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TDT 044: Nate Schmidt & Kyle Trouble Answer Your Questions

In today's episode, Nate and I sit down and answer as many of your questions as we possibly could in our limited time frame. Yes, even the funny ones about Thai ladyboys and weed. In any case, there's also a few epic rants of fire in this one, so make sure you don't miss it... I'll take this time to say that it was a pleasure having Nate on the show again, and you may possibly see some future collaboration between us on stuff (no promises), so stay tuned. Final note, make sure to listen to...


TDT 043: The Nate Schmidt Interview

In today's episode, I welcome Nate Schmidt back to the show to discuss his journey from Troublesome Radio 125 and to where he is now. We discussed... Dropshipping (is it dead?)How many income streams we each have and where the money's coming fromAnd finally, the #1 thing that people starting out in online business should be doing (ignore this at your own peril)Nate can be found at: NateSchmidt.ioTwitter PS: The Q&A session will air later in the week, so make sure you... RATE, REVIEW, &...


TDT 042: Thoughts On My First Webinar

As of today, we've put the Selo LIVE Experience available for registration. In light of this, and the theme of this week - online business, I thought it'd be a good idea to reflect on my webinar that I did back in November. Mentioned in the show: Selo LIVELeadPages"Niche Site Webinar"


TDT 041: Hey, Young Internet Frauds, Get Off My Lawn

Today alone, I've seen half a dozen Twitter bios that say [paraphrasing]: I'll say it to them. You're making yourself out to be a dick. Mentioned in the show: LeadPagesNate's last show Subscribe To TDT: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher Radio: Spotify:


TDT 040: It's a Fish Eat Fish World...

In today's episode, I tell the horror of my Christmas... Mentioned in the show: Videon on Twitter as promise


TDT 039: Is Selling Courses Unethical?

In today's episode, I dive into the Twitter thread here and talk about whether or not selling courses online is ethical. Also mentioned: TDT 023 - Illimitable Men Response Subscribe To TDT: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher Radio: Spotify:


TDT 038: 19 Thoughts About Online Business in 2019

Starting an online business was the best decision I ever made in my life. It’s resulted in a life of freedom I never thought I could have had before—and that wasn’t available to many generations before me. My business was successful before this year, but took leaps and bounds in 2018 and heading into 2019. I can’t wait to see what happens in the New Year. With that being said, here’s a few things I learned about business in 2018, that you should definitely read, absorb, and put into...


TDT 037: The Joker & Girls

Today's podcast goes into detail about a reader who is "The Joker" at parties. I explain why the entertainer is often the one who isn't taking a girl home at the end of the night, and how to generally improve this aspect of dating and social circle game. Also, make sure you read my book, King's Code. It's the type of book that WILL help you with this part of your life. Here's a link: Get my acclaimed daily email about building businesses, getting...


TDT 036: Mutant Chernobyl Ukrainian Turkeys

Today's podcast is a fun one, as I describe my epic hunt to make Christmas dinner, as well as explaining how I handle the holidays as a permanent digital expat. Mentioned in the show: TwitterInstagramSelo OilsUkraineGet my acclaimed daily email about building businesses, getting girls, and traveling the world: Subscribe To TDT: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher Radio:...


TDT 035: Dating In Eastern Europe As A Black Guy

In episode #92 of The Dating Abroad Podcast Archives - Kyle welcomes his good friend Sam to the show to talk about Sam's experiences as a black dude in Ukraine for the past 3+ years. 1:23 - Quick introduction of Sam's general life story 8:30 - Why is Kiev the best city? 13:30 - I was helping them trying to get to American schools overseas. So that's basically what I'm tutoring them in 20:44 - One interesting fact that really surprised me...the maternity leave for girls is really...


TDT 034: The "Southeast Asia" Attitude

In today's episode of the show, I talk about why some guys who travel from Southeast Asia to Eastern Europe are in for an ugly surprise - when it comes to dating, business, and more. Also discussed is the poisons of the "$200 Chiang Mai" lifestyle, and why moving every month is a surefire way you don't hit the next level with business. Get my acclaimed daily email about building businesses, getting girls, and traveling the world: Subscribe To TDT: iTunes:...


TDT 033: Why Older Women Are Discarded

In today's episode, I go into details about this article. Simply put, as a man in the West, your options are naturally limited by what "women want", so if you're looking for something more serious, you should look towards going abroad. On sale this weekend for just $33 until Saturday:


TDT 032: An [Offensive] Overview of Dating Throughout Europe

In today's episode of the show, I give a general overview of dating in Europe, breaking it down by the following regions: As mentioned, my Dating Abroad Podcast is on sale through Saturday. Get a copy here. Here are various other pieces of content you'll probably find helpful if you liked this show: Polish women5K word article on dating Ukrainian womenSerbian women10 Actionable Tips to Get Russian Girls and Have a Great Time in Moscow


TDT 031: Life is a War Against Champagne and Sushi

In today's podcast, I talk about the War of Attrition and how simply sticking stuff out will make you successful versus the people who give up way too easily. In addition, I tell the story of getting fleeced my first time in Ukraine, and common scams to avoid while dating in a foreign country... Mentioned in the show: TwitterUkraine DateRussian CupidMafia


TDT 030: Pre-Arranged Marriages Are Coming Back

In the latest episode of the show, I yap about pre-arranged marriages and whether or not they could actually make a return to our society. To get on the glorious email list and get the DANET sale this week, head to:


TDT 029: Life Is Just Too Easy

In today's episode, I talk about the conclusion of "House of Cards", socialism and communism, and why Westerners just have it way too easy... Check out Didact's blog.


TDT 028: Let's Get Physical...

In today's show, I talk about a few "physical" product businesses and give some love to my fellow entrepreneurs. Check them out: Legit BagsGround Shark CoffeeNoble Body


TDT 027: Japan, WWIII, PETA, and Outrage

In today's show, I welcome Jonathan from Modern Life Dating. We got on the air with no outline whatsoever and just talked shopped for nearly an hour. Topics covered includle: And much, much more. Make sure you follow him on the 'Gram as well @ModernLifeDating Like the show? Leave a review here.


TDT 026: How to Fly For Free

In today's show, I go into details about "Mile + Points Hacking" and explain how it's pretty simple to fly anywhere in the world for absolutely free.


TDT 025: Business Q&A + Some EPIC Rants

In the latest episode of the show, I wreck havoc on some reader questions in addition to answering some in a reasonable fashion. This is one you'll want to make sure you listen 'til the end... Also mentioned in the show: The daily email listSelo Oils Please leave a review for the podcast here. If you don't, you are banned from downloading another one, ever again! The questions answered are... What goes into a website? === Have you met digital nomads who actually run porn affiliate...