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036 - How to Tame the Paper Monster and Eliminate Clutter with Sarah Moore

Are you living in paperwork overwhelm? Do you have so many pieces of adorable children's artwork you just don't know what to do with it all? Do you need a simple way to control papers? Then this is the episode for you! This series is different, because instead of an interview, Sarah Moore will be giving 4 separate master classes that make up the 4 Organization episodes. Today's master class is about Taming the Paper Monster. Sarah Moore's 3 Step Paper Reduction Strategy : 1. Stop the...


035 - 5 Simple Low-Energy Ways to Declutter Your Home with Sarah Moore

Do you ever wish your house was more organized? Are you tired of clutter? Then this is the series for you! We're starting it off with 5 simple ways to declutter with minimal energy. This series is different, because instead of an interview, Sarah Moore will be giving 4 separate master classes that make up the 4 Organization episodes. Sarah Moore's 5 Simple Steps to Decluttering : Today Sarah Moore discussed: A word from Sarah: "Hi, I'm Sarah Moore. I've been eliminating chaos since...


034 - Women's Cancers and The Importance of Knowing Your Body with Dr. Noah Goldman

034 - Women's Cancers: The Importance of Knowing Your Body with Dr. Noah Goldman "It's about knowing yourself and knowing what's normal for you... taking the initiative to seek help if there's something that just doesn't seem right to you." --Dr. Noah Goldman Today Dr. Goldman and I talked about: Who is Dr. Noah Goldman? Dr. Goldman is a board certified and fellowship trained Gynecologic Oncologist and serves in the role of Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs,...


033 - How To Talk To Kids About Cancer, And Other Tough Diagnoses - With Diana Sloan

Whether your diagnosis will mildly affect your health, or drastically impact your lifespan, telling your children about it is a good idea. But just because something needs to be done, don't make it easy. That's why I'm talking with Diana Sloan today. She's got great ideas about how to talk to kids about cancer. (Her ideas will work for any diagnosis) "I'm just somebody that wants to be here as long as possible and leave a little something in this world that somebody can take with them...


032 - Talking #cancer Why We Need to

32 - Talking #cancer - Why We Need To According to the World Health Organization: You read that right! 30-50%! That's why we need to talk. Today I'm talking about: Want to be part of the conversation? Please send YOUR questions about cancer so I can ask our experts for you and share them on a future episode. Send them to According to the World Health Organization: "According to current evidence, between 30% and 50% of cancer deaths...


031 - Uterine Cancer Awareness with CJ Colas

031 - Uterine Cancer Awareness with CJ Colas Today CJ Colas and I talked about: Who is CJ Colas? CJ Colas is 37 years old. She has a 3 year old son and is married to her high school sweetheart. CJ grew up in Florida and moved to Nashville with her husband about 7 years ago for work. Nashville is a great city and she's learning to love it, but there's no place like home. CJ's advice to women who have cancer: keep pushing even when it gets tough, don't give up. fight back. show...


030 - Parenting Special Needs Children When We Have Health Issues Ourselves

Today Dr. Cindy Blackwell and I talked about: Who is Dr. Cindy Blackwell? Dr. Cindy Blackwell is a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in pediatric mental health, sensory processing issues, and self regulation and behavior management. Cindy has experience working with children and their families in both public and therapeutic schools, in home-based and outpatient services, as well as in academia. Cindy's doctoral research focused on supporting parent advocacy in special...


029 - High Risk Pregnancy, Anxiety, and Maternal Health, with Parijat Deshpande, Author of 'Pregnancy Brain'

Today, Parijat Deshpande and I talked about: Who is Parijat Deshpande? Parijat Deshpande is the leading high-risk pregnancy expert, perinatal mind-body wellness counselor, speaker and author who guides women to quickly and effectively release their stress during their high-risk pregnancy so they can manage their complications give their baby a strong start to life. Her unique approach has served hundreds of women to manage pregnancy complications and reclaim a...


028 - Parenting 101 with Joy Acaso, LCSW

Today, Joy Acaso and I talked about: Quotes from Joy Acaso: "Don't be so scared of the new or different thing...we need to walk alongside our children. Our voice needs to be heard by our children." "Making sure I please mom and dad, is at the back of every kids head, at every age." "They - our children - want material things but...they also... expect: warmth, approval, and acceptance from their parents." "The motivated mom knows the power in her words, her thoughts, and her...


027 - How to Keep Your Kids Tech Safe with Jamey Tucker from

Do you wonder how in the world you're going to keep up with technology and keep your kids safe? If you're a parent, this is a must-listen episode! Jamey Tucker and I talk about: Secret Locker apps (you need to know about these!) What to watch out for: Who is Jamey Tucker? "I worked in local TV news for 25 years as a reporter and anchor in Huntsville, AL, Memphis, TN and Nashville, TN. In 2011 I started a side project called "What the Tech?", a...


026 - The Beginning of Season 2 and Saying Goodbye to Season 1

Questions or comments? Email me at Today's Discussion: Season 1: Season 2: August is Parenting MonthSeptember is Cancer MonthNovember is Women in the Military Month And some other things: And that's about it. It's a short episode because so much excitement is coming, and I need to get ready! Can't wait to talk to you in the new season starting next Wednesday. You can find me: Instagram: Facebook:...


025 - Happiness, Fun, and Finding Your Joy - No Matter What You're Going Through

Have you listened to episode 24 about ditching the guilt? If not, check it out at Are you happy? Do you do things on a regular basis that make YOU happy? Or does all of your energy go towards those around you? Sure, as moms we need to focus on our kids needs and put our family first, most of the time. But taking some time for ourselves, and doing the things we enjoy doing is crucial. Some questions to ask yourself to discover what makes you happy: Think back to...


024 - Stress - Getting Rid of Stress and Finding Peace

024 - Stress - Getting Rid of it and Finding Peace "Life is much easier if you don't have surprises flying at you like baseballs from a pitching machine." Are you one of the women struggling with stress and the pressure of parenting? Then this is the episode for you! Today I'm talking straight from my book, "The Sick Mom's Guide to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!" to help you combat the stress and find peace. Some things I talk about: Amazon Want to connect? You can...


023 - How My Family Almost Died

023 - How My Family Almost Died Today I'm talking about why it's important to slow down BEFORE you have a near-death experience. When I called the gas company out because of a funny smell I noticed when my oven was on, I had no idea we'd been exposed to carbon monoxide for the past year. Not only that, but there was more danger lurking in my home that was equally deadly. It's made me realize how lucky I am to be here. Those errands I had last week that drove me nuts I'm enjoying this...


022 - Reiki, Spirituality, and Healing with Tina Conroy

022 - Reiki, Spirituality, and Healing with Tina Conroy Some things we talked about: Tina's quote for the day: "We're all works in progress." About Tina Conroy: Since childhood, Tina knew she was connected to something greater than herself. At an early age she realized that she inherited her psychic grandmother's gift of prophetic dreams – visions that were always vivid, full of sensory detail and eventually real. Since then, she spent over 20 years attuning her mind and body to truly...


021 - Chinese Medicine - Treating Your Whole Self, and Treating Yourself Well - with Brodie Welch

021 - Chinese Medicine - Treating your whole self, and treating yourself well - with Brodie Welch "If you take nothing else from this (episode), it's recognizing that it's actually quite a radical act and a feminist act of self-respect to allow yourself to rest when you're tired." -Brodie Welch BIO: Brodie Welch is a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, holistic health coach, and self-care strategist. She’s the founder of Life in Balance...


020 - Young Carers - The Children Who Care for Us and How We Can Help Them - with Victoria Lewin

020 - Young Carers - The Children Who Care for Us and How We Can Help Them - with Victoria Lewin BIO: Victoria Lewin is a mother and carer for her husband who has a rare brain cdtn (IIH). Victoria is the author of "Caitlyn's Wish," a book written for her daughter, then published and enjoyed by young carers worldwide. Victoria is also an Advocate for Young Carers worldwide & an Advocate for I.H. / Invisible disabilities. She's also living with the rare disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome...


019 - Feel Better Naturally With the Hippie Dippie Mom - Bri Pruitt

019 - Feel Better Naturally With the Hippie Dippie Mom BIO: Bri Pruitt is a wife, Mom, RN and Certified Health Coach who is passionate about guiding you to a nontoxic lifestyle so that you can experience true wellness. Bri has eliminated many of her symptoms: brain fog, headaches, etc. by simply eliminating chemicals in her home. Today, she talks about simple ways to change the way you feel by changing the products you use. Household cleaners, soaps, and even makeup can contribute to our...


018 - How to Get Things Done, When You Can't Get Off The Couch

018 - How to Get Things Done, When You Can't Get Off The Couch It’s summer, and kids everywhere are saying things like: Are we there yet? I'm bored, what can I do? I don't want to help clean up, why are you making me? The same things happen all the time, especially on school breaks & weekends. You can't stop those questions from coming, but you can be prepared with answers! And that's what today's episode is all about. Do you need some suggestions for: What to do?How to keep everyone...


017 - EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique and Toddler Songs, with Lee Uehara

017 - EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique and Toddler Songs, with Lee Uehara BIO: Lee Uehara (way-hA-rah) is a parent who has dealt with her own health issues and is successfully combatting them through alternative modalities and nutrition. Lee is the author of the book, "41+ Other Tips to Thrive in Early Motherhood," and the creator of a behavior management tool for parents in the form of a music CD: Tunes for Transitions: Songs to Soothe Toddlers. Lee's book and CD can be found at Amazon or...