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Alex's mission is to inspire people to question their otherwise fixed perceptions of life; encourage people to challenge their everyday thinking. Other interests are around Psychology, Child & Personal Development, High Performance and Self Awareness.🎙 #theuturnpodcast

Alex's mission is to inspire people to question their otherwise fixed perceptions of life; encourage people to challenge their everyday thinking. Other interests are around Psychology, Child & Personal Development, High Performance and Self Awareness.🎙 #theuturnpodcast
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Alex's mission is to inspire people to question their otherwise fixed perceptions of life; encourage people to challenge their everyday thinking. Other interests are around Psychology, Child & Personal Development, High Performance and Self Awareness.🎙 #theuturnpodcast




034: The U Turn Podcast - [Change] - By Alex Over

[CHANGE] - Oh yes we all know this one for sure! ;) Not always a bad thing though I must say. In with it though and was literally just off the tip of my tongue.... Was feeling good about this subject and made me think a lot today in my own situation and what happened earlier but all good I must say. What change is it your facing? Are you fearful of it? Excited or just not sure how too make those changes? Well... hopefully at least this will make you feel a tad better or can give you a...


033: The U Turn Podcast - [Spontaneous] - By Alex Over

First of all before I start! Make sure to check out the [NEW] = 'Alex Over Lunchtime Blog' which started this week, which you can visit via the website >>>> <<<< Next up today is Friday's episode around 'Spontaneous' - this session really was just that... :) Thought about it and went for it! It's such an important subject and I hope it gives you some nice clarity around it for yourself too. Remember you can reach me via socials @alexeover See ya! P.S - more new updates...


032: The U Turn Podcast - [Attitude] - By Alex Over

Firstly just want to jump in and say.... what is that intro Music I've done???? hahaha! (this was literally the quickest thing I've made, maybe I reckon 2.2 secs of hard graft that was.... didn't have the 'Time' - only messing! I did but you know) thinking more over the next few weeks and testing out some fresh Music elements in there :) Talking about Music, this is another area which I love and have spent some quality time over the weekend being productive, planning, thinking and putting...


031: The U Turn Podcast - [Objectivity] - By Alex Over

First of all.... HAPPY NEW YEAR :-') Kind of crazy to think it's another year gone but also I hope you have had a great Christmas period???? (weather you celebrate it or not) Those new years resolutions are in place, like all year round ;) Before we get going for today's episode and into 2019, I do want to update on some new additions for the Alex Over brand. New episodes of 'The U Turn Podcast' will be up every (Monday and Friday) mornings. An addition to this will also see the Alex...


030: The U Turn Podcast - [Community] - By Alex Over

Hey guys :) Ah sooooo good being back online for Episode number 30!! A little less during December than I would of liked, but no worries - the most important thing is we are back on track! It's Christmas Eve Eve today and wow when did this happen?!! Like... Really??? Crazy quick it's gone.. kinda too fast if I'm honest?? Today was just a little refresh as I know you have missed my lovely British Accent :D hmmm okay maybe.... not! But hey it's cool looking forward too 2019 - Are you??? You...


029: The U Turn Podcast - [On Edge] - By Alex Over

Oh my! Apologies for such a lack of episodes the last few weeks... Had a technical issue... thought it was out of my control but once I deeper the issue was resolved (Few) but.. it's all good I've recored quite a few in the meantime behind the scenes - too keep up, especially as it's coming into 2019. This theme is slightly different for this session, as I am joined by a good friend of mine (Michael Bodell) and also I am going to be progressing these podcasts with some progression, nice...


028: The U Turn Podcast - [Anxiety] - By Alex Over

🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️ this is a biggie for most, if not all of us. Blimey this is seriously deep feelings and attachments alongside this particular subject... was a tough one to construct as it’s such a big subject 💯👀 I feel from my own experience it’s about being completely honest with yourself and that sometimes does mean it’s a very very very painful process but with rewards like no other. Also touched base about the new ‘Alex Over Blogs’ & ‘Alex Over Sessions’ which is a new feature coming to...


027: The U Turn Podcast - [Mens Mental Health] - By Alex Over

Oh before I jump in I’ve created a NEW ‘Meetup’ group called ‘Men’s Health London Learning and Well-being Meetup’ - there will be a link via the website to join in the next few days. Doesn’t cost anything but all I ask is for you to answer the 5 questions to be approved. If your in London or visiting when an event is on, please join and get involved. We will look to start in Jan 2019 🙏🤜🏻💯 Okay sooo back to today’s episode it just touches base about this group and...


026: The U Turn Podcast - [Movember] - By Alex Over

A important month around the subject on ‘Movember’ its a tough one to go into as it faces the reality of the on going situation around ‘Men’s Health’ and the challenges it faces. That can be a variation of factors with suicide, mental health, testicular and prostate cancer. In this episode I dive into a little bit of my own experiences and I hope it makes you think about your own and gives you a chance to prober reflect on yours ❤️😊 it’s tough if your the one struggling or going through a...


025: The U Turn Podcast - [Responsibility] - By Alex Over

This has taken me quite a few days to sit down and digest for a period of time as it’s a subject which needs some deeper thoughts attached too it 💭💭 what does Responsibility mean to you? Does it make you feel good about yourself, as you take charge and some form of control of your life or does it take control of you because of other people’s lack of responsibility?? Ohhh 😲 that sounded good when saying that. I reckon it’s the second part most can relate too? 🧘‍♂️🤣🙈 I’ll let you decide...


024: The U Turn Podcast - [Stress Awareness Day] - By Alex Over

National Stress Awareness Day - A subject we can all dig deeper into, if we choose to do so and the difficulties that surround this for people. What does it mean to you? 💭 do you need some more 🧘‍♂️ in your life or maybe just some more self awareness to why you feel stressed or even some adjustments in your life not to feel so overwhelmed. I’m glad and so pleased that most like to speak up a lot more about their feelings and it was great to touch base about this today too ❤️ Please please...


023: The U Turn Podcast - [Power Trip] - By Alex Over

Power trip... this is powerful to understand for the ‘right’ reasons (of course)✋🏻✋🏻 let’s talk about money 💵 power for example, is it something you have to deal with? Maybe on a regular basis, which is probably most...and then you have wondered why you have ended up in and around this environment, well firstly whatever your context is I’d highly suggest to firstly look from within and take that responsibility to see how your actions and views have impacted you to get into a particular...


022: The U Turn Podcast - [Kindness] - By Alex Over

Happy Sunday everyone 🤾🏻‍♂️ I’m now all settled into London and feels so incredibly awesome, so grateful and pleased to be here, did the move this week hence the slight delay on this episode 🙈 but back with a bang 🔥 oh yes and this subject is a great one to touch base on 🙏😁💯 (Kindness) beautiful makes me so happy to talk about this and I hope it does the same for you too. Socials @alexeover & - See ya! 👋


021: The U Turn Podcast - [Honesty] - By Alex Over

‘Honesty’ means so much too so many of us and covers such an array of areas I didn’t even touch base with, such as being straightforward, fair, loyal as well as where I was kind of hitting at with truthfulness, even if it can be the most difficult situation you face 🤔🤪🤾🏻‍♂️ how does it make you feel by just saying it or wish you had more of this around you or it could be the saying ‘I’m just to honest’ are you though? Oh so worth digging deep into this. I know I try too! Can / have you?...


020: The U Turn Podcast - [Appreciation] By Alex Over

Have to say it’s very early hours here and I just went in quietly I must say 🙈🤪around this subject as I was feeling so chilled and I was just ‘appreciating’ my surroundings and what it means to me. Take a moment to feel how you really feel around yours also? ✍️✈️😄 I’ll keep it so short and sweet today as this episode was a little more personal. Remember these clocks go back an hour right about now 🤾🏻‍♂️🕛 oh and have a great Sunday because we all love IT for the ‘right’ reasons, so we...


019: The U Turn Podcast - [Individuality] - By Alex Over

Oh yes oh yes!! A top subject around ‘Individuality’ - lots of angles on this one and the longest podcast recorded yet 🤭 I looked at the time when recording this and you know what they say - Time Flys When Your Having Fun (something like that) 😁😉🙈 right so quickly on this, now I’m well in the learning process within Psychology, this subject just kept coming up in my head time and time again. It was almost like knocking on my door asking to shout out about it 🤪 I like this one, it’s a...


018: The U Turn Podcast - [Going Through] By Alex Over

Dammm this is a tough one to ‘Go Through’ but we all need to face the reality that at some stages in our lives we face massive challenges 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ it’s not all bad though 🤾🏻‍♂️because if we face up to it and just allow ourselves to think about how this could really help us, not only to learn from the experience but to grow so much more than just thinking everything is great... and I’m loving life, instead I accept the challenge, bring it on and go through this because in the end the...


017: The U Turn Podcast - [Invest In Yourself] By Alex Over

Jumped in a deeper thought process around the area of 'Invest In Yourself' 🍑🌍 it couldn't be any further away from being 'Selfish' or doing it for just 'You' ohhhh no its more powerful than that, its about how you can re invest into yourself to therefor impact not just you but impact the people around you and even further afield. So again! powerful insights to looking at yourself and how you choose to react 🤭😉LOVE IT 😍💫🤞🏻❤️ - Socials @alexeover -


016: The U Turn Podcast - [Avoidance] - By Alex Over

Whats your reason for this? I've got mine and i'm shore you have yours too?! I like this one because even though it may not sound like it, I still think it has good reasons on both ends 🙅🏻‍♂️🤭 was it something today you did? Or even planning to do tomorrow? or still thinking about a few months back? I tend to sit back dig deeper to why.... then look around and see who else is currently in your enviroment and what impact that has on you? Its powerful stuff once you notice it a lot lot...


015: The U Turn Podcast - [Speaking Up] - By Alex Over

🗣🗣🗣 = me blabbing in this episode 🙈🤭 and they are getting longer and longer - so I won't go into to much detail in here... buttt lets be honest this is a great subject! Where do you feel in your situations, you could be speaking up a tad more? It's a strong / challenging one for sure. Lets dive in 🙅🏻‍♂️🕺🏻- Socials @alexeover