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Episode 021 - Chasing the Numbers

Today, we are constantly getting bombarded by numbers. They show up everywhere, at work, at home, on our social media accounts and most importantly in our personal lives. We often use those numbers as a way to determine if we are progressing, regressing or just standing still. For many of us, we often use numbers as a gauge for our success, our growth and our failure. In this episode, we chat about how these numbers may be telling you the wrong story and why tweaking your perspective may be...


Episode 020 - Experience the Experience

Do you ever find yourself grabbing your phone to capture that special moment ? |Do you sometimes feel the urge to take a video of an experience you had in an effort to share it with others ? |Well, today we talk about why focusing on capturing your moments, may actually be preventing you from experiencing them !


Episode 019 - All for One & One for All - Change your mind, Extend your reach and Crush your Goals.

When people think of achieving their goals they commonly think “how”. How am I going to accomplish this ? How do I get ahead ?, How do I compete to succeed ? Well, instead of asking yourself “How”, maybe you should be asking yourself “Who”. Why becoming a “Who” thinker will not only increase your reach, but also increase your success…like a lot.


Episode 018: Impossible is Nothing: How following a simple formula can transform your dreams into your reality

Ever wanted to get that dream job, get out of debt, have that killer body, write your first book, make your first million?? We’ll all of this is possible by focusing on three things that are essential to making the impossible, possible. Check it out! Also check out more content @thewhitetigerpodcast on Instagram.


Episode 017 - The Enemy of Action: How Your Strive for Perfection is Preventing You from Acheiving Epic Success

Is wanting to be perfect at your job, your life & your relationships exaggerated thinking or a vehicle for epic success ? Also, find out how the game of football taught both a boy and a man to be better at life.


Episode 016 - Grip it & Rip it: The Shanks Interview

In Episode #2, we talked out the life lesson’s learned through the game of golf and how blaming it on the shanks can just about solve any problem we face. This week, we speak with Costa Pagonis, Collegiate Athlete, Golfer and the original blame it on the shanks guy. Costa shares his perspective on golf, life and the dreaded diagnosis of the “shanks”. An absolute must hear !


Episode 015 - Destination: Visualization | Mental Preparation for Epic Success

What does Micheal Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Lindsey Vonn and Will Smith have in common ? They practice the art of visualization. By visualizing what we want, how we achieve our goals and how we make decisions, we can mentally prepare ourselves to bust through any obstacle. Tune in and find out.


Episode 014 - Press Play and Slay: Why changing your view on music can help change your life.

We all love music. Not only is it a great form of entertainment, but it also serves as a huge resource for both personal and professional growth. Here we discuss how shifting your perspective on how you listen to music, can be your ultimate game changer and boost you to another level.


Episode 013: The Power of Hardship…How Changing your Perspective on Challenge, Can make You Unstoppable.

One thing we all have is common is our experience with hardship, challenge and struggle. Even though we all share varying degrees of challenge in our lives, we often perceive hardship as a negative experience that often has held us back, currently holds us back or will hold back from achieving our goals. If you want to find out how to make your story….your advantage……… you need to listen !


Episode 012 - Get the Funk Out: How to Transform from Victim to Victor

Getting into a Funk can be very frustrating. Staying in a Funk is even worse. In this week's episode, we tackle why we get bogged down, how to devise a plan on how to get out & why focusing on some important things can transform you from a Victim to a Victor.


Episode 011 - Chasing Suck-cess: Why the information you need may be the information you need to avoid.

Have you ever sought out information as a solution to the personal & professional challenges you often face, to only find that it didn't apply to you ? Did you get sick of getting bombarded by e-mails and solicitations to buy a "program" or method to make you "successful" ? This week we talk about why the info you seek, may by the info you need to avoid.


Episode 010: Safe is Dangerous: Why Playing to Win is Important and Why Playing not to Lose is Losing.

When it comes to work, life and relationships are you playing to win or not to lose? Do you find yourself being cautious or are you more likely to take a big risk ? In this episode, we talk about why playing not to lose can be very dangerous, both personally and professionally.


Episode 009 : You are What You Think: Why the Info You Seek is Who You Become

I love the damn internet and who doesn't ! The one thing we don't realize is that it could be playing a big part on why we think certain ways, ultimately fueling our not so great behaviors. The information we seek has a huge impact on who we are. We also discuss the secret to stopping the school shooting epidemic and it's something that you may never hear on the news and definitely not on the web.


Episode 008 - Life via Death: Law Enforcement Lessons

In this episode, you will hear how dealing with some tough law enforcement calls helped me change my life and could possible change the way you think about yours. Also how dealing with death, taught me how to live and why service is not something you get at you favorite restaurant.


Episode 007: The Double Play Resume

In this episode, we will talk about the infamous sports resume. Do you have one ? What the heck is it ? Also, some insight on managing & understanding the "me"people we encounter and why this small tip can have a major impact on your life. Also, prepare to have your mind completely blown at the end of this episode...twice !! Enjoy !


Episode 006 - Welcome to the Grind

In this week episode you will learn why embracing the grind could be derailing your success, what's up with my yin and yang and let's get uncomfortable in here !


Episode 005 - ILL Communication

You will learn why we stink at communication, you will get helpful tips on how to get better at flapping your gums and how to tell if those special people are lying to you. Also included is a fun story about a woman and a cup.


Episode 004 - Caution: Opportunity Approaching

In this episode you will learn how I was a police officer and inmate at the same time, promotional hazards and the one word that summarizes a true leader.


Episode 003 - You vs. You

In this episode, you will get important tips & salt of the earth know-how on how to become a professional d-bag. You will also hear how meeting a ghost, changed my life & if you work, live or are visiting the New York City area, you will get the one vital and crucial tip for survival. The White Tiger Podcast does not work without you ! So please send your suggestions for content, questions you would like answered, pearls of wisdom and/or any derogatory comments to us at You...


Episode 002 - A** Hole in One

In this episode you will learn how the game of golf taught me a huge life lesson, Blaming it all on the shanks and yes I am an addict.