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027: Shea Tuttle: Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Did you grow up watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood? Do remember the trolley or King Friday? That red cardigan? The opening song? The show debuted on February 19, 1968 and aired through 2001, so it’s safe to say that generations of kids have grown up watching the more than 870 episodes created by Fred Rogers, who died in 2003. Fred Rogers was infinitely passionate about childhood education and using television as a tool to affirm children’s self-worth and offer them a place where they felt...


026: Laura Archer: Finding Life in a Lunch Break

Only 1 in 5 five people step away from their desk for lunch. Today’s guest is on a mission to change that. Laura Archer is the author of Gone for Lunch: 52 Things to do on Your Lunch Break, a book she wrote on her journey to reclaim her midday break and to find more time for herself, her interests and her self-care. Through her book, blog and workshops, Laura aims to help individuals and companies to appreciate the unbelievable benefits of taking a lunch break - even if it’s only for 20...


025: Kasley Killam: The Minister of Loneliness

As you can probably imagine, I read a lot about the topic of human connection and recently I came across an article written for Scientific American titled To Combat Loneliness, Promote Social Health. It not only honed in on the mounting evidence that shows relationships should be a public health priority, but it reported that the UK has recently appointed a Minister for Loneliness. This is pretty astounding and I wanted to know more about the idea of loneliness as a public health priority,...


024: Shasta Nelson: Frientimacy

How many of us give much thought to the quality of our friendships or the ways we could be intentionally nourishing our friendships? Turns out there’s not only an art and a science to how we create really good friendships, but there’s a formula to the process as well. Shasta Nelson, author of “Friendships Don’t Just Happen” and “Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness,” has truly become one of the world’s leading voices for friendship. In this conversation,...


023: Heather Turgeon & Julie Wright: The Power of Attuning

Imagine there was a way to more effectively and more quickly get our kids to do what we want them to do, when we want them to do it. Imagine if all the struggle and resistance and frustration dramatically decreased in our family life. Heather Turgeon, MFT and Julie Wright, MFT, authors of Now Say This: The Right Words to Solve Every Parenting Dilemma, did more than just imagine these idyllic sceneries: they created a formula for consistently creating more peace, calm, cooperation and...


022: Pernille Bussone: Cycling Without Age

Welcome back to Season 2 of The Synced Life podcast. I recently made a personal pledge to stop reading the news because I just don’t feel good when I’m feeding my brain a constant supply of negativity. It’s been nearly two months and I can already sense how much more uplifted, hopeful and positive I feel. My only source of news now is the Good News Network, which I access through an app on my phone. The stories that Good News Network reports on are amazing, and they remind me that there is...


021: Traci Ruble: Sidewalk Talk (Season Finale)

Every month, Traci Ruble joins a group of volunteers near a busy San Francisco street with a sign that invites strangers to participate in free listening. It’s called Sidewalk Talk, a non-profit organization with a mission to nurture human connection by teaching and practicing heart-centered listening in public spaces. Since it began in 2014, Sidewalk Talk has grown to over 700 volunteers worldwide and now has chapters in 19 cities around the globe. Guest Bio Traci is the founder and CEO...


020: Kate DeBartolo: The Conversation Project

Kate DeBartolo is used to uncomfortable conversations. In fact, her job is to be a proponent of them. And here’s why. As the Director for The Conversation Project, her mission is to get people talking about one of the most difficult topics many of us will ever encounter: our end of life decisions and the end of life wishes of the those we love. Let’s face it, we’re all going to die. That’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s obviously true. And how we want to die, how we want our last days to be...


019: Bernadette Noll: Make Stuff Together

I have a theory that if we upgrade the quality of our connections, if we got more intentional about how deeply we connect with the people around us, our lives would feel more joyful and more meaningful. What follows is a conversation about how we can use our hands and our imaginations to make stuff. But more importantly, why making stuff together—even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or even a creative person—becomes a means to cultivating more connection with our family, friends...


018: Rebecca P. Cohen: 15 Minutes Outside

Spring is nearly upon us, which means for many of us, it’s time to go back outside. My guest today is Rebecca P. Cohen, someone who is incredibly passionate about inspiring families and individuals to spend more time outside. What’s ahead is a conversation about the enormous benefits to being intentional about spending time outdoors every day—with your kids and with yourself – and how to easily and almost effortlessly create a ‘15-minutes outside’ habit. Guest Bio Rebecca P. Cohen has...


017: Courtney Carver: Soulful Simplicity

The idea of living with less—less stuff, less obligations, less debt and making less of a footprint environmentally—is really gaining momentum. And here’s my hypothesis about why: For anyone on a journey to find some meaning in their life or simply trying to gain clarity on what truly makes them happy and fulfilled, we mostly all land in the same place with similar conclusions: it’s not the stuff or the money or the house or the important to do list that give our lives fulfillment: it’s our...


016: Katie Seymour: Man’s Best Friend

I first met Katie in my Friday yoga class. She’s a little hard to miss since she’s the only yogi in the class who brings her dog with her. I soon came to find out that she works as a volunteer raising companion dogs as well as therapy dogs. I was immediately fascinated, not just by her work with dogs, but I had a million questions about the relationship between dogs and humans, why dogs are so good at reregulating us and why so many people regard them as man’s best friend. Having owned a...


015: Dana Marie Roquemore: Dinner with Strangers

As the creator of The Dinner Party Project, Dana Marie Roquemore is on a mission to facilitate more and deeper connections between friends and strangers. A food-focused social experiment that invites 8 strangers to share food, conversation and company, the concept provides the random opportunity for people to meet and share a meal. Each week, seven guests are chosen at random and given instructions for where and when to attend. Dana uses guest chefs and guest caterers to create amazing food,...


014: Eddie Selover: PechaKucha & Sharing Our Stories

What happens when a community comes together to share its stories, triumphs, struggles and aspirations? PechaKucha, an international speaker series based on a 20×20 format (20 slides, 20 seconds each), exists to explore this question. Now held in over 1,000 cities around the world, the series gives a platform to each city’s residents—from creatives to professionals to regular folks with a story to tell—and the result is people connecting with people they would probably have never crossed...


013: Rick Bommelje: The Listening Course

Rick Bommelje has spent decades becoming a master listener and helping others do the same. Before you shrug off listening as a topic you already know about, I invite you to think again. In fact, I invite you to question why you may never have received any formal training in what is actually one of our most critical skills. Mostly, I invite you to listen to this conversation like it could hold the key to something that might dramatically upgrade your life. Mentioned in this Episode A...


012: Katie Denis: Project Time Off

Americans forfeit over 600 million days of vacation time EVERY year, and there are huge economic, cultural and psychological consequences to this. We’re not as creative and productive but we’re also not as happy AND we miss out on countless moments we could have used to connect with our loved ones and ourselves. I loved this conversation and I can’t with to share it with you, but a word of warning: I have a feeling you’ll be booking your next vacation by the time this conversation is...


011: Doug Bolger: The Wisdom of Teams

Wherever you are in your life, chances are you’re going to find yourself working with teams at some point. And whether you’re trying to solve a challenge at work or plan your next vacation as a family, there’s a method to extracting the gold. Doug Bolger is the Founder & CEO of Learn2, a participant-centered, experiential learning company with programs designed to have teams wildly alter how they work together, solve problems, and innovate. In this episode, we dive into how having a...


010: Karla McLaren: Emotions as Allies

Our culture often teaches us to be uncomfortable with emotions, to avoid them, and to set them aside when making important decisions. But neuroscience would have us see them in a different way. In this episode, empathy researcher Karla McLaren invites us to see emotions as data, as fundamental aspects of our intelligence, and inescapable parts of our cognition. Whether you like it or not, your emotions are always at play. But the good news is, Karla can help us understand the wisdom that...


009: Shannon Taylor: Belonging and Inclusion

Belonging and inclusion are both critical to our health and well-being. There’s real pain to be felt when we feel like we don’t fit in or we're deliberating excluded. It’s not theoretical, it’s actually physiological, and science has proven this. During this episode, we discuss many great studies but we also bring it down to day-to-day life terms. The research is fascinating but so are the practical applications. Guest Bio Dr. Shannon Taylor is an associate professor and Ph.D. program...


008: Angie Byrd: Connecting with Self

We connect with other people all day long, in person and online. But how often do we take the time to connect with ourselves, to really check in and see how we’re doing and feeling? It’s not a practice our busy, fast-paced society allows for. In fact, it feels like we’re more distracted from ourselves than ever. Any given moment we have a multitude of things puling at us, demanding our attention. But there is so much value in coming home to ourselves. In this discussion with performance...