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The Thriving Life Club podcast is for those who want to reach their full potential, connect with their true-self, and thrive in every area of their life.


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The Thriving Life Club podcast is for those who want to reach their full potential, connect with their true-self, and thrive in every area of their life.




How To Turn Your Current Problems Into GIFTS... with Rob Grupe

Rob Grupe (@RobGrupe) got himself into a mess, spent seven and an half years in prison and somehow was able to transform all that and two failed businesses into a thriving life. Find out what he means by, "I craved for the OPPORTUNITY to STRUGGLE." Learn from Rob's mistakes so you can avoid the pain of making them. Get inspired by his wins so you can model it in your own life and business. Today, Rob owns and operates an extremely successful CrossFit gym in Oklahoma City making a big...


From a Teenage Felon to an Advocate of Change... with Claudine BenArosh

Claudine BenArosh (@AmericanFelony) is living proof that it's not only possible for felons to start over after parole, but for them to succeed greatly. Incarcerated at age 18, Claudine left behind a three-month-old son, promising college life and a mother struggling to support her daughter. Claudine left prison determined to change her life. Today, she is focused on sharing her journey and using it to help put an end to high recidivism for felons and to create alternatives to a life of...


Transforming Trauma Into Triumph... with Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Fr. Vazken Movsesian (@Fr_Vazken) is a priest of the Armenian Church and for the past four decades he has melded the most ancient traditions and practices of Armenian Orthodoxy with contemporary themes to bring about the promise of peace. In 2003, Fr. Vazken established the In His Shoes organization as a response to Genocide. He teaches that those who have suffered evil have a unique responsibility to take action against injustice to others. Get the episode notes at...


Natural Fertility Secrets to Conceiving After Age 35 (and 40!)... with Dr. Aumatma Shah

Dr. Aumatma Shah gives expert advice to women on how to get healthier, feel better in their bodies, and regulate their hormones. Most busy business women choose to wait until later in their life to have children, this causing a growing rate of infertility (1-6 couples over the age of 35) Today, we're going to talk about the holistic approach to conceiving naturally, and how to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Get the episode notes at


How To Keep Your Feet Healthy... with Grant Duong

Grant Duong (@The_Foot_Mechanic) is a podiatrist from Sydney, Australia. Podiatry is a medical field that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of problems and issues that affect the lower limbs, from the lower back right down to our feet. Feet are a forgotten part of the body, yet they’re incredibly important. In this episode, Grant reveals practical tools and advice for women and men of all ages who want to keep their feet healthy for years to come. Get...


How To Find Your True Self... with Dr. Deborah Khoshaba

Dr. Deborah Khoshaba is the author of "Getting to Oz: The Personal Journey Home to Your True Self" and has been a Clinical Psychologist in Southern California for over 25 years and worked as a therapist, teacher, consultant, and researcher. She has been the Director of Program Development and Training for the Hardiness Institute and has authored the hardiness approach to Stress Management & Training called HardiTraining that is used worldwide by the public educators, business, military, and...


Making The Most Of What You Have

Brian Wong (@BrianWong) talks about the importance of recognizing that it is everyone's personal responsibility to make the most of what they've got and being grateful for the platform they've been given in life. Get the episode notes at


Meditation For The Hyper

Brian Wong (@BrianWong) shares his view on meditation and the uncommon ways he gets into a meditative state. This is a great advice for the people who literally can't sit still for more than two minutes and want to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Take a listen and please enjoy! Get the episode notes at


How To Thrive Within The Most Mundane

Brian Wong (@BrianWong) gives his unique approach to finding all the things to feel good about even when doing something that can easily be considered boring, depressing and mundane. He says, "I think people sometimes are just way too harsh on themselves and suffocate themselves, without giving them the opportunity to find all the delights within the most mundane." Get the episode notes at


How To Shortcut Your Way to Success... with Brian Wong

Brian Wong (@BrianWong) graduated from college by age 18, has raised $24 million in venture capital to start his own company before he turned 25, and has grown that company into a global mobile advertising giant in just 4 years. His secret? The Cheat Code. No matter where you aspire to go in your life or career, The Cheat Code will help get you there – faster. Get the episode notes at


The Main Fight is With Yourself

Vanessa Cast (@MomInBusiness) briefly talks about the "main fight" that she believes is with yourself. She also describes what happens when we face challenges: "At the beginning your struggle with the things, you doubt - it's normal, you have fear - it's normal, but then in the path, you start seeing like a learning, like a learning process. So it's normal to have doubt. It's normal to have fear. It's the only way you have to know your limits and know what you are capable of, so it's now a...


How To Live According To Your Priorities... with Vanessa Cast

Vanessa Cast (@MomInBusiness) is a business mentor, a strong woman, and an inspiration to women around the world who are mothers and also want to work from home to stay home with their children. She calls herself and her tribe of women - Moms In Business. She teaches women how to live according to their priorities. While still pregnant, she left her corporate job to start something new and started a business from home to stay home and spend more time with her soon-to-be-born son. In this...


The Beach And The False Summit Mentality

Ben Turshen (@BenTurshenMeditation) describes how Vedic Meditation helps us stop pursuing happiness and instead start happily pursuing. Ben says, "Happiness and fulfillment doesn't come from the act of doing. It actually comes from moving in the opposite direction towards the state of being." This is an excerpt from Episode 20. Listen to the full episode and get the episode notes at


The Photographer With a Constrained Lense

Ben Turshen (@BenTurshenMeditation) talks about what usually happens in the absence of meditation in one's life and he talks about what usually happens when one meditates on a consistent basis. This is an excerpt from Episode 20. Listen to the full episode and get the episode notes at


From A Corporate Lawyer To A Teacher Of Bliss... with Ben Turshen

Ben Turshen (@BenTurshenMeditation) is a master teacher of Vedic Meditation, a Breathwork practitioner, and a Personal Coach who used to be an attorney practicing corporate law and used to suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, ​panic attacks, and depend​ent on a long list of drugs with all kinds of side effects just to feel okay. In this episode you're going to discover how Ben was able to transform from a depressed lawyer having panic attacks and hating his job into a blissful teacher...


The Floor And Your Life Expectancy

Dr. Jen Esquer (@DocJenFit) talks about the small things we can do on daily basis during the day to be able to use every range of your body that you were born with. Find our what influences your life expectancy and what other cultures do during the day to live longer and have less disease, less injuries, less ostioarthritis, etc. This is an excerpt from Episode 19. Listen to the full episode and get the episode notes at


It Doesn't Have To Look A Perfect Way

Dr. Jen Esquer (@DocJenFit) shares her recommendation for those who haven't been physically active for a while and would like to get back to having the full-body mobility that they once had. She explains why it is important to have the whole body mobility and how to make sure your exercise routine is sustainable. This is an excerpt from Episode 19. Listen to the full episode and get the episode notes at


Conquering The Bali Swing

Dr. Jen Esquer (@DocJenFit) shares her experience conquering her fear of heights and riding the Bali Swing. Jen talks about the importance of having the mindset of moving forward and explains what happens when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. This is an excerpt from Episode 19. Listen to the full episode and get the episode notes at


How To Regain Full Body Mobility... with Dr. Jen Esquer

Dr. Jen Esquer (@DocJenFit) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She is confident that "becoming educated on what is going on with your body is the most powerful piece of knowledge for establishing health and longevity for a pain-free and active lifestyle!" ​Through her programs, workshops, and one on one treatments, Jen helps people relieve pain, prevent injury, optimize movement, lift heavier, squat lower and run faster! Get the episode notes at:


Everything Else Is Cream Cheese

Eric Sharp (@EricHowellSharp) shares his thoughts on staying focused on your goals, staying grateful for what you have, and when something should become non-negotiable. This is an excerpt from Episode 18. Listen to the full episode and get the episode notes at