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The Real Deal: Recovery talk with Julie Maida and Veronica Valli

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'Wine on your lips, baby on your hips'

Julie and Veronica discuss MomsTo first ever drinking festival just for moms! We deconstruct what is really going on - is 'day-drinking a legitimate activity for moms or is this just dressed-up problem drinking? We believe MOmsTo with their 'boozy mommy play-dates,' and wine festival are just normalizing abnormal drinking.


When s**t happens in recovery

What happens when life happens? Julie and Veronica talk about the difficult stuff that has happened to them in recovery. Julie discusses her feelings around adoption and how she dealt with her birth mother's rejection. It was her recovery that gave her the understanding that she was 'enough' whether her birth mother wanted to know her or not. Veronica talks her best-friend dying just 24 hours after meeting the man she married. Sobriety is great but when s**t happens, and it will, we have...


The Real Deal: Julie Maida from Sober Mommies tells her story

Julie Maida (Sober Mommies) and Veronica Valli ( are recovery twins. With 17 years of sobriety each, they have experience and opinions. In our first episode, we hear Julie's recovery story and how she founded Her story covers adoption, trauma, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, and homelessness. At 22 after a suicide attempt, she got sober and started the hard work of staying sober and getting the life she felt she deserved.


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