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39: Corporate to Wellness Coach with Megan Rigby

Dr. Megan Rigby, @macro_mini is a Doctorate prepared GI Nurse Practitioner, certified nutrition consultant, and owner of Macro Mini, a wellness coaching business she owns with her husband. After competing in IFBB competitions, Megan realized she wasn't happy. She thought focusing on her physique would make her happy, but subjecting herself to different diet plans and judging her body wasn't how she wanted to live anymore. She made an important switch and decided to focus on health and...


38: Building a Franchise Business as a mom of Three with Megan Reilly

Megan Reilly, @meganlreilly, mom of three, co-founder, and COO of Tippi Toe Dance Company, a mobile kids dance company that focuses on recreational dance. The business brings dance class to the kids, making it convenient for moms everywhere! The business started by her sister in college has grown into a franchise with 30 franchises. Driven by their goals, Tippi Toes has adapted over time and has grown with customer needs. Episode 38 of the Time To Be You podcast is all about knowing what...


37: Marketing to Moms with Katrina McCarter

Katrina McCarter, @marketingtomums is the Founder of Marketing to Mums, a marketing research and consultancy firm, and award winning online shopping sit Bubbler.com.au. For the last 15 years, she's perfected the art of marketing to moms, the most powerful consumer demographic responsible for 80% of all spending. Companies need to make sure they're targeting the right audience to get the best sales. Episode 37 of the Time To Be You podcast emphasizes the importance of targeting a niche...


36: What is your Financial Story with Hilary Hendershott

Hilary Hendershott, @hilarythecfp is the Founder of Hendershott Wealth Management, a financial advisory firm for women, host of Profit Boss Radio, and a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur. After overcoming her own financial struggles, Hilary decided to meet people where they are. Not everyone can come to the table with six figures to invest, so she created 7 Steps to Wealth to help empower women to own their financial well-being. ⁣ Episode 36 of the Time To Be You podcast encourages women to...


35: What is Your Inner Dialog Really Saying with Lauren Zander

Lauren Zander, @laurenzander_coach, is the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Handel Group, a life coaching and corporate consulting company, and author of Maybe It's You: Cut the Crap. As a pioneer of life-coaching, she developed the Handel Method which is used by companies and schools to teach people personal integrity. Why are people committed to keeping promises to others but not to themselves? ⁣ Episode 35 of the Time To Be You podcast teaches you to focus on your inner dialogue in...


34: Overcoming Perfectionism and Comparison in Your Business with Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight, @brandmerrycoaching, Branding and Business Coach and the founder of Brandmerry.com shifts the focus inward to help people find their life-goals and business objectives. Knowing your purpose will translate into your business. Start by blocking out the outside expectations and removing comparison to focus on the inner you. Episode 34 of the Time To Be You podcast encourages you to forget about societal expectations in order to find the true meaning of your life. Putting the...


33: The Real Inner Work for Success with Debra Maldonado

⁣⠀Debra Maldonado, @debrabmaldonado, is a master life coach, instructor, and bestselling author of Let Love In. She helps awaken peoples mind for their personal development which is what lead her to find her purpose in life, to help people be happy. Debra wants people to know it's okay to feel guilty sometimes or like you're not enough, but if you're conscious of it you can take steps to manage it. You have to realize where you are may not be perfect, but that's because it's not complete....


32: Practical Sales and Marketing Techniques with Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy, @mitchell.levy, the aha guy, is a global credibility expert; he's created 20 businesses, provided strategic consulting for 100 companies, advised 500 CEOs, and is an international Amazon best selling author. Mitch discovered how to establish himself as a thought leader and is passing that expertise along to clients by creating sustainable credibility. Episode 32 of the Time To Be You podcast helps entrepreneurs tap into their expertise. You have to identify what pain point...


31: Instagram Hacks for Your Product Based Business

Episode 31 of the Time To Be You podcast features yours truly, Laura Berens! People keep asking me how to best use Instagram for their business. So, since I'm equipped with examples from my activewear brand, Love and Fit, I wanted to help point other entrepreneurs in the right direction! This episode will help teach you what's needed to build up your business Instagram page to make sure you're attracting the right audience that will lead to sales! Every business is using social...


30: Meditate to a Deeper Connection With Yourself with Rosie Acosta

Rosie Acosta, @rosieacosta, founder of Radically Loved Yoga Health and Wellness is a yoga and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, Certified Nutritionist, and life coach found her path in life through yoga and meditation. As a troubled teen suffering from PTSD caused from issues growing up, she looked internally to resolve the past turmoils sending her down the wrong path. Practicing yoga and meditation helped her go from living in a paralyzed state to learning who she was and what she...


29: Change Your Mindset on How You Work with Mitch Creasey

Mitch Creasey, @themcpov is a life coach focused on helping overworked executives and entrepreneurs. He's transforming the way people think about their life and their responsibilities through mindfulness training. Mitch wants you to ask yourself, "what is it you have to do?" to help prioritize your day and focus on what's important. Episode 29 of the Time To Be You podcast will bring you to the realization that you are responsible for your own stress level. Take the time to focus on what...


28: How to Reconnect and Heal Through our Truths with Dr. Jann Chrisman

Dr. Jenn Chrisman, @dr.jennchrisman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and host of the Love Your Truth podcast. For over 10 years, Dr. Jenn has been working with women and evolving her practice as she grows over time. She works to heal the early wounds the women unconsciously carry from their childhood that may be holding them back in business and in life. Episode 28 of the Time To Be You podcast validates that at some point everyone feels like they aren't good enough or they don't...


27: Say Yes to You with Corina Tripon

Corina Tripon, @corinatripon Life and Business Growth Coach, founder of Ginger Root, is getting female entrepreneurs from where they are to where they want to go! She teaches women to stop trying to sell themselves and start focusing on reaching your audience in order to propel your business forward. Episode 27 of the Time To Be You podcast inspires you to lose the safety net and follow your entrepreneurial dreams! Corina teaches us there's power in following your heart and realizing your...


26: Find Your Ideal Clients Through Instagram with Isabella Silverio

Isabella Silverio, @isabella.guava Business Consultant and THE Instagram Guru learned the ins and outs of business working for startup companies. After being in the startup world she decided to start her own business doing what she knew best - how to build an Instagram following. It all goes back to figuring out what you need to be successful ahead of time. Isabella coaches people to reverse engineer their business and to plan based on that goal! Episode 26 of the Time To Be You podcast...


25: Creating Community and Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs with Liz Forkin Bohannon

Liz Forkin Bohannon, @lizbohannon co-founder and CEO of Sseko Designs @ssekodesigns, a company whose products are all ethically produced by artisans who are treated well and paid fairly. It all started out as a fashion business and over time turned into a community of women creating opportunity for other women around the globe! Each artisan Sseko Designs employs in East Africa is sent to University to study and follow their dreams. Episode 25 of the Time To Be You podcast reminds us that...


24: How to Show Up for Your Business with Nichole Sylvester

Nichole Sylvester, @nicholesylvester set out on a journey to find herself after surviving domestic violence and overcoming addiction. After her awakening, she became an international best selling author of the book OH SHIFT, a life coach, and a motivational speaker. Nichole has made it her mission to help others find their worthiness because if you feel worthy, you'll start to build the life you want. Episode 24 of the Time To Be You Podcast is as real as it gets - Nichole found success...


23: How a Mompreneur Built a Luxury Diaper Bag Brand from Scratch with Meggan Wood

Meggan Wood, @lilyjadeco creator of Lily Jade, was on a mission to not only create a great diaper bag, but to be a blessing for women. Even though she had no design experience, she built her diaper bags based on the real needs of moms everywhere and gives back to them whenever she can. With the support of her husband Landon, she started the design process and together they built Lily Jade one bag at a time! Episode 23 of the Time To Be You Podcast proves you don't need to have everything...


22: Have Courage and Go For the No with Andrea Waltz

Andrea Waltz, @goforno is the co-creator of the "Go for No!" strategy with husband and business partner Richard Fenton. Their book, "Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There", reached number one on Amazon's best selling list and over the last eight years has remained one of the top twenty sales books. The "Go for No!" strategy has spanned across industries to bring countless people business success. Episode 22 of the Time To Be You Podcast motivates you to eliminate your...


21: Can You Build a Million Dollar Business in One Year with Brianna Zajicek

Brianna Zajicek, @theoneyear is on a mission to help people build their dream life in one year with the One Year Project. She has built and sold multiple companies, all by the age of 27! Starting out as an administrative assistant, Briana put her fears aside, she asked the CEO how she can fix the companies problems and the rest was history! Episode 21 of the Time To Be You Podcast ignites the spark inside all of us to believe in ourselves and stop letting fear hold us back! Briana has...


20: Shift Your Mindset, Improve Your Life with Chris and Eric Martinez

Twins Chris and Eric Martinez, known as the “Dynamic Duo” in the fitness world, are number one bestselling authors and the founders of an online exercise, nutrition and lifestyle consulting business. They are also Time To Be You’s first male guests! Episode 20 of the Time To You Podcast focuses on how you can look and feel better to live your happiest life! By focusing on exercise techniques, nutrition, personal development, and lifestyle practices that are realistic, enjoyable, and...