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The Spark 053: Risking The Rapids with Irene O'Garden

In the river of life we face many obstacles and challenges. Irene O'Garden's wilderness raft adventure actually put her face-to-face with real-life danger and difficulties that she not only had to overcome, but in working with her family to navigate the river, she also ended up healing a part of herself. Award-winning author and playwright Irene O'Garden graces us with an interview that looks inside her amazing childhood. Littered with her parents' alcoholism, her father's fame, and a cold...


The Spark 052: Consciousness, Connection, and the One Mind with Dr. Larry Dossey

There is something amazing happening in our world right now. It is the combined wisdom of science, psychology, and spirituality which are all intertwining to create a new paradigm of what it means to be interconnected on this planet. Join us for this intriguing and inspiring interview with Dr. Larry Dossey, one of the most internationally influential experts in understanding the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare. Together, we explore what it means not only...


The Spark 051: Choosing Yourself with Joresa Blount

Loving yourself isn't an easy task, and choosing ourselves first can seem even more counter-intuitive. This week on The Spark, Forbes contributing writer Joresa Blount will be giving us the lowdown on how to pick ourselves up, put ourselves first, and deal with adversity in amazing ways. Joresa's book "#IChoseMe: Coming Back From Heartbreak and other Bad Relationships": Joresa's writing at Forbes: Connect with Joresa:...


The Spark 050: Sexual Empowerment with Veronica Monet

The journey to empowerment often takes us on unexpected paths. Veronica Monet's story is one most of us can't even imagine. Born to a religious cult, dealing with incest, rape, addiction, and later becoming a high-end escort for 14 years, Veronica now empowers both men and women as a sexologist and sexual rights activist. Walk with us as we journey from the bedrooms at the Ritz Carlton into the deeper interiors of the soul. Veronica Monet's Sex Secrets of Escorts: Tips from a Pro:...


The Spark 049: The School of Love with Phillip Moore

We have all heard the term, "Children are our future," but what kind of future are we providing for them? Phillip Moore, former director of the Upland Hills School, shares a new educational paradigm with us this week. He helps us explore the possibilities of creating amazing schools where each child is seen as a genius with individual gifts to cultivate and share. Through forging inter-personal bonds, deepening intra-personal awareness, and connection with nature, Phillip Moore and Upland...


The Spark 048: You Just Gotta Laugh with Alicia Dattner

Just a spoon full of humor makes our anxiety go down. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies and triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Simply put, we all need to laugh. This week on The Spark, my guest is award-winning comedian Alicia Dattner, as she speaks with us about her life, laughter, and the messy, wonderful art of embracing our humanity. Learn more about Alicia:


The Spark 047: First Anniversary Celebration with Stephanie and Friends

We started NoCo FM with one original show: The Spark With Stephanie James. From that, we've grown into a full network with seven original shows and more on the way. This week, we're celebrating one year of our flagship program with a look back on the last year of conversations with some of the most interesting and inspirational people you could ever hope to meet. Join Stephanie and friends for The Spark's First Anniversary Celebration! Hosted by Stephanie James. Produced by Chris Lanphear...


The Spark 046: Rising Strong with Becca Lynn Johnson

Creating a life with more joy, personal power, and a deep sense of purpose. These are the elements that my guest Becca Lynn Johnson has combined in her Rooted in Reason program and she shares her philosophy and her wisdom with us this week on The Spark. Becca is an inspirational speaker, author, and the creator of the Rooted in Reason podcast which mentors women to maximize their influence, impact, income, and joy. Follow Becca online:


The Spark 045: The Guru's Guide to Peaceful Living with Philip Goldberg

Turn on the news. Full of fear mongering, the disaster of the day, or what is wrong in our world, it can leave even the most grounded of us, grasping for some stability. We can all get caught in searching for things externally that can bring us some temporary relief or sense of pleasure. What if we realized we were already able to experience the deep contentment we desire and a deep sense of connection without looking anywhere outside of ourselves? Author, public speaker, and ordained...


The Spark 044: The Secrets of Sisterhood with Sarah Bachraty, Shelly Bond, and Jenny Hay

In our current state of the world, we all need support, connection, and understanding more than ever. As women, when we show up for each other in this way, something amazing happens. We begin to heal and grow and become better able to share our own innate gifts with others. Join me as I talk to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner Sara Bachraty, yoga instructor Shelly Bond, and Hoop Dance instructor Jenny Hay as we uncover and explore the secrets of sisterhood and the importance of...


The Spark 043: The New Health Model with Dr. Elson Haas, MD

Longevity and accessing the fountain of youth. How many of us are wanting to discover the keys that unlock the doors to these states? Join us as we talk to a pioneer in integrative medicine, Dr. Elson Haas, who guides us on our paths towards discovering lives full of more vibrancy, vitality, health and happiness. Since 1984, Dr. Haas has been an integrative family physician with the philosophy of “Lifestyle first, natural therapies next, drugs or surgery last.” Author of 11 books, along with...


The Spark 042: Sharing The Journey with Emily Rapp Black

As we reflect on the new year, we often search for what brings meaning to our lives. Emily Rapp Black, New York Times bestselling author of "The Still Point of the Turning World" and "Poster Child: A Memoir", shares her personal memoirs and what has brought meaning to her life. Emily helps us gain perspective on our own journeys of self acceptance, growth, grief, and what truly matters in life. Emily's website: Hosted by Stephanie James. Produced by Chris...


The Spark 041: Living In Full Color with Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman

As we approach the winter solstice, it signifies more light coming into the world. In my interview with Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman, he teaches us how we can increase the light in our own lives. An internationally-respected public speaker, author, and visionary scientist, Dr. Liberman illuminates the seamless connection between light, vision, and consciousness, offering a whole new way of seeing and being. In our second amazing interview, Jacob shows us the way through the darkness to help...


The Spark 040: Healing Body and Soul with Kyczy Hawk

Yoga has long been considered a healing art, but when interwoven with the twelve steps of recovery, it can truly become a transformational process which evokes healing at the deepest levels. Author and yoga teacher Kyczy Hawk has been teaching recovery focused yoga since 2008. In this episode she shares her own incredible journey through addiction, into recovery, wholeness and healing through the amazing blend of yoga and the twelve step program. Kyczy is a devoted teacher to people in...


The Spark 039: A Hope-Filled Future with Chet W. Sisk

In our fast and changing world, it's easy to get caught up in the negativity that can oftentimes be perpetuated by the media and echoed in the conversations we find ourselves in. How often do we think forward to the future and do it with a mind and heart filled with hope? Join us on this episode where we are joined by futurist Chet W. Sisk and explore the ideas and new paradigm shift necessary as we lay the template for a future full of hope and possibilities. Awareness, tenacity, and vision...


The Spark 038: Dreams Do Come True with Cindy Sarai

Ever have a dream come true? Something that you truly wished for, that when it came to fruition felt like a miracle? Cindy Sarai has been helping people make their fondest dreams of creating a family and adopting a child come true for over a quarter of a century. Cindy is the founder and Executive Director of Adoption Dreams Come True and has been a part of over 500 placements of children into happy homes. Her personal passion to this mission of connecting families and providing adoption...


The Spark 037: Soul To Soul with Elena Mannes

It has been said that dogs are man's best friend, but how deep does that connection go? In a thought provoking interview with Elena Mannes, we go deep into realms of exploring how we are truly bonded to our furry friends. Elena Mannes is a television and film producer with numerous awards, including 6 Emmy Awards for her documentaries. In her new book, Soul Dog, she takes us into the depths of understanding animal communication and the amazing bond we share. Taking us beyond our five senses,...


The Spark 036: Living Above Average with Jeff Crabtree

What if you could think out of the box and take your life to whole new level? Many of us settle for an average, "normal" life inside of our comfort zone. True adventure, excitement, and deeper fulfillment lie just outside of that zone, but often we are too afraid to take that first step that would change our lives. Life coach and motivational speaker Jeff Crabtree has dedicated his career to helping people take those steps to transcend their ordinary lives to extraordinary lives where they...


The Spark 035: The Trifecta of Feeling Terrific with Dr. David Burns

It's not often in life that we get to meet our heroes. David Burns has professionally been one of mine and during his career, he has helped thousands of people to change their thoughts and improve their lives, literally taking them from good to great and beyond. This episode is the last in a three-part series. This truly is the trifecta of feeling terrific! In this interview, we get to know this amazing man behind the scenes a little more and learn in depth about his TEAM approach to rapidly...


The Spark 034: The Heart of the Goddess with Hallie Inglehart Austen

In a world where the #MeToo movement has made such a huge impact, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of embracing the feminine in our world. Join me this week as I talk with author Hallie Iglehart Austen about the myths, and history of the divine feminine and her newly re-released book, "The Heart of the Goddess: Art, Myth and Meditations of the World's Sacred Feminine". It's an important conversation that empowers all listeners, male and female alike. Get "The Heart...