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018: Going Beyond Counseling to Creating Community with Cassie Poncelow

The road we set out on in not always the one that will lead us to our greatest destiny. Travel along with us as we talk to nationally nominated school counselor of the year, Cassie Poncelow about her passion for creating programs that help promote mental health, positivity, and success in high school students. Through her enthusiasm, creativity, and unending energy, Cassie has a unique way of connecting with and encouraging students to find their own voice and follow their own dreams. Her...


017: Rewiring Your Brian with Daniel Ellenberg

*** Hosted by Stephanie James. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo Media, Ltd. Music Credits: Songs by Blue Note Sessions, "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby Hear new episodes Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern/7pm Mountain on NoCo FM: Listen to us on the RadioPublic app: The Spark With Stephanie James is supported by its listeners, and by With over 180,000 titles to choose from, allows you to listen to...


016: Muscle, Mind, and Motivation with Dr. Ryan Johnson

How we take care of ourselves will determine our health, our longevity and the quality of our lives. What if you could tap into the fountain of youth and vitality merely by what you eat? Join us as we talk with Dr. Ryan Johnson about his journey through fitness, financial freedom, and following his heart. The wisdom of our body is not just held in the brain between our ears; it's encoded in the "brain" of every cell of our body. Dr. Ryan shares the way to unlock this inner wisdom and...


015: Revving up Your Relationship with Stan Tatkin

“Relationships are difficult,” begins Dr. Stan Tatkin in his 2016 TED Talk. However, as you will see… they are not impossible; in fact, being in a relationship with another human being and becoming on expert on each other, is actually one of the most rewarding things in life. There is hope – whether you are needing the tools to tune up and repair some of the current ruptures in your relationship, or want to take a good relationship to great, Stan Tatkin helps show us the way through the...


014: Feeling Good Now

We have amazing power within us. We actually have the power to change our thoughts, and in doing so, can change our feelings, our actions, and eventually our lives. This episode is an inspirational way to start taking control of your automatic negative thoughts today and transform them in order to create a more joyful present and fulling future. Join us as we talk with the legendary Dr. David Burns about how we can break through the old thinking habits that bind us and begin to live a...


Spark Extra: Meeting Dr. Stephen R. Covey with Weldon Long

Sometimes you can't fit all of the stories that you'd like to include within the constraints of a one hour radio show. So now we're introducing Spark Extra, a feature where we spotlight interesting stories and bits that for one reason or another, we couldn't include in the full episode. In this excerpt from our conversation with Weldon Long (The Spark episode 013), Weldon tells a wonderful story about his journey to meet Dr. Stephen R. Covey, internationally bestselling author of The Seven...


013: Poverty, Prison, and the Power of Consistency with Weldon Long

Think about spending 13 years in prison. Most of us can't even imagine 13 minutes there. On this episode of The Spark, I speak with Weldon Long, who went through an amazing journey from convicted felon, to total transformation and amazing success in his life. Five years after leaving prison, Weldon became a highly successful businessman, had a wonderful marriage, and most importantly, obtained custody of his son. Today, he has a multi-million-dollar business, national speaking...


A Thirty Year Overnight Success with Curt Richardson

Warm, Giving, and Kind. Are these the terms that come to mind when you think of a serial entrepreneur? They definitely are for me after my interview with founder and chairman of OtterBox, Curt Richardson. During this interview, Curt gives the ingredients to the recipe of success. Hard work, tenacity and drive are only a part of it. Tune in and join us for a 30 year journey to an overnight success. *** Hosted by Stephanie James. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo Media, Ltd. Music...


011: Sex, Sexuality, and Ourselves

Too often our sexuality has been kept under the covers and in the dark. We are all sexual beings and having a healthy sense of our own sexuality is an essential part of embracing who we truly are. Join us as we journey into this tantalizing topic and explore what it means to be our authentic sexual selves. My guest is sexologist, sexuality advocate, and Colorado State University professor Dr. Emma Myers. Emma helps us to kick off the covers and shed light on this important and imperative...


010: Igniting the Magic of Music

Music moves us mind body and soul. But did you know music can actually change our brains and enhance our lives? Resent research with children has shown that there is a direct correlation between listening to classical music, learning how to play an instrument and positive brain development. Violinist virtuoso Jephta Bernstein and international composer, musical scholar and author Bruce Adolphe illuminate our way into better understanding the amazing gifts that music holds for us. The...


008: The Art of Resilience with Dr. Rick Hanson

Did you know that resiliency is something you can actually grow? There are certain ingredients that go into planting and cultivating a thriving garden. We must tend to it, make sure it gets adequate water and sunlight, and must pull the weeds if we want it to flourish. Growing resilience within our minds and ourselves is no different. We can learn how to tend to our own inner garden and pull the weeds of negative thoughts and plant the flowers of positive feelings as we learn to focus on...


007: Mindset and Motivation

You never know who's smiling at you from across the counter. Chris Hammes works at Mugs coffee shop in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. Most mornings when I arrive at Mugs for my daily coffee ritual, I am greeted by his warm smile and kind demeanor -- always engaging, he inquires genuinely about how I'm doing. Who knew that behind that smile -- and those kind, blue eyes -- hid the dedication and spirit of a true champion. At only 26 years of age, Chris is an ultra-marathon runner. Not only...


006: The Abundance Effect with Justin Morales

What do you think of when you think of the term "serial entrepreneur?" Wealth? Power? Jet setting around the globe? Justin Morales, serial entrepreneur answers that question and more when we discuss his new book, The Abundance Effect - How to Shift From a Life of Scarcity to a Life of Abundance. We discuss what creates real abundance in our lives, how to lean into and overcome our fears, and how to create a mindset that not only brings you more success, but creates more happiness and deep...


005: Demystifying Mental Illness

We get perspectives from both sides of the mental illness spectrum. First, we talk with Dr. James Kagan, MD, a psychaitrist with over 40 years of experience. Dr. Kagan is also co-author, with Dr. Rick Delaney, Ph.D., of A 3-D View of Foster, Kinship, and Adopted Children. Dr. Kagan gives us a run down of mental illness from a clinical standpoint and talks about his new mental health screening process, called ADAPT. We also talk with John Poehler, who writes for The Bipolar Battle, a blog...


004: Metal Motivation with C.J. Ortiz

We talk with C.J. Ortiz, The Metal Motivator. C.J. takes an unconventional, edgy approach to motivation, which is that "whatever you do in life, don't suck." As The Metal Motivator, C.J. produces hundreds of videos and podcasts that serve as daily inspiration and heavy metal-inspired personal growth and lasting change. More information about C.J. can be found at


003: Growing Through Grief with Tad and Jona Johnson of Alexa’s Hugs

Alexa Johnson was just 19 years old when she was driving on the interstate late at night and had a tragic accident. Alexa was not wearing her seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle, where she died instantly. On this episode, we talk with Alexa's parents, Tad and Jona, who have used their grief to fuel a nonprofit organization in her name called Alexa's Hugs, devoted to seat belt safety and teen traffic education.


002: From Prejudice to Understanding with Dr. Mark Benn

On this episode, we talk with Dr. Mark Benn, Psy.D. Dr. Benn is a licensed psychologist and recently retired adjunct professor at Colorado State University, diversity trainer, mediator, conference keynote presenter, and author of the book Stories From The Couch: And Other Telling Tales, released in 2008. We explore the fact that everyone is prejudiced (whether they realize it or not), where that comes from, and thoughts about how we can come together by opening ourselves up to exploring...


001: Crafting a Spark-Filled Life with Dr. Larry Bloom

For this debut edition of The Spark, host Stephanie James is joined in studio by Dr. Larry Bloom, a clinical psychologist, professor emeritus at Colorado State University. While at CSU, Larry was the director of the Psychological Service Center and director of training in the doctoral program. Larry's daughter, Molly, is the real-life subject of the memoir Molly's Game, which was adapted for film in 2017 by Academy Award®-winning writer and director Aaron Sorkin. Actress Jessica Chastain...