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24: How to Show Up for Your Business with Nichole Sylvester

Nichole Sylvester, @nicholesylvester set out on a journey to find herself after surviving domestic violence and overcoming addiction. After her awakening, she became an international best selling author of the book OH SHIFT, a life coach, and a motivational speaker. Nichole has made it her mission to help others find their worthiness because if you feel worthy, you'll start to build the life you want. Episode 24 of the Time To Be You Podcast is as real as it gets - Nichole found success...


23: How a Mompreneur Built a Luxury Diaper Bag Brand from Scratch with Meggan Wood

Meggan Wood, @lilyjadeco creator of Lily Jade, was on a mission to not only create a great diaper bag, but to be a blessing for women. Even though she had no design experience, she built her diaper bags based on the real needs of moms everywhere and gives back to them whenever she can. With the support of her husband Landon, she started the design process and together they built Lily Jade one bag at a time! Episode 23 of the Time To Be You Podcast proves you don't need to have everything...


22: Have Courage and Go For the No with Andrea Waltz

Andrea Waltz, @goforno is the co-creator of the "Go for No!" strategy with husband and business partner Richard Fenton. Their book, "Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There", reached number one on Amazon's best selling list and over the last eight years has remained one of the top twenty sales books. The "Go for No!" strategy has spanned across industries to bring countless people business success. Episode 22 of the Time To Be You Podcast motivates you to eliminate your...


21: Can You Build a Million Dollar Business in One Year with Brianna Zajicek

Brianna Zajicek, @theoneyear is on a mission to help people build their dream life in one year with the One Year Project. She has built and sold multiple companies, all by the age of 27! Starting out as an administrative assistant, Briana put her fears aside, she asked the CEO how she can fix the companies problems and the rest was history! Episode 21 of the Time To Be You Podcast ignites the spark inside all of us to believe in ourselves and stop letting fear hold us back! Briana has...


20: Shift Your Mindset, Improve Your Life with Chris and Eric Martinez

Twins Chris and Eric Martinez, known as the “Dynamic Duo” in the fitness world, are number one bestselling authors and the founders of an online exercise, nutrition and lifestyle consulting business. They are also Time To Be You’s first male guests! Episode 20 of the Time To You Podcast focuses on how you can look and feel better to live your happiest life! By focusing on exercise techniques, nutrition, personal development, and lifestyle practices that are realistic, enjoyable, and...


19: How To Tap Into Your Creative Flow with Hila Plitman

In Episode 19 of the Time To Be You Podcast, Hila Plitman, Grammy award winning vocalist, teaches her listeners exactly how to tap into their creative flow, citing the importance of just getting the process started and putting work out into the world, “even if you think it’s junk.” Besides her work in opera and contemporary classic music, Hila is an active songwriter, actress and mother of a young teenager. While juggling all these roles can prove difficult, Hila is no stranger to putting...


18: Why and How to Eat Healthy with Maria Marlowe

Want to optimize your diet and lifestyle so that you can live your best life? Episode 18 of the Time To Be You Podcast features nutrition health coach Maria Marlowe and focuses on why and how you can eat healthy. Maria’s secret? “Listen to your body and adapt to what your body needs at that time” It can be hard to make the conscious effort to eat healthy, but, as the podcast explains, oh so worth it. With many benefits besides simply loosing weight, eating healthier can help improve acne,...


17: Commit To Your Dream Before You Know How with Christy Wright

Episode 17 of the Time To Be You podcast focuses on passion, heart, and driving forces. In it, Christy Wright, creator of the Business Boutique and certified business coach, claims “You’ve got to know your why.” Money and success are all products of our driving forces. That is why Christy takes pride in equipping women with the right tools to make money doing what they love. In all of her work, Christy stresses the importance of passion and action. To be successful, sometimes you have to...


16: How to be Fearless and Take Action in Your Business with Cayla Craft

Episode 16 of the Time To Be You Podcast is essential for aspiring female business owners. Entrepreneur and self made millionaire Cayla Craft shares her satisfaction in how she went from working a 9-5 job to helping women pursue their passions, create their own businesses, and shape their communities. This episode focuses on fearlessness and taking action. Cayla inspires her audience to do the things that scare you and take the rules away about how you should act to reveal your true...


15: Manifest Your Vision with Sarah Centrella

We all have goals, though many of us are unsure just how to go about reaching them. In Episode 15 of the It’s Time To Be You Podcast, Sarah Centrella shares her secret to manifesting your vision for your perfect life. In the episode Sarah, a master life coach and premier vision board expert, explains the importance of excitement and clarifying your vision before you start pursuing your goals. Manifesting your dreams is not an easy task, but with Sarah’s tips, getting started seems more...


14: How to Take Action and Build the Life You Want

We all get stuck sometimes. Whether you want to start your own business, cultivate stronger relationships, or even lose a few pounds. In Episode 14, a mini session of the Time To Be You Podcast, Laura shares three specific tips on how to take action and build the life you truly want, no matter what that looks like. In the episode, Laura shares stories of her past work in the corporate sector, and how she drastically overhauled her lifestyle by leaving that job behind. Like Laura, anyone...


13: How to Grow Your Online Presence with Natalie Franke

No matter which industry we’re in, we can all benefit from a strong, focused online presence. Natalie Franke understands the importance of this type of personal online branding, as she’s a photographer turned entrepreneur who utilized online media to broadcast her own image and kickstart her career change. Episode 13 of the Time To Be You Podcast focuses on how to grow one’s online presence, and provides specific tips on how to revamp your Instagram profile. Entrepreneur, marketer, and...


12: How to Move Past Your Fears and Step Into Your Courage with Kate Swoboda

Episode 12 of the Time To Be You Podcast features Kate Swoboda, author of The Courage Habit, centered on facing your fears and the past. Not just an author, Kate has built a career focused on training people to become life coaches and spread the strategies she’s learned firsthand to live her own most courageous life. So how do you move past your fears and step into your own courage? Kate teaches the practice of habit, and suggests bringing courage into that daily practice. Through...


11: How to Launch an Online Program and be Your Authentic Self with Jen Esquer

We all want to be authentic and successful. In Episode 11 of the Time to Be You Podcast, Jen Esquer discusses how to be your own authentic self, as well as how she gained success through building her online programs. In addition to being the first wellness expert to be featured on the Time To Be You Podcast, Jen is a Doctor of Physical therapy with her own private practice. Not only does Jen describe the processes of launching a business online but she describes how she got to where she...


10: How to Step Into Your Alignment and Make Your Passion Your Job with Cathy Heller

What do you really want to do? In Episode 10 of the It’s Time To Be You Podcast, the incredibly personable Cathy Heller shares her secrets to discovering your own personal, attainable answer to this question. Not only is she a mother of three, go-to expert in the music licensing world, and creator of online courses, Cathy also has her own podcast titled: “Don’t Keep your Day Job.” So how does Cathy recommend one finds a purpose-filled, enjoyable career and lifestyle? You have to combine...


9: Why Do We Hate the Way We Look?

Why do we hate the way that we look? In Episode 9 of the It’s Time to be You podcast, I'm reviewing Rachel Hollis’ new, incredibly inspirational documentary entitled: Made for More. In the movie, Rachel describes the ever-present problem of low-self esteem in women, especially when it comes to looks. After a thorough dissection of these issues, which nearly all women face today, Rachel stresses that we, as women, need to be picking each other up and forming a female support...


8: Let's Talk About Sex with Janna Denton-Howes

We are all busy people. That’s why its important we prioritize our needs. In Episode 8 of the It’s Time to be You Podcast, Janna Denton-Howes helps explain this necessity in the bedroom, reminding us all that if you wait for an absolutely perfect time and circumstance, it’s not going to happen. Janna helps couples take sex off the to-do list and rekindle intimacy. Though she’s now a professionally trained marriage coach known to her clients as the “Husband Whisperer,” Janna came into her...


7: Startup Pregnant: Business, Entrepreneurship & Parenthood with Sarah Peck

Sarah Peck is a jack of all trades. She is the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, a writer, startup advisor, and yoga teacher. In Episode 7 of the It’s Time To Be You Podcast, Sarah details the experience of being pregnant and working at a startup and deconstructs the idea that there are certain ways work has to be done and ways families have to look like. Moreover, Sarah shares what she believes is missing from the current work paradigm. Sarah describes how she finds a...


6: How To Be a Mompreneur

Being a mom is a full-time job and Megan Flatt understands that. Women make great business owners because they are mothers, not in spite of. In Episode 6 of the Time to Be You podcast, Megan details the importance and logistics of time management, creating a weekly workflow, and efficiently splitting up time between your kids and work and self. Megan describes how she transitioned from a career in pre and post-natal fitness to a business growth specialist for female entrepreneurs who want...


5: Foster Kinship, Adoption and Starting a Nonprofit with Ali Caliendo

I know there are many families out there that are curious about fostering or possibly adopting a child. Today we talk about what this all involves, where to get support and how to help! Also, some great tips on how to start a Nonprofit and how long it really takes to fully launch a business and start paying yourself. My guest Ali Caliendo is a tireless advocate for children and families, focusing on kinship, foster and adoptive families. She launched, funded and currently serves as the...