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The Spark 033: Making The Shot with Michael Kutcher

We all want to shoot for our dreams and live purpose-filled lives. But what limits us? Is it our physical limitations, environmental circumstances, or our limited beliefs? We all have challenges that can either become the barriers that defeat us or the starting blocks that motivate us to move forward more diligently towards our dreams. Join us this week when we talk with public speaker and disability advocate Michael Kutcher, who teaches us how to move beyond our difficulties and live a life...


The Spark 032: Out of the Rabbit Hole with Marian Sandmaier

When we are deep in the rabbit hole it is hard to see the light of day. The same is true for depression. It can feel like it is taking us under and the climb to the light can seem like a very steep and slippery slope. Join us for an inspiring interview with Marian Sandmaier who helps illuminate the path to wholeness and healing. Marian Sandmaier is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in psychology, behavior and health. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, The...


031: The Evolution of Belief with Steve Bhaerman

A new era in our world is evolving. What will usher in this new era is an emerging belief system that combines science and spirituality in a way that heightens our awareness of our interconnections with each other, the earth, and for the physical environment as a whole. Beliefs shape the way we interpret and interact with the world. It is fascinating to begin the conversation about how our beliefs have culturally evolved - just as species have evolved on our planet. Join me as I discuss...


030: Making Love Last with Dr. Ellen Wachtel

A warm embrace, a knowing glance, and intentionally spoken kind words... These are the simple, but often forgotten ingredients of creating lasting love. This week our guest is Dr. Ellen Wachtel. Ellen has a Ph.D in clinical psychology from New York University as well as a law degree from Harvard Law School. She has been a couples therapist for over 30 years and taught thousands of couples how to have a loving relationship that will endure through the decades. Dr. Wachtel is the author of the...


029: Breakthrough to Healing with Dr. Matthew May

Transformation. We all have times in our lives where we seek the ability to make the changes necessary to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Often times this change can take months, and even years, as we try to transform ourselves for the better. What if that transformation was possible in just a couple of hours? Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Matthew May takes us inside an actual therapy session to show us how this transformation is possible and how we can break through our...


028: Behind The Spark with Stephanie James

It's back-to-school season, so in the spirit of this time of renewal, we invite you to learn about the host, the woman, the healer, as we go Behind The Spark. This week, producer Chris Lanphear interviews Stephanie James about how she got into social work, her short career as a runway model, dancing with her children, experiences from the mental health field, her new book, and more. *** Hosted by Stephanie James. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo Media, Ltd. Hear new episodes Wednesdays at...


027: Big Man, Huge Heart with Jim Opperman

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This one happens to come in size XXXL with a heart to match. Join us as we talk to professional athlete, coach, and mentor Jim Opperman as he talks to us about not just how he has survived in life, how he has truly thrived in it. Former linebacker for The Philadelphia Eagles, and a 40 year career as a high school football and wrestling coach, Jim takes us from the bench, to the field and into the interiors of his life. *** Hosted by Stephanie James....


026: The Science and Practice of Presence with Dr. Dan Siegel

We all have stress in our lives. Often times we try to seek relief from our stress through outside means which aren't necessarily healthy for us. What if the tool for transformation was actually within us the whole time just waiting to be utilized? Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. joins us on this episode to discuss The Wheel of Awareness, a mindfulness tool for cultivating peace, resilience,...


025: From Prejudice to Understanding with Dr. Mark Benn (Rebroadcast)

On this episode, we look back on one of our favorite early episodes in our conversation with Dr. Mark Benn, Psy.D. Dr. Benn is a licensed psychologist and recently retired adjunct professor at Colorado State University, diversity trainer, mediator, conference keynote presenter, and author of the book Stories From The Couch: And Other Telling Tales, released in 2008. We explore the fact that everyone is prejudiced (whether they realize it or not), where that comes from, and thoughts about how...


024: The Wrong Side of Comfortable with Amy Charity

Chase your dream. Discover your potential. Transform your life. These are the inspirational words that grace the cover of Amy Charity's book, "The Wrong Side of Comfortable." Amy Charity is a professional speaker, author, and former U.S. women's national team cyclist who shares her journey on the often difficult, uncomfortable, and competitive world of professional bike racing. Her message is one of hope and how to conquer our fears and follow our hearts to push ourselves to the next level...


023: Illuminating Your Life with Dr. Jacob Liberman

We all want to experience greater happiness, peace, and well-being in our lives and we all want to find deeper meaning and purpose for our lives. What if the answers were already there inside of you and you merely needed to “turn on the light” of awareness to illuminate this truth? Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman will shine light on our paths and help us find our way back to that source of light that is always within us, around us, and illuminates through us at all times. Internationally respected...


022: The Art of An Authentic Apology with Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

How do we say “I’m sorry?” A true apology goes beyond words and includes our behavior, and our ability to express empathy and connect with one another. There actually is an art to apology; a way we can own our own behavior and express our apologies in ways that go beyond just remedy the situation, they actually help us heal one another. Join us for this episode of The Spark, where our guest will be psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., as she teaches us...


021: Your Calling: The Ethic of Care with Lynn Owens, Ph.D.

How can we be our best selves and harness our best potential? How do we focus on what's right with us instead of what's wrong? Lynn M. Owens, Ph.D. is a passionate educator who empowers others to care for themselves and others, to harness the strengths of their personality and to maximize their performance in all areas of their lives. From corporate CEO’s to multi-level marketing professionals, from educators to athletes, Lynn provides valuable insight into how to lead and teach from...


020: On the Road to Feeling Great with Dr. David Burns

What if you could dramatically change the way you feel and have a life changing breakthrough in only two hours or less? Dr. David Burns' new T.E.A.M. therapy proves this kind of change from devastation to liberation is possible. With new relapse prevention techniques you can get new ways of thinking root and take hold while pulling out any weeds of negative thinking as it shows up. Join me for an inspiring and candid interview with Dr. David Burns as we journey down the path together to...


019: The Unsinkable Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom is an exceptional woman who grew up in an extrordinary family in Loveland, Colorado. Her parents both had successful professional careers; one of her brothers is a two-time Olympian and entrpreneur while the other is a surgeon. Molly, however, took a different path... In 1999, Molly was ranked third in the world in freestyle skiing. Chronic neck and back pain caused her to retire early from the sport, and just a few short years later, she was running the most opulent poker games...


018: Going Beyond Counseling to Creating Community with Cassie Poncelow

The road we set out on in not always the one that will lead us to our greatest destiny. Travel along with us as we talk to nationally nominated school counselor of the year, Cassie Poncelow about her passion for creating programs that help promote mental health, positivity, and success in high school students. Through her enthusiasm, creativity, and unending energy, Cassie has a unique way of connecting with and encouraging students to find their own voice and follow their own dreams. Her...


017: Rewiring Your Brain with Daniel Ellenberg

Rewiring our brains for more peace, happiness, and satisfaction. Sounds like the stuff of a great science fiction novel. The truth is this is all very doable and we can learn to enhance our life experience by learning the tools that help us go beyond our primitive programming. Daniel Ellenberg, Ph.D. is the president of Relationships That Work – an organization that supports people to create more emotionally intelligent personal relationships – and vice president of the Rewire Leadership...


016: Muscle, Mind, and Motivation with Dr. Ryan Johnson

How we take care of ourselves will determine our health, our longevity and the quality of our lives. What if you could tap into the fountain of youth and vitality merely by what you eat? Join us as we talk with Dr. Ryan Johnson about his journey through fitness, financial freedom, and following his heart. The wisdom of our body is not just held in the brain between our ears; it's encoded in the "brain" of every cell of our body. Dr. Ryan shares the way to unlock this inner wisdom and live...


015: Revving Up Your Relationship with Stan Tatkin

“Relationships are difficult,” begins Dr. Stan Tatkin in his 2016 TED Talk. However, as you will see… they are not impossible; in fact, being in a relationship with another human being and becoming on expert on each other, is actually one of the most rewarding things in life. There is hope – whether you are needing the tools to tune up and repair some of the current ruptures in your relationship, or want to take a good relationship to great, Stan Tatkin helps show us the way through the...


014: Feeling Good Now with Dr. David Burns

We have amazing power within us. We actually have the power to change our thoughts, and in doing so, can change our feelings, our actions, and eventually our lives. This episode is an inspirational way to start taking control of your automatic negative thoughts today and transform them in order to create a more joyful present and fulling future. Join us as we talk with the legendary Dr. David Burns about how we can break through the old thinking habits that bind us and begin to live a more...