a remote writer who splits her time between South Africa and the Philippines. Christin grew up in a small town in the Philippines but knew she wanted to travel. While her friends were starting families, Christine was trying to find different ways to see the world. She didn't know what to do with her life and decided to leave school to work full time where she found a job which gave her a lot of success. However, the stress and Christine’s...